Sterling K. Brown loved his HS reunion: ‘You just want to see how everybody is doing’

Sterling K Brown was on Ellen this week and he was just delightful. I soured on him a little when he had a muted but supportive response to Olivia Munn speaking out against the convicted sex offender hired to work on The Predator. Then Olivia Munn showed her whole ass and all the negative stories about her started adding up. Sterling probably did more than he needed to do for her. On Ellen he talked about attending his 25th high school reunion and I could relate so much! I loved mine and for the exact reasons he explained. (We didn’t have a 25th reunion but our 30th is coming up in a couple of years. I feel old!)

You just went to your [25th] high school reunion [in St. Louis, MO]
When you’re 18 you can be kind of cliquish and standoffish but there’s only 120 people in my high school class. So you get older, you live life again and you just want to see how everybody is doing, how their kids are, how marriage is, how life is. It was wonderful.

I had a small high school class too, in our case less than 100, and my 20th reunion was wonderful too. It just felt so nice and intimate. Plus I got to hear some good gossip about the people I disliked. (I like gossip you know me.) Overall it was a blast, I’m looking forward to the next one. I think my parents instilled in me that reunions are awesome and worthwhile. They still go to college and high school reunions and keep up with their old friends.

On Ellen they showed Sterling’s prom picture and he was a big guy because he played football. He said “I loved the game, but everything that we’ve learned about it, I think there’s other ways to enjoy ourselves.” He went to Stanford and decided to go into acting instead because “I get the same thrill on stage.” We’re all the better for it.

He also got a little humbled at being named People Magazine’s sexiest TV dad. Then he asked “are dads sexy?” Oh yes they are. They showed his sons, Andrew, 7, and Amarri, 3, and he gushed about them. Sterling is in the Angry Birds 2 movie, which I just learned is coming out, and of course This is Us. I don’t watch This is Us yet but maybe I will over the summer when I have more time.

Here’s that interview. It’s fun to watch.

Ooh and if you didn’t see Hotel Artemis rent it! It’s criminally underrated.



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  1. Bella Bella says:

    There were 660 kids in my high school class. Contemplating the reunions was way too much to me, although I almost went last year to my 40th (!!!).

    • Megan says:

      There were 1,100 in my class. I don’t see any point in going to a reunion where I don’t know the vast majority of my classmates.

  2. Kate says:

    My class has yet to get it together for any reunions past our 5th, but I went to a couple of my husband’s reunions. The 5th year felt like everyone reverted back to high school behavior with gossip and “trying to be cool” and getting drunk and obnoxious. 10th was a little better because a lot of people had kids by then and were acting a little more grownup and chill and actually were interested in just catching up.

  3. IMUCU says:

    My high school class was about 1000 students…I wish I could feel like Sterling but I still haven’t reached the feeling that a high school reunion would be fun bc of the history of clique-ishness, bullyinging, etc. But then again I never felt like I could relate to any of the classmates I knew bc I lived in an abusive home where my biggest concern was my well-being, not if my mom and dad would let me stay out a couple of hours later. No one really knew that about me bc I was an excellent student and involved in student activities, but I got judged a lot when I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) participate in the typical things that they would do. And while I’m sure many of them have matured since then and it could be nice to reconnect in person with a few, I’m connected with many of them on FB already. I’m also 3000 miles away now. Meh, maybe when I get to my 25th reunion time I’ll feel differently.

  4. me says:

    Yeah I’m sure if you became rich and/or famous you’d want to go to your Highschool reunion lol. For most it just seems anxiety ridden…plus with social media we all already kind of know how people’s lives have turned out (mind you social media is also very fake…so who knows).

  5. Amaryis says:

    I’ve missed both my 5 year & 10 year class reunions because they only post it on Facebook, they don’t send invitations out.
    I don’t use Facebook.
    When I did find out about them a few weeks beforehand I already had vacations & other events planned that I couldn’t reschedule.
    I’m not very close with any high school classmates, my real core friendships are from college.

  6. JAC says:

    Reunions are nice if you are successful.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I had +/-250 in mine, and most of us are on facebook, so we all kind of know what everyone is up to already. I’ve skipped all the reunions so far, and it seems like the people who go are the ones who still live in town and hang out all the time still anyway.
    But if I were a famous actor? Of course I’d go!

  8. Mash says:

    its crazy that cancel culture on this site was ready to discard him and laud Olivia (typical of what happens to blk men vs white women) then the white-appearing woman shows her self to be the non-cunning jerk we all knew she was…..

    i advise less rushing to judgement until we understand whats going on—celebs are deeply flawed and still allowed opinion and def are not perfect….(this goes for both of them)

  9. hogtowngooner says:

    I completely get the appeal of a HS reunion but I have zero interest in going to mine lol.