Game of Thrones death predictions: who will survive the battle of Winterfell?

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SPOILERS for Game of Thrones

Now that we’ve had all of the wonderful, intimate moments between beloved characters in Episode 2, it’s time to prepare ourselves for everyone dying grisly deaths in Winterfell. I tend to believe that George RR Martin has set up a series of either/or situations for certain character pairs: Tyrion or Jaime Lannister will survive but not both. Brienne or Pod will survive but not both. Grey Worm or Missandei will survive but not both. Sansa or Arya will survive but not both. Other characters will be killed off willy-nilly, I think – it breaks my heart, but I don’t see how Tormund, Jorah and Edd could all end up surviving. In fact, I feel like Jorah and Edd are for-sure going to die.

Anyway, the Hollywood Reporter has other ideas. They did a “death predictions” piece and I strongly disagree with many of their assumptions or predictions. You can read the full piece here, some highlights:

Who will NOT die: We’re not going to lose Jon Snow (Kit Harington) or Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) during the final season’s midpoint. Tyrion and his brother Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) won’t die without some further reckoning with Cersei (Lena Headey), who is also safe, thanks to her current position in King’s Landing.

Grey Worm & Missandei: The Unsullied commander is on the front lines of the war. His death at the hands of the wights is as likely as anyone. Further sealing the deal: his scene in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” with…Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel). Her conversation with Grey Worm about retreating to Naath after the battle was as clear a sign of their impending demise as it gets. Sure, one of them may survive while the other perishes. If it’s one over the other, it’s Grey Worm. Sadly, we think it’s both.

Gilly and Baby Sam. I predicted their survival ahead of the season, but when I say everyone in the crypt is going to die, I really mean it.

Varys (Conleth Hill). The Spider will crawl no more after next week’s episode… Bonus prediction: Varys will be responsible for helping Tyrion escape from the crypt with his life intact. That’s how he protects the realm — by protecting the realm’s most brilliant brain.

Dolorous Edd (Ben Crompton). One of the last men of the Night’s Watch still standing. The acting Lord Commander will see his watch ended at the Battle of Winterfell.

Ghost. Good news! The direwolf returned in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” albeit in blink and you’ll miss it fashion. Bad news! We blinked, and soon, he’s about to be gone.

Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman). Good enough fighter. Lovely singing voice. Not enough to keep him alive.

Ser Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie). On the bright side, she’s now a knight of the Seven Kingdoms, a title she earned in one of the single happiest scenes in Thrones history. It’s a perfect setup for one of the deadliest deaths in Thrones history.

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen). It’s time. The Iron Islander volunteered for guard duty to defend the Three-Eyed Raven from the Night King. There’s zero chance he makes it out alive.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

See, I really think there’s a good chance Jaime dies beside Brienne in the third episode, I really do. And I think Podrick survives. Who else? Theon, I agree, will die protecting Bran. Edd will die protecting Jon probably. The Varys thing is intersting… maybe. Varys was barely in the second episode, which was definitely weird. If Ghost dies… my God, I will riot in the street. And FFS, I definitely think Gilly and Sam will survive. Gilly survives everything. She’s probably Azor Ahai, lmao.

Also dying: probably the Hound. Definitely Beric. Gendry too, maybe?

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  1. Myrtle says:

    Talk about having mixed feelings of anticipation vs dread for Episode 3 on Sunday. Good thing I don’t bite my nails or they’d be down to the quick.

    • northyvr says:

      I have the same feeling. It’s my birthday on Sunday and I’m not sure if I’m emotionally up for watching it that day. It’s going to be gruesome.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Happy birthday in advance!

        (Mine was last Sunday. It was a great way to end a wonderful day.)

      • Nikki says:

        Happy Birthday!

      • Canuk foodie says:

        OMG! Happy Birthday Northyvr !! My birthday is April 28th too! I turn 40 this year, so the hot mess that will be me on Sunday will be more on account on Game of Thrones then me really worrying about my age! Its such an odd feeling to want to watch the shows so badly, but then be sad that it is both the ending for so many characters, as well as the whole show.

    • Kathy says:

      Mine is the 29th! I don’t think it will be a happy birthday as I will be mourning the loss of several fictional characters! :-(

  2. Lucia says:

    My thought is everyone who is dead in the books already (Beric, Brienne, Tormund) will die. Theon, Davos, Podrick, and Jamie are on my list.

    I fear we’re going to lose Lyanna Mormont (*sobs* I love her so much). Her chat with cousin Jorah (also a likely candidate for a meeting with The Stranger) seemed very final.

    I think Arya will die killing the artist formally known as Viserion. She has a spear for a reason.

    One thing: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Melisandre. I see a calvary coming.

    • Miss M says:

      @Lucia: i think Jorah will die protecting Lady Lyanna Mormont. I dont think Beric will die just yet. But The other two you mentioned will…

    • Kk2 says:

      I think brienne will die…. But she is not dead in the books yet. At least I’m pretty sure, though it’s been a while. The books are so far behind at this point that I don’t think that helps her anyway. I could see Jaime also dying but I kind of suspect they’d rather set him up to decide whether to join Tyrion against cersei.

      I can see Arya and Sansa both surviving. But if one dies it will be Arya. Sansa is way more important for the remaining political storyline.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Brienne is still alive in the books. She and Pod have nooses around their necks but she’s been given the chance to argue their case to Lady Stoneheart and she shouts out one word – but we don’t know what that word is because Martin goes on to the next chapter and we have now been waiting 8 years for him to tell us what that one word is. Beric, however, is finally dead in the books but Thoros is not so the show writers may have switched their storylines, like they switched Sansa and Jayne Poole. And The Hound hasn’t joined them yet.

        I think Brienne’s a goner, along with Grey Worm, Jorah, and Theon. Possibly Arya. If Brienne lives, it will be because Thormund or Jaime sacrifice himself for her. Beric will die and the Hound will say some heartfelt, savagely funny line to him as he does.

        Missandei won’t see those beaches of Naath, possible killed by a Grey Worm wight.

        And now Edd’s watch is done.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hahaha light purple you are reminding me how frustrated I got with the books! Grrr

      • Nibbi says:

        What? No she’s not. Brienne and Pod are hung by Lady Stoneheart in the books- their death is very clear.

      • Maddy says:

        She’s alive in the books, at least as far as Dance with Dragons

      • M.A.F. says:

        Doesn’t Lady Stoneheart give her another tasks?

    • Bella DuPont says:

      But Arya can’t die…..she’s pregnant with a Baratheon baby (with a tiny axe in hand) as we speak.

    • Megan says:

      Anyone without a main story line will die because someone has to. I think Edd, Pod, and Tormund, are goners for sure. I am less sure about Beric because they keep hinting he has a purpose. I think Lyanna is going to die but will tell Jorah he is forgiven before she goes. And Theon’s story is done so he will probably die as well.

      I think Brienne and Bran will be the main characters to die.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        Maybe Beric has served his purpose. Maybe his purpose was the redemption of The Hound. The Hound reminded him in the last episode that Thoros isn’t around anymore to bring him back to life, so I’m thinking maybe his time is up.

        My husband thinks Jorah will sacrifice himself to save Lyanna. I don’t have a strong feeling on that one. But I do know Ghost, Lyanna, and Brienne and the only characters I’m emotionally invested in. And I know Brienne isn’t going to make it. I’ll make my peace with that. If Ghost or Lyanna die, I will burn all Seven Kingdoms to the ground.

      • Emilia says:

        Beric has been dead for so long in the books that I can’t see him having any endgame purpose at all.

    • snappyfish says:

      Agreed. Dead in the book, dead on Sunday . I had thought that Jamie & Brienne would die together. He protecting her. Which is why I believe Arya kills Cersei wearing Jamie’s face. Her surprise he is alive & then insert motion cutting throat here.

      When does Bronn arrive? I do think Varys will die & I will miss him. I think the red woman shows up with the army of the believers & I think the Stark dead fight to defend those in the crypt.

    • Maddy says:

      Brienne is alive as she appears in a Dance with Dragons after her interaction with Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I agree that we have a lot of pairings, where I think one will die, but not both. I would not be surprised to see both Lannister brothers survive, but I also would not be surprised to see one die. I don’t think both will die.

    I think Brienne will die, and probably Podrick. Edd will die. Theon.

    I think they are going to use the battle of Winterfell to wipe out a lot of the characters that mean something to the fans, but don’t necessarily have a role to play in the battle against Cersei.

    So that means I think the Hound will live, because he has to battle the Mountain. I think Dany or Jon will live, or both. I think one dragon will end up dying. I think one Lannister brother survives like I said, and whichever survives will kill Cersei.

    • Daisy says:

      Agreed on everything.

      Regarding Cersei: I think that Jamie will die in this episode and that Arya will ultimately kill Cersei wearing Jamie’s face.

      • Salted Watermelon says:

        Oooh, good prediction! I like that one.

        I think Brienne is definitely dead. I think the Hound will live, because haven’t they confirmed that he’ll fight the Mountain at some point? Or am I making that part up?

        I also agree that Jon and Dany will survive this battle, but both might not survive the season.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I really like your predictions, and I agree with most of them. :)
      I don’t think Dany or Jon will die in ep 3, but I could for sure see one of them biting the dust before it’s all said and done. I personally think that Gendry will survive (maybe to sit on the Iron Throne as the Baratheon heir?) and if Arya lives who knows, maybe she’ll be queen, heh. That would be all kinds of awesome…Sansa in the North perhaps, Arya in King’s Landing?

      As for the rest, I’m 99% sure Brienne, Pod, Edd, Theon, and the rest of that gang will die. If Ghost dies I will be right alongside Kaiser rioting in the streets, lol.

      • snappyfish says:

        I’d like Gendry to survive but a Baratheon will not sit on the throne as they were pure usurpers. Roberts rebellion was based on the lie that Rhaegar kidnapped & rapes Lyanna and she chose Rhaegar.
        I think Jon & his & Dany’s child (I’m afraid they will kill her in childbirth) will be on the Iron Throne with the Starks (Sansa & Arya) all around

    • Himmiefan says:

      Yes, the Hound has to fight the Mountain. I’ll think he’ll win but won’t necessarily survive. Since Cersei will be killed by the little brother, will it be the Hound’s face that she steals in order to kill Cersei? Hmmm.

  4. Eleonor says:

    The Hound, Jorah and Davos to me are going to die. Theon will die, and I think he already knows.
    I fear for Ser Brienne and Pod.
    The real question is: Nymeria? Where is Nymeria???

    • Lucia says:

      NO!!! The Hound doesn’t die until he can kill The Mountain. I need my Clegane Bowl!! 😖

      • Megan says:

        I do, too! I will be so disappointed if the Hound dies in the battle.

      • AryasMum says:

        There’s a lot of fan service this season, so I’m expecting Clegan bowl.

      • Susan says:

        How satisfying is a dumb Cleganebowl? It makes absolutely no sense even from the Hound’s perspective. His brother is just a lobotomized zombie at this point so any “victory” over him is really hollow. It’s like going into a care home and killing your severely brain damaged sibling as revenge for something they did when they were younger. Gregor won’t even understand.

        Having said that, the show is absolutely going to do it because D&D are that bad of writers.

    • Isabelle says:

      All of that time in Kings Landing, what is the Mountain supposed to do with no one to fight??

      • Arpeggi says:

        Rot?… I hope we’ll have an explanation of how the Mountain was kept moving (alive doesn’t sound right) before his maker dies in a horrible death

  5. DS9 says:

    I like Missandei but what does she actually do?

    I don’t think Beric dies without Melisandre reappearing.

    I really think some magic arrives and most end up saved. I believe the Night King makes it to King’s Landing. I don’t see how this gets wrapped up without Cersei coming face to face with the threat of winter and the wights.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, I think the Night King has to come face to face with Cersei.

      • Heather H says:

        There has been much speculation about Dany becoming the night queen, but wouldn’t it make sense for Cersei to become her? That is what I see happening.

    • Korra says:

      To me, Missandei only serves to 2 purposes: 1.) to show how Dany is capable of valuing female relationships (unlike her foil Cersei) and 2.) to give Grey Worm a reason to find his humanity. Beyond that, I find her character infuriating from a writer’s perspective; she doesn’t seem to have her own motivations. She only exists for to move along other characters’ plotlines.

      • DS9 says:

        It bothers me that they’ve done so little with one of the few WOC in the series. She’s little more than Daenerys’s handmaiden.

        I don’t even think she shows that Daenerys deals well with women because Missandei has so little to do besides agree and be heeded or disagree and be ignored by Daenerys.

        Cersei doesn’t have close female relationships but she has had working relationships with a number of women. Despite being queen she met with Catelyn, Olenna, Margaery, and even the Shame Shame lady with more equal footing than Daenerys has shown Missandei.

  6. Becks1 says:

    Oh and Bran. I think Bran will live.

    • DS9 says:

      The last episode suggested that if Bran dies, it’s all over for humanity. I’m sure he meant the Three Eyed Raven but I don’t think Bran has enough knowledge to pass on the 3ER to someone else so same difference.

      However the battle ends, I think we’ll see the prince who was promised prophecy explained and fulfilled

  7. Tomato8o says:

    I think the Hound has to kill the Mountain before he dies. I’ll also be extra depressed if Missandei and Grey Worm don’t both make it out of the cold, racist north; but alas, they probably won’t.

    • DS9 says:

      That whole arc feels very Alexander the Great to me so I wouldn’t be surprised if they both bite it in a foreign land far from home and away from the sun

  8. Isabelle says:

    The Hound is safe and he is the only one I’m betting on. The rest are open to either.

  9. MCV says:

    I’m hoping for my girls Arya and Sansa to make it, I don’t really care about anyone else lol

  10. Digital Unicorn says:

    I agree that I think Varys will die in this episode protecting Tyrion as he has done before. We need Tryion, Sam and Bran to survive as those 3 together I think can stop the NK.

    My dying in ep 3 predictions are: Greyworm, Brienne, Edd, Joarh, Missande, Theon, Beric, Tormond, Bronn, Pod, Davos and one of the dragons, Drogon maybe.

    I dunno about Arya, she’s def running around in the crypts in the teaser – she’s either going to warn the people to get out of the secret tunnels or she’s realised that there is something in there that the NK wants and she knows what it is and is going for it.

    I hope the Hound survives, he HAS to be the one to kill his brother.

    And am not sure I buy the theory that the NK has sent half his army to Winterfell and he is leading the other half to Kings Landing – he wants Bran dead plus I think there is some remnant of magic in Winterfell – that weirwood tree has some significance to the plot.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree with your last point in that I’m not sure I buy that the NK is going after Cersei. I don’t think he cares about defeating Cersei in general. Like I think he wants to kill everyone, but I don’t think he’s going to go for Cersei first as part of some master plot. He can get to her after defeating Winterfell, and there is clearly at least one thing he wants at Winterfell. He’s not going to leave killing Bran to his minions.

  11. Pineapple says:

    I have no prediction as to who dies. But reading that Gilly might be Azor Ahai …. I laughed out loud!!!! Bring on the dragons people!!!!!

  12. Bella DuPont says:

    They aaaalllll die.

    And then they show re-runs for the rest of the season. 😘

  13. Original Jenns says:

    My guesses: I won’t be surprised if Jamie dies. He’s just had a huge redemption arc completed. I won’t be surprised if Brienne survives, Varys survives, Tyrion survives. The Starks will survive, Dany will survive. Not surprised if Podrick and Theon die or Jorah dies. Part of me thinks Greyworm survives and Missandai dies, and at the end he and the unsullied go to Naarth to protect her people from slavery. If Davos dies I will burn Winterfell to the ground myself.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’ve seen in multiple places that Jamie (NCW) is in all the episodes this season (I think the based that on pay per episode). But who knows if he will be dead or alive or somewhere in between. Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t do a lot of research. ;)

      • Susan says:

        All the main characters are paid for a full season of episodes whether they appear in them or not. So I’m not sure if that’s something to judge whether they will be in the last episode (like Jaime).

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      I don’t think Jamie’s character arc is complete until he has a final showdown with Cersei.

  14. line says:

    The death of Jon,Jaime, Bran , Arya and Daenerys is doesn’t matter to me because, I mentally prepared myself for the possibility that they disappear. But I’m not preparing for the death of Theon, Brienne, Lyanna , Tyrion and all the other characters secondary.

  15. Cay says:

    After this battle, there are still 3 episodes left with a full navy, the Iron Islands, and King’s Landing in tact. Arya must complete her list. (Losing her virginity was never on the list, so I don’t see that as something in her bucket list.) I don’t know how the Hound can die without killing his brother first. Unless Arya is the one to do it, then the Hound would have to live. There are too many stories left to tell and three episodes left, so significant characters will have to remain after the battle. It’s like when you’re reading a mystery book and you find out who the murderer is but there are still 50 pages left. You know something’s up. Either there is a second killer or the wrong person was named as murderer.

    • DS9 says:

      All of this. There is no way they take out all of these major characters and we still have time to go.

      I thought Daenerys might have Jon’s baby but that means four episodes to cover six or more months?

      All of this is why I’m still annoyed with the first two episodes. We’ve got shit to do and virtually no time to do it in

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I believe the remaining episodes are almost as long as a big screen film… close to one and a half hours.

  16. Tracey R. says:

    I think Jamie will be taken by the Night King and turned into a walker after he falls in battle and dies in Breanne’s arms. His turned self will be at kings landing for the battle there and he will kill Cersei. He is the Kingslayer after all. Tyrion for-shadowed this when he was talking to Jamie on the bridge where Tyrion was musing about his own undead body going to kings landing and ripping Cersei apart

  17. Originaltessa says:

    I think there has to be a major shocking death next episode. Not just secondary characters whose plot armor has worn off. I think Tyrion may die. That, paired with Brienne may infuriate Jamie enough to want to kill Cersei.

  18. Jessica says:

    Brienne, Jaime and Theon are point of view characters in the books as well as major storylines in the show. We go through hell and back several times with them. That by no means keeps them safe. Theon has nothing left to do – he rescued Yara and will now defend Winterfell. He attacked that Ironborn on the beach with every possibility of dying right there and he’s just ready.

    It would suck if Brienne and Jaime died together on the battlefield – It would make a better story if one saved/defended the other.

    What’s frustrating is that we endured the emotional arc of Cersei releasing both Tyrion and Jaime last season. Both confronted her, saying, fine, kill me now, and she released them. To create this storyline of hiring Bronn to kill them in case they don’t die in the battle is confusing. Drumming up a story line for him. So I can’t tell if Jaime’s arc is done or not. Bronn has always sided with the winners (as do the Lannisters) so it will be interesting if he has to choose before it’s clear who will survive.

    Varys saved Tyrion once before from the cells of the Red Keep.

    Unrelated to the who is going to die: Bran keeps saying he sees the past and he sees what’s going on right now around the world. That includes King’s Landing. So he knows what Cersei and Euron are up to. Does he spill that to Tyrion during their chat?

    • msd says:

      Apparently they filmed a scene for the end of season 7 where Cersei had a miscarriage. Then they cut it, or rather they’ve moved that plot point to later. It’s put other things out of whack. Asking Bronn to kill her brothers makes sense if she’s lost the baby, less so if she’s still pregnant.

      Oh and Bronn will totally do it, or at least try. He’s a fun character with good quips but he’s amoral. He’s still the same guy who said he’d kill a baby if the price was right. He also said “only I get to kill you” to Jaime last season which was probably the writers having fun foreshadowing.

      • DS9 says:

        Bronn isn’t going to kill either unless he’s confident he’s getting his money and/or that they can’t survive Cersei.

        If he gets to Winterfell and sees how dicey it is, he’ll either hot foot it somewhere he deems safe and hide out from Cersei or he’ll join the fight because he loves adventure or feels he’s in survival mode.

        Either way, I think the cross bow will be a plot point

      • AryasMum says:

        Yeah, I’ve never understood the Bronn love or the calls to make him king. His first love is himself, and second love is money. He has no moral compass.

      • Lightpurple says:

        If Cersei miscarried, that would explain why she had sex with Euron. If she gets pregnant again, she won’t tell anyone who the father is. Euron will think it’s his but Jaime and Tyrion will think it’s Jaime’s. Cersei has a history of this

  19. Cindy says:

    See, I’m somehow expecting this episode not to be as gruesome as everyone expects. The series has gotten pretty chicken’y lately. Remember that episode last season where a group of people who have mostly never seen White Walkers go fight them at their own home to scout information? And they were stuck in the middle of an ice field surrounded by thousands of White Walkers? And the only one who died was Thoros of Myr? (Remember him? Yeah, me neither). That was one of the worst written episodes in the show for me, all that build up to make the WW so fearsome and terrible. A small group face them at their home, and nothing happens.

    Anyway, considering this is the last season, I hope I’m wrong. One person I’m betting for sure on dying is Brienne. Love her, but her story hasn’t really gone anywhere for a while, and she’s fulfilled her mission. She’s the first female knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and she’ll likely die a knightly, heroic death. Tormund will probably die too (he should’ve died last season at that episode I mentioned tbh).

    • Lightpurple says:

      Well, they did bring a bunch of the Westeros equivalents of Star Trek’s red shirt guys with them on their trek north. They took some Night’s Watch and the rest of the Brotherhood with them.

  20. Lucy says:

    You wanna leave everyone and their mothers SHOOK, D&D? Here’s an idea: just don’t kill anyone. Bam! Super easy.

    Sorry, I just don’t want to think about this anymore. Never thought a tv show would make me feel so many things, yet here I am.

  21. Dttimes2 says:

    I think Dany is pregnant and survives this episode- as does Jon. Arya and Sansa will make it through. Tyrion will be saved by Varys. Gilly and little Sam won’t. Grey Worm is on the front line- he’s dying. I think Brienne will make it..but Pod will die saving her. Gendry – probably dead to refuel Aryas list. Theon totally dead (poor Sansa). Tormund will make it but not Edd. Jorah will die to defend Lyanna Mormont. Davos i fear won’t make it- he himself said he’s not a fighter. I think the little girl with greyscale will turn and kill him. Beric and his flaming sword i think will die spectacularly (taking many wights with him in burning up).
    I think Ghost will die protecting Sam (and i hope so much im wrong). Or he was off making Dire wolf babies and they all show up. The Hound and Jamie i think will make it to Kings Landing. Oh and yah Bran…he will warg into Ghost or something and he survives

    I think the survivors make it to KL and face Cersei and her army AND the Night King

  22. Becks1 says:

    have we seen Jon Snow, Davos and Greyworm in a scene together yet, where it was just the three of them? (or those three as the significant characters in the scene?) Kit Harrington said that the last scene he filmed was with those two, so if we haven’t seen that yet, then those three aren’t going to die yet. But I cant remember if we’ve seen it. (I know we have seen them together, but always in a scene with lots of other people.) Of course KH could have just been tricky and not mentioned the other people.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      Good call! I don’t recall the scene he described. Although I believe they also filmed a lot of stuff they didn’t use in the show. Some of the actors have commented that even they don’t know the real ending.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Yes- wasn’t it a scene shot from behind them?
      I think they were three abreast in a field?

  23. msd says:

    Beric, Pod, and Edd to seem likely to die fighting at Winterfell, as does Jorah (sob) and Theon (sob). If they bump off a major character soon then Jaime is the prime candidate. If they want to be brutal then non-fighters Missandei, Gilly and/or baby Sam. If Melisandre returns for the battle then she’ll die too. Oh and probably Varys, who has nothing to do anymore.

    Eek, just reading that list hurts. Maybe it’s excessive, I don’t know. If I could save Jorah and Theon I would because the actors who play them are so good.

  24. Patty says:

    Well if certain spoilers are to be believed, Grey Worm and The Hound are definitely not dying, at least not in episode three.

  25. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    Brienne and Theon are near the end of their arcs. Theon has to die to achieve redemption. Brienne is no longer the outsider out to prove herself that defined much of her existence and character drive.

    Jon is going to live to take the throne because he’s the only one who doesn’t want it and being miserable is his defining trait. (Corollary: Daenerys has to fall.) But first he’ll die one more time to be resurrected by a returned Melisandre, who will then die as foretold. (She also predicted Varys’s death.)

    Speaking of fortunes, Cersei’s also has to come true so she dies.

    Jorah has a Valerian steel sword so his odds just went up (anticlimactic if he was given that just to fall). Though he probably falls in King’s Landing.

    Oh and Missandei will have to be the one to die (first) of that couple so that Greyworm has to kill her again as she attacks him as a White Walker.
    He probably lives to see Daenerys fall taking KL too, because they do love their misery.

    Only one of Tyrion and Bran live and I say it’s Tyrion because they need a big loss in the 3rd act and Bran and Tyrion did have an off camera “download”, so it’ll be up to Tyrion and Sam to piece it together without Bran’s help.

    Sam lives to the end because he’s basically the one that’ll write all this down for history.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes. Although now that Gilly can read, it would be totally like them to subvert expectations and have Gilly write the history.

  26. Jb says:

    I’m shipping sooo hard for Arya and gendry so this means one will probably die…noooo please at least one more episode together before they break my soul! Seriously if they can at least make it alive to murder Cersei and then die I’ll be happy 4EVER!!!!

  27. IlsaLund says:

    This fan site says that a lot of the cast (Greyworm, Varys, Davos, etc) were seen filming in Seville, Spain…..the site used to film the Dragonpit scenes. Make of it what you will. We’ll all find out on Sunday who lives and dies.

  28. ShamelessShipper says:

    “Death has many faces and I’m looking forward to seeing this one”

    Can Arya face transplant to a white walker then get to the night king?

    • Eve says:


      I think Arya is aiming for Viserion. I posted the following comment on another thread.

      “Anyone noticed the shape formed by the dragon glass blades Arya threw at that wooden pillar? You know, when she asks Gendry about her weapon?

      She says death had many faces and she was looking forward to seeing “this one”.

      They showed it briefly but the image formed seemed eerily like the one of a dragon. Is Arya planning to kill poor Viserion (again)?

      Is she really going to beat the Night King at javelin throw?”

  29. Chris says:

    Don’t you guys think that Arya will have to wear someone’s face one last time to truly conclude her storyline?

    I predict Jaime dies, and Arya (who is left-handed), wears his face to kill Cersei.

    I think Jaime is redeemed and his story is finished. Brienne’s a Knight, and her story is finished. Theon has redeemed himself by rescuing his sister and fighting FOR Winterfell. Jorah—he’s been an afterthought for a while now. They’re all gonners.

    Seems like we need more payoff from Tyrion, Jon, Danaerys, Sansa, Arya, Varys, and Bran. I say they stick around.

    I’m unsure about Samwell and his family.

  30. DS9 says:

    I don’t mind if Theon dies but I’d like him to survive Euron and to see Yara hold the Iron Islands and declare for Stark/The North.

  31. Incredulous says:

    Sandor has Cleganebowl immunity. Beric does not and they made mention of the trench in Sunday’s episode so I’ll guess he fights to the last in the trench and then sets it on fire like the Boss that he is. I can see both Mormonts dying but I really hope not as Lyanna needs to give the Night King a dressing down. If they do die, they better go down fighting to the last, bellowing the Mormont house words, “Here We Stand.”

    Yeah Theon’s gonna go join little Theon.

    I can see Jaime trying to die to save Brienne but I can see her hoofing him out of it “I’m the better fighter, ser, and I command you to leave the field!”

    Man, I hope Pod makes it, a lover, a fighter and a singer? He’s Oberyn 2.0, damnit! Oh, oh noooo!

  32. ariel says:

    Kit Harrington said his last scene was with Grey Worm and Ser Davos. I know they don’t film in chronological order, but i’m holding out hope that that means Davos and Grey Worm make it another few weeks.
    The death that will break me is Tormund. I will weep.

  33. bobafelty says:

    They keep telling us how stupid and not clever Tyrion has been….makes me think he might have a pretty smart idea and help save the day?

  34. 10KTurtle says:

    What does everybody think about Bronn? He’s on his way to Winterfell with a loaded crossbow… anybody think he has any idea what he’s walking into?? I agree with the theories that Jamie will die Sunday and Arya will swipe his face. I think everyone in King’s Landing is going to be killed by the Night King in an epilogue shot. Winterfell is a fake-out, I’m telling y’all!

    • Incredulous says:

      He’s on his way out of King’s Landing with a bunch of gold and a free weapon. Dude is going to Pyke, one way or another.

  35. Katebush says:

    I have a soft spot for the Hound so as long as he doesn’t die I can cope!!
    I predict that Tormund and Brienne will die Brienne saving Jaime.
    Also Theon will die defending Bran.

  36. Kiera says:

    I’m going to be so pissed if Beric dies. If he does than I demand Richard Dormer narrates the rest of the episodes. Honestly I think I might watch the show just to hear his voice. My husband is even cool with me leaving him for his voice. Not him, his voice. We’re weird.

    • Eve says:


      I feel the same way about Michael McElhatton’s voice (Roose Bolton).

    • Lucia says:

      He needs to do the audio for all of the series on Audible. I think the UN should pass a law to make sure this happens. 😆

    • Katebush says:

      I don’t care as long as they let the Hound live I’ kinda lust after him and his sexy accent burnt face and all. I’m also a Richard Dormer can you have to watch him in s02 of Fortitude yum!!

  37. befrazzled says:

    It’s mine too! Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think that far ahead, that I’d be watching a birthday bloodbath. :S The only death I’m pretty certain on is Brienne, because her smile after being knighted was just too bright last week and they never let us have nice things in this show. Greyworm and Theon would be next on my list of guesses. I’m going to be a blubbering mess for sure!

    • Nibbi says:

      I’m right there with you on those three deaths. I feel like everything else is a total crapshoot at this point.

  38. RoyalBlue says:

    Episode 3 deaths:

    Brienne, Thormund, Edd, Ser Davos, Pod and Jorah.

  39. Katebush says:

    Ok death predictions are: Brienne dying in Jaimes arms, Tormund, Jorah and Theon dying saving Bran
    . I don’t see any of the big names dying yet but as I’m still shocked over Ned starks death in S01 (how they could kill off Sean Bean ?) !! Haha sooo if they do kill off any big names I’m thinking Dany might be the one to go I was thinking she might become a zombie queen but that’s definitely more likely to be Cersei so maybe Jon will have to burn her?!!
    Whatever happens I absolutely cannot wait I think GoT battle scenes have been amongst their best episodes so this it’s gonna be ahmazing whatever happens.
    Just don’t kill the Hound!!!

  40. darkunorthodox says:

    no way varys will die so soon. people are forgetting that the voice in the flames plot is still a mystery since the beginning. there is no time to wrap up such a big mystery in the middle of such an action loaded episode