“Amy Schumer’s miserable pregnancy is over, she gave birth to a boy” links

Amy Schumer gave birth to a baby boy, finally! She welcomed him on Sunday night, so this baby doesn’t share a birthday with Polo Baby Sussex. I’m really happy for Amy, and I hope she’s feeling a lot better now! [Just Jared]
I don’t think we covered Elizabeth Debicki’s Ferragamo at the Met Gala. It was very cloying and sugary. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]
Some updates on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. [Starcasm]
Some highlights from the Daytime Emmys. [GFY]
Did the drag queens deliver at the Met Gala? Hm… [LaineyGossip]
Lynne Spears wants a say in Britney Spears’ mental health treatment. [Dlisted]
Emilia Clarke covers Flaunt. [Tom & Lorenzo]
EL James may write a gay romance, oh nooooo. [Pajiba]
A Goonies and Back to the Future reunion?? [Seriously OMG]

Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State Opening Arrivals

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  1. Wisca says:

    I love how real AS’s post-birth picture is.

    • Millenial says:

      Yeah, this was much more accurate to my experience than what most people post.

    • GreenQueen says:

      Me, too. It’s a nice change up to the typical celebrity baby post.

      I feel her on having sh*t pregnancies. I got annoyed that people assumed I/every woman should love being pregnant. I can love the fact that I’m having a child and hate being pregnant. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and it doesn’t make me a bad person or mother.

      • InVain says:


      • Nicegirl says:

        I feel you, GreenQueen. I love my sons so much though I suck at pregnancy.

        Congratulations Amy! I wonder what his name will be, maybe include a family name? I bet he’s super cute. 🍼yay, babies 👶🏾 ❤️💕😉

      • Coco says:


        I feel this so hard. 7 months pregnant with my second and there’s maybe a handful of weeks total I feel good about being pregnant during my pregnancies. I am happy and joyful to be having a healthy pregnancy but it’s really hard and downright difficult for me a lot of the time. Even though I’m doing exactly what I planned to do and realize how fortunate I am that everything is going well, I just hate being pregnant. It’s a real mind game sometimes. I have no clue how my mom had seven children with seven pregnancies.

      • Kaylove says:

        GreenQueen – do you have Twitter?! I’d love to quote you and credit you. That statement resonates with me deeply!

      • Ash says:

        @GreenQueen yessss!! My son was a miracle baby but I had the most horrendous all day sickness for 4 months straight!!! The rest of it was brutal to say the least as well.
        I was given a 3% chance of ever conceiving naturally and had just been recently recommended to freeze my eggs in the near future to have the best chance of being able to conceive with IVF and even then the Doctor’s said I would maybe have a 15-20% chance and that was a generous estimation. I woke up one morning so sick but the kinda sick I can only explain as a pregnancy sick…I instantly knew I was pregnant. That day I went and bought 2 tests from the dollar store, both positive…thinking I was losing my mind and how this was even remotely possible, I went back frantic and asked them if their tests really did work. I looked like a nutjob. They informed me that they have the same tests as hospitals. I bought 8 in total and every single one was positive. My situation was not ideal in the least and although I so wish all the time it was under different circumstances, I am so thankful for my miracle baby because not only was my pregnancy hell, childbirth was excruciatingly painful. Being one with a high pain tolerance and many injuries and surgeries prior, nothing has ever carried a torch to that. I have PTSD from it. Both myself and my baby almost died. I had to be knocked out for an emergency crash c-section and the last words I heard were, “there is no heartbeat,” he had been in distress and although all is well now by another miracle from God, I spent a week in the hospital and my baby boy was in the NICU for 42 days.
        I am a single mother for all intensive purposes (legally and whatnot.) I am so beyond grateful for my son and although I am happy for mom’s who have a great pregnancy and childbirth, sometimes I cringe inside because I feel like the agony I endured before and after robbed me of so much especially the beginning of my son’s life. I couldn’t wait to deliver to be able to finally enjoy my baby and it was like the pain continued to another level even more excruciating and fear filled. I have totally rambled but my point is, I appreciate other mama’s who admit and are honest about their experiences because I felt so isolated at first and less than and suffered severe PPD and because we had such a hard go and with all our life threatening complications and problems, I just wish we had that joy that so many have, at least after the birth. That sigh of relief and finally enjoyment.
        The doctors think that now since I did conceive that I will have a higher chance of conceiving subsequently but being single with a one year old and still feeling the fresh wounds, I don’t know if I am physically or mentally capable. If I could afford it and God willing met someone and fell in love, I would love another some day, carried by a surrogate. 😉

      • styla says:

        Pregnancy is the most miserable process on the planet. I’ve done it twice and the thought of it gives me the heebie jeebies. Anyone who liked it is an absolute liar and I wish I had their repression skills.

      • BannanaPancakes says:

        Well said! I’ve had two healthy pregnancies but hated actually being pregnancy so much!! Both ended in emergency C-Sections. I love my kids so much. But if I could skip the actual pregnancy and just be handed my child, I’d probably have more kids!

      • Skwinkee says:

        @styla I loved pregnancy. It’s the best I’ve ever felt In my whole life and I’m not repressing anything and I recognize I got lucky and had an easy time and that it might go sideways next time.

        Post partum I’m still traumatised about though. So everyone has their deal.

      • Nancito says:

        Oh @Ash – I feel so bad for you – this is such a heartbreaking story. I wish you peace, at some time in the future. Honestly, imagine how low the birthrate would be if every woman experienced your nightmarish pregnancy and delivery. And, really, the only time that I have ever heard talk about pregnancy glow, etc. – well, men were talking.

      • Ash says:

        @nancito Thank you so much for your sweet and kind sentiments. I never thought of it from that perspective but it is so true and the pregnancy glow, yea what’s that?!! You’re right, I have only heard that from men. I actually know of quite a few men that have said they find pregnant women to be at their most attractive. To me it just sounds weirdly creepy and fetishy.

    • Kk2 says:

      I appreciated this too!

    • Nikki says:

      Yup, me too!

  2. Mumbles says:

    Wait, no more videos of her throwing up?

  3. Caty says:

    Along with more career opportunities and falling wages and rising debt, I also wonder if social media has caused women to put off having children longer and all together (I myself have no plans to have children). Pregnancy seems like the most miserable experience in the world. Literally all of my friends who have been pregnant have talked about it being absolute hell. And of course, they love their children, but that’s not worth it to me.

    • Harryg says:

      I had a very easy pregnancy, but I found the toddler years just really really really exhausting and sort of infuriating. I’m not a kids’ park person and I hate play groups and stuff.
      Having a teenager is great.

      • BchyYogi says:

        Wow. Thanks for your honesty. I had one of those unicorn no stretch marks no weight gain nor morning sickness pregnancies. BUT… I AGREE parks were torture as were monotonous block games w other mom groups who were just “better” at all that. The tween years have been awesome w an athletic & hilarious kiddo. Sigh.

    • amanduh says:

      If it’s any consolation, I had two amazing pregnancies?? Sex life was unreal, titties were beautiful, no sickness…I pushed maybe 6 times and out they popped!! lol
      Enough with the horror stories! Amazing/awful/ awkward what people would tell you the second they find out you’re preggers, too…live and let live

      • Nikki says:

        Lucky you! I felt like an earth mother, giver of life, but could not push anyone out all the way and needed C-sections. My niece had a baby in 3 hours, easy peasy! Everyone’s different!

      • Ash says:

        @Amandu, that’s the thing….that was YOUR experience. Are those of us who didn’t have all butterflies and rainbows pregnancies not supposed to share because they weren’t alike yours?! That doesn’t negate our stories. I would just be thankful you had a better go than most of us here but to say “enough” of us sharing, I feel is rude.

      • amanduh says:

        Sorry @ Ash …i should have been more clear: on these threads, yes! Vent away. When I tell you I’m expecting, not the time to tell me my life as I know it is over, or how your vagina ripped to your bum. Let me be happy for a minute!
        Odd that people were so gleeful telling me about their horrible experiences when I just shared my news. I had one woman (sadly) tell me she lost a baby at roughly the same stage of pregnancy when she asked how far along I was. Strange.

      • amanduh says:

        @ Nikki…I had an epidural, so I got to sleep before then woke up when I had to start pushing…I felt nothing and the room was oddly silent. Like I didn’t make a noise, no one did. Surreal.
        C-sections are great too…however that baby needs to come into this world is the “right” way! We’re so fortunate we have access to such medical procedures!

      • Ash says:

        @amanduh oh no, I apologize. It is easy on these threads to take something out of context similar to texting in my opinion.
        I wholeheartedly agree with you 100% IRL. I would never dull the joy of someone’s baby news and I have even made it a point now that I’m a mother to def not share my horrible pregnancy and even worse birth story with another expecting mother. I know for me, I always wanted to be a mother and when you are told you probably never will be, it is gutting but even though I always knew above anything that I wanted to be a mother I was terrified of delivering a baby for as long as I can remember so I always made it a point to never reflect my fears or negative feelings towards someone else. That is so inappropriate and awful for someone to say to you when you shared your baby news and I am truly sorry you had to experience that. It is tasteless and utterly ill hearted to do that. It almost sounds like the people that made those comments were maybe spiteful of you or jealous? I always tell expecting mothers only positive remarks on motherhood like if it is a first time mom, one of my comments is telling her that it is the greatest love she will ever know and share in their happiness and excitement.
        I don’t recall many scary or nasty comments I received besides some ignorant people reminding me of the fact that I was going to be a single mother as if that made me incapable of carrying and delivering a child which I thought us women did that part without a man’s help besides the conception part anyways. The last thing I wanted to hear was someone’s negativity about how I was gonna raise a child alone as I was already feeling afraid and isolated as all get out and felt like questions regarding my situation were petrifing and uncomfortable especially with people I didn’t know well or strangers commentary that referenced my significant other and the help they would be and whatnot and oddly doll out advice about my nonexistant marriage/relationship that would totally put me into a funk for days on end occasionally.

    • Rose says:

      I have plenty of friends who started complaining about their kids the moment the pregnancy test turned positive and never stopped.

    • Meghan says:

      When I find out someone is pregnant I am excited for them and all appropriately “yay baby!” But when they ask me about my pregnancy, oh buddy you’re in for a story. But what I learned from my terrible pregnancy was how to advocate myself and how to basically force others to advocate for themself and what they want or need. Recently a newly pregnant friend of mine was having some spotting and talked to the nurse who explained how everything was fine, but my friend said to me “I feel like I still want to be examined. Is that bad?” Hell no! Get yourself an appointment and get checked out if that’s what you want.

  4. Chimney says:

    Amy looks so peaceful in that pic, hope she and her baby are doing well!

    • 2lazy4username says:

      She does! She’s all “Thank GOD I’m not nauseous anymore!”

  5. dawnchild says:

    He doesn’t share a birthday with Baby Sussex, but because of local time NYC/GMT difference…born within a couple of hours of each other! Congrats to the new family!

  6. HeyThere! says:

    As someone who had one amazingly easy pregnancy followed closely by the pregnancy of my HG nightmares, I appreciate her. I can honestly say my last pregnancy was the most intense experience of my life. Thankful for my beautiful, healthy daughter but after that experience we are finished with two kids.

  7. Phat girl says:

    I had a baby once. I still to this day have no idea why any woman would want to do that twice! Yes, you do remember the pain long after the birth. (My baby is 23 now-I will never forget).

    • Justwastingtime says:

      As you can learn from these posts every pregnancy and every birth story is different.. my first child was 4 weeks early due to a violent stomach bug, and was born after 24 hours of labor..by the end I was puking green bile , my second child was adopted but the paperwork was a different labor. You end up loving them no matter how they arrive.

  8. Faithmobile says:

    I had pretty great pregnancies but my first was 60 hours labor and my second was 36. I couldn’t even walk after my second until I saw a chiropractor. I still get envious when women describe quick births. At the same time, I’m grateful for two very healthy kids who are way cooler than I could have imagined.

  9. Kaylove says:

    GreenQueen – do you have Twitter?! I’d love to quote you and credit you. That statement resonates with me deeply!

  10. JanetFerber says:

    I like that Amy refers to her “royal” son. Her humor never abandons her! I really like her.

  11. Valerie says:

    I still can’t believe that someone published EL James in earnest.

    • Ange says:

      Her latest book The Mister is a blatant ripoff of Poldark. I wonder who she’ll plagiarise for the next one.

  12. Snowflake says:

    Congratulations Amy!

  13. Eliza says:

    I LOVED being pregnant and then… i gave birth and had a year of hellish post partum anxiety and OCD. Absolute hell. BUT just as the bliss of being pregnant ended, the hell scape of post partum also ended and now life is normal-ish. Everything is different for everybody but pregnancy and the first year are times of extremes and extreme vulnerability so our language gets extreme when talking about it.

  14. Doodle says:

    My pregnancies were pretty textbook – a few weird things but nothing worth mentioning. My deliveries always seem to be something out of a movie though. With my first, just as I started getting into position to push my parents called my husband on the phone to say they had set off our house alarm ( at 3 am). That got sorted out and I started pushing. They called back to get directions to the hospital. At one point my husband was talking to them saying go to this door of the hospital, then the DOCTOR looked up from between my legs and said no, it’s after hours they can’t get in there and proceeded to have a conversation. And I’m like HELLO THINGS ARE HAPPENING WITH MY HOO HA CAN I GET SOME ATTENTION PLEASE. it only took twenty minutes of pushing for my daughter to be born but most of that was spent with various people on the phone with my friggin parents. My daughter is almost 11 and I still bug them about that!

    With my son the hospital staff didn’t believe I was actually in labor and kept sending my home. When they finally admitted me, I told my husband to go to the car to get our bags and as soon as he left the room I had the urge to push. I had to ask the nurse to check me and I had gone from 8 to 10 and the two nurses started freaking out. I guess my son was crowning – they started running around and left the room. At one point I thought I’d deliver him by myself. When my husband finally came back I had an entire team at my feet and was pushing – he almost missed it.

  15. Caty says:

    Remember when Jessica Chastain agreed to produce a movie that was written and directed by a man who assaulted and abused multiple women? And she didn’t even do a cursory Google search on it? And then when she was called out on it, it still took weeks for the guy to get kicked off directing the movie, even though he still got a writing credit?