Was Kevin Hunter poisoning Wendy Williams several months ago, during her hiatus?

Wendy Williams Files For Divorce After More Than 20 Years Of Marriage **FILE PHOTOS**

I swear, the Wendy Williams-divorce story is one of the darkest stories we’ve ever covered. Beyond whatever you might think of Wendy’s brand as a talk show host, can we all just come together and say that Wendy went through ten kinds of hell at the hands of her husband? Kevin Hunter just sounds like a complete monster – controlling, abusive, unfaithful, sadistic and awful. He got his long-time mistress pregnant and when the mistress gave birth, Wendy was reportedly devastated. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, allegedly. But everything leading up to that was awful too, the reports of physical and emotional abuse, drug dependence and more. And here’s another part of it – apparently, some people were concerned that Kevin Hunter was poisoning Wendy during her months-long hiatus from her show:

Cops paid Wendy Williams a visit to check on her after a random caller alleged her husband, Kevin Hunter, was poisoning the talk show host. According to the police report … the outrageous call, made back in January, came from someone claiming to work for Williams’ production company. The caller believed Kevin was slipping Wendy something harmful, and he or she wanted cops to check on her.

The report says 2 officers went to Williams’ New Jersey residence and were greeted by Hunter, who was hesitant to let them in for the welfare check because he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem. Cops say they explained to Hunter they were required to speak with Williams due to the anonymous call. When he allowed them to enter, they found Williams in bed “with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”

According to the report … one of the officers asked Kevin to leave the bedroom so they could talk to Wendy alone, but he didn’t want to leave her side. As for the health problem she had — Wendy told cops she was recovering from a broken shoulder. An officer eventually asked her if there was any truth to the anonymous tip she was being poisoned, and Wendy responded with something like … “Well, I’m very popular.” When the cop repeated the question, the report says she became tearful, but denied there was any truth to it. The cops left after Wendy told them once more she was okay.

[From TMZ]

So, the idea is not just that Kevin Hunter emotionally and physically abused Wendy, but that she’s the victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, or perhaps just the victim of… I don’t know what to call it, some kind of poisoning. I believe it – the weirdness around Wendy’s hiatus was never completely explained, and then there was the whole living-in-a-sober-house thing which was either her attempt to get out of Hunter’s grasp or HIS attempt to shuffle her off because of his mistress’s pregnancy. This is probably only a small sliver of all of the sh-t that Wendy was going through. It’s awful.

Update: some people disagree with my armchair diagnosis of Munchausen’s by Proxy, which I just think is one possibility (as I said above). It just seems to me like if TMZ’s story is true, he wasn’t trying to kill her, he was trying to make her really sick. But I don’t know and no one really does.

Wendy Williams spotted returning to the sober house after candid admission

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  1. K-Peace says:

    “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy”??!? No, if Wendy were being poisoned, it was more like simple attempted murder! Kevin trying to kill Wendy so he could have her fortune AND get her “out of the way” so he could go off and live with his mistress & their new baby.

    • jules says:

      Right? This is not Munchausen syndrome…

      • Alissa says:

        It’s definitely not Munchausen’s because he was trying to keep it secret, Munchausen’s means you make yourself ill in order to get attention (and by proxy is you make someone else ill for attention/praise for being such a great caregiver/etc).

        I don’t know if it’s attempted murder, or just another way to keep her down and under his thumb, though.

        What an absolutely insane and sad story.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Actually Kevin was benefitting from Wendy’s illness because he started that foundation for addicts with her and she took time off work to deal with her alleged thyroid condition. She wasn’t keeping her illness secret at all, remember how she went public when doctors diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism. So it could be that even if it’s not a typical case like The Act or something like that.

  2. Loopy says:

    The sober house looked awful,small and cramped. That alone would have driven me to drink again..why on earth dis he drop her off there when they could afford better options?

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I am guessing that he dropped her off there precisely because it was awful, actions like that by an abuser are designed to keep the abused in their “place” and let them know exactly how little care is given to even the most basic comfort. Simply letting her know she is not worth anything better than this.

  3. HK9 says:

    He wanted her out of the way and get all of her money. It seems plausible to me-people have killed for less. Kevin being as triflin as he is, I can see him doing it.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I agree with this to an extent…I don’t think he was trying to kill her (she was his money train, after all…without her, he had no job and no continued money from HER earnings coming in), but he WAS trying to keep control…by making her “sick” and incapacitating her, he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, and he had the added bonus of the “you NEED me to take care of you, baby” BS.

      he’s a sick MFer and needs to be put away, if this is true.

  4. Nev says:

    Come back better than ever Wendy!!!
    A fan for life.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely loathe this Kevin Hunter. A few days ago, I read an article about how “sources” – cough*kevin*cough – were saying that Kevin was her world and now that he’s gone the sources believe she will go back to drinking and drugs and spiral to rock bottom. I was sooo mad for Wendy for the obvious PR attack. He is an abuser through and through and he is NOT done with abusing Wendy. He’s going to take whatever he can get and drag her through the mud before he’ll let her and her lifestyle go.

    • Megan says:

      Poor Wendy. Hopefully now that she is out of an abusive relationship she will not need to drink or use drugs to cope. Hunter is a monster.

  6. Catherine Page says:

    The officers not demanding a private meeting with an alleged victim of domestic violence is terrifying. They could have escalated abuse that way.

  7. B n A fan says:

    I have noticed several times to see her carrying her food and drinks in a plastic bag. Maybe there is something to the poisoning her food. I have a problem after Wendy came back on the show she was still standing by that monster of a husband by showing her wedding ring and saying they are in a project to help drug and alcohol 🍷 addicts, IMO, she was being deceitful to her followers, although I’m not one.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “deceitful” is a bit strong.

      she was doing what a LOT of victims of domestic abuse do. making excuses for her abuser and being too afraid to leave. I don’t think there was any malice in her covering up the truth, just self-protection.

      • Christina says:

        Yes, she acts like an abused woman who thinks that she is in control. There are blogs posting that they had an open marriage, and that she was fine with the affair as long as it was discreet. That’s been rumored for many years. He had control that she allowed, and she viewed him as her protector, especially after they had a son. But he is abusive and pushed his needs more and more while telling her it was for their family, so she didn’t let anyone disparage her marriage as he was photographed with the young woman who would eventually have his kid. Abusers make sure that you feel that you can’t live without them or everything will fall apart. She didn’t believe the rampant rumors until her private investigator made it impossible to deny, and I’m sure that her son had opinions about seeing his dad in online photos with the mistress in cars his mother paid for. Kevin Jr. Is 18 now, and he loves his mom, and she loves him. When she talks about him, her whole face changes and softens. The investogator, and I’m sure her son, forced her hand. I hope she now sees that she never needed him.

  8. BlueSky says:

    I can believe that he’s drugging her so he can continue to steal from her.

    I hope she sticks with going through with the divorce and hires a forensic accountant.

  9. launicaangelina says:

    This such a horrible situation. I feel for Wendy.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Wow, that sounds terrifying. Whatever is going on there, I hope she’s safe.

  11. Chisey says:

    Jeez, this whole situation sounds awful. I’ve never had a strong opinion about Wendy Williams one way or another, but she seems to be really going through it right now. I feel for her. Also, a husband not wanting to let the police talk to his wife alone is a huge red flag for me. I hope she has someone other than her husband looking out for her.

    • Olive says:

      she and Kevin have a son who is maybe 20 now? so she’s got him

      • Anna says:

        But that son is finally out of the house and I’m sure trying to stay as far away from the abuse he has witnessed and has likely been abused by both of them whether directly or through being the only child witnessing the constant abuse his whole life. I pray he finds help and therapy and positive relationships that will help him to heal and know that there are other ways to behave and life in the world because with these two as parents, especially Kevin, he could messed up for life.

  12. Nancypants says:

    I’ve always been interested in true crime drama but now it’s everywhere.
    There is an entire t.v. network that plays that stuff: Homicide Hunter, Snapped, Ice Cold Blood, Accident, Murder or Suicide?…

    It concerns me a little because they are basically telling people what other people did wrong that got them caught, however, you learn some interesting things.

    I wouldn’t doubt at all that he poisoned her.
    The experts say it’s nearly always about money or another lover and in this case, it’s both.
    Did you know visine eye drops in a drink can kill a person over time?

    There are a couple of folks in prison from killing someone with that.
    I think the latest was in S. Carolina and before that it was a man who killed his dad.

    I hope Wendy makes it but I’m not sure she will.

    • FredsMother says:

      @nancypants I have that same, worried feeling about Wendy, like… I don’t even want to put it out in the Universe. I like Wendy but I do know that the toughest women have the softest hearts and forgive too easily. So, I am putting positive thoughts out there for her. I hope Wendy can really escape and thrive.

  13. Sayrah says:

    Jesus, what?! Is there any evidence he really did this?

  14. Lucia says:

    This is abuse not Munchausen.

    He was trying to keep her in his control. So he drugged her up. I 100% believe that.

  15. Jennifer says:

    And she was in bed recuperating from a broken shoulder, no less!! So many red flags for those officers that responded.

  16. BCity says:

    What in the Wilkie Collins novel hell is happening here?! He sounds AWFUL and I hope he hasn’t managed to estrange her from her friends/family/support network.

  17. Lilly says:

    I’m really rooting for Wendy. It IS possible that her illness was exacerbated by poisoning. But I think she’ll find that many of her health symptoms from Graves disease will lessen considerably, as emotional stress (and denial) greatly worsen autoimmune conditions.

  18. Rebecca says:

    I think he was giving her too many painkillers so that he could say she’s relapsed and have an excuse to send her away to the sober house. This way he could leave and see his mistress without her knowing. It was also a way to keep her dependent on him.