Lori Loughlin ‘is shocked & saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be’

Lori Loughlin at arrivals for Hallmark C...

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: one of the biggest problems Lori Loughlin and her daughters have is that their perception of themselves is wildly different than how other people see them. Lori sees herself as a Hollywood A-lister, popular and beloved, and Olivia Jade always saw herself as selling a very high-end brand of herself. Even before Operation Varsity Blues, the reality was much different – Lori is more of a C-lister in the Hollywood ecosystem, a television actress on the Hallmark Channel selling a churchy, faux-wholesome image. And the reality for Olivia Jade was that she was just some Kylie Jenner wannabe, the lowest of the low – a reality star without her own reality show. In the wake of Operation Varsity Blues, we’ve seen just how budget and tacky this family really is. But they’re stuck on this idea that this whole ordeal has been a gigantic fall from grace. LOL. Some quotes from People & CNN:

Lori Loughlin faces criminal charges in the college admissions scandal — and the actress worries the charges will overshadow her career and permanently ruin her reputation, a source familiar with the case tells PEOPLE.

“Lori is shocked and saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be,” the source says.

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, maintain they are innocent of the charges against them in the college admissions scandal.

“This is not a story. This has become a total circus. They didn’t do anything wrong,” a source close to the couple told CNN. Defending the couple’s alleged actions, the source said, “They did what so many people in their financial situation do to get their kids into schools. What about the people that donate buildings to schools? Why are they becoming the poster children for things that have been going on forever? They didn’t do anything illegal. They just wanted a good education for their kids, like every parent does. There was no bribe. They are solely focused on winning their legal case.”

[From People & CNN]

THeY dIDn’T dO AnYTHiNg wRoNG. Do you hear that, federal prosecutors? Nothing! As for this: “Lori is shocked and saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be” – honey, buy a clue. Before this, your legacy was what? Hallmark actress/Aunt Becky/mother to two spoiled idiots. Operation Varsity Blues seems entirely on-brand for Lori’s “legacy.”

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  1. KBeth says:

    Legacy??? For real?

    • Tiffany says:

      I am still laughing.


    • minx says:

      Right?! 😂🤣😂 The legacy of Aunt Becky and Target man, forever sullied.

    • Originaltessa says:

      My mom watches a lot of Hallmark and loves her. I think there is a demographic of people, older women, who do or did like her before all of this. She had a fan base. My mom also watched that show she did about California years ago with the guy from True Blood and Zach Efron.

      • dogmom says:

        @originaltessa I think I remember that show! It was called Summerland, right? But was it Zach Efron or some other young heartthrob? I was way too old to watch that show but I enjoyed it and was actually kinda bummed when it got cancelled!

      • Tiffany says:


        Yep it was Zac but also Jesse McCarthy, who was a big deal back then.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Older woman here. Nope. Just, Nope.

    • Legacy indeed. I had never heard of this trick nor her husband or star wannabe spawn until this all broke. Girl should be laughing all the way to the bank when she does her “redemption tour” and writes a book about HOW HARD this all wassss…..sob…*

      *except there won’t be a redemption tour until becki here accepts some responsibility HOWEVER hamfisted and fake it is.

  2. clatie says:

    Bad person sad that bad acts will be remembered? BUMMER.

    • Annaloo. says:

      Legacies are what people do– and this was all by her own hand. Why is she acting shocked? Someone nominate her for an Oscar for that

  3. Athyrmose says:


    Good luck with those white tears, Lori.

  4. Alissa says:

    My immediate reaction is laughing at the idea that she has ever had any sort of legacy. She’s not even one of the main characters on Full House.

  5. Case says:

    Then. She. Shouldn’t. Have. Done. It.

  6. Original Jenns says:

    “They didn’t do anything illegal”. I do not think that means what you think it means.

    • Original T.C. says:

      I think they are going for the Trump style “no collusion” brainwashing PR stunt. They are fighting the Feds using the media. Next will be “crocked Feds” attacking poor little helpless woman. I’m pretty sure the husband will take the fall in the end and do the prison time. It will not have as much effect on his career and he will get a cushy VIP white color federal prison suite. Aunt Becky can then do interviews on her innocence.

  7. JadedBrit says:

    Narcissism at its finest, ladies, gentlemen and zes.
    Someone should purchase her one of these: https://www.ebay.com/b/Sterling-Silver-Bottle-Stoppers-Corks. For her mouth.

  8. Kathryn says:

    It’s hilarious to me she thought she was some kind of legendary actor, you starred in a Hallmark series titled “Garage Sale Mystery.” People can love Hallmark films all they want but that is where actors careers go to die (and collect a steady paycheck.) I almost wonder if it bothers her (since clearly money was not an issue) that she never got more esteemed roles.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      I don’t think it bothered her. Her Hallmark rolls were a paycheck and didn’t really require any “heavy lifting” in the acting department. Her husband’s company was extraordinarily successful, so she got all the perks of being an actress but none of the stresses surrounding it. If she didn’t get a roll or want to work for a year–no bigs.

      I wanna know who’s leaking to the press every day about how she feels, cuz we haven’t heard squat from the Felicity side. . .

  9. LORENA says:

    Well before we all knew her as aunt becky and now we associate her with this so yeah her legacy is shot

  10. elimaeby says:

    If this hadn’t happened, no one would have remembered your name at all, honey. You would have been “that lady who married Uncle Jesse on Full House, remember?”. Hard eyeroll.

    • Heather says:

      That lady on Full House who married Uncle Jesse and made him a whole lot less fun and a lot more boring. Yep. Great legacy there, Lori. I can see why you don’t want it tarnished.

  11. Giddy says:

    Bless her little lying, cheating, bribing, steel-belted heart, y’all. I do declare that I surely hope Aunt Becky doesn’t swoon when the verdict is announced.

  12. Christin says:

    C-list is actually generous. She’s had more publicity in the past few weeks than she had in all her previous decades of modeling/acting.

    Given how thirsty she now seems, I am surprised she wasn’t doing paid-for pap strolls for years. Or maybe she was, and no one was paying attention.

  13. Swack says:

    She obviously doesn’t know the difference between a donation and a bribe/cheating on an SAT/ACT. Just can’t with this woman.

    • noway says:

      See this is what happens with theses stories, people mix them up. She didn’t bribe cheat on SAT for her daughters. She bribed the coach for a spot on the crew team. This is her legacy. Honestly, not sure what she can do that would change that. Also, legacy is a loaded word and seems more important than what she had achieved career wise in life anyway. I’m not dismissing her crimes, but I kind of get this. I’d rather be anonymous than known for this. I guess I understand it a bit better than some, but you know she was around people who did all kind of crazy things to get their kids in places. It was their social status. At the time hers probably didn’t look so bad, now not so much. She should be punished, but I don’t really find joy in this, and also, I’m not under the delusion college admission was fair to begin with. We caught and maybe punish this one ring. It doesn’t make the process better.

      It does kind of upset me though how people degrade others careers. Granted she does seem to be a pretentious person, but she was a working actress on at least one fairly popular show. Olivia Jade was an influencer. No I don’t understand that career at all, but there are a ton of younger people making a good living at it. My teenage daughter told me about Olivia Jade a few years ago, and I remember cause I laughed at Aunt Becky’s kid doing this, so I think she was fairly popular in the gen z arena. Now she won’t be, cause those people are most affected by this, and for some reason they all think they should get into an “elite” school.

  14. Lucia says:

    Bitch, where was the concern for your legacy when you were bulldozing your kids to get them into USC?! GTFOH with that.

  15. Some chick says:

    This whole mess is the first I’ve heard of her. Perhaps instead of worrying about her “legacy” as a Hallmark movie lady, she should consider how to make it into a teachable moment for her dear daughters.

    It’s certainly a teachable moment about privilege for many folks looking on!

    I do sort of feel for the other one. Lori and OJ and Mossimo all seem fairly insufferable. The other one has been keeping her head down… maybe she’s the smartest of the bunch.

    Court should be interesting. I’m starting to think there really is no way these deluded fools will settle. Which amazes me still, but then I know a bit about the law.

  16. Seraphina says:

    Maybe she didn’t know what the word legacy really means. Maybe she wanted to say: I am saddened that this what my name will be forever tied to: buying my kids into college. LEGACY has a positive connotation. Well, at least for me it does.

  17. Christina says:

    Some chick, I only read part of the inditement, but someone who read the whole thing (Franny) said that she thinks is it plausible that they didn’t know that what they did was illegal because Singer didn’t tell them exactly what he was doing with the money, just that he needed it sent to the charity to help their girls. At the same time, Mossimo sent money directly to a coach, so I think they knew. They just chose the cheap, tacky, nouveau riche way that allowed them to get money back through tax fraud instead of buying, like, the Giannulli wing of some building.

  18. GreenQueen says:

    Kaiser, you are dead on! Wow, this lot is completely divorced from reality and real problems. I already feel like the average Joe has this issue – people are naturally self-serving and America is immune to the smell of its own sh*t – but this is some next level f*ckery for real!

  19. Meg says:

    Kylie Jenner wannabe?
    When I grew up my mother was watching murder she wrote, golden girls, Murphy brown, designing women. Even before being old enough to follow along with the storylines I got the message: look at all of these women doing all these different things.
    I guess this generation grew up with 2 1/2 men so their idea of womanhood was very skewed
    Thanks Les moonves

  20. Anon33 says:

    Stop. Talking. Lori.

  21. Allie says:

    Her legacy before was a bunch of forgettable Hallmark movies and a TV show people are too embarrassed to admit they watched.

    Her PR strategy is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The only thing I want to hear out of her mouth going forward is her taking full responsibility for her actions and an apology to the people whose college spots she stole.

  22. stephanie says:

    I can’t believe she actually lacks the self reflection and conscience to see what she did as wrong. She truly believes the law doesn’t apply to her. They will throw the book at her with this attitude.

    I can only IMAGINE the other ways in which this family has cheated to get ahead in life. I bet they have a lot of shameful behaviors in their past.

  23. Vinot says:

    She’s just a sad, faith-based, 54 year old girl who decided to go for it!

  24. polionna says:

    Yeesh delusional. At least Felicity Huffman was an Oscar nominated actress.

  25. Deanne says:

    Who in the hell does she think she is? What would her legacy have been if she hadn’t been caught? She’s a C-list celeb at best, whose body of work is as inane as you can get and she’s helped to raise two entitled, spoiled, shallow brats, who are a true reflection of who she and her husband are and what they value.