Diane Kruger doesn’t want another baby: ‘I’m done… our family is pretty much complete’

14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

Here are some photos of Diane Kruger at last night’s Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner. Yes, the Tribeca Film Festival is happening right now, I just haven’t done any coverage of it, sorry. Diane was in attendance because she loves Chanel, she lives in New York and she’s currently promoting her role in JT LeRoy. She’s also in a place where she finally feels comfortable enough to chat about her baby. Last year, about six months ago, Diane and Norman Reedus welcomed a baby girl. We still don’t know the kid’s name and that’s on purpose, as Diane explained to People. Diane sounds like she’s enjoying motherhood:

The baby isn’t girlie: “She’s not really girlie, she’s kind of a dude.” Regardless, the actress said she’s saving special Chanel items for her daughter. “It’s fun to have a girl, I will say,” before adding, “I like that, too.”

What Reedus is like as second-time-around dad: She said Reedus is “very great with her. He just looks at her with unconditional love,” she shared, before joking, “I wish he would look at me like that.”

Reedus’s older son Mingus: “He’s great! You know 19 years is a big gap so he’s really like stepping up to be this protective big brother.”

She doesn’t want any more kids: “No. I’m done. Norman has a 19-year-old son so I think our family is pretty much complete.”

Why she’s not revealing the baby’s name: “Well first and above all, it’s safety. We have The Walking Dead empire which has a lot of very intense fandomship that comes with it. We had a couple [of] incidences before her arrival that were not so fun to deal with and so my main concern’s her safety. And secondly, she is an innocent, young, vulnerable baby and I think I just don’t understand why America doesn’t have better laws for children.”

Losing the pregnancy weight: “I mean it’s discipline for sure but I was a ballet dancer so all my life I’ve been sort of active. It just sort of happened by itself pretty much. I mean, I worked out.”

[From People]

A few months ago, a commenter – I forget who, I’m sorry – theorized something about Diane and Norman’s relationship and I haven’t been able to get that theory out of my head. The theory was basically that Diane fell head over heels for Norman when they first met and that’s why she cheated on Joshua Jackson with Norman, and why she seemed to move so quickly with him once she and Joshua were done. But that Norman always thought that their affair was just going to be brief and simple and he wasn’t expecting all of this. I don’t know – it’s hard to understand their whole relationship deal from the outside. I feel like this joke might have been a bit too honest though: “He just looks at her with unconditional love. I wish he would look at me like that.” Also: do six-month old babies have dude-like personalities? Perhaps.

14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. C says:

    There’s another theory that the baby is not his. She did in vitro something. I don’t buy that.

  2. Lucia says:

    Yeah…I can see that being Diana’s relationship with Norman. I always thought it was shocking she moved on so quickly. But Joshua Jackson was no better. He seemed like he was constantly waffling on being committed too. But if Norman refuses to commit to her than I don’t know if that says something about Diane’s choice in men or her personality or if that’s even her fault.

    • zee says:

      Maybe Diane isn’t interested in having a traditional relationship and likes it this way. She probably just heard the clock ticking and wanted a baby ASAP and Norman seemed like a better candidate than Joshua. She can afford taking care of her child so she probably doesn’t have to worry too much about long term consequences.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Uhhh…no. If anyone was waffling in their relationship it was Diane. She was the one who publicly stated over and over again that she didn’t want to get re-married (she has been married before to French director Guillaume Canet – whos is now with Marion Cotillard). I cant count how many interviews she gave stating this. Joshua always struck me as the more traditional of the two. And I think if she had wanted to get married he would have done it. Just as I think he would have had a family with her. I think Diane was ready to have a baby either way since she had been talking about it.
      I also think that she saw having a baby with Norman as a way of creating security with her relationship with him. Which is stupid but women still think like that.
      Personally I don’t see them lasting for more than another year or two at the most.

    • Jb says:

      Eh, from the sites I read it was always Diane who was waffling and that Joshua was the one head over heels for her and was willing to get married etc but she wasn’t into it. She even said herself that you know when you’re with the “right one” to have kids. Hence why when she supposedly cheated and got pregnant it was such a bummer/betrayal for Josh. Who knows really but agreed she’s wayyy into Norman than vice versa but if it works for them…just hope Joshua finds his right one PACEY FOREVER!!!! 🙂

    • Maureen says:

      I don’t find it that shocking. I was in a relationship for ten years and we never married(thank God). I was done with him long before the break up occurred and could have easily jumped into another relationship if I chose. I have a feeling it was much the same in Diane and Joshua’s situation. It’s not like he waited any measurable amount of time before he got into another relationship either.

      • Jayne says:

        It’s a case of things repeating itself. Diane has a history of doing this. She took up with someone at the end of her first marriage before going back to her husband and then divorcing. Joshua hung out with friends and dated casually for a long time.

  3. zee says:

    What exactly means girlie and dude-like when it comes to babies? They can barely even move at that age.

    • Heylee says:

      The only thought I have is being quiet, smily, delicate? It’s a dangerous distinction, let’s be honest, to assign these types of characteristics to a 6 month old. They are not socialized so that’s all on her and society. Cough*heteronormative*cough.

      • Hikaru says:

        It disturbs me that personality traits are now being assigned a gender. It’s practically saying that if you aren’t an effeminate stereotype of a girl you are not really a girl at all. Such a damaging way of thinking.

  4. LaraK says:

    Maybes wanted a brief affair. Maybe.
    But he also strikes me as the kind of dude who does his thing and doesn’t really wear his heart on his sleeve. So he my just be perfectly content with how things turn out, and he just won’t gush about it.
    She seems happy enough.

    I still wonder what happened with Joshua though. Did he not want kids? Did she just fall for Reedus and cheat? Why have a baby here but not in the two years with JJ? So many questions.

    • Clare says:

      I think it’s fairly well assumed that she did in fact cheat on Joshua. And when rumours as rife and widely agreed upon as this one, they are rarely wrong.

    • AryasMum says:

      I believe Diane and Joshua were together for ten years.

    • Tuille says:

      I thought Joshua cheated too, but always randomly.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I think both fell hard for each other when working on that movie and that the theory mentioned above is bullsh*t, I follow Diane on Insta and pretty much on every post Norman leaves a heart emoji.
      I very much have the impression their love is mutual and that people who are proclaiming the one-sidedness of their relationship biased because of her being and ending the relationship with Joshua Jackson.

    • rose says:

      Theirs was a long distance relationship for most of their ten years together. Diane said she worked non stop for 10 years and they did their own thing when not together. They lived apart and spent a lot of time apart. Josh didn’t cheat, they had an arrangement of sorts. Norman wasn’t the only one, but he was different as she had an affair with him. Spending so much time apart I think contributed to their break up.

      • vivian says:

        Wasn´t there a rumor that Joshua Jackson had an affair when he was filming Fringe? Not surprised he and Diane broke up, he never loved her.

      • carry says:

        Rumor has it Josh had an affair with Anna Torv. Apparently, Anna has a child, but she´s never revealed the name of the father. Makes you wonder.

      • rose says:

        They broke up because Diane had an affair with Norman which had been going on for awhile and in the end she left and continued with Norman. Josh did not have an affair with Anna Torv during Fringe. It’s rumored Anna has a child and that is from the Mindhunters set, where they said she was pregnant and that was two years ago. That’s where the info about her having a child came from.

  5. escondista says:

    Glad someone just said “one and done.” That’s a totally okay answer for people just like, “I want many children” is also just fine.

  6. Jess says:

    Wtf does a baby even do that makes her a dude, what an odd thing to say. I agree on their relationship, felt like she saw a bad boy in Norman and cheated on her long time partner for the excitement. I hate to speculate on purposely getting pregnant but in her case it does seem odd she was with someone else for so long and it never happened. I have a soft spot for Joshua Jackson though, so maybe I just want to make her the bad guy! I just started watching The Affair and he’s so dang sexy! I’d take him over greasy Reedus any day, he looks like he’d stink of gas and cigarettes.

  7. GreenQueen says:

    I’m around babies nearly every day, can’t think of anytime a 6 month old baby has expressed anything gender related. That was an odd comment to me. Also, think that joke about wishing he would look like that at her was more truthful than joking. Whatever their relationship is, the only hope is for the child to have love and stability. I’m glad she is okay with having 1 baby, I have been maybe thinking I only want 1 and everyone from my husband and parents to my patients and random strangers keep telling me I can’t have just 1 and it’s irritating.

  8. Tetduo says:

    Norman is totally the type to settle down. My evidence is that he takes his dog with him many places. Maybe he sewed his oats a bit with fame but his personality pulled him back after a taste of that. He probably didn’t plan on it but I bet it’s in his nature. He has Boston Terrier. I know because I follow dog pages too.

  9. Dani says:

    There are rumors circulating that Norman is cheating on her…so…

  10. launicaangelina says:

    My husband and I joke all the time like she did with her comment on how he looks at the baby vs her. It simply seemed like a joke. Neither one of us are romantics, so it works for us.

  11. Vic says:

    It’s obvious she’s way more into him than the other way around and I think this baby was just a desperate attempt of keeping him. I’m not sure if she fell so hard for him and that’s why she cheated or if she tried to save face and make this relationship work because her previous one ended in such a disastrous way media wise, but I feel like she puts a lot of work into it and seems to be more invested than he is. The joke didn’t sound like just a joke to me either. I hope they can give the baby all the stability and love that she deserves though, the child has absolutely nothing to do with whatever mess is the relationship of her parents

  12. dlc says:

    She seems like an odd duck to me. I remember when she was moving in with Joshua and said she felt so adult buying candles for their home…She was in her late thirties!!!