Charlize Theron in Givenchy at the ‘Long Shot’ UK premiere: stunning or costumey?

'The Long Shot' Premiere - Arrivals

Seth Rogen gets criticized for being an unkempt man-child in life and in movies, but I’ve always considered him an underrated romantic lead. Think about it – he almost always has a lot of chemistry with the women he works with, and in real life, he’s married to a beautiful, talented actress/producer/writer. My point is that he has some considerable game, he just hides his game behind a schlubby everyman exterior. My point is also that I think Long Shot looks like silly fun, and that Seth and Charlize Theron look like they had a ball filming it. Here’s the Red Band trailer, NFSW for language.

These are photos from the London premiere of Long Shot last night. Charlize and Seth have been doing a mini-European tour this week, which sort of sucks because they’ve gotten lost in the Avengers: Endgame shuffle, but whatever. The idea is probably that Long Shot is counterprogramming to an enormous movie like Endgame: women will go to see Long Shot because yay, a romantic comedy.

For the premiere, Charlize wore Givenchy, and it looks like a Spanish bolero-influenced ensemble, which is an interesting choice for a London premiere, I guess. I’m a fan of the hot pink + black combo, but I mostly feel like this was created from two separate looks. I don’t really blame Givenchy for that – I don’t want to see the top that “matches” that fug skirt. Charlize also went pretty severe with her styling – slicked back hair, a bright lip, elegant earrings. It’s a look. Honestly, from the waist up, I’m all for it.

'The Long Shot' Premiere - Arrivals

'The Long Shot' Premiere - Arrivals

'The Long Shot' Premiere - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I kind of like the whole thing? It’s not necessarily my favorite look ever, but I feel like it is very Charlize, but slightly different – often on the red carpet we see her either in those big sweeping ballgowns, or very slim-fitting dresses, and this is a nice in-between.

    • Embee says:

      I think she looks amazing and agree that probably no one else could carry this off…maybe Tracy Ellen Ross?

      • CariBean says:

        Yes! I could totally see her in this! I think Charlize nails it perfectly.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes, TER can make just about anything work.

        I kind of like this. I’d never choose it for myself, but I think she looks great, and her face is just perfection.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      100% costume. It is cheap Halloween Flamenco – you know when they think we all want to rip off other cultures and looking weirdly slutty at the same time

      Like the lips and she is obvs gorgeous

  2. Ashipper says:

    I would like it if the skirt wasn’t see-through.

    • holly says:

      Agreed, I thought I liked it until I saw the black underwear. Why???

      • Some chick says:

        Benefit of the doubt – could be the camera flashes. It happens.

        But, yes, the fabric is too sheer. Unfortunate because other than that, she really looks stunning here. Love the fuchsia and black.

        I especially think the dark hair suits her. It really brings out her eyes. She’s just gorgeous.

  3. Eliza says:

    The proportions of the outfit are really awful. But she is gorgeous

    • (THE OG)@Jan90067 says:

      What did she do to her mouth? When did she get that “Joker” thing going? She does have stunning eyes though; the dark hair makes them stand out so much more.

      I’m not a fan of this outfit. That skirt is beyond fug, and I am so tired of seeing women’s chests peek-a-booing out of their clothes. Sexy doesn’t automatically equate to bareness. Charlize can smolder (look at her in the perfume commercials), she doesn’t need this.

      Eh… I need more coffee! 😊. Happy Friday everyone!

      • SJR says:

        I agree with everything you just said.
        Something looks very off about her mouth, and frankly I’m getting very tired of all of her recent press.
        I don’t care to be preached at from any celeb.
        And her comments about “grow a pair & ask me out”.
        What an ego on her.

      • Southernbelle824 says:

        Joyce Meyer mouth.

  4. Onerous says:

    I saw Endgame last night (amazing!) but honestly the last few years my movie card has been filled to the brim with action & superhero movies. I can’t remember the last time there was a Rom Com I was interested in seeing and I’ve actually missed the genre!

  5. Snowslow says:

    Ok, here’s my theory: there are a lot of potential romantic leads that are unconventionally beautiful like Seth here who is charming, Melissa McCarthy and so many more. The problem is that whenever there is a film with a lead who is supposed to be attractive in a different way, they are never really charismatic and pretty (ok this is a super personal theory but bear with). The last films (I heard of) with a lead who was supposed to be unconventionally attractive were Amy Schumer and Rebel Wilson who have qualities, but blatant sex appeal isn’t one of them. Whereas Seth and Melissa… Yum.
    I know, I know, very personal take but here it is.

    • Surly Gale says:

      @Snowslow: I see you! And agree! Here’s my take: Amy Schumer and Rebel Wilson (whose last movie I did NOT enjoy, her performance was so over the top) exaggerate themselves, Melissa and Seth are more modest and thus their attractiveness is slow, and insidious, and takes one pleasantly by surprise. That’s how I see it. 🙂

      • Snowslow says:

        But Rebel Wilson’s acting was alarmingly bad, sometimes she looked bored when she was supposed to look indifferent, other times she looked befuddled when she was supposed to be going through an accelerated range of emotions. I mean, it was bad (but so was the film). The problem is that she emanates a vibe of “can’t be bothered” which is the opposite of sexy to me. But this is getting super picky so I won’t continue.
        You do have a point. Sexy people are the ones who are not trying to be sexy…

  6. manda says:

    I have always liked seth rogen, he just seems really funny and down to earth. I think this movie looks great. I really like charlize too

    • Snazzy says:

      I can’t wait to see this. It looks so fun

    • Bella Bella says:

      And that woman who plays Jane Fonda’s daughter in “Grace and Frankie” is in it! She’s got great comic timing.

      • Jensies says:

        June Diane Raphael, who is wonderful and on How Did This Get Made podcast about terrible movies. It’s hilarious and Seth and Charlize are on the most recent episode. 😊

  7. I'm With The Band says:

    Her hair colour and makeup is stunning.

    • SM says:

      Came here to say the same thing. Her hair and make up are flawless. Seth clearly is stepping up his style game too. And who wouldn’t when you have to stand next to Charlize. In any case, I really like Seth he looks like a chill nice guy who unlike many in the business in not up his own ass.

      • Kitten says:

        Seth looks SO good. I haven’t seen him in a while and didn’t even recognize him at first.

      • Caity says:

        He actually gave an interview or comment that he has purposefully stepped up his style game because he knew he’d be standing next to Charlize in all the pictures. I really appreciated that he understands that women work hard for their red carpet appearances, and respected that by putting in effort himself. Too often women in Hollywood are in full cocktail attire for a photo op while the men look like they stopped in on their way to Home Depot. His perspective, though currently refreshing, really should be the norm

        Edit: Just saw that SCAL also mentioned the quote, should have read through all the comments!

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I love her as a brunette. I hope she stays that way for awhile.
      Seth is lookin’ fine.

  8. lana86 says:


  9. Snowflake says:

    I love her with dark hair. Seth looks great as well. Doesn’t look schlubby here

  10. TheHeat says:

    I normally like Charlize’s styling but this ensemble is absolutely dreadful, all around.

  11. Scal says:

    I appreciate that Rogen said in interviews about how he knew he had to step up his fashion game during this press tour since he was going to be standing next to Charlize in lots of shots. He invoked Ed sheeran standing next to Beyonce looking slubby and didn’t want want to be “that guy”. Shows he has respect for his costar to make a effort.

    The movie looks meh.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Holy heck, she is gorgeous. I’ve never been struck by it as much as by this look she has. I love everything about it.

  13. Jerusha says:

    When I saw Sarah Polley’s lovely Take This Waltz(2011), I had a new appreciation for Seth Rogen. He is wonderful in a wonderful film that is filled with equally wonderful performances.
    Please, Seth, no more James Franco buddycoms. You are so much better than that.

    • Surly Gale says:

      I’m not fond of Sarah Silverman so never watched. Just ordered from Amazon, so looking forward now to it! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • lucy2 says:

      This – I want to like him, he generally seems like a good guy and pretty outspoken, but I can’t with the Franco and the stoner dudes stuff.

  14. Liz says:

    Gorgeous! Love every detail of the skirt so much. Also, that makeup!

    • Kitten says:

      Her makeup is FLAWLESS. I have mixed feelings about the dress. She’s always stunning though.

  15. Flying fish says:

    Yikes, her make up is bad, she looks clownish!

    • Snowslow says:

      I agree. Cannot understand why everyone is raving about blush applied too low so as to make her face look super flat and big in the center. It’s also making her eyes sink into the eye sockets to the point where she looks like she went crazy with the botox, which I don’t think is the case – or might it be? She looks super weird. Although still incredibly stunning because it’s Charlize.

  16. Pbay says:

    Does anyone else think that her mouth is starting to look like the Joker from Batman?

    • Snowslow says:

      I think it’s a mix of really bad make-up and gravity – she is no longer 20.

    • (THE OG)@Jan90067 says:

      I just commented on it upthread! YES! That was the first thing that shot out at me lol

    • m'tuna says:

      She’s obviously had some work done. She looks more like Sofia Vergara than Charlize Theron now. Botox and cheek implants? Maybe a little lift and lip plumping?

    • Jane says:


  17. Veronica S. says:

    Hate everything about the dress. The proportions are just unflattering to me. Imagine making CHARLIZE THERON look droopy and oddly built.

    I like Seth Rogan. *shrugs* I think he’s a charming comedic actor and has an appealing boyishness about him. (I actually kind of miss the weight he used to have a tad – it gave his face a youthfulness that’s missing now.) I mostly suspect the “man child” thing is a celebrity persona. We don’t actually hear too much drama coming from his end outside of movie premieres, which suggests to me he’s mostly got his shit together. It’s his terrible choice in celebrity friendships that’s his downfall.

  18. Anare says:

    I’m not digging Charlize’s look. The slit is distracting. The pink and black is so garish. Just seems a little heavy and dark for the season. Seth looks great.

  19. Cara says:

    I think she looks stunning!! But, she still scares me a lot.

  20. Originaltessa says:

    This is the best Seth Rogan has ever looked. He looks fit and slim, looking sharp in millennial pink and standing next to a goddess and holding his own. Love it.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      I agree. he said he had to up his game if he was going to be doing press with her. He said he didn’t want a Beyonce / Ed Sheeran situation happening! Ha ha!

      She looks stunning here!

  21. Desolee says:

    That givenchy really works on her. Wow she has finally got her makeup done to look gorgeous with the dark hair, haven’t seen her look this pretty in a while.
    She’s funny in a recent superwoman (Lilly Singh) video, I’d like to check this out as Seth rogan rarely disappoints

  22. Starkiller says:

    That’s actually a great suit, but wrinkled trousers and tennis shoes do not belong at a formal event such as a red carpet. No class. Charlize has been wearing some bizarre pieces lately; she’s lucky that she’s gorgeous enough to pull off pretty much anything. Not that she cares about my opinion but I also really don’t like her brunette, does nothing for her.

  23. Grant says:

    Honestly, I think she looks stunning. The dark hair really suits her and makes those beautiful blue eyes pop. She is just gorgeous and probably will be until the day she dies (like Jane Fonda).

  24. Lucia says:

    I really wish Charlize would ditch the dark hair. It makes her look too severe.

    • Kebbie says:

      I almost always love when blondes go dark because I secretly wish I could pull it off, but it really doesn’t suit her here. I think it did when she did Aeon Flux, but it’s too severe on her now. Her features aren’t quite as soft as they used to be and the blonde brightens her face or something.

  25. GreenQueen says:

    Am plastics nurse: my professional opinion is she got a lift and they lifted it too much, it makes you have a “joker’s” grin so to speak. She’s actually not even smiling, that’s how you can tell that this is what happened. This is a neutral face position but because of the result of the surgical work her lips are curving up at the lateral aspects, giving the illusion of a grin. Have seen this before.

    It’s truly adorable that people think this is just a bad makeup job. Y’all are softies.

    • PleaseAndThankYou says:

      You’re a bit rude. I’ve seen you call yourself a trauma nurse, as well. Which is it?

    • anony7 says:

      @GreenQueen: isn’t that what people want from this sort of pl. surgery, that is, lips that go “up” and are elevated so that they look like they’re smiling… as opposed to the scowl-look that usually comes with age (lips thin out, upper lip area increases and flattens/pushes lips down, etc.)?

      IMO it’s why so many older folks feel obligated to smile a lot; if they don’t people ask them”Are you mad?” or”Are you okay?”

  26. Dee Kay says:

    I love her look and their look (Theron’s and Rogen’s) together. I didn’t think hot pink and pastel pinks could go but here they do for some reason. I’m also just now learning that Seth Rogen must be pretty g—amn tall because Charlize is a (gorgeous) giantess and he doesn’t look teensy beside her, as so many men do.

    • PleaseAndThankYou says:

      She’s listed as 5’10 – he’s 5’11. I guess most other men in Hollywood are quite short?

      • Dee Kay says:

        She’s 5’10” without heels but she loves her heels. Though — I notice in the pics the length of the skirt obscures her shoes — maybe she opted for flats or tiny heels here (low-heeled boots, perhaps?) so that for once the male co-star could match her height?

  27. Effeff says:

    I think it’s an odd look, but I really like how it’s playing with proportions of the body. It’s stunning in that I can’t quite look away.

  28. Mar says:

    She’s killing it. I have never liked her dark hair but it’s all the colors are working for me

  29. Pina says:

    I see liberty ross

  30. Sparkly says:

    I really like Seth Rogen and feel he’s really underrated, both as an actor/leading man and person. I’ve only ever heard good things about him, and I appreciate the work he and his wife have done with Alzheimer’s advocacy.

  31. KLO says:

    Charlize is great, I also hate her outfit here.
    Seth Rogen is looking like a snack. I agree, he is a good romantic lead. He is a bit scruffy but he is definitely attractive. If you would see a guy with his looks in real life I think many many women definitely “would”.