Constance Wu wore Marchesa to the Met Gala and went with Georgina Chapman

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While I don’t think we should hold Georgina Chapman responsible for what a monster her husband is, we’ve learned that her fashion brand was built on his intimidation and influence. So any allegiance with her is a definitely a statement, I’ll say that. I saw her on Project Runway All Stars when I tried watching a couple of episodes and I frankly can’t stand her. (Update: this is a correction. She’s not on the regular Project Runway.) That is based on what I know about her, and also the fact that she’s a sh-tty designer. Her dresses are campy without intending to be, so does she capture camp in this tulle and pearl-bedecked flapper dress on Constance Wu? Sort of, but it’s more costumey than camp. I’m disappointed in Constance.

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Constance’s Crazy Rich Asians costar, Awkwafina, was in an awesome gold metallic Altuzarra gown with layers of pleats, ruffle fan shoulders and a belt. This is campy enough and fits the theme. The bar was set quite high last night so it’s not one of the best looks, but I like it. There were so many structured and giant shouldered gowns. Also, I generally hate the “tiered layers of ruffles” trend, but for camp it works.



Alicia Keys was in a seafoam green Carolina Herrera gown with a hoodie and cape. I don’t get how this is camp at all. I like how iridescent it is though, that’s lovely.

Gal Gadot was in white lace Givenchy with a little flutter cape, a giant pearl tiara and thigh high black lace. Maybe it’s borderline on theme with the black and white lace.

Lili Reinhart had on a Ferragamo romper with giant layers of off-the-shoulder ruffles and a long train. I think she’s working this and that her styling makes it campy.
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I love Cole Sprouse’s goofy embellished Ferragamo suit too. They’re so cute together.
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38 Responses to “Constance Wu wore Marchesa to the Met Gala and went with Georgina Chapman”

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  1. Courtney says:

    I’ve watched all but the most decent episode of this season of PR and Georgina….isn’t on there at all. Am I missing something?

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    Don’t hate on me but that has to be the first Marchesa gown that i have actually liked – its flapper inspired and I love that era of fashion. Plus Constance looks great in it.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I like both dresses aswell!

    • Lady Keller says:

      I love constance’s look. If the theme was flapper she would have stolen the show.

      Georgina Chapman is unintentionally a master at camp, and yet when she actually tries for a campy look she fails.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I love the make-up and hair styling on Constance. Her face looks amazing.

    • Alyse says:

      Yeah I really like the look – but it would’ve suited the 1920s/Roland Mouret gala theme far better, not Camp

  3. Char says:

    Like someone said on Twitter, anything Awkwafina wore in CRA was 1000 times campier than this dress. As for Constance, she got an ugly Marchesa by choice. Wow.

    • duchess of hazard says:

      This! I would have just dragged out the wardrobe from CRA for this one.

    • C-Shell says:

      I love Awkwafina, but this dress is wearing HER. And, ITAWY on the CRA wardrobe being miles ahead and on theme.

    • Algernon says:

      Everyone in this post is, at best, homaging camp. Lili and Cole get closest because their look is a twist on prom night that leans into the extravagance of camp. There weren’t many genuinely camp looks last night. It’s hard to be camp on purpose.

  4. Eliza says:

    Lily brought modern Marie An. The hair, the pastel blue, the pink powdered shadow. More “subtle” but definitely hit the right notes.

    • runcmc says:

      She’s giving me Effie from Hunger Games vibes

    • Esmom says:

      Yes to both Eliza and runmc, I see both of those elements. I don’t think the dress and shoes are campy enough but she gets the overall effect. She’s so lovely and she and Cole are adorable.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think Lily’s outfit is great for the theme.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    I’m disappointed in Constance as well.
    Awkwafina looks like a New Years Eve decoration- I like it!

    • lingli says:

      Awkwafina reminds me of Christmas decorations my mum had in the 1970s: a set of gold plastic-and-foil angels, whose wings were frequently a bit wrinkly round the edges where they’d been hung too close to the lights and melted slightly. I don’t think you can get much more camp than 1970s tree decorations!

      • Esmom says:

        Ha, yes. I wasn’t getting super campy from her, just “standard” avant grade, but now that you’ve pointed that out I get it.

  6. Mia4s says:

    Just the mention of Marchesa makes my skin crawl. She became successful because of her rapist husband’s intimidation and influence. That’s the reality. I don’t wish her any harm, but she should go away. Disappointed in Constance, absolutely.

    I like Gal’s outfit and it’s the first chance I’ve seen her take. Alicia’s is nice but not remotely camp. I don’t even know who Cole Sprouse is but props to him among all the disappointing men last night. That’s camp.

    • Algernon says:

      I feel like Georgina Chapman should dissolve Marchesa and start over with a new label. She would hardly be starting from scratch, she has her supporters in the industry, but she could do it without the legacy of what Harvey’s intimidation bought her.

    • Lilly says:

      Agreed. I’m really disappointed that Anna Wintour is inviting her and has given interviews saying we shouldn’t associate her with HW’s crimes. WRONG! It is well documented that many women were bullied into wearing Marchesa gowns. It was probably an agreement they had when HW was cheating on his wife with GC. She knew marrying him would put her brand on the map (it was new when they married) because he promised her he would make actresses wear her dresses. Every single person who worked for HW knew that he raped women. There’s no way she didn’t catch wind of it every once in a while with all the money his team paid out over the years.

  7. Some chick says:

    Gal looks like a sexy moth! Alicia seems to be channelling Grace Jones with the hooded gown. Akwafina and Lily and Cole nailed it.

    IDK if the No Photos Please dress is intended for this post, but… did you see her clutch is a tiny camera?!

  8. Lucy says:

    Aw, I love Lili and Cole. Awkwafina’s look is very Luna Lovegood-esque. I love it!!

  9. Enn says:

    Aligning oneself with Georgina Chapman is not a good look.

  10. Karen2 says:

    Marchesa’s been forgiven long ago. They are producing collections & ppl regularly appear on the red carpet wearing the brand. Which is more than can be said for Ulyanna. Was that really Kerry Washington? Was that really Gal? I loved both their efforts btw.

  11. Alissa says:

    It’s a statement to wear Marchesa, for sure, but it’s especially a statement to have Georgina be your date. I’m surprised by Constance, tbh.

    Sure, she shouldn’t be held accountable for her husband’s disgusting actions, but if I knew the gossip about her husband before everything came out, she sure as hell did.

    • Starkiller says:

      Not sure why people are so surprised by this. She’s said some extremely questionable things in the past.

    • Lilly says:

      But her brand got off the ground when HW and GC married because he bullied actresses into wearing her gowns for award shows. She knew. And it’s most likely why she agreed to marry the malignant toad.

  12. Chimney says:

    I think Constance Wu looks amazing, I love her in this dark lipstick shade. I wish she wasn’t co-signing Georgina Chapman though…

  13. Grant says:

    Gal Gadot is so beautiful!

  14. Case says:

    Lili and Cole won the night for me. She’s Marie Antoinette and he’s Candyland meets Hairpray. Brilliant job. They understood the theme and interpreted it well.

  15. Ann says:

    I thought Alicia Keys was attempting a Grace Jones look. It kind of worked but the dress was too flowy and pretty to be camp.

    • Raven says:

      I don’t see Grace Jones at all. Grace Jones would never wear something like that Grace always payed between masculine and feminine and love a good fit. Alicia Keys outfit has none of the appeal.

  16. Originaluna says:

    I don’t know. I’m torn om Georgina.
    I watch PRAllStars and I usually like her critique and she’s usually nice and I agree many times with her.
    I am torn on the husband thing… And also I’m torn on whether she should dissolve her brand… I mean… She would always be associated with HW anyway…? I don’t know. I haven’t made up my mind.

  17. SpilldatT says:

    Honestly Constance Wu looked so beautiful that I would have never thought this was Marchesa? And because CW looked so pretty, I didn’t think she had the theme down at all. It looks like something she could have worn to a movie opening and not look out of place, so it was a no-go in terms of the event requirement.

    Akwafina, Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse are no the nose with their outfits.

    Gal Gadot tried, but missed the mark IMHO, it doesn’t feel camp enough somehow.

    No on Alicia Keys, it just looks like a regular gown with a hoodie to me. Meh-h.

  18. Tina says:

    Georgina Chapman is giving off some serious Melania vibes to me, both in looks and in pretty much everything else.

  19. Texas says:

    I like the dress and really love Chspman’s dresses. They are pretty and flattering.