Paris Hilton’s new single is called ‘Best Friend’s Ass,’ she got Kim K in the video


Paris Hilton’s new song is about Kim Kardashian’s ass. I get that Kim has worked very hard for her famous backside but how many tributes do we need to pay to it? Okay, so maybe the song wasn’t originally about Kim’s posterior but Paris reached out to her for the video. To promote this new single by Dimtri Vegas and Like Mike, Paris was interviewed via satellite by Access Hollywood it’s is a riot. Between Scott Evans and Kit Hoover’s overly enthusiastic adulation, Paris’ inability to answer the questions directly and her bizarre efforts to sit angled so only her best side is captured, it’s worth watching:

Some of the highlights:

Was there ever a time when this was not about Kim K’s butt?
I just wanted to make a really fun song, just about girls, having fun. It really is, like, a commentary about social media and just kind of making fun of the whole scene but also about girls and I needed someone who, obviously, would represent this song in the best way possible and Kim was the perfect person.

What’s it like when the two of you are together? You just must be mobbed
We have so much fun together. We’ve known each other since we were little girls so it’s always fun to reminisce and talk about all the fun times we’ve had together

Do you guys ever talk about how different life is for you two now?
We’re both just really proud of each other, We’ve both created our own empires and it’s just really exciting. I’m so proud of her. And it’s amazing and I can’t wait. This video and this song is just so hot.

Have you and Kim talked about her pursuing a career or at least work as an attorney?
We didn’t get into that but I did just read about that. I think she would be a brilliant lawyer

My gawd – Paris looks like her left shoulder was super-glued to the window behind her. I love that she gives so many non-answers that Scott and Kit just start asking about other people. Even then she gives an answer to another question: “What about Nicky, how was your sister’s Mother’s Day?”

“I’m going to see the girls later.” Paris has been doing this far too long to give interviews like this. I would understand if she was hiding something, but these questions could not be any softer. It sounds like she doesn’t understand them. Something nice: it’s really lovely to hear how well Paris speaks of Kim. We know something went down between those two. Whatever it was, they worked it out and are back in each other’s orbits. I genuinely mean it, I enjoy hearing Paris say so many nice things about Kim.

However, the fact that they are celebrating their rekindled friendship by exploiting it to further promote their own interests is absolutely on brand for both of them. As for the song itself, well – here’s a sample:




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  1. Lucy2 says:

    It is not 2003. She is not talented. She is almost 40 years old. This is just sad.

    • TurkeyLurkey says:

      Which one are you referring to Paris or Kim? Or both?

      • Lucy2 says:

        Paris. Kim has unfortunately managed to stay relevant to pop culture, though I look forward to the day when that’s no longer true.

      • me says:

        @ Lucy2

        I think Kim only stayed relevant because of her younger sisters and Kanye. Had Kim just been alone like Paris (I know she has a sister but she stays away from the limelight it appears), we would have long forgotten her.

    • Rhys says:

      And so what? Her age (“OMG, 40!” and? ) means she is supposed to be a different person? This song title sounds classic Paris – show off who enjoys being in the spotlight and is quite successful at it. She hasn’t changed and is just being herself. Not everyone wants or does become something else when they grow up. She is not as popular anymore as Kim. Neither is she versatile and her time has passed, but even though she doesn’t realize it, she is just being herself.

      • Ang says:

        Based on someone who knows Paris, this is all an act and she is actually very intelligent. Her whole entire public persona is made up for profit. I was shocked as well.

      • Kitten says:

        Didn’t realize Paris still has fans. Interesting…

      • me says:

        @ Ang

        I’ve heard Paris’s “baby voice” is also very fake and it is all just an “act”. Kim even tried to copy the “baby voice” act when KUWTK first aired. If you don’t believe me just go back and watch the first few episodes and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Wellsie says:

        “Very intelligent”? With some concrete evidence you might be able to convince me she is capable of average intelligence, but don’t even try to say more than that.

      • jen says:

        If this is indeed all an act, I still wouldn’t call acting like a baby and speaking in a baby voice “intelligent”. More like pathetic.

      • Ang says:

        @kitten I am not a fan at all. But I was talking to someone last night about her (they brought it up) and this is what I was told. This person is reliable and really does know her. I was seriously shocked and I don’t respect her public persona at all. In their words “laughing all the way to the bank” is how they put it of her “act”.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        If true, I don’t know if I’d paint her strategy as intelligent. The product had a very short shelf life. Rich people staying rich is a very common story and not groundbreaking or a sign of financial wisdom.

      • Bella Bella says:

        I just want to know why she is constantly posing with her back arched, as if she were tilting back. always always always It looks so darn uncomfortable.

      • Ladystarkofwinterfell says:

        I think what she was implying is acting more of her age. This is weird and people do need to grow up in a mental sense. Paris is still bullying, miserable, and quite frankly, boring. I liked her but after she started doing the whole meangirling thing, is just so lame. Why is bullying at 40 years old suppose to be funny or cute? So pathetic Paris.

    • manda says:

      Agreed. This seems, for Paris, pathetic. For Kim, it’s whatever. But this seems like a lot of thirst from Paris. I thought she was content DJing in Europe?

      • Meg says:

        People give Paris the benefit of the doubt that her behavior is all an act but to this day cast members on SNL from when she hosted still complain about how rude she was, going the entire week without asking anyone a single personal question, locking herself in her dressing room. She hosted 15 years ago that’s how much her bad behavior stands out. At least Kim is described as nice even by people who poke fun at her and Kanye like Seth Rogan.

    • Wilady says:

      If you think about it, it’s relevant to her job though. She’s a dj isn’t she? It’s like being a barista and creating a signature drink.

      It’s not what people in my circle are doing so it looks crazy, but that’s what she’s around every night working so, makes sense.

    • Ladystarkofwinterfell says:

      Nailed it. I think it’s super weird when someone is 40 dressing like they are going to go see a Yo Gabba Gabba Show. This isn’t ageism because I would think it’s weird for 16 year old to dress like that. She reeks of being oh so desperate. Has it really come to this Paris? It was very distasteful for her to speak so negative about Lindsay, what type of human does that to people? Paris you are the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Lindsey is not a saint; and neither are you perfect.

  2. Seraphina says:

    Good Lord, is there no common sense in that head of hers? Rekindled a friendship, that’s funny. Paris is proud of Kim and what she’s become. Wow.

  3. Elkie says:

    “I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross … It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

    How the times (and level of desperation for relevancy) have changed since 2008, eh Paris?

    Obviously I had to google the quote, but I appreciate how tragic my life is that I even remembered it existed…

    • Amanduh says:

      Hahaha Elkie! Pick me up in your loser cruiser…I remember this quote too. Really mean and petty…but great for gossip!

    • BchyYogi says:

      @Elkie, yep, In MY day, Paris mightily body shamed Kim, specifically her “ass”, calling it a bag of cellulite in a garbage bag- there’s a video somewhere of Paris laughing and saying this w group of party lameSters. It’s like releasing a “best of” album, but changing the songs for a new generation who don’t realize the lyrics are revised. F Paris & her BS act.

  4. Enn says:

    Wait, what year is this? Did I fall asleep in 2019 and wake up in 2005?

  5. Adrien says:

    Sounds like a song Bhad Bhabbie, the Cashmeousside girl, rejected.
    She looks very Auntie-ish now. She looks like a Real Housewife on the lead photo. She is still doing that pets-as-accessories thing she popularised in the mid 00s.

  6. Mego says:

    This song is ass.

    • Seraphina says:

      Pun intended. But Paris may think that mean it’s great since she’s dedicated an entire “song” to a butt. Wait??? Is the butt Kim or her butt? What if Paris…. no she’s not clever enough to do that. Never mind.

    • ds says:

      hahahahahaha love it 🙂

  7. CES says:

    Just because you have the money and ability to make songs doesn’t mean you should.

    • Catarina says:

      Paris has, as far as I can see, very few if any redeeming qualities as a human being. She is selfish, vain, vapid, completely lacking in humility, dishonest, superficial, mean spirited, and perpetually juvenile. She made her song about Kim’s ass simply b/c she thinks that it’s a popular topic that will garner her some listeners in North America, b/c, as far as I know, she has virtually NO fans left here. She wore out her welcome (well, I never welcomed her!) with us over 15 years ago, and no, Paris, you can’t hide your wonky eye in that absurd position you insist in sitting in any more than a Cyclops can hide his. What a waste of space she continues to be, kissing Kim’s butt (literally) in order to wring another 15 minutes of fame out of her, much like trying to wring water out of stone.

      • me says:

        Well in the early days Kim used Paris for fame…now Paris is simply doing the same back lol.

    • Meg says:

      You nailed it right there

  8. launicaangelina says:

    I’m going to get all kinds of hate but I kinda like it based on the preview clip above. I have diverse tastes in music – like really diverse. Sometimes, I just want some candy! A bop that just sounds like mindless fun. I also liked “ Stars are Blind” from the mid-aughts.

    *ducks and runs*

    • Naddie says:

      I’m ashamed for remmembering the lyrics. “Even though the guys are crazy, even though the stars are blind…” or something like that. Nothing sticks in the brain like bad “music”.

  9. ariel says:

    Paris Hilton, a trump voter with severe arrested development.
    Hard pass.
    In 2006(ish) she “sang” a song called Screwed, as well as the above mentioned Stars are Blind, and they were both enjoyable pop songs.

    • launicaangelina says:

      Yikes! I didn’t realize she was on the trump train. The more you know! Thankfully, I’ve never purchased anything, including songs, by Paris Hilton. She’s always been problematic af, so I’ve steered away from her. My comments were strictly focused on the music, not the musician.

      • Ladystarkofwinterfell says:

        Hey All! Just letting you know the whole kardashian clan are trump supporters. Before Obama, Kim was raving about how much of a republican she is. This is why I say celebrities just do things to as a trend. Prior to Obama they never supported the Democratic Party. They are really trying to “people please” however, the Koven tries to switch sides the way they do is annoying. Kim is a declared republican and I don’t even think she knows the difference.

  10. Mrs. Peel says:

    How is having fat sucked out of your stomach and pumped into your ass ‘hard work’? Also, why is Paris styled like a 14 year old?

    • BchyYogi says:

      “Kim has worked -hard- on her ass”. Uh? What a revisionist statement, gas lighting & brain squeezing. “Hard” for Kim K is the best, easiest and most sun-shiney moment for us peasants. “Hard”. Hard to get off the million dollar couch and put on work out and or surgery clothes, and HARD to DEAL with surgeons, trainers and the glam squad? Sooooo. Haaaaaardddd.

  11. elimaeby says:

    That dog’s face in the header photo is priceless. My reaction to both of their outfits exactly.

  12. Texas says:

    These people contribute nothing to the world but vapid nonsense.

  13. Mumbles says:

    If any of you have seen the Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, this is the kind of song you could imagine them listening to…five hundred years from now. Good grief.

    As for her age, I remember Little Missy going on The View in the mid-2000s and saying she was going to get married right away (at the time she was dating Stavros Niarchos) because 30 was too old to get married. So ha ha ha.

    I also remember her and Nicole snickering about Kim organizing her closets.

    • K-Peace says:

      Yes i remember her making all kinds of “age-ist” comments. I remember reading about how when she was dating Paris Latsis back when she was about 25, they (Paris & Paris) met up with his ex-girlfriend, who was 34, in a nightclub. And Paris was making fun of her and said “Go home ‘Grandma’, you’re way too old to be out clubbing!”. And now here Paris is herself almost 40 still living the same old vapid, tired, materialistic existence of nightclubbing, wearing hideous fashion, and releasing horrible music videos that look & sound straight outta 2003. What a joke she is. And don’t forget she’s a Trump-supporting, pet-neglecting, racist homophobe!

      • Ladystarkofwinterfell says:

        Wow thank you for reminding me of this! There was a reason why I remember I stopped liking her. She is just purely toxic, the whole bullying thing and being away from the limelight should have taught her to be better to people. She thinks with the 15 seconds of fame she’s getting back she can go back to being old Paris. People get tired and are going to drown her out.

  14. me says:

    What does Paris have on Kim? Paris has bashed Kim in the media before and Kim never responded (yet Kim will respond when it’s other celebs bashing her). Was this video even “Kanye approved” lol? I mean Kim could have gotten out of it by saying “I have to study for the Bar” lol. I just don’t get it. Also, sorry…Kim did not “work hard” for her butt. She got injections and sculpting most likely. How many women actually want Kim’s ass though? Not a lot.

    • Melody says:

      Paris herself once said she would never want Kim’s ass because it was like a trash bag filled with cottage cheese lol oh how the times have changed

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m kinda speechless.

  16. Phonycat says:

    What 40 year old in their right mind thinks that they can rock pig tails? She looks pathetic. Also, she tried launching a music career years ago. It didnt work then, and that is a young persons business. Music producers want young, sexy performers. Not Paris Hilton. I am not saying thats right, but thats the reality.

  17. jen says:

    dear gawd, please make her stop.

  18. stephanie says:

    This look is very immature for her age. Isn’t paris like 40? dressing like a 14 year old still..not cute or clever

  19. Melody says:

    Didn’t she once refer to Kim’s ass as a “garbage bag full of cottage cheese”??

  20. DiegoInSF says:

    I saw a clip of her in Andy Cohen’s show and when he asked about Kim she could barely contain her dislike but what came out of her mouth was praise. It must sting her to hell that she has to beg Kim to be in her video to be even somewhat relevant.

    Don’t even at me saying she’s a DJ in the Middle East or whatever, that’s laughable!

  21. kerwood says:

    Both of their careers are built on adult films so it’s no surprise that they still maintain some kind of relationship. Birds of a feather and all that.

  22. paranormalgirl says:

    Wait, the song is called “My Best Friend’s An Ass”?

    Never mind, I read it wrong, but it seemed so right.

  23. Shannon says:

    lol Paris built an empire? When did that happen? She was just a trashy, racist, elitist, body-shaming flash in a gross oil-filled pan and now she’s trying to tailgate (pun intended) on Kim’s empire. I don’t care for the Kardashians, but let’s face it, they’re the ones with an empire.

  24. Julian1136 says:

    What in the WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE hell is she thinking wearing pig tails? It’s creepy AF!!!

    • Ladystarkofwinterfell says:

      Lmao! I thought the same thing. She’s really stuck in a time capsule. Ignorant, racist, bully and just pure ugly inside and out.