Kim Kardashian ‘would never’ use her privilege to get her kids into a school

Kim Kardashian attends a dinner party at Cipriani wearing a Thierry Mugler dress

Kim Kardashian is not really a moral authority on anything, especially education. I mean, I’m happy for her that she’s reading the law, but she’s not really in a position to recommend anyone to seek higher education. I hate to think about what will happen when the Kardashian-West kids get older – will Kanye and Kim prioritize their education at all, or will they shrug and say “well our kids are going to be famous anyway”? That’s what I thought about when I read these quotes from Kim, as she discussed the Operation Varsity Blues issue, where parents were scamming their kids’ way into college. Kim wants us to know that she would never do that.

Kim Kardashian is speaking out on the college admissions scandal which has landed fellow celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin in hot water. As one of the most influential women in Hollywood, Kardashian, 38, says she would never abuse her fame to get her children into school.

“If they couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in any way,” Kardashian tells CNN’s Van Jones in a yet-to-air interview obtained by E! News. “That’s what I see is not appropriate.”

Kardashian went on to explain, that like most parents, she just wants her children to be “kind.”

“I want my kids to be as grounded as possible. To buy your way into something just wouldn’t benefit anybody,” Kardashian says. In addition to being a reality star and a makeup mogul, Kardashian hopes that her latest venture to become a lawyer sets a good example for her kids.

“Having my kids see me studying, leaving and going into an office a few days a week, studying all the time coming home — I have my backpack they have their backpack. Them seeing that I have this filming career and having makeup samples tested all on my arm while I’m trying to read my flashcards. I hope they get inspired to know that they can put in the hard work and even though I’m in my late 30s and just finishing college — it’s never too late and there really is no easy way out.”

[From People]

“I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in any way.” That’s an interesting point – for all of the scamming those parents did, it’s like it never occurred to any of them that their kids would be ill-suited to a college experience they didn’t earn themselves, and their kids wouldn’t thrive intellectually in a situation where they were in over their heads. That being said, it’s good for kids to learn how to be in environments where they don’t “thrive” – that’s how you learn about yourself, and how you figure out what you want to do and don’t want to do. Now, do I believe that Kim would never use her privilege to further her kids’ education? Eh. I think she would use her privilege, but I just don’t think she would scam, you know? She would go the more traditional routes for wealthy parents: she would donate money or have Kanye promise to do something, etc.

The Kardashian clan enjoy family dinner at Nobu but there is no sign of Khloe!

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  1. Snowslow says:

    Sorry, I can’t have an opinion. My brain just exploded with the denim nightmare on the last photo.

    • Esmom says:

      Lol. I kinda gasped at the pants after doing a double take. The top actually looks kinda cute on her.

    • ByTheSea says:

      She just looks misshapen to me. Their bodies have jumped the shark. It doesn’t even look curvy; it just looks odd.

      • minx says:

        If she had just left her body alone she would look beautiful. She had a great figure at one time.

      • ME says:

        Yet she STILL won’t admit to having ANY work done. She never will admit it but it’s so damn obvious she has had EVERYTHING from her head to her toes done. I don’t understand why. She was born beautiful !

        With regards to her kids, did they want to go to the private school they are currently in? Just like being on the reality show is forced on them. These kids probably have their whole lives mapped out by Kim already. She even had their names trademarked for God’s sake ! Anyone remember when she said she wanted North’s name to just be “NORTH”. No last name, no nothing. Her family laughed at her and talked her out of it. Now imagine a resume with just the name “NORTH” on it lol. Please her kids are already famous and Kim will be the next Kris Jenner in no time.

      • minx says:

        Her nose, just one of the many examples. That’s not contouring FFS.

      • ME says:


        I know right. She had such a beautiful Armenian nose. It went perfectly with the rest of her features. Whyyy would she get rid of that? I’ll never understand. Most people’s noses get bigger as they age, but with Kim her nose gets smaller. She thinks we’re going to buy that it’s just “contour”…just like Kylie’s lips were just “liner” ok if you say so !

  2. Wow says:

    If your kids go to private school isn’t that using your privilege? My children are obviously in their school because of privilege. They go to a fancy private institution because public schools, lets face it in most places aren’t great. My parents used to joke they bought me ‘white opportunity’. I’m doing the same for my children. Its a privilege enabled by money.

    I didn’t cheat them in, that’s separate from privilege Though.

    I’m nit picking, whatever.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, it is kinda nit picky but I know what you mean. I paid for my kids to take an ACT/SAT prep class. Their high school and many others offer prep for cheap or sometimes free so I guess technically it’s available to everyone but many just can’t even afford the extra time to do that when life brings other, more pressing issues.

      Mostly they just learned strategies on how best to use their time on the tests. So did they have an unfair edge?

    • Kitten says:

      Sadly, public schools won’t get any better until wealthy whites stop sending their kids to private school.

      • Wow says:

        Well, Kitten we’re a black family. I also don’t fault any parents buying their children a better education. We have places graduating kids who are functionally illiterate. There are plenty of low income and middle class families who work 3 or 4 jobs to pay the tuition so their children don’t immediately reenter the poverty cycle via poor under education.

        No family should have to sacrifice their child to better education, which lets face it isn’t going to get better until the no child left behind that shoves kids along, and over testing goes away. Even wealthy whites still have access to quality public education because its funded by property taxes.

        If you can find a way to finance private school for your child, do it and don’t feel guilty. My parents didn’t and god knows I don’t. We pay another tuition for a low income family. If you can lift a child out thats far far more helpful than dropping your own kids in.

      • Boodie says:

        That pie-in-the-sky always looks so delicious, doesn’t it? Most of these “wealthy whites” (and wealthy POC)would end up in public schools in wealthy suburbs where there is high per student spending, high parental involvement and a culture of high expectation.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Which is exactly why private schools should be illegal and school funding shouldn’t be solely based on the real estate value. The system is set up to fail those who need it most. Force the wealthy to use the infrastructure, and they’ll invest in it.

      • Kitten says:

        @ Veronica-Exactly. Nobody wants to talk about this because it makes them feel bad but it’s the unarguable truth.

        My SIL teaches in a largely Hispanic public school here in the city and she will tell you how impossible it is for those kids to get the funding and education they deserve because wealthy whites refuse to send their kids there. BTW, if you don’t think there are TONS of wealthy whites in Boston who send their kids to private school, you’re absolutely kidding yourself. This isn’t a suburban schooling issue—it’s very much an urban schooling issue.
        Massachusetts has some of the best public schools in the country so no suburban kid who goes to public school will be suffering. Yet I live in one of the oldest, wealthiest neighborhoods in Boston with a demographic of 54% family households and about 65% white. Yet our high school is one of the worst in the city and is only 7% white.

        It’s a problem.

        FWIW, my SIL has always said that she and my bro are committed to sending their kids (if they choose to have them) to the public school she teaches at. Several of her colleagues have done the same so yes, it is a difficult decision but it absolutely can be done.

        @ Wow-That’s very kind of you to pay to tuition for another kid. Nobody is trying to make you feel guilty, simply talking about the reality of public vs. private schooling. I would never shame a parent about making a choice like that but burying our head in the sand won’t solve the problem either.

      • Wow says:

        @Kitten we don’t view it as kindness, it feels like our duty as a black family with privilege to spread it around. A lot of wealthy people just don’t understand its up to them to literally put the money in and stop hoping the government is going to fix anything. If going to serve in my husband’s old neighborhood taught me anything its that no one is coming to save us and we either do it ourselves or accept our fate.

        Quality educations for just a handful of low income POC from the start can completely change a whole areas trajectory.

      • Swack says:

        @Kitten, do those who pay for private education not pay taxes or whatever towards public education? Where I am at local property taxes help fund the local public schools and if you send your child to private school you still have to pay those taxes and there are no vouchers here. Trying to understand how sending a child to private school hurts the public school system. I went to parochial/private schools and taught in public schools for 30 years. Sent my daughters to public school. Private doesn’t necessarily mean better.

      • Rushubaby says:

        Kitten, there are a lot of problems with public schools, and they really have nothing to do with rich people sending their kids to private schools.

        Public schools aren’t funded properly. Teachers aren’t paid well, so we don’t have good teachers in public schools. That’s what makes all the difference in schools who do well (I.e have money to pay teachers a living wage and above), and schools in poorer areas who will take just about any teacher they can find.

    • Original Jenns says:

      I get what you’re saying and agree, she’s kind of missing that her privilege has already given her kids a third base birth. I get what Kim is saying, in that she’s not bribing anyone, or donating a building to get her kid into a specific school or building, but she can’t pretend their names will not be opening doors regardless of their abilities. For most of these people who are wealthy and in private schools, ability is kind of second to connection. It may have gone down better if she had referenced that.

      Now, I can completely see Kanye donating a skyscraper and creating a new course related to him, but I don’t think that would be specifically for advancing his kids’ education.

    • Yvette says:

      @Wow, I think this is more about college/university, where your kids would hopefully earn their place in the school with good SAT scores and good grades rather than bribery and privilege. Don’t ever feel bad about giving your children the opportunity for a good, well-rounded education foundation with private school. :)

      • Wow says:

        Those foundations matter for getting into university and overall potential in life. The public school system and the charter infestation is a joke. If you have the means to help a child who otherwise couldn’t afford it or partially help their parents do it. The child we pay for is actually older than my own kids. Her mother paying for her leg up educationally at the expense of a safe living environment wasn’t worth sitting back and not helping with when at the end of the day we don’t really ‘need’ that money.

        Give directly to the families or write the tuition check yourself. The scholarship programs are a joke at most schools because they don’t actually want the poors mixing in. Public school feeds the poverty cycle and misses crucial points in brain development to maximize learning. The whole system needs to be torn down and built back up. There is no reason for a state like California who spends the most money per student on education to have underfunded systems. Half the money for education seems to just evaporate into the ether. The actual teaching itself is poor quality also because teachers aren’t allowed to actually educate the kids. Its all about passing the next test.

  3. Lila says:

    Lol- her whole family have been trying to bribe their way into Viewpoint academy in Calabasas for years- with no success.

  4. Ye says:

    Weeell.. she wouldnt now that people know about it, sure.

  5. TurkeyLurkey says:

    “I hope they get inspired to know that they can put in the hard work and even though I’m in my late 30s and just finishing college — it’s never too late and there really is no easy way out.”

    I’m confused, now she says she’s finishing college?? I thought she was in an apprenticeship and not college.
    Keep those lies coming Kim.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Exactly. I have my own opinions on her education and why people don’t like what she’s doing, but c’mon Kim, you will not have a college degree nor a law degree after this. You will be able to practice law, still great, but not the same.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah that doesn’t make sense. If she wants to finish college, great, but that’s not what she’s doing here.

      • pk says:

        Doesn’t this make you wonder how “smart” she actually is if she doesn’t even realize she’s not in College? I mean. She hired two lawyers to teach her everything she needs to memorize for the bar. At the end of this, she can say she’s good at memorizing. Will she actually learn how to practice law? Probably not.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Maybe she is also finishing college.
      X months ago Kanye said his wife was studying the law and there was a quick blanket denial.
      She only lets us know what she wants us to know when it suits her. I would not be surprised if she were adding to her college credits to graduate eventually.

  6. Dttimes2 says:

    Yet they used their privilege and connections to get Kendall into modelling 😒

    • ByTheSea says:

      And to create and market a lip kit for Kylie (with no business experience).

      • Meg says:

        Exactly. But because she says she’ll take the bar in the future now she thinks she has the moral high ground to judge people like aunt Becky? Methinks she’s worried that family will get a reality show and she feels threatened

  7. aenflex says:

    Perhaps she would just make a sizable donation, a la a billion other celebrities and wealthy.

    • Raina says:

      The thing is money is always a privilege. Most mom’s wouldn’t have time to study that extensively for so long without help and 3 young kids. Or even one.
      If I had the means and help, I’d do it too, however.
      But most do not. Kids should learn that, too. That they’re lucky for even the opportunity of time.

  8. JRenee says:

    If she’s sincere about putting her kids where they can thrive then good on her, that is the right attitude

  9. minx says:

    Sure Jan.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    “If they couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in any way,”

    I wonder who determines if they’re thriving or not? Because I’m reasonably certain that if the kids started coming to her and telling her they were sick of cameras in their face 24-7 and that they didn’t want any part of it anymore, that would get shut down pretty quickly. No one in that family knows how to live without the constant attention and all of them are willing to pimp their kids out on TV to get it.

    PS You’re already using your privilege to get ahead- normal people trying to pass the bar don’t have millions of dollars to pay private tutors to walk them through each part of the test. They also don’t show up to the test carrying a 100K handbag.

    • Swack says:

      grabbyhands, wonder if they couldn’t get into the college of their choice if she would find a way for them to get in – even by giving a huge donation. She says “forced” into a situation which just means she won’t make them go.

  11. Mere says:

    Leaving Lori and Mossimo’s daughters aside, lots of kids who might not be able to get into a top tier school could probably thrive there if admitted, right? There aren’t enough spots at the really elite institutions to accommodate all the kids who do have the ability to do well in that environment.

    • Birdix says:

      Absolutely agree. The bar for admission is higher than the bar for success.

    • wtf says:

      I agree. That is why our whole higher educational system is so unfortunate. If we all keep acting like it is merit based and only the people that went to those certain schools are the ‘smartest’, then we continue to do ourselves a disservice and create the incentive to cheat your way in.

  12. Renee2 says:

    Isn’t she using her own privilege to do this law thing??? Wasn’t her entire career based on using connections that she had as a result of her family’s wealth and proximity to fame??? Her father’s connection to O. J. Simpson, Caitlyn Jenner’s fame as a former Olympian, her friendship with Paris Hilton, her former relationships with athletes and people affiliated with the music industry- nevermind the fact that that she used her own white privilege to capitalize off Black cultural production and aesthetics in ways that Black women and people are prevented from doing so themselves. She was pretty but was too short to model, none of the fame that she has is directly related to any discernible talent or aptitude that she posses. That’s really rich that she thinks that her own privilege has nothing to do with her success.

  13. Lala11_7 says:

    I wish this WHOLE group would just recognize that they got ALL THE WAY OVER on society in general…take their gains and stop talking about how NOT privileged they are and how HARD they work on the privilege they claim wasn’t handled to them on a silver platter…a fake one…but a silver one none the less…..

  14. Veronica S. says:

    This is the problem I think a lot of wealthy people have with privilege – the realization that you don’t have to do anything unethical or illegal to still use your privilege. Money alone will open doors for them that nobody else has, and that’s without getting into the celebrity connections. It just goes to show you how removed these people are from the reality of economic strata. Privilege isn’t something you take on occasionally and put aside. It informs your entire way of living.

    • Kitten says:


    • moco says:

      Yes! North’s application with have Kim and Kanye listed as her parents — she’s getting her privilege whether they pay to cheat on the SAT’s or not. The school knows they’re getting cash tuition and press coverage.
      It’s totally the saying “born on third base, think they hit a triple”. One of their kids may think they’ve worked just as hard as everyone else to get into Harvard or whatever, not realizing how many doors swung right open for them along the way that other has to really work to unlock.

    • Wow says:

      Yup, if you have that kind of wealth and aren’t investing it to help others you don’t deserve it. The first thing we did when we got established was pour our resources into my husbands old neighborhood. I can’t understand all the people who advocate for income inequality yet don’t put a penny into helping. The public hospital I work in is chronically understaffed because people think they are too good to work there, but the community is desperately in need of compassion and no questions medical care.

      People actually die in basements here because they were stabbed and they go to their cousins house because his girlfriend is a dental hygienist and they try to help them themselves. We constantly deal with cops lurking outside our ER just waiting to arrest victims and people dying of overdoses. PUT MONEY INTO THESES PEOPLE! they are worthy even if not treated that way.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Great point, Veronica S.

  15. Kylie says:

    That is not believable at all.

  16. anp says:

    What a Hypocrite.

  17. Case says:

    Well I believe that about college, because fame is far more important than education to this family. But they use their privilege to get ahead in other ways, knowingly or unknowingly. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t go to Van Jones and ask if for a law apprenticeship, as much as I’d love to.

  18. mycomment says:

    I completely believe her … she’d never drop a dime on the education of her children. esp HER dime.

  19. Jen says:

    Again, this is tone deaf, IMO. She’s using her privilege to avoid law school – she’s taking a completely legal route but using her money and fame to hire private tutors and be able to do the apprenticeship. There’s nothing wrong with how she’s doing it, but it is using a privilege.

  20. Lightpurple says:

    Just finishing college? Did we miss something? Is she actually taking college courses somewhere in addition to this reading of the law thing she’s doing?

    Because, no, Kim, reading the law is NOT finishing college and it isn’t going to law school either.

  21. Eliza says:

    She’s using her privilege to get her current education. I’m sure if her kids wanted a specific school they couldn’t get into (competition is crazy and honestly plenty of people can thrive at a Harvard who don’t get in) she’d make a donation to help. Maybe not an illegal one, just a library.

  22. lucy2 says:

    She’s really doing the hard sell to change her image, huh?

    I actually agree with her about not forcing kids somewhere they won’t thrive though. I know a few who were pushed into college because their parents wanted it, and they did NOT do well. One left after less than a week, cost his parents a lot of money, and took a spot another kid who actually wanted it could have had.
    Kim’s kids will obviously have huge privilege, but I’d be happy if they actually did value education. Those Jenner girls were encourage to drop out for a reality show. Ugh.

    I would imagine many of the Varsity Blues parents thought they could buy and bribe their way to a college degree too, so they didn’t care if their unmotivated kids didn’t thrive.

  23. Dttimes2 says:

    Off topic kinda but has anyone seen Sofia Richie’s new ass – she’s going full KardAssian :(

  24. ME says:

    But she’s not “finishing college”. Does she not understand that she’s actually not in Law School? She’s not going to “graduate with a degree”. Secondly, if she wants her kids to be grounded then I suggest getting rid of the nannies, chefs, and maids. Also, stop flying on private jets. Kim really is a hypocrite. Her “fame” has gotten her a lot. It’s the reason she was allowed in the White House ! She also said many times she loves getting “free sh*t” because she’s famous.

  25. Nicegirl says:

    I have learned so much about privilege, especially white privilege, that I truly did not know- from this site and it’s commenters. Unbelievably informative and transformative. Thank you, Celebitches.🖖🏽

  26. sommolierlady says:

    That’s cute that anyone believes she’ll even educate her kids.

  27. JennyJenny says:

    Well, I’m not actually seeing any of her kids ever being interested in higher education ~
    Nobody in that family, except Kourtney, went to college. Her kids will have the “model/singer/artist” nepotism push into some career.

    Education is not and never has been a priority to the Klan.
    The kids will receive their education from PMK, that money means everything.

    • minx says:

      I believe Rob actually has a business degree.

      • jwoolman says:

        Rob actually was thinking about not going to college after his dad died. I think Kourtney convinced him that his dad wanted it for him and their stepmother (their dad’s widow) paid for it. Both Kourtney and Rob were living with their dad at the time.

        Their father believed in education, but Demon Mother does not. If Kim’s kids actually get through high school without resorting to “home schooling” to make time for modeling or that damned tv show which is like a cockroach and just won’t die — that will be a win.

        Hopefully their parents won’t discourage them from further education if they are capable, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Neither Kim nor Kanye have a lot of imagination about the uncertainties of assuming their kids will take their paths, or concrete knowledge of the kind of horizon expansion that can come from being in a college that actually takes education seriously. (Both the parents started college but quit very early.) Doesn’t have to be an “elite” college, there are plenty of others.

        Imagine the advantage of being able to pursue whatever area you want, no matter how long it takes or how little it pays, and being able to live on no-pay internships. They could be perpetual students with double or triple majors…. I hope their kids don’t just assume they have to be models or entertainers or god forbid “social media influencers”.

  28. Lynne says:

    To quote her comment
    “I’m in my late 30s and just finishing college”
    She is being taught how to take the bar exam, a 3 year bar exam cram course.
    No learning here. No starting or finishing college.

    • pk says:

      Someone needs to break it to her lol. Does she really think she’s in college and earning a Law Degree? She can’t be that stupid…

  29. wtf says:

    If this is how the interview went with Van Jones, then I’m even more annoyed with him. She sat there and told you she wouldn’t use her privilege to buy an education, at the exact moment that she is using her privilege to buy an education and you didn’t say anything?!?!?! How does that work?

  30. Valerie says:

    I don’t want to act like a fortune-teller, but I highly doubt her kids will have so much as a passing interest in education. They’re born into wealth and privilege, and it isn’t as if either of their parents or anyone in their family has a real work ethic that they can be inspired by.

  31. Clementine says:

    Quite honestly I don’t think any of the Kardashians care enough about education to even consider using their privilege. It may not even be worth it to them. Now, if it were to get a modeling gig or reality show contract…

  32. paddingtonjr says:

    Ugh, I am so tired of this holier-than-thou attitude so many celebrities have expressed since this scandal has come out. There is nothing inherently wrong with using privilege, money, influence or connections to succeed. If a parent can afford tutors, private school or private lessons for their child and that child takes advantage and does well , that’s fine. When a parent blatantly lies and says their child is on an athletic team when they aren’t, that is illegal. When someone pays a “consultant” to guarantee their child’s college acceptance, pays money to the consultant via a bogus charity and then tries to write that payment off their taxes, that is illegal. Donating $70 million dollars to establish an institute at an university your child is accepted into a few years later is legal. See how that works, Kim? Memorize the difference: it may be on the Bar exam.

  33. SM says:

    Say what you will about KK but her delusion works in favour of this view she just expressed here. She earned her wealth by taping herself having sex and subsequently filming herself and her sisters being ignorant and uneducated brats, she does think that he is the ultimate hustler, that she works so hard (didn’t she actually say KKlan is “the hardest working people in entire universe”?) So I can see how her delusion would feed into her view that her children also have to work for it in life . It does not mean actual work though probably. Because as far as I can tell making selfies is a hard work in the Kardashian world.

  34. Liz says:

    Wait for the end: Oh course she will use privilege to get the kids anything and everything to help them on their way.

    Her law school clown school thing is pure privilege. I think its great that she’s doing it though. People would be surprised as to the flexibility and inclusiveness of academia. Academia is so bored and dying for weird proposals and whatnot. Half way through university I found out you could make up your own Bachelor degree…or skip a bachelor degree altogether if you appealed to the right professor. People are kind, yo.

  35. Shannon says:

    OMG, I don’t hate on her for studying law, I think it’s great. But she is NOT “finishing college” LOL. And of course she’s not going to go the Varsity Blues route. If any of her kids show an interest in going to college (big IF because Kim’s law thing notwithstanding, that is not a family that prioritizes education), she will just openly bribe and buy a building or something.

  36. My3cents says:

    Let’s just hope that these kids want to go to college. I really don’t see that happening, if so (not being cynical here), I would consider it a success.