Amber Stevens West changed her baby on a table at a cafe, says it was quick

People Magazine has an interview with an actress named Amber Stevens West. I don’t know who she is honestly, but I wanted to talk about it. She’s been on some TV shows like Criminal Minds, Happy Together and The Carmichael Show. Anyway this story reminded me of something one of the random real housewives said. Remember when Kenya Moore said she got kicked out of a restaurant for changing her baby’s diaper? Well Amber changed her baby’s diaper on a cafe table, but she has a reason for it. Amber’s baby daughter, Ava Laverne, is five months old. You can watch the video on People of her interview and the way she explained it is lost in the transcript. It didn’t seem as bad as it does in print.

When you see a pregnant woman what do you want to tell her
It’s going to be over before you know it. Being pregnant feels neverending then literally as soon as your baby is born you forget what exactly what that was like at all. It’s kind of amnesia. The same thing with going through labor.

Where is the strangest place you have changed a diaper?
Once you have a baby, you realize how many places do not have changing tables for you and you just gotta improvise. I think the most inappropriate place I’ve done it, you do what you’ve got to do, is just literally a cafe table in front of a cafe. The bathroom there didn’t have anything. I’m not about to put my baby on the floor. My car was too far away. I changed her out in the open at a cafe. You’ve got to do it fast.

[From People]

There are so many options between “change your baby on the floor” and “on a table where people eat.” I’ve changed my baby in the backseat of my car (Amber said that wasn’t an option that day), on the grass on a blanket and by putting a towel or blanket down on the floor. Babies crawl on the floor and I get that a bathroom floor isn’t ideal but you can make due. It really sounds like she’s justifying this by claiming that the cafe didn’t have a changing table. Don’t punish the other customers for that! At least she admits it’s inappropriate. She was so nice while she was saying it that’s it hard to fault her.

I like what she said about forgetting that pregnancy and labor was hard. That’s true of so many health-related problem and I’m going to try to keep it in mind. We can experience some incredibly hard and painful things, but once they’re over we’ll hopefully not remember.

Look at this baby!

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We’re ready for the weekend! Happy Friday!

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  1. Alissa says:

    The baby is very cute, but man that’s gross.

    • AnnaKist says:

      The baby is utterly adorable, but her mum changing her on a cafe table is just terribly bad form. When they were that small, I just used to change my babies in the pram.

    • velourazure says:

      Did she inform the restaurant of what she did so they could come over and disinfect the table? I’m gonna guess no.

    • Hannah says:

      Couldn’t agree more…just for the sake of sanitation. I’ve been in situations where you really need to change a super poopy diaper and have nowhere to go – I’ve changed many a poopy diaper in my lap due to sheer desperation … stroller and carseat were also common. They do grow up fast and it’s a quick albeit an inconvenient phase.

      • GMonkey says:

        Yes, I’ve either changed my kid on her stroller, or gone and sat on a toilet in a stall, laid out a blanket on my lap, and changed her that way. Café table is nasty, but maybe the café finally got a clue and installed a changing table. Or maybe the café is trying to discourage people bringing babies?

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I had a boss change her baby on buffet table at a bridal shower; just pushed the macaroni salad aside and did it.

    so gross

  3. Chelly says:


  4. Snowflake says:

    Omg, that baby is adorable!

  5. Kiitypride says:

    Changing a baby on a table in a cafe is gross.

    There is nothing wrong with laying something on the floor.

    • Birdix says:

      And if you have the diapers you usually have a blanket or changing pad. I changed a diaper in the back of my car at a rest stop on I5, set it on top of the car, pulled back onto the freeway and then noticed it on the grill of the truck behind me (had completely forgotten it!).

    • TQB says:

      I have been in this situation. That’s why your diaper bag (and I’m sure if I have one that’s this nice, her’s is 1000X fancier) has a pad. You put the baby on the floor, on the damn pad. it’s a pain in the ass and you get to give the restaurant dirty looks and a nasty Yelp review for not being family friendly.

      So many mom decisions are hard. This one isn’t.

      • I’ve never changed my baby on a table where people eat…

        But I’m kind of a clean freak, and have strict rules in my head about what is, and isn’t, appropriate (there is NO five second rule in my kitchen). And I realize that not everybody feels the way that I do, and that’s not the end of the World.

        My maternal grandmother grew up on a farm in Oklahoma… she was raising her three younger siblings, cooking and cleaning, and running the household, at the age of thirteen, and she IRONED her table clothes – NOTHING was ever clean enough, in her eyes. When I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of South Texas, no one cleaned “as good” as she did, try as we might, and this, along with other various life experiences, sent me down the ‘mop your kitchen three times a week’ path (in my defense: kids, and a pack of cats, are also a big part of this).

        But I do have sympathy. Babies turn your life upside down… your brain is like a Jarvis Cocker disco ball, at times (I should probably stop talking about the state of my brain). You do some dumb things (and some weird ones).

        And it’s not always easy to immediately know, and admit, that you did a dumb (or a gross). Most people go on the defensive… it’s just natural to try to defend your behavior (which doesn’t make it okay, just saying that it’s kind of a knee-jerk reaction). Sometimes, it takes a moment to slow down, let go, and say, “Yeah, that was gross. Sorry!”

        On a different note: that baby is adorable.

  6. Redgrl says:

    Inconsiderate. What is wrong with people?!

  7. deezee says:

    I don’t have a problem with it. The floor is gross and I wouldn’t want to put my baby there.
    Maybe she didn’t have a stroller with her, or the chairs were too shallow. Maybe there wasn’t any bench seating to use either, and all that was left was the table.
    It’ll be cleared and cleaned off after she leaves. And yes I know people are eating near by but life happens and sometimes you just deal with it and move on.

    • Mc says:

      I agree. Especially if it’s just a pee diaper. I’m sure there are much grosser things in a restaurant that we don’t even think about.

    • Starki says:

      The floor is gross but your baby’s feces isn’t? The narcissism is strong with this one.

      • deezee says:

        There is no indication that is was a poop diaper but it would still be contained within the diaper if it was. I don’t think there is anything narcissistic in either her actions or my orginal comment.

      • snappledietpeach says:

        other people should be grateful to have her baby’s urine in their faces while they eat don’t ya know

      • Alissa says:

        I mean, poop is not always contained within the diaper.

    • Snowflake says:

      I don’t have a problem with it either.

      • Vet says:

        You are sick! I have a compromised immune system, due to lupus. You have no idea how ill someone can get by eating from a surface that has urine and feces contact. That lady was too lazy to walk to her car simple as that. I have three children and I would never change my child on a table in a restaurant. People like you and her are the reasons I have to constantly worry about what I touch, how clean my hands are, and what nasty ass people do. I am positive you also walk out of a public bathroom and touch the door handle with your germ ridden hands! That’s filthy and gross.

      • Lua says:

        You know who else has a weak immune system? That baby!!! Shame on all of you mom shaming her instead of the restaurant that doesn’t consider patrons with infants. A. Urine is sterile. B. The floor is disgusting and babies roll and squirm and grab anything near them and it’s unreasonable to expect a new mom to get down on a filthy bathroom floor to change her infant while the baby tries to touch the gross floor. Her car wasn’t close, she may not have had a stroller, the bathroom floor is not acceptable. Get a damn changing table. The shame goes to the cafe, not her.

    • Redgrl says:

      No. I don’t want to see a dirty diaper or bum while I’m eating. And it’s iunsanitary. Come on now!

    • Anon33 says:

      If the floor is “gross” then go to the bathroom or your car. Believe me, everyone sitting around you thinks it’s just as “gross” to see your baby’s open diaper on a cafe table. And frankly if it’s “just a pee diaper” then you could wait a minute until you’re no longer in public. That’s what my SIL did when my nieces were still in diapers and there wasn’t a bathroom in the immediate vicinity. I honestly cannot believe some of the comments here…just because you have a child doesn’t mean that the rules of existing in society no longer apply to you. Entitlement at its finest.

      • Kitten says:

        I seriously cannot believe this is even a debate. People have a right to go out to eat and not see shit like this FFS. Her baby issues are nobody else’s problem and should be handled in private. Entitled and incosiderate.

      • Megan says:

        What Kitten said!

    • stephanie says:

      health hazard. she’s gross and lazy

      how far was her car? 15 miles away? I mean – walk to your car, change her and walk back to your friend while they wait for you.

      I bet her friend was secretly grossed out to have to eat at the table afterwards

    • Annaloo. says:

      I would no more change a diaper on a table than I would change out cat litter. This is about things that take care of defecation and urination needs, they have no business where people eat.

      When I hear “only a pee diaper”, there’s a level of unsanitary, lesser standards that people have normalized to, but FFS out of any respect for others, don’t change babies where people eat . It’s about respect. People never seemed to do this before, but bc of our “do what you do, to hell w others” mentality, we’ve got ppl thinking it’s ok to literally sh*t where you eat

      Gross. Just gross. It’s not shaming, it’s gross and people should know that

    • Reef says:

      I agree. I don’t have kids and I think it’s unsanitary to change a diaper on a cafe table, but I also understand sometimes you got to do what you got to do. If I saw that in person, I’d glance and go about my day. It’s a baby.

    • Erinn says:

      My issue is that people always say (and I agree) that a bathroom is too disgusting to feed your child in, or the floor is too gross to change them on. And why is that? Fecal matter and urine in the air/on surfaces. Those bodily functions are ‘contained’ to a toilet – more so than the ‘containment’ when you’re opening a diaper. But we know that it’s in the air, and it travels easily.

      So how is changing a squirming child – opening a diaper and in those motions spreading the germs to the surfaces it’s being done on, and into the air – in an area dedicated for people to EAT okay?

      If you’d be uncomfortable with an adult stripping down and taking off soiled underwear in a dining area – you should be uncomfortable about a diaper being changed where people are eating.

      • NIKKI says:

        Actually yes Erinn,

        It does go airborne. Many people don’t think about it. So for anyone else who wasn’t aware.

        When you flush the toilet, a plume of liquid and fecal matter and whatever else you’ve done is spewed into the air, due to the force of the flush. This is proven science. (And if you’ve noticed most public bathrooms don’t have lids and even if they do, most people don’t close them before they flush).

        So no, the floor is not sanitary. The bathroom is not sanitary. And no, you definitely should avoid changing your baby on the floor. Because after you’ve done that, you take that same change blanket or pad and put it back in the bag you have your baby’s clean clothes, nappies, wet wipes and food in.

        So I would advise against changing your baby on the floor in a public bathroom where you don’t know how often it’s cleaned.


    • I’ve never been comfortable changing my baby on the floor… I’ve done it on benches, chairs, and booths, but not the floor, and not the table. There’s a lot of choices between the floor and the table. Usually.

      And if you have diapers, you probably have a changing pad.

    • Rose says:

      The entitlement of people like this never ceases to amaze me. I don’t go out to a restaurant to see OR SMELL the contents of your child’s diaper.

    • Dani says:

      I have two kids – one still in diapers – and I must disagree. It’s gross and disrespectful – not only to the establishment but to the people around you eating. What the hell.

  8. Chef Grace says:

    I had c sections with both of mine. Nearly 40 years later I. Remember. Everything.
    As for diaper changing, I never changed my kids in public. Blanket on a floor in the loo worked fine.

  9. NotHeidisGirl says:

    COME ON!!! How far away could her car have been???

  10. Erinn says:

    Damnit, Amber!

    I really loved her on Greek… and I love that she married the guy she was dating on the show. And my god, what a gorgeous baby.

    But damnit, Amber!

    • Kate says:

      Aw – I know her from Greek too. Didn’t know she married a co-star on the show! Cuuuuute baby

      • Erinn says:

        Yes! She married the guy who played Fisher, the ZBZ hasher guy – who her character also dated.

  11. Who ARE these people? says:

    Are there any regulations about changing tables, like the size of an establishment? Obviously more changing tables would help. Do parents carry little blankets or towels to put down just in case?

    Changing diapers, nursing, menstrual supplies,our public spaces could be better for the reality of women’s lives. Tho for reasons of hygiene would like the babies changed away from food.

    • Eliza says:

      There’s no regulation. You’d be surprised how many family restaurants don’t have changing tables.

      I said this last time a celeb did this in a post, I was in Europe, no car, at a restaurant and the baby needed a change. Bathroom was pedestal sink and toilet and damp floor with drain. I was mortified. I asked the staff if i could use the side room and put a blanket down across a chair. It was in town center, no grass, just sidewalks and roads. Sometimes you are desperate. They told me I could use table, but I refused. But still, open air in restaurant even if no one was using that room. I’m sure I was the awful American.

  12. minx says:


  13. Kat says:

    Just no. I’ve had to improvise and think fast when changing my kids diapers but I’ve never thought to put them on a table where people are eating. I always had one of those cushioned travel changing pads with me and would put them on that. I cannot even count how many times I’ve thought a diaper was just a quick wet change and it turned out to be a much bigger mess! I find it odd that people think public eating areas are ok bc its a baby

    • Odessa says:

      Lots of babies now get a vaccine for the rotavirus which is super contagious. It can spread up to a month after they are vaccinated. You don’t want to spread that around. Find a corner somewhere and change the baby properly or try the place next door if you can’t lay down. Blanket and.change pad and change the diaper on the floor. Trust me, moms always have supplies in our diaper bags to make things work.

    • Annabel says:

      I have a little kid and I wouldn’t dream of changing a diaper on a cafe table. How disgusting. That’s why there’s a changing pad in the diaper bag, so you can change diapers on disgusting bathroom floors.

  14. anniefannie says:

    I was at a resort and the SIL of my bestie changed a horrific diaper by the pool in full view of everyone ( not terrible but still) then sauntered off leaving the diaper by the pool for someone else to deal with..
    That told me all I needed to know about her and I avoided her the rest of the trip

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I was always within walking distance of my car or another restroom. When you have babies, this is part of the planning process. Everything but the kitchen sink in your diaper bag, stroller in the trunk just in case, and yes, reconnaissance for strategic movement during any outing. The only time I changed a diaper out in public was at the beach. Under a lean-to lol.

    What happens on a plane? Imagine liquid poo oozing out from all diaper openings on a crowded plane. Embarrassing. Gross. Those bathrooms don’t have tables either. This is when your magical diaper bag comes in. You have disinfectant wipes. A foldable changing pad. Scented trash bags and large zip locks. Antibacterial spray with a nice scent. I’m sure you even have perfume in your purse. It’s really not rocket science, but it does take a bit of forethought lol.

    • Eliza says:

      Planes have changing tables over the toilet, the rooms are just so small you can’t close the door to change and it helps to have someone hand you everything. My most horrific diaper changes have happened on planes. It’s too early in the morning to share those stories.

      • Scal says:

        I flew on a plane when the baby had a bad poop diaper-and there was no changing table. I put the toilet seat down, wipes like crazy, and then the diaper pad. Changing him and then changing the clothes was not fun. Washed babies hands afterwards to.

        My moms suggestion? Just change the baby on your lap here at your seat, or on the tray table. People can deal. NO mom. I’m the only one that needs to suffer with this smell and I’m not exposing the entire plane where people 5 rows up can’t get away. She did not get why I would rather cram myself in a tight airplane bathroom. Because I’m a member of society and not a jerk that’s why.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        That’s what I did Scal. Cleaned everything with wipes. Put down the seat and pulled out the portable pad. THEN… I had to reclean everything, plus change his clothing because…liquid poo.

      • Kebbie says:

        I feel for you scal, and you made the right choice. I think you might have been murdered by other passengers if you had changed that diaper at your seat on the plane lol

    • Starkiller says:

      I’ve seen people on a plane use the tray that comes down from the seat in front of you, where your food and drink goes. More than once.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Ugh. That’s like sitting down at a dining table with friends and family, then plopping my baby at my place setting for a quick change. ‘Just gimme a minute peeps, so sorry!’

    • I just bought a ten dollar Super Mario Bros. backpack at Walmart, a six-pack of bottles on Amazon, put some formula in a tupperware container, water in a water bottle, got one of those foldout changing pads (that also hold the creams and diapers) on Amazon, baby wipes, Clorox wipes, and a box of ziplock bags, and called it a day.

      It can be done simply and cheaply. Throw in a toy and a teether, a bag of veggie straws or Cheerios, and a change of clothes, and you’re good to go!

  16. El says:

    Another vote for not changing a baby on a restaurant table. Lots of places don’t have changing tables and I’ve put my little ones on their changing pad on a bathroom floor many times. In my head, I always tell myself it’s good for them to be exposed to a few germs.
    That being said, I’ve also panicked and done things I wouldn’t have if I had calmed down and thought it through.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Maybe she used a changing pad that comes with most diaper bags these days? If that’s the case, nothing to see here. Even if she didn’t, it was probably all contained in the diaper and the table is cleaned between guests, so? Are we really coming with pitchforks for a mother changing her 5 month olds diaper in an inconvenient place? Why not use that energy on the restaurant that didn’t have a changing station like most places do? ETA I’ve never done it before with my 3 kids but I am not about to start nitpicking another mom about something like this.

    • JadedBrit says:

      @Jennifer You are aware how viruses and bacteria are spread via the open air, yes? That much of London was wiped out from cholera in an 1850s epidemic that started because a woman dropped her child’s nappy in a stream? That everything from E. Coli to typhus can be passed by faecal matter? It cannot be “contained”.
      What a lovely addition to one’s lunch.

    • (THE OG)@Jan90067 says:

      Tables are given a quick swipe of a tired rag between guests. When my immune system was more compromised from my Leukemia/SCT, I carried disinfectant wipes to wipe the area around me. If I ran out, I used hand sanitizer and a napkin. There *are* people out there that don’t want your germs.

      When my nephews were little (@15-20 yrs ago), there was rarely such thing as a “changing table” in bathrooms. If we HAD to change them in public it was in the car, on the grass/floor (depending where, and on a blanket/pad), and even on our laps. Not hard: Seat the baby facing out, on a fresh NEW diaper, untape the old one, pull it out from under baby, wipe (with a wipe you got ready first, and pull up/tape the new diaper. Done! No butts on the table.

      • @(THE OG) @Jan90067 My Mom’s immune system was compromised (lupus cerebritis, lupus nephritis, and lupus skin rash). We also had to carry around wipes, and be extremely careful. Another reason I’m so germphobic. And why I couldn’t volunteer at a local primate sanctuary – it was too dangerous for my Mom. And why, after two years of volunteering (my Mom passed away), I can’t volunteer, now – I’ve got a baby.

        I’ve also worked in the food service industry, and it’s… pretty much as bad as you’d guess. I used to run around cleaning up after other employees. I’d point out how something that everyone did wasn’t sanitary, and even the best managers would be like, “Yeah, you’re right!” and then do nothing. I lost a job through harassment (I now know that I should have stuck it out, and contacted a lawyer instead of walking), after turning my employers in for unsafe work conditions, for both staff and public. OSHA busted their butts, though! It was awesome.

        I agree, if no other alternative exists, you CAN change the baby on your lap. It just feels like a Takeshi’s Castle challenge. Actually, most days with the kids feel like a series of Takeshi’s Castle challenges.

        Also, I hope that your health has improved. **hugs**

      • (THE OG)@Jan90067 says:

        Thank you, Lady Princess! Yes, I’m doing a LOT better (coming up to my “5 yr. all clear” *birthday* at the end of June!). ***HUGS**** backatcha! And I hear you, about the castle challenge lol 🤗🤗🤗

      • Congrats! And happy birthday!

    • Starki says:

      Okay Jennifer, so when I’m caregiving my 74 year old relative with dementia who wears an adult diaper, it’s okay for me to just quickly change her right at the cafe table right? All her pee and shit will be contained in the diaper so it’s no big deal right? I mean she has shit her diaper when we’ve been out so now that I know that’s cool I should just start doing it?

  18. Sayrah says:

    This would only bother me if I was sitting next to her. She doesn’t indicate if others were around. Shrug

  19. lucy2 says:

    If a restaurant doesn’t have a changing station in the restroom, why not ask if there’s a place you can change the baby? The table should be the last, and I mean LAST, resort.

    That baby is adorable.

    • Mtam says:

      Exactly. There might be an office or another room in the back where the establishment will allow you to do it. Again, a baby having soiled their diaper is not an emergency that you can’t wait and think and figure out another place to do it other then on a dining table where other people are eating around you.

      • Col says:

        yep. at least have the courtesy to tell the staff so they can clean the surface before diners eat there.

  20. DS9 says:

    When my kids were that young I had a floor blanket, one I specifically used for less than ideal floors and folded in such a way to contain the floor bits.

    As they get older though, you start streamlining their crap and they’re lucky if you have anything more than a diaper, a handful of old wipes and a bottle stuffed in your back pocket

  21. Anastasia says:

    Sorry, but I’m not buying the car was too far away thing.

    That baby is ADORABLE.

  22. Agenbiter says:

    Cue photos of Kardashian babies in big hats in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  23. launicaangelina says:

    Do not ever change a baby in a public dining room! This is unsanitary and gross. If poop is involved, there’s the odor too. Definitely speak with the restaurant manager and suggest a changing table, but in the meantime, walk out to the car. I did when I had to change my son. It sucks, but as a parent, you have to improvise when situations aren’t ideal.

    Also, I worked in the service industry for years. Sami-water on a towel was typically used to wiped down tables, but if you’re in a rush, the server/buster is usually wiping multiple tables at one time.

  24. NIKKI says:

    I wouldn’t change my baby on the floor of a public, high traffic bathroom! No. Never.

    But, I’ve definitely left places and changed my baby in the car. If she couldn’t find a grassy knoll or park nearby, then if it were me, I would’ve left the cafe, and gone to the car, no matter ‘how far’ away it is. But, that’s me.

    If it were pee, I would’ve waited till I left the cafe and gone back to the car. Or gotten home.

    If it were poop, I would’ve left immediately (if I’d already ordered food, I would’ve explained I’d be right back or even asked politely if there were some place besides the bathroom floor that I could use) and gone to my car. No place is too far for your baby.

    PS. I’m also a germaphobe.


  25. ME says:

    What a CUTE baby ! Still gross to change her diaper where people eat ! Also, the food tray tables on the back of airplane seats are used as “diaper changing tables” a lot…and they NEVER get cleaned. So gross.

  26. Pose83 says:

    I am learning more and more that a lot of parents find it very easy to justify their bad behaviour by blaming something or someone else. If you have a 5 month old baby, don’t go somewhere where there aren’t facilities. Come on, you chose to have a baby, one of the biggest responsibilities in life, forward plan a little. And don’t get me started on disposable nappies! It is your children’s futures you are polluting.

  27. S says:

    I have three kids, thankfully all now potty trained. I changed them a lot of places … But never on an eating surface. Most moms have a changing pad, or at least a blanket, and I’d do it on my lap, before I did it on a table. I also tried to avoid public places when possible (it isn’t always) and will never understand people who change their babies on, say, an airport bench, when they’re 10 feet from a bathroom. Things like toddler meltdowns or crying infants are often unavoidable and I have great sympathy for parents dealing with them, but as much as I get all the stresses parenting, especially of little ones, I don’t want to sit or eat on the same place your baby just pooped or be face-to-face with the diaper you just discarded (happens all the time and … grrrrr).

  28. Mtam says:

    The way I see it is if you are a parent, you know you can’t just expect to have the world be ready and accessible for you and your baby, and you need to be prepared for that, just like you prepared for everything else before the baby came and after they arrived.

    She knew she was going to a café, and she’s had the baby for a while up to that point so she knows they can mess themselves at any moment. She could have called the café in advance and asked if they had a changing table. And even if it was an spontaneous thing to go into the café, like i said, it should be no surprise to a parent that a baby would mess themselves whenever, so she should be prepared.

    Also yes, people sometimes overreact with being inconvenienced by other people’s babies/kids, but in this case it’s one of the times where a parent needs to be considerate of others.

    No one wants to see or smell your babies pee or poo while they are eating. Period. There’s no excuse for you to change your baby on a table where people eat. A baby pooping themselves is not that big of an emergency that you can’t first, be prepared beforehand, or second, wait and go somewhere else to change them.

    What she did was inconsiderate because she only worried about what was convenient for her.

    Also a dirty bathroom floor is not the worst thing that can happen to your baby. like others said, put something down, even if it’s paper towels and do it there. Specially if it’s as quick as she says.

    Bacteria for most babies is not harmful, and if you’re worried that they’ll get bacteria from feces or urine while on the bathroom floor (again, on a baby mat or blanket or paper towels) then use the wipes to wipe their hands afterwards or w.e.

    Again it’s not gonna be harmful to your baby to get some little tiny bit of bacteria, if any, on them in this situation.

  29. Lunedog says:

    I don’t know, outdoor cafe tables are just that, outdoors. The air is filled with exhaust and dust and god knows what else. As long as she didn’t leave poop smeared on the table I don’t mind.

  30. Kirsten says:

    No excuses, that’s disgusting and inconsiderate to other people as well as the cafe.

    • Lola Lola3 says:

      Thanks Kristin! My thoughts exactly. Diaper changing where people eat makes those that see it never return to that restaurant so it effects many people beyond just her and her kid. Selfish and stupid behavior.

  31. hogtowngooner says:

    No. Nononononono. It’s disgusting, entitled and it’s rude to both the cafe, the staff and the other customers to have to be subjected to human waste when they’re trying to work or eat.

    Between these diaper-changing on tables twits and the ones who let their kids run around restaurants, it’s like some people think that just because they had a kid, they can act like a selfish, entitled asshole.

  32. Appalachian says:

    That’s trashy. That’s what trashy people do.

  33. Patty says:

    I wouldn’t do it, but it doesn’t bother me. Is it tacky, yes. Kind of gross, yes. But the odds of someone getting sick are pretty low; we have greater odds of getting sick from unsanitary kitchen practices, improper food handling, and improper dishwashing practices. In fact, if the cafe was halfway decent, whatever table she changed the diaper at will be the safest place to eat – because it’s going to get a great wipe down when she leaves.

    I’m far more worried about what happens in places I can’t see, i.e. the kitchen where food is being prepared.

    • Gia says:

      If they don’t even keep the kitchens clean do you really think they will do much better with the tables? You can’t necessarily see the bacteria from baby feces and as long as the table “looks” clean then this is okay?

    • Mtam says:

      It’s not just about worry of germs or being sick. It’s also about ruining the experience for other people. People go to cafés to enjoy food and drink, no one wants to sit there and smell and see baby feces or urine, or be worried that they might get sprayed or w.e.

      It really is just inconsiderate. Also feces particles in the air stay trapped to your nose hairs, who wants to be smelling that for who knows how long while you’re trying to enjoy your sandwich or coffee. Honestly I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to grasp and just be more considerate. Again, changing a dirty diaper is not an emergency and there’s many other options available that are not on a public table where other people will eat and other people are eating around you.

  34. Nina says:

    Do the restrooms not have changing tables in the US? I don’t think this is okay. People eat there and the staff has extra work.

    • Trillian says:

      Came here to ask precisely that. Changing on the table is really a no-go. If there was no other way or no room in the restrooms, I would’ve changed my baby in the pram.

  35. Gia says:

    It is disgustingly unhygenic. Babies are cute but baby poo is feces.
    Feces don’t belong on a cafe table where people eat. Usually you don’t even sh*t in the same room where you eat, do you?
    So Mrs Stevens is basically expecting people to eat where she might have left baby sh*t. She is one repellent woman.

  36. Beer&Crumpets says:

    I definitely do not think that anyone should put anything they intend to keep on the floor of a public place- I’m including changing pads that go in diaper bags. HOWEVER, there are products one can buy for fairly cheap to act as a barrier between floor and changing pad that CAN be thrown away. I have used chux pads, puppy training pads, and twice I used a clean garbage bag. You know, you throw the pee pad or whatever down first, as a tarp. Then the changing pad on top, then you put your baby on the changing pad. When you’re done, you stow your baby, stash the changing pad back in the bag, and then you throw the tarp away.

    It’s pretty easy to figure out- I’m really not that bright and *I* managed to come up with this plan all by myself.

  37. Janey says:

    Wait, why not the chair? Too small? I’ve had to change my baby at a seat next to mine as nothing was really available. I wouldn’t change it on the table where I eat, I guess that never occurred to me but no, definitely not on the floor of a bathroom. Some restaurant bathrooms are DISGUSTING. Though to be fair, a lot of bathrooms in NYC are also super cramped.

  38. Lis says:

    No, no, no, and no.
    Unsanitary. Entitled. Gross.