Why is it such a big deal that Gayle King visited the Sussexes two weekends ago?

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I have believed for some time now that part of the reason why the British media throws so many hissy fits about the Duchess of Sussex’s “international” popularity is because they want to be able to bully her and malign her without anyone else noticing. They absolutely hate the fact that Meghan gets positive coverage in Canada, in America, in other countries, and that they can’t create a narrative of “minor royal Meghan is an ‘uppity’ diva who will never be as good as Queen Kate.” They hate the fact that Meghan has other media/PR options beyond them, that Harry can work with Oprah and Apple, that Meghan can get her side out to People Magazine.

That’s why there were so many British journalists and royal commentators looking down their noses at the fact that the Sussexes authorized CBS’s cameramen to be part of the limited media scrum for the reveal of Baby Archie. They made it sound like Gayle King got an exclusive interview with Baby Archie or something. Gayle King did not. Gayle was in New York for the baby reveal. But Gayle was… around? She visited the Sussexes just days before Meghan gave birth? And Gayle is doing a CBS special on the Sussexes too.

Gayle King scooped all broadcasters by meeting with new parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry — but it won’t be on camera. King, who we revealed just signed a new deal with CBS News worth at least $11 million a year, has been touting a special, “Meghan and Harry Plus One,” marking the one-year anniversary of the royal marriage and the May 6 birth of their first child. King filmed the special just two days before Meghan gave birth to son Archie, we hear.

After CBS was the only non-British network allowed in to capture the unveiling of the royal baby last week, King — who was a guest at Meghan’s starry baby shower in New York in February — went to visit the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at their new home, Frogmore Cottage by Windsor Castle.

However, the meeting was not caught on camera, and sources confirm it was a private event. We’re told that King’s special is planned to air Friday to tie in with the Sussexes’ first anniversary on Sunday. A source said that the couple has not given interviews or participated in any official capacity for the special. Reps did not comment.

[From Page Six]

So, let me get this straight… a few days before Meghan gave birth, her friend Gayle King stopped by Frogmore Cottage for a private visit. There were no cameras, no exclusive interviews, nothing like that. And Gayle, in her capacity as CBS’s new $11 million anchor, is ALSO producing a special program on the enormously popular (here in America) American duchess. I… don’t understand why this is even a thing to complain about? What’s the beef? Is the beef that Meghan is friends with a powerful African-American news anchor? Princess Diana had private friendships in the media as well, and she worked those friendships for more favorable coverage too. It’s all part of good media management. I still don’t get why this is a thing that people are upset about.

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  1. Whatabout says:

    I think it has more to do with the fact that the royal family give off this “hate the press” vibe for so long. So I am surprised that anyone in the whole family has a close relationship with any member of the media.

  2. Gaby says:

    Racists are upset because they are racists. No other reason. But I think that it isn’t just racism.

    Of the British media, yes, but the palace is filled with jelousy. Neither Charles nor William like to share the spotlight, and now, Meghan and Harry are an international force to be reckon with. It’s not just in Britain or the Commonwealth. It’s America, Africa, Europe and Asia too.

    There was never this much attention to the day to day lives and engagements of royals. People can pretend it’s gauche to have celebrity friends but it’s given them other fans that most royals don’t have. Harry’s Invictus has worldwide visibility to a great cause. It’s only a matter of days before their Instagram account becomes the most followed royal account too. Their popularity is too big and even though they will never be king and queen, the rest of the world doens’t care and it’s pissing the palace off.

    • Pineapple says:

      @GABY GENIUS!!!!!!!!! I totally agree. These aren’t the best team players. XO

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree. Racism is obviously at the forefront here; like others have said, some people cant stand a powerful black woman being friends with another powerful black woman.

      But I do think after that, there is jealousy that Meghan is as good at this as she is. She’s good at the philanthropy part of it, and she’s good at the PR/social media part of it. I don’t think people expected that and they don’t know how to cope with it. They want to control her and they cant.

      • Lorelei says:

        I agree that racism is absolutely the reason for a lot of this. I wonder what the treatment would have been like if Harry had married someone exactly like Meghan, but not biracial. But a Divorced American Actress (and those three words seem to be enough to make many people feel she’s not good enough to be royal), with a trashy family selling her out to the tabloids, and media contacts/social media experience…everything the people who dislike her claim to be the reasons. Plus the nonsensical jealousy that some women seem to have, as if Harry might have picked them if he didn’t meet Meghan (🙄).

        Obviously it doesn’t matter because Meghan is who she is, but I doubt she would have received this much vitriol if she wasn’t a WOC. Starting with the “Straight Outta Compton!” headline published right after the relationship was made public. I just don’t see how anyone can deny that racism is an enormous factor here. The way they’ve treated her is appalling.

      • Megan says:

        The courtiers and RR think they are entitled to dictate how royals live their lives. They are so pissed off that Harry didn’t marry a perfect little English rose and that Harry and Meghan have decided to live their life on their terms. They know they have lost control of the narrative so they are going to do everything to tear them down. Plus they are racist AF.

    • effy says:

      “There was never this much attention to the day to day lives and engagements of royals.”
      *Princess Diana says hi*
      I know you guys are big fans of Meghan (i like her but i don’t idolise her like some people here) but seriously …

      • Lorelei says:

        Can you imagine what the Diana years would have been like with the 24-hour-news cycle and social media? Twitter and cameraphones etc? I need a drink just thinking about it.

      • Gaby says:

        I’m not idolising Meghan or Harry. It’s a fact that they are more popular around the world and people pay more attention to them. Perhaps I should have said that “since Diana”, this hasn’t happen.

        I agree, poor Diana would have be hounded 24/7, even worse than before, but with Diana there was affairs, divorce, conspiracy surrounding the actual future queen and king of England. Everything was magnified. Tabloids were pretty much gospel to people. It was negative in a very different way. The British press is trying to break Meghan solely for her race.

      • Mariposa says:

        Not just Diana – it was Diana and Fergie. Poor Fergie, she could do no right. She was absolutely hounded by the tabloids. There is an racial element in what is happening now, but it is all very similar to what happened 30 years ago, so regardless of where Meghan was from, she’d still be getting pretty much the same treatment.

      • Ash says:

        I’m sorry too, but yes! Effy! I agree! Not everyone that doesn’t like Markle is a racist. I feel like some people will say she can do nothing right (therefore they’re racists). However on this site she can do nothing wrong! Like ever! 😩 I think it’s ok to dislike her and at the same time not be racist?! Is it possible?!

      • Ader says:

        @Mariposa: Minimizing “the racial element” as you have here (perhaps unwittingly), ultimately, is a way to keep racism alive and well. What Fergie went through and what Meghan is going through are not comparable. And if you think they are, then you’re minimizing what Meghan is dealing with in your head.

        I find that a lot of women who’ve never experienced racism do this. Without a personal benchmark, they hew the experience to one of their own, and in doing so lessen the social and psychological impact of racial implicit bias.

      • Ader says:

        Ash. The things the press are saying are CLASSIC implicit bias standards. The “golden oldies” if you will. Since many women on this site are Black women, we know it when we see it.

        People can not like Meghan without being racist, but the main issue with the RR and many watchers seems to be racism.

        Why does it make you so mad? If you’re still at a point where you get defensive when people talk about implicit bias racism, maybe that means you still have some learning to do on that front? Because it’s 2019, and people who are still all, “Not everything is racist!” almost certainly still have a lot to learn about racism.

    • Nikki says:

      Gaby, you nailed it all. Racism and jealousy.

      • effy says:

        The world is way bigger than UK, Canada and US. And Meghan and Harry are as popular as the other members of the british royal family, which is not much actually, specially outside the internet.

      • Salvation says:

        @Effy, but isn’t the internet the only measurable way to poll popularity? I mean else where other than the UK, US and Canada, their popularity is huge but has only been spread and polled via internet non? Ur argument is like let’s argue for just arguments sake, LOL

    • Charleville says:


  3. DS9 says:

    #allblackeverything makes people big mad

    Too bad, so sad

    • Yup, Me says:

      Right? They can stay mad, too.

    • incognito08 says:

      Exactly DS9! Meghan’s detractors have no other option but to DEAL WITH IT. Now, they can run off, put on their capes and be #SuperBigMad! Haha!

  4. Amaryis says:

    It’s my understanding that Meghan knew Gayle before marrying Harry…..
    Is she not allowed to have friends anymore?
    When she became a duchess was she supposed to leave her former friends behind & only socialize with British aristocrat types from now on?

    • waitwho says:

      wait… they were friend before she got with harry ?

    • Surly Gale says:

      According to piers morgan (whose name I refuse to capitalize any more because he’s such a rudeling) the YES @Amaryis, she should shun Gayle and be friends with HIIIIIIMMMMMM. Such a toad.

      • Britt says:

        Piers Morgan is literally obsessed with her and he knows exactly why she can’t be friends with him and he knows why Harry doesn’t like him. He wants her attention badly and has a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get it. He and The Markle family are exactly alike. Thomas should adopt him. He’s just mad because he doesn’t have an in with the RF anymore, like he did with Diana.

      • lanne says:

        Yeah, Thomas should adopt piers. He’s the father piers deserves, and piers is the child thomas deserves!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Never new that Piers Morgan and Diana were buds.

    • starfish says:

      No Megan didn’t know Gayle before Harry. The first time she met her was 3 months ago at the baby shower in February. Gayle said so the next morning on her TV show, it’s on youtube. So the ‘friend’ just popping in for a casual chat before Archie’s birth looks a bit more suspect. It looks like she’s courting the US media and her US audience. Which is odd and somewhat ungrateful to be honest considering it’s the British that are paying for her and now her son too.

      • MA says:

        This makes no sense. The British media have been there every step of the way. There was a British pool reporter, camera, photographer. There was one US camera. There is no information that was exclusive to the Americans. And the British aren’t paying for HER son but THEIR son. How is this being “ungrateful”?

      • Yoyo says:

        Funny how black/mixed race people are always ungrateful.
        Meghan should be a be Martyr and go out of her way to facilitate the British media.

      • Jumpingthesnark says:

        What? Megan isnt allowed to make new friends ever now that she is a British royal ? Any new friends mean she is “ungrateful” ? That is ridiculous. People start new friendships all the time, it is a part of life.

      • Vanessa says:

        oh please spare with Meghan is ungrateful crap the British media has tormented her she still does her job and works for the crown . The British people don’t own Meghan or her son it’s sick the way some of people think that they owned Meghan and archie just because they payed taxes . Meghan and Harry did the presentation of their son to world what more do you people want for her if she not seen she playing games with press if she is out and about oh my god she attention whore . William and Kate protected their kids at all cost to the point where the media can’t publish a single picture of their children without permission but everyone is fine with it their no outrage over the fact that William and Kate completely totally privacy when it comes to their kids . Do you Britain think you own the other royal family or is it just the biracial woman and her son should all the other royals show and proved their gratitude and gratefulness .

      • Gingerbee says:

        WTH. Are you serious with that stripe.
        This is in response to the poster who stated the Meghan is ungrateful.

      • Kris says:

        Gayle is actually doing a documentary on the Sussex’s and the baby. It makes sense she’d visit around the time of the birth.

        Who cares if they were friends before. She won’t win with the British press, so why not use media to your advantage to combat it? You can’t win when people are trying to make you a terrorist for eating avocado toast!

      • Gwen says:

        Quote by starfish “Which is odd and somewhat since the taxpayers support them”. THAT’S THE BIG MUSCONCEPTION Taxpayers DO NOT support both Dukes. It is Charles who supports his sons and wives, from long bing expenses, staff salaries, clothing, etc, because he’s the direct heir and his children are, and they are working royals. Taxpayers pay 69 pence per year to the Sovereign Trust and part of that money is given to the Queen for HER expenses such as staff and workers, tours, also for representation of the Commonwealth on tours, state dinners, official visits, etc. Yes taxpayers paid 34 million for security for DDoS wedding but they also got over 500, million in tourist revenues for that ONE day and 1.43 billion for the one month is May. As for some of Meghan’s friends being celebs, what about Elton John, Beckhams, Blunt and his wife, Spice Girls, and plenty other celebs other royals spent time with. Isn’t that hypocritical double standards??

    • PrincessK says:

      I am not sure that Gayle knew Meghan before Harry. I think it’s an Oprah connection.

      • Susan says:

        I was under the impression she only met Gayle a few months before her baby shower, through her connection with Oprah. So all the talk of them being long term best friends is really stretching it. Gayle wasn’t even invited to her wedding!

      • Amelie says:

        Gayle covered the royal wedding for CBS and was there on the ground at Windsor but she wasn’t inside the church like Oprah was, she wasn’t a guest. I don’t think Harry or Meghan knew Oprah before the wedding. I think they invited her more because she is considered the “Queen of America” for lack of a better term and her presence there would be very symbolic and impossible to ignore. As far as I know Meghan and Oprah did not know each other at all.

        My guess is Meghan realized having Gayle as an ally would be important for media coverage and just an important contact to have in general. Maybe she liked the way Gayle covered the wedding, who knows.

      • Salvation says:

        In all honesty, nobody except the Sussexes really know who knew who before, after or when. We don’t know what the connection to Oprah is and how it came about. People could be assuming that these connections are through Meghan but in reality might be through Harry himself. Harry is very well connected in the US than people are giving him credit for. People just need to stop assuming this or that, no one outside of their inner circle really knows. The Sussexes are a very private couple is what I’ve realized, they won’t let on what they don’t want out there. IMHO, what matters is everything being done is for good causes, that’s all that counts. Who knew who and when is really unimportant.

      • PrincessK says:

        I think that Oprah was at the wedding to balance out the weight of VIPs on both sides, because it was looking as though all Meghan had was Doria (though other family members attended under the radar). Oprah was like, ‘ this is to prove tat Meghan has some ‘big people’ behind her too. Oprah’s body language in the Church said, ‘we are not intimidated by the fact that one of ours has married into the British Royal Family ‘….😌

      • Salvation says:

        @PrincessK, I don’t know about that, but it could also be that Oprah was representing all people that did not attend due to the politics related to Trump etc, we don’t know.

      • Lady D says:

        @Amelie, Oprah and Meghan’s mom have attended the same church together for over 20 years. Meghan has met Oprah on occasion.

  5. Mego says:

    It builds on the Meghan is blazing a new trail and upsetting courtiers narrative

    It builds on the goes against tradition and that isn’t the way we do things narrative – I read at least two Articles of this flavour on the weekend and it was all vague innuendos nothing specific.

    Gayle King is American celebrity journalist so it builds on the Meghan is turning the monarchy hollywood narrative.

    Gayle King is a WOC and, well, that’s just bad cause racism.

    • Peg says:

      No Gail King is a journalist, because she is friends with Oprah, don’t make her a celebrity journalist.
      Gail started as a news Anchor, in Baltimore, Maryland.

      • Bren says:

        Yep, and that’s where Gayle and Oprah met and became friends.

      • Mego says:

        I think you misread Peg. I meant Gayle is a famous (celebrity) journalist – not a journalist who covers celebrities. She is very accomplished in her own right I agree but you cannot possibly argue that she isn’t a celebrity.

      • jwoolman says:

        Gail King is an excellent interviewer and commentator and is certainly not in the “celebrity journalist” category. Just look at YouTube news clips.

    • Gwen says:

      Gayle king is NOT a “celebrity” reporter. She is a full-fledged, university educated journalist, well and highly respected in her field. She doesn’t even usually cover celebs. She covers issues. The tabloids and think what they want, but we’re not dealing with an “ opinion maker” or “ audience” reporter. Gayle is a high ranking reporter of one of the highest network conglomerates and THAT’s why the Sussex’s deal with her and what sets off the RR.

  6. Britt says:

    Meghan came with contacts and has powerful friends outside the British Press and isn’t afraid to use it. The British media specifically RR’s don’t like that because they’re supposed to control the narrative and now they have competition. Meghan knows Social Media like the back of her hand and worked with many of those people like the Today show for years with her little segments. Harry got himself a woman who is powerful in her own right and they’re scared. Why do you think they’ve been freaking about about their Instagram? Because they know with that, they’ll be announcing their own causes and photos. They were pissed about the cookbook launch because it was still a success without the papers and RR’s. This is about a press that is refusing to evolve and is criticizing the royal couple because they are.

    • Ann says:

      Exactly right.

    • Saybah says:

      Sadly, none of this had to be. The RRs had the opportunity to cover her straightforward, cover her projects and just do the right thing. They chose to go full bore racists, xenophobic, misogynist, classist, you name it. They just couldn’t help themselves. They have cut their noses to spite their faces. They underestimated this woman from jump. Equally so, they underestimate Harry and behave like he is dumb, when he is far from. From the mundane to the serious, take for example, Harry designed Meghan’s ring, he picked the music that she walked into the church on, then at 19, he together with the other Prince from Lesotho, founded Sentabele in honor of their mothers. He created Invictus, that is hugely popular and life saving globally. He let them use his weaknesses, dealing with his mental health due to losing his mother, to think he was dumb, all the while making strides. If you will remember in his interview, when the interviewee said, everyone knew about him, he said something to the fact, that they think they know him. I recall one of Diana’s folks in an interview saying Harry could dismantle an electronic gadget and reassemble it as new. And despite Meghan’s history that preceded her, with everyone meaningful in her life that knew her pre-Harry, who spoke about her abilities, her temperament, the RRs refused to see that side. They chose to bring in her toxic family to diminish her. They refused to evolve, come along with the advent of ever changing technology. For some of these reasons and more, they will never be able to contain Harry and Meghan. It’s not about them just being popular, it is what they represent and what they do tangibly to affect lives in real time. It is some of all those things that people see and admire and want to be a part of. Look at the massive success of the GlobalSussexBabyShower campaign started by people who respect and follow them, but many who did not even know each other, but came together globally to effect change and touch the lives of thousands. This is what Harry and Meghan represents. If the courtiers an RRs fail to grasp this they are doomed to dodo bird land.

    • VeryVeryTerryJerry says:

      Right on.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    It’s racism. Plain and simple. They want to marginalize and abuse her and not allow her and Harry to flourish. They aren’t allowed to have friends, especially not powerful African-American friends. Oprah is a friend. Gayle is a friend. The Obamas are friends. CBS was chosen at random. And if they weren’t, there was no advantage to them because everyone got the same pictures and videos. The British media and the RRs can stfu and stfd.

    • Britt says:

      Basically. All those people have a larger platform than the shrinking and low selling British Media and tabloids and they hate that. They’re scared.

  8. Jen says:

    A powerful black woman is publicly supporting and friends with another powerful black woman. Some people can’t take it.

    • Mego says:

      It’s a huge pushing of their racist buttons absolutely.

    • MA says:

      I’m really loving how prominent black women are among the most powerful and influential people in the world/ America. Michelle Obama, Serena, Beyonce, Oprah, and now Meghan…And they all support each other. They’ve been subject to the same attacks and make the haters seethe.

  9. Weaver says:

    Meghan and Harry are progressive in that they recognize print media is a dying industry. They are focused on social media and streaming video like most people under 65. People like the Royal Reporters who can’t adapt and change will whine instead.

    I like how they keep wielding the word “Hollywood” like it’s a slur. Meghan’s Hollywoodness is giving the Sussexes a leg up in terms of influence.

    • Britt says:

      I saw an old clip on Twitter that some reporters expected Kate to be a Diana recreation and they didn’t get that with her. Meghan reminds me of her a little bit because she has the celebs friends, she’s confident and clearly not a pushover because she’s not afraid to get her words out there via other media sources. They look stupid using the Hollywood term because the Royal Family all have celeb friends and are basically celebs themselves.

    • MA says:

      Diana was Hollywood and she was the most influential modern day royal. She was more Hollywood than Meghan, by very publicly associating with A-listers at glamorous events. Charles, Sophie, the Cambs court celebrities as well. But Meghan’s the problem.

  10. MissyS. says:

    The only people upset about this are the British press and internet trolls. All of the royals have certain photographers and journalists that they trust. The real issue is that Meghan isn’t crawling on her hands and knees begging the Brits to love her. Meghan had a successful life and famous friends long before she met Harry. I think it bothers people that Meghan doesn’t give a crap about what others think. If the British press dislike Meghan so much, then they are free to give their attention to the other royals.

    • MA says:

      This. The average person just focused on the adorable photo call, photo with the Queen, and Harry’s interview. No one’s going to feel defensive on behalf of the paparazzi media. Funny how some of them are likening themselves to actual journalists being threatened by political leaders in pursuit of truth.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Ma it is hilarious how some of the RRs are playing the victim now. As if they didn’t create this ENTIRE sh!tshow in the first place. My eyes might roll right out of my head.

      • MA says:

        @Lorelei – 1 of them actually had the nerve to blame H&M for the media’s speculating and false reporting. I can’t.

  11. Hope says:

    I’ve noticed nearly across the board, including on sites like GFY, a feeling among the commenters that Meghan didn’t belong. She’s not part of their Downton Abbey fantasies, something the Middletons have tried really hard to imitate, so Meghan being there messes with why they follow the royals in the first place. So they nitpick everything about Meghan while other royals get a pass. And that’s why Kate is now so reeeeegal.

    And they don’t at all get that part of their discomfort is based in a biracial woman being a vital part of a formerly nearly all-white space. -that’s why they think Meghan is supposedly so thirsty and attention hungry. Her presence signals a change they didn’t seek out.

    White people don’t realize how much of the media and culture around them is white focused and deliberately insular. And they lack self awareness about how entitled they feel about that when it’s not about them seeking out diversity and patting themselves on the back for their tolerance but instead diversity is unapologetically and equally there and sometimes there from a position of superority.

    • Tina says:

      This is an excellent comment.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Truly, well observed and well said. Thank you.

    • Nev says:


    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      THIS. Spot on comment.

    • kerwood says:

      So true. That’s why so many of Megan’s fiercest attackers are American women. They’ve bought the Downton Abbey fantasy hook, line and sinker and they think they know everything about England and the British upper-class, even though I’d be willing to bet that most have never been to England and some probably couldn’t find it on a map.

      The thing about Downton Abbey is that it’s fiction from start to finish, geared towards American viewers. The British now Americans swallow this bullshit whole and have been shoveling it for decades.

      • lanne says:

        I think the fiercest attacker are American women because they can’t stand that a black woman snagged the most eligible of eligible bachelors. I dated a really attractive blond white man some time ago and the dirty looks I got from white women were epic. The hate Meghan gets from white women (who hate her) is vile. And I’ll bet half of them are Trumpers, but the other half “don’t have a racist bone in their body and would have voted for Obama a third time if they could.” Maybe even more than half.

      • MA says:

        @lanne this is so true. The tinhatters are definitely the MAGA crowd but the more subtle, passive aggressive (and arguably more harmful because they are mainstream) attackers are White Feminists, who boost progressive causes and support POC from a comfortable distance yet refuse to do the hard work of confronting their own internalized biases and misogynoir.

      • kerwood says:

        @lanne; I experienced the same thing. Whenever I’ve dated a White man, I know that I’m going to have problems with Black men (who call me a traitor to my race, often while they have a White woman on their arms) and White women, who seem willing to do anything (including propositioning the man I’m with, while I’m right there) to bring him back in the fold.

        It’s sad but true that there are a lot of people out there for whom the reality is that the only thing they have going for them is their White skin. And even in this day and age, there are a lot of women who dream of being princesses. It doesn’t matter how repulsive they are, up until now, they could look at a Black woman and think ‘well at least my chances are better than HERS’.

        Not anymore.

    • MA says:

      @Hope THIS. That’s why I had to stop going to that site among others. This site now is really the only safe space for WOC. As a WOC it was just so disheartening to see the constant digs and double standards against Meghan. She was ALWAYS inappropriate, Kate was ALWAYS impeccable and regal (quoting actual comments). Comparisons between the two favoring Meghan got pushback, but comparisons going the opposite way would go unchallenged.

      Actual comments I would see all the time: Kate wears a verified see-through dress = Gorgeous! Meghan wears a dress with an optical illusion that MIGHT be see-through = Inappropriate! Amateur! Where’s her staff? She has all the resources, no excuses! Kate wears ill-fitting maternity and post-partum clothes = We’re going to give pregnant women a pass. Meghan does the same = Meghan always has fit issues so we’re still not giving her a pass (because….logic?). Meghan wears a dress with a high slit on a tropical, hot island / Meghan wears a sleeveless dress to a memorial service = Vulgar, inappropriate! Kate wears multiple high slits and low-cut tops during day engagements in “formal Britain” = crickets. Meghan wears her 50th navy outfit and therefore she’s failing in her royal duties by not wearing color/interesting outfits (seriously wtf), Kate wears her 50th blue coat dress and…crickets.

      My issue isn’t the criticism of Meghan. It’s when ONLY Meghan gets bashed for things that Kate or the other white royals have done without any criticism. It’s another example of the ways that the bar is always moving for WOC, especially black women. She’ll never be enough or get it right in their eyes.

      • Hope says:

        That title about Meghan glumming it up in black was so upsetting. And if I were only going by what I read there, I would have thought the tour was a disaster instead of wildly successful. The commenters have been so self-congratulatory about how kind they are but apparently that was for Kate. If you’re upset for Meghan, you’re dismissed as a stan.

        Meghan is the intruder in their Bex and Freddy fanfiction.

      • MA says:

        “Meghan is the intruder in their Bex and Freddy fanfiction.” lmao SO TRUE. And agreed about the Australia tour, which really had awful coverage. After I finally realized what was really going on I just gave up on them and decided to stop giving them my clicks. Shame on me for getting fooled again about white allyship. Though it’s very interesting how they retweeted the Michelle Ruiz article about the racist nitpicking of Meghan. i wonder if there was any self-reflection or awareness on their part but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        Also, White Feminism and implicit bias aside, I realized that the taste level was pretty bad. I don’t fit their target demo of middle-aged suburban moms who pre-order the latest blogger capsule collection from Nordstrom.

      • MerryGirl says:

        100% agree on these GFY observations. For a fashion site that boasts being a safe haven for all commentators, your contribution is only welcome if you say Kate’s outfits are great and Meghan’s are bad. They criticize and nitpick every single outfit Meghan wears, the fit is never good, the color is always bland and off season but no matter how boring, outdated or repetitive Kate’s is (and I actually like some of her pieces) it’s praised to the high heavens. It’s the lack of balance that gets me. Even when both Duchesses look alike they get different reactions….case in point, both seen only from the neck up in a car going to Charles’ 70th, Kate gets praised for the fantastic earrings and updo hairstyle, Meghan in similar updo and dangling earrings, it leaves them ‘cold’…..funniest of all is the criticism of Harry & Meghan’s PDA which is so natural it’s become part of their brand, they’re mocked for it and labeled unprofessional but if stiff Will & Kate just brush each other it’s ‘swoon’, ‘those two’ or ‘go get a room’…LOL

  12. Aang says:

    People are going to have to accept the idea that Megan will be big in the US. Some Americans totally love all things British. An American marrying into the royal family is big news for the anglophiles. Add the younger fans who are drawn to the racial barriers being broken and it’s makes sense that Megan is very popular here.

  13. aenflex says:

    When I lived in Britain, I noticed that British folks viewed British things, (and people) as theirs. They’re ok sharing if they approve of whom they’re sharing with. Not trying to denigrate them, just an observation that I made.

    • AryasMum says:

      But isn’t that true of most people? I know we think of Meghan as ours here in the U.S., and perhaps Canada likes to claim her as well.

      • Surly Gale says:

        Here in Canada, we recognize she lived in Eastern Canada for 7 years. We claim her as a North American! But that’s still “provincial”. She’s an international person now, we ALL can claim her, cause she really knows what the majority of folks call “normal”….she KNOWS what WE are talking about….when DoC says he wants normal……we all know he’s still separating himself from our experiences. Megan KNOWS this, and thus, is truly one of US all.

  14. Marina says:

    I can see this being a big problem- as their message is never consistent. Harry saying that they want ‘privacy’ and a normal childhood for their son, but to date, everything that Meghan has done screams the opposite. This isn’t a criticism, just an observation from someone who works in communications and PR.

    • Britt says:

      You can be public and still have a private life. Meghan had a baby shower and the People story but other than that, what exactly has she done that has been the opposite? They both know that the press will always be there but they want to control the messaging and they should want to because the press has been bias and downright hateful towards them for virtually no reason. They haven’t given this woman a chance at all and I have no doubt that if they could use Archie in their future narratives, they would. The child has already dealt with racism, not even a week after being born.

    • Mego says:

      First of all I never heard those words about privacy coming of of Harry’s mouth around his child. These are all speculative articles being thrown out there because of the need to feed the public interest in the Sussex family. I think your vague claim about Meghan’s actions screaming the opposite of privacy is hyperbolic. She is certainly trying to navigate the huge global interest in her but I don’t think she has to try at all to get the attention.

    • MissyS. says:

      Oh please. What exactly are they doing that’s opposite? We rarely see Harry and Meghan outside of their engagements. They’ve done only two interviews in a year. We don’t know where they went on their honeymoon or the name of their new dog. Also, you exposed yourself by singling out Meghan. It’s not her fault that the British press is rude, obsessive, and careless.

      • Gwen says:

        Exactly! An example; Meghan in NY for the shower and is getting into a vehicle. The American reporters are shouting congratulating on the baby. Then we hear a loud “Charlatan Duchess”!! with a BRITISH ACCENT!! The woman can’t go to her own country without being chided by some British idiot (I’m assuming she was a RR with the collective brain cells the size of a flea) angry because Meghan and her friends got the best of them. They didn’t know she was in the US for 3 days! All it did was call attention to the racism and xenophobia of some British people. They need to realise the UK is small enough to sit in one US state and the US population is over 375 million while the UK is 69,million. Statistically, Americans and Britons who like the DDoS will always outnumber those who don’t and their popularity will always exceed other royals.

    • MsIam says:

      I’m not sure what you feel Meghan has done that “screams” the opposite of wanting privacy. After Harry made a brief statement about his birth, they did one photo shoot with the baby, there was the picture with TQ and PP and her mother. Then there was the picture of the feet. And that is it. I have seen comments in other places that are complaining that “we didn’t see the baby’s face and we didn’t see this or that…” So I’m not sure how you are coming to the conclusion that they and Meghan in particular are “screaming” for attention.

    • LindaM says:

      What has Meghan done that “screams” the opposite? Since the wedding she is rarely seen outside of work engagements. Its not like she’s papping every week. I don’t understand why people continue to push this attention whore narrative.

    • FC says:

      @Marina I agree. And while I think racism definitely plays a part in all the backlash, I think in this case it’s that Meg and Harry are unapologetically and unabashedly in bed with certain media and not others. I totally get why they chose Gayle and Oprah (they basically control the American media in more ways that one), but this type of schmoozing usually happens behind the scenes by publicists and such, not so publicly and by the couple themselves (also at such a private time prior to the birth).

      For those claiming they’re “friends”, ugh come on. It’s the media game, plain and simple. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t go claiming Gayle is on the same level of friendship as the other people at her baby shower. Oprah was at the wedding and Gayle was at the shower/Frogmore because of a handshake PR deal that is mutually and monetarily beneficial to all parties.

      I work in media/PR, and I see this crap with celebs every day. At the end of the day everyone is using everyone for optics. I personally love H&M and find nothing wrong with any of this, but the “friend” theory is absurd. We’re all more savvy that that.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        if anyone is a “friend” of anyone, I would place my bet on the friendship being between Gayle, Oprah and Doria.

      • Jaded says:

        But M & H are in a position where they’re not simply using the media for “optics” a la Kardashian, they’re using it to promote good works, inclusivity, and a breaking down of stereotypes – I don’t see anything to b*tch about frankly because they’re using their platform for positive reform.

      • FC says:

        @Jaded no doubt, they’re doing great, positive stuff. But from a PR/media standpoint, they’re a brand. Optics matter for all brands, Kardashian or otherwise. That point is made when you look at H&M’s struggling brand in the UK right now. No one there cares about the great work they’re doing because their brand in the UK is sh*t due to RRs racism/hate. To be clear, I’m not b*tching about their game at all — it’s actually pretty impressive. Just calling out the naivety of those who think any of these people are actual friends.

      • celialarson12 says:

        FC is their ” brand” shit in the Uk. Really !!! Who is trying to convince who? Is that why even the hateful RRs come out in droves to cover them. Is that why people stand on tables to view them thru the windows on their engagements .? Is that why a certain future King is running round like a headless chicken trying to get RRs to throw dirt at them ? I think some people have been reading too much Daily Fail…….

      • Salvation says:

        Hahaha, these pots from @FC are truly funny. Like where are you getting it from the H&M brand is (shit?) struggling/suffering in the UK? Don’t you just love it when one person speaks for an entire nation? No one in the UK cares about Harry and Meghan or any of their causes (their brand)? Please present proof and evidence of this. Here is my evidence: 1) From what 90% of Brit posters on here have said, it’s the RR and the British Press that are anti Meghan but these are such a small percentage they don’t represent the entire UK. 2) 99% of people that have been asked questions about what’s being said about Meghan by the British media have said that Meghan has been given a raw deal, has been very unfairly treated and has never been given a fair shake by the British media. All people stated they don’t believe any of what’s being said about the Sussexes is true and all believe the British media Re being racists etc. 3), Everywhere the Sussexes have visited in the UK, they have gotten huge crowds of supporter.
        4) just the other day, I read a article from the daily beast that stated how the British media failed miserably when the tried to rally the British public against the Sussexes in regards to there baby birthing plan. 5) Sussexes insta already has more than 8 million followers, which is huge considering how long it’s been in operation. 6) Harry is one of the few royals (his father is another I can think of) who has build a very strong legacy for himself considering he’s just 6th in line. You talk about Sentebale, Invictus Games, Walking With the Wounded, etc, it’s ALL Harry who 99% of RR and British media have branded dumb and thick as rocks. Yet none of the RRs/British media favorites have done nothing with their lives, not even golden boy prince William, and certainly not the gold n couple the Cambridges. So, how exactly is the H&M brand struggling/suffering?

    • MA says:

      I sincerely hope that someone who works in communications and PR could be more convincing with their statements. This is absolutely a criticism despite your attempts at projecting neutrality. No specifics, just an easy blanket “everything” Meghan has done has been thirsty.

      Their message has absolutely been consistent. A lot of critics make the mistake of willful misreading or seeing things in black and white. From the beginning, H&M have tried for a balancing act between private lives and royal duties. They seem to understand the public interest and want to be respectful of that while also maintaining something for themselves, in line with what expectations SHOULD be for the 6th in line. Whether they’ve succeeded is another discussion, but there’s no doubt that the INTENTION is there. They’ve performed all the usual royal duties by presenting themselves to the public with an engagement interview and photocall that was kept at a distance; having a public wedding with limited media inside the chapel, at a relatively “understated” church instead of the larger and more “regal” settings (St Paul’s, WA); photocall with limited media.

      I think people who act like every decision they don’t like is Meghan’s sole doing are willfully excluding Harry’s role. And I side eye people who perpetuate this narrative that Meghan is some sort of fame wh*re. She’s been as understated as possible. How many pap strolls have we seen for her compared with other royals? Why didn’t she push for the glamorous, historic Westminster Abbey wedding? Why didn’t she do Lindo with hundreds of screaming fans and hordes of paparazzi at her feet?

      • Vanessa says:

        The only people who seems so confused about Meghan and Harry messages are their detractors and the royal reporters. People are just being willfully ignorant when it comes to Meghan and Harry they accused her of sort of tricky and attention seeking when Meghan hasn’t done anything of the sort she does her job with such grace and humbleness . But that’s not good enough for some folks they want to dehumanizing as much as possible the British media has created this character of Meghan that’s not her at all I do believe that a lot of hate that Meghan gets is out of pure jealousy that a black woman got Harry not a English rose. Mostly the woman that hate Meghan are white woman who can’t stand that a black woman got to married the prince and not them instead of just owning their green with envy they cloaked everything in racial coded language and attack Meghan on faux outrageous or fake stories or the price of her clothing . Now it’s turn to fake outraged that Meghan is not grateful enough she hasn’t show gratitude to the British public enough how dare her and Harry allegation wants to raised Archie in private .

      • MA says:

        @Vanessa Yes I agree. There’s a lot of jealousy there. Someone “like her” isn’t supposed to have this kind of life. It continues the narratives of her having to “know her place.” Disgusting.

    • Gwen says:

      I would really like to know what “scream” you heard because I heard absolutely nothing.

  15. Bunny says:

    Not one, but two powerful women of colour didn’t beg for permission to breathe, and the British media is having none of it.

    That’s it, in a racist nutshell.

  16. lanne says:

    I imagine the courtiers and the royal reporters imagined themselves as gatekeepers to the royal family. They got to decide who was “allowed” in and who wasn’t. They “allowed” Kate to have a place, even though she was “new money,” and she was expected to show her gratitude. Remember how she took such care not to draw any attention to herself, so that she could be the blank slate upon which the Powers That Be could project anything they wanted? She and her mother carefully studied the game so that they could play it as effectively as possible. The result, the utter diminishing of Kate as a person. We drag her on this board for not working enough, but how can she push herself forward when she has the courtiers and jealous William to contend with? She has built her life around being pleasing to William and a blank page for the public. Maybe she has interests and passions that she keeps to herself, or maybe her self is so subsumed in her role that it barely exists anymore. Maybe parenthood is the only place where she can assert any authority at all.

    Here comes Meghan, who didn’t spend her entire adult life chasing after a man and a role. Because she succeeded in the meanest, dirtiest, cutthroat industries out there (and don’t talk to me about A list C list whatever. ANY working actor who has a regular role on a show over many years is a success. 95% of Screen Actors guild members make less that 5 thousand dollars a year), she’s uniquely prepared for the public aspect of this job, plus she’s charismatic and a great speaker. The Royal Family has never had a marrying-in member as accomplished as Meghan. Diana was a girl, Sarah Fergusen was a society Sloane Ranger, Kate cultivated herself as a Turnip Toff even though she wasn’t one. They can’t diminish Meghan. They can’t mold her. I read one interview that described the treatment of royal women who marry into the Firm: Diana was driven away, Fergie was shamed, and Kate was diminished. Racism, to me, is the gasoline on top of the sexist fire. How dare this BLACK woman (who should be GRATEFUL in their eyes the way Kate was GRATEFUL) assert herself?

    The funny thing is, Meghan doesn’t need them. Her life is set, whether she’s in or out of the Royal family. She has a global stage now, and she’s married to the most beloved member of the family. In the family, the Sussexes can do great things. I said this yesterday–they are the best brand ambassadors out there. They have a role to play that can complement the role of the Cambridges, if any courtiers are smart enough to see that. After all, it was the British royal family that realized it had to modernize at the turn of the 20th century. King George the 5th saw that he needed to be more visible, and the family had to be more open to outsiders (ending the morganatic marriage prohibitions). The British royal family survived where the Romanovs in Russia, stubbornly clinging to their old ways, did not (lots of obvious political differences in Russia–I’m just taking about the attitude toward change). Social media and the global stage are the new realities of Royal branding, and if this anachronistic institution is going to survive, it has to adapt. The problem is that racism makes people irrational. They rub their hands gleefully, imagining Meghan marched out of the palace with the door slammed behind her without thinking about the disastrous consequences to themselves. Racists punch holes in the keel and go down with the ship.

    • Feeshalori says:

      This is a very incisive and astute comment.

    • grace2 says:

      Some really solid points here!

      I hadn’t heard of Meghan before she started dating Harry & didn’t watch her tv show but from what I’ve read she was a well-connected, self-supporting working actress who could stand on her own two feet and as you said: ANY working actor who has a regular role on a show over many years is a success.

      The increased attention and coverage she has received since becoming a royal have only enhanced her talents and made her shine — despite the treatment she has received from some of the press.

    • kerwood says:

      If this comment was a man, I’d take it away to have a naughty weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever read something that breaks down the current situation so eloquently.

      I was especially moved by the compassion you show Kate. I don’t have much time for her but you gave me a new perspective on what her life might be like. What if she DID have dreams that had nothing to do with her mother’s social climbing or WHAT WILLIAM WANTS? Kate’s seemed a lot looser these days and it’s probably relief because someone else is catching hell.

      You are spot on with how much the Royal family NEEDS Megan. She IS set for life. She could walk out tomorrow, with Archie on her hip and into a fabulous life. They will have to explain why a bi-racial woman (and her child) was driven away.

      Thanks again for one of the best comments I’ve read.

      • jwoolman says:

        I’ve always figured that Kate just actually fell in love with Will. His royal standing may have been not so attractive. She might have not been so keen on the royal life as her mother seems to be, and might be happier if he was just an ordinary rich guy. She seems shy and not well suited to the public side of royal expectations.

        I wish people didn’t always expect a twofer in such situations. We have a similar problem in the US with wives of Presidents and others. We need to stop expecting a twofer because not everybody is suited to such a job. I don’t care how well Michelle Obama did with it (she’s a lawyer and could have been President herself), Melania is not suited to such expectations and should be just left alone. It’s abusive to shove the woman in front of a microphone.

        Meghan is different – she has a history of being very comfortable in front of a camera and is a good public speaker. She can handle that part of the job and won’t find it a burden.

      • Salvation says:

        Meh, Melania is just bland and uninterested in a lot of things.

    • Margaret West says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. You made very salient points and thank you for coherently stating what a lot of us have been feeling about this issue for a long time.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “We drag her on this board for not working enough, but how can she push herself forward when she has the courtiers and jealous William to contend with?”

        I never felt comfortable dragging on Cathy Cambridge for the exact reasons you state. Prince Charles has a dangerous jealous streak and like father like son. I always felt that Cathy Cambridge studied Diana long and hard then realized if she, her marriage and place in the RF was to survive she would have to sacrifice all for William. If I am correct in my supposition it explains why I have always felt sorry and much empathy for Cathy Cambridge. I could never make the choices I believe she has made.

    • Robem07 says:

      Wonderfully thought out and so very well written.

    • Moose says:

      Fabulous post, and so so true…

  17. SV says:

    What’s funny is Harry and William are close to Tom Bradby a former Royal reporter who became a lead British evening news anchor like a Gayle King. Bradby has worked on TV specials with Harry and even written op-eds about William and Harry. Meghan has so many connections that exited before Harry to media across several networks. What people can’t control scares them. And what scares some British media and courtiers is how little control over Meghan they have, despite her unimportant place in the hierarchy.

  18. MellyMel says:

    It’s too much BLACK for some people.

    • lanne says:

      Yep. (some) white people are accepting of the black people THEY invite in (who are supposed to show gratitude for having been given this opportunity). Black people who have the power to do their own thing and don’t need the Magnificent Beneficence of white people are a threat, and therefore must be stopped.

    • kerwood says:

      Could @MellyMel and @lanne repeat that? I don’t think the people in the back got the benefit of your brilliance and TRUTH!

  19. Beech says:

    Breaking protocol, whatever protocol is. & speaking of clothing costs, what do you think the POW’s wardrobe tabs run? What about all of the queen’s Hermes scarves cost? & all the beaded gowns and kid gloves? I have beautiful silk scarves, not Hermes mind you, but I don’t look dowdy in them. Rummage sales and thrift shops, thank you very much.

  20. Casey20 says:

    British people have a difficult time acknowledging racism in their country. It’s plain to see the racism toward Meghan (whistles and megaphones) but the Brits just keep on denying the obvious.

  21. kerwood says:

    A lot of people can’t stand the fact that one of the reasons that Megan doesn’t sweat their petty bullshit is because she has a couple of weapons in her arsenal that make Piers Handling and the entire RR crew look like damp Christmas crackers. Megan can rest easy because no matter what those loser throw at her, she knows that she’s got Gayle King and OPRAH!!!! on speed-dial. Two POWERFUL BLACK WOMEN who can blow those fools out of the water.

    I wouldn’t care if Gayle King was in the birthing room with Megan and Harry when Archie was born. Their lives. Their baby. Their choice.

    • Salvation says:

      Personally, I believe that part of the horror and scare comes from the fact that the British media and the RR have nothing on either Harry or Meghan. It’s like all the skeletons for this couple are already out there, so at this point, no one can grab them by the cajunas and threaten them into submission. The Sussexes fear nobody for they have nothing to hide and the RR are upset about that. I think someone in the media has dirt on William and they’re using that as leverage to have him do stuff.

  22. val says:

    Too much black folks in the vicinity! Bwahahhhahaha

  23. FredsMother says:

    I came to say that Gayle’s skin, especially on her décolletage is amazing. Her moisturising game is on point. Youthful skin.

    And I hope she managed to get some kind of interview with the family so that the RRs’ heads can explode.

  24. Vanessa says:

    The treatment of Meghan by the British press is so over the top it’s really hard to stomach the willingness of some people to ignore it and placed blame on Meghan as if it’s her fault. When ever someone defends Meghan their always cries of well all royals get the same treatment Kate was treated horrible as well when that’s not true throughout Kate pregnancy she was treated as the second coming in the British press. The Cambridge kids are allowed to have privacy and have a normal childhood but their a story about Meghan and Harry wanting privacy as well for Archie and all hell breaks their all suddenly outcry of Meghan and Harry and Archie are ungrateful but William and Kate kids get to have privacy. people love to say that Meghan is thirsty for attention but she not being photographed everywhere it’s the British media who has created this circus around every day their a new article about her people love to say she the one who courts the press when that far for the truth . I im so tired of the willfully ignorances by some people who refused to see how different the British media has treated Meghan verse Kate how the British media have gone out of their way to dehumanizing Meghan in every turn they have treated her with nothing but racist hateful abuse . Some people in the British media have decided since the three years of racist abuse by them to Meghan haven’t driven her way now their turning their knifes to attack Archie with such racist gleefulness its sick .

  25. Jess says:

    The British tabloids/media has been horrendous to Meghan – especially Piers Morgan. They have been giving TheOtherDaughter all the press to spew her hate, harassment and Trolling simply because she was not invited to the wedding. Do you honestly blame Harry & Meghan NOT wanting to speak to anyone in the British media?

  26. mercury says:

    Because racism. And some white people dont like it when black people mobilize.

  27. Well-Wisher says:

    I managed to read a recent book on Britain after Brexit. One of chapters focused on how the media operates. It is based on revenue and narratives. But the Duchess of Sussex presents a bit of a problem for the tabloids. The fairytale is used to posit the idea that she being unsuitable in comparison to :but interest in the Sussexes means revenue. Gayle King and by extension is “just the facts” and can satisfy our need to reasonable access to the dynamic couple sans the need for abnormal competition.
    If CBS produces a suitable alternative to the fairytale they will generate more revenue than the tabloids. I am less interested in the popularity aspect when it comes to royalty.
    Being a royal is more like a marathon than a sprint.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Well-Wisher do you happen to remember the name of the book? It sounds interesting!

  28. Birds eye view says:

    The British media are not only racist ..they are classist. I cant believe how stupid th BRF is…they have the dream team in H&M and little Archie…they are th future…a force to be reckoned with ..if they embraced this new generation of royals coming up….and if William could stop acting like a petulant toddler and stopped throwing his toys out th pram th “Fab 4” could still be a thing…they could take the monarchy forward into the future…. become relatable to th new generation coming through tackling today’s issues like mental health/self harming/social media/gender equality et al. Stop pissing about…stop all th drama..they could do so much good …its so frustrating.

    • celialarson12 says:

      The BRF is not stupid. The problem is generally the hierarchy. … that is when you have manchild and childbride with no accomplishments and a reputation of dodging work as the future king and consort. That is when some people have to be put in their places.

  29. Vanessa says:

    @ ginger bee I think Meghan is ungrateful is the new party line for her detractors their no evidence of her being ungrateful whatsoever. Meghan is ungrateful is the new buzz word that been throw around a lot lately this is the fifth person to call her ungrateful in a new story about Meghan every since she had Archie Meghan is being portrayed as ungrateful

    • Lanne says:

      I made a comment to one of the “grateful” posters that got deleted (understandably—I was feeling pretty salty) basically asking how Meghan was supposed to show her “gratitude.” What is she expected to do that she isn’t doing? And why should she show gratitude to people who weaponized her own family against her and dragged everything she did while pregnant? What does this so-called gratitude actually look like? What makes me mad is that I can imagine several years from now, some of the worst of the RRs will say “gee, we were awfully mean to the Duchess. It was just so new for us and we didn’t know how to handle change. Sorry. Our bad.” And then she’ll be expected to be gracious and understanding. As a WOC I’m so sick of having to take the high road all the damn time. We’re expected to wait around until white people “wake up” and realize they were wrong, then be all understanding when they beg for forgiveness. We’re supposed to be grateful we finally get a seat at the Green Book family table, like that’s supposed to excuse all the mess that went down before. That’s why I’ve been so salty about this idea of gratitude. I appreciate the white readers on this site who listen and hear us when we talk about this. Because clearly it’s not just about a hyper-privileged Duchess. Meghan’s experience shines a light on the realities so many WOC face in our daily lives, those pinprick microagressions that turn into gaping wounds. But still we rise. And by talking about it, we can lay the foundation for change.

      • kerwood says:

        Oh @Lanne, you made me cry.

        I think that a lot of Black women see their own experience in what Megan is going through. No matter how hard you work or how high you climb, ugly racist bullshit will be there to greet you. We saw it with Michelle Obama, one of the best First Ladys in American history. And we’re seeing it now.

        Megan is supposed to be the fairy-tale. A PRINCE falls madly in love with her and sweeps her off her feet and away to his kingdom. Even the most ardent feminist would take a moment to sigh over that.

        Megan started working for her brand new country from the moment she got there. What has she got in return? Ugliness and hate, even from the people who should be on her side, the courtiers. We’re told that Great Britain isn’t as racist as the United States but her baby, who is SEVENTH in line to the throne, was called a monkey when he was THREE DAYS OLD.

        Do the racists take a second to realize that it’s Megan’s WHITE family who have been showing their asses ever since she got engaged to Harry? Her Black family has conducted themselves with dignity and class. Especially her mother. So if there’s something wrong with Megan, it ain’t because she’s half-BLACK!

        There will come a time when Megan’s detractors will get tired and move on to new prey. Megan will be expected to forgive and forget. And she probably will. Because that’s what we ALWAYS do. That’s what they hate the most. They can’t keep us down. STILL WE RISE.

    • Lorelei says:

      Unbelievable. They should be grateful to HER for all of the money she’s made them since she met Harry.

  30. Nic919 says:

    There have been some excellent comments in this thread. But now it seems that there has been a retraction about the story of Gayle making a private visit. I.e. it never happened. Just like the Oprah interview with Doria.

    • Vanessa says:

      The British press has done it again made up another lie about Meghan again it’s ridiculous at this point. I remember when people kept saying that Oprah was going to interview Doria and all the Meghan haters were swearing up and down that the interview was going to happen it’s proof that Meghan and her mother don’t belong . When people would defend Doria and say they don’t think that will ever happen we are accused of being stans of Meghan . Now look the British media has invented a story about Meghan and Harry doing a exclusive interview with gayle they build this story as the absolute truth it’s was going to happen and now look the British media got something about Meghan wrong again such a shocker you think with the British media constantly being proved wrong over and over that mostly people with common sense will know better but they rather spend their time attacking Meghan for being ungrateful.

    • kerwood says:

      I’m not surprised. The mere rumour of a powerful, Black journalist getting access was enough to send the British media into such a Hate-Megan frenzy that they forgot to do their jobs, which is to corroborate the story.

      And these hacks wonder why Megan doesn’t bother to waste her precious time on them.