Gina Rodriguez married Joe LoCicero over the weekend


Gina Rodriguez married her partner of three years, Joe LoCiero, over the weekend in what looks like a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Gina met Joe when he played a stripper on her show Jane the Virgin and they started dating soon after that. And that’s sweet… but I also want to believe that at least one bridesmaid suggested they hire Joe for the bachelorette party. In August last year, Gina and Joe both posted some photos that suggested they’d gotten engaged during a beach getaway. They never really hyped the engagement or even the relationship much. They showed up to red carpets and such but they rarely used their relationship for publicity, which is nice, but also why this over-the-top wedding video threw me for a loop:

Her caption reads:

“With that one kiss we got 100 new family members” my 9 year old niece, Mia ❤️Thank you to my mother in law for the wedding of my dreams. And the village that helped her! Special thank you to our soul brother @justinbaldoni and to my new brother Michael @mikelosaurusrex for singing me down the aisle. Mike, you have the voice of an angel. Love to our Videographers: @harrisonfilms To the greatest wedding planner, Laura @coutureconceptsny The genius behind the gorgeous flowers, Akvile @florasavenue And to our friend and brilliant Photographer: @sylvain_vincent May 4th, 2019 was absolute MAGIC. To my husband Joseph, I am yours forever. ❤️

You all know I love me some wedding photos and details so I should be thrilled. But this was so intimate (and directed): Joe’s cry-face, the ‘private’ kisses, the longing looks – even the mother son dance seemed like I was peeping (although, admittedly, I would have liked to see Gina and her father’s dance in its entirety). I know they like to indulge in a little PDA on the red carpet but I wouldn’t have guessed they’d post this as a wedding announcement. It looks like everyone had a blast but I’ll be honest, many of these ‘moments’ also look like they took place after someone yelled “action.”

As for details, it appears Gina wore two dresses. The satin Pronovias gown she wore for the ceremony was beautiful. Her flowing hairstyle and cascading bouquet complement the look so well. The lush setting, the floral arch – everything was lovely. Except Joe’s hair, not a fan. For the reception it looks like Gina changed into a sheer bustier with pearl embellishments and a chiffon skirt. I’ll just say, I really loved the Pronovias gown. Gina wore Lajoux diamond eternity earrings that were customized with the initials J and G. Justin Baldoni officiating at the wedding was a sweet inclusion – and not just because he is so flipping hawt. It’s nice that she is so close to her costar and what a way to honor their bond.

But the real standout, of course, is her choice of wedding dates. Gina and Joe got married on May 4, 2019. So every anniversary, for the rest of their days, they get to clink glasses and say, “May the Fourth be with you, baby.” Well played, Gina. Well played.




Photo credit: Instagram and WENN Photos

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  1. Snowflake says:

    She looks really happy with him

  2. Erinn says:

    I saw this on instagram. They’re a gorgeous couple – and they both look equally over the moon.

    I love that Baldoni officiated. He’s such a great guy – and a great person to follow on ig.

    I’m also in love with that red gown in the photos here… such a gorgeous ruby kind of shade. She was also a lovely bride – I hope their day was everything they wanted – though I am a bit jealous over the May 4th anniversary haha.

  3. Eliza says:

    I love her. They seem like a great couple and I wish them the best.

    I’m a grinch and hate over produced wedding summary videos. The music, the slow camera panning, I know I’m a grinch.

  4. elimaeby says:

    I really like her and they seem so happy together. Good for them.

  5. EMc says:

    The beginning few shots were overdone perhaps, but mostly I thought it was sweet and he seems to adore her. They both seem very happy, and it looks like a very lovely day.

  6. Tanesha86 says:

    Gina generally irritates me but she looks beautiful here.

  7. Kate says:

    One of my friends who is not a “Look at ME” type person had a professional wedding video snippet like that they shared with everyone, replete with drone footage and slow mo shots. It looked like a perfume commercial or movie trailer. It may or may not have made me cry. I think that’s a new trend whether you are a celebrity or not.

  8. Case says:

    Loved the video — it’s super sweet! I did find it a little strange that she didn’t say anything about her parents in her post, though? Perhaps because her in-laws paid for the wedding she didn’t want to be misleading, but I found that a bit odd.