Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are ‘slowing things down a bit’

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale show confirmation of dating rumors while out in West Hollywood

Something weird has been happening to me for months: the idea of Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s relationship is so unappealing to me that as soon as I finish writing about them, I immediately block them out of my mind. Which is great because I’m not wasting any space worrying about them or thinking “WTF” just in every day life. But it also means that when there is a new story about them, I’m always struck with the same shock that they’re together. It’s like “sh-t, I forgot about them, they’re such a terrible couple, WHY.” Well, good news for the haters of Pate/Kete: they’re “slowing things down.”

After a hot and heavy start to their relationship, Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are cooling down. While the two are still together, a source tells PEOPLE the couple has “decided to slow things down.”

“Pete and Kate got super serious very fast but they’ve decided to slow things down a bit,” says the source. “They’re still dating as of now.”

The couple was last spotted together grabbing dinner in Los Angeles last month with Beckinsale’s mom Judy Loe, and her stepfather Roy Battersby. Beckinsale, 45, and Davidson, 25, have been linked since first hitting it off at a Golden Globes afterparty in January.

[From People]

Of all possible endgames for this relationship, a slow burnout is probably the best way. It was clear that Kate enjoyed his youth and BDE (UGH) but the “heat” of their shiny new relationship has faded and it’s good that they’re both kind of meh about it now. I feel like Pete still has a lot of work to do on himself before he’s ready for a real relationship. As for Kate… well, I know she likes younger men, maybe next time go for someone with fewer issues, I guess? The idea behind “cougaring” should be fewer complications and more fun.

Pete Davidson holds hands while out with girlfriend Kate Beckinsale

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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7 Responses to “Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are ‘slowing things down a bit’”

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  1. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    She is not looking like Kate Beckinsale. Who is that?

    • Megan2 says:

      She looks like Lana Del Ray in the thumbnail picture… she has definitely done something *different to her face?

  2. Dttimes2 says:

    I was just wondering why we havent seen her. Last i read on her (take with grain of salt) was her people were concerned because she had a pill addiction in the past and they were worried about a relapse hanging with a guy who uses?? And then she seemingly dropped off the radar after being papped almost daily.
    Like i said though probably no truth??

  3. Tiffany says:

    I took them for what they were, a piece of non salacious gossip. Two adults just being a mess and me enjoying it.

  4. Clementine says:

    I agree: her face is different. Whatever she got done, it’s very recent.. in the earlier pics of her and Pete, she still looks like herself.

  5. Harryg says:

    So much filler. And she has one of those faces that would age really nicely without anything.

  6. Yes Doubtful says:

    I mean…at least it’s not ending messy? Yet. They were each others rebound. I think he’s cute and charming, but he has a lot of growing up to do.