Bella Hadid in Dior at the Cannes Film Festival: ruffled glamour or basic-bland?

Bella Hadid attends the screening of "Rocket Man" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2019 in Cannes, France.

Finally, a little injection of superfluous, dumb glamour at the Cannes Film Festival. I’m sure that at some point, Cannes’ organizers will step forward and claim that their intention was to dial down the crazy fashion and the extravaganza this year. When that happens, just tell them “mission accomplished.” It’s kind of a sad day when I’m *this* excited about Bella Hadid. Bella came to Cannes probably as part of some deal with Dior, or maybe some beauty contract. Bella’s been in years past too, and I appreciate the fact that we got someone fun and young on the carpet – these photos are from the Rocketman premiere last night. Bella wore Dior couture, and it’s just a triangle made out of ruffles. It doesn’t fit her properly, no one needs this many ruffles and her makeup isn’t good. Still, love seeing her on the carpet!

Bella Hadid and other celebs take the red carpet at the 'Rocketman' premiere at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid attends the screening of "Rocket Man" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2019 in Cannes, France.

Shailene Woodley also wore Dior – a tuxedo dress and matching tuxedo… bike shorts? Why is 2019 Cannes the “festival of bike shorts”?? I like a woman in a tuxedo, but this is a bad tuxedo look.

Bella Hadid and other celebs take the red carpet at the 'Rocketman' premiere at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria in my favorite dress on her so far, a gold Cristina Ottaviano Fall 2019. Stunning. Beautifully designed.

Bella Hadid and other celebs take the red carpet at the 'Rocketman' premiere at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Dita Von Teese is Dita Von Teese, she’s never going to phone it in. I would hate this on anyone else, but she pulls it off.

Bella Hadid and other celebs at red carpet premiere for the movie "Rocketman" during the 72nd Cannes International Film festival.

Priyanka Chopra in a really boring, undramatic Roberto Cavalli. What is this mess? I mean, it’s not a mess, it’s a fine, basic gown. Unremarkable.

Bella Hadid and other celebs at red carpet premiere for the movie "Rocketman" during the 72nd Cannes International Film festival.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I think both Eva and Priyanka look lovely. Nothing cutting edge or amazing, but lovely.

    Shailene – not quite. I see the look she was going for, but nope.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think Shailene’s outfit could have really used cuter shoes. The ones she has on are very neutral and basic. Because she has no pattern or color going on, I think a more lively shoe would be a better option.

  2. JanetFerber says:

    I think Bella tweaked her face. Just different. Anyone else notice? Dita is to die for– always looks fabulous.

    • ccsays says:

      Right? It has that kind of tight, slightly puffy botox look 😕

    • Harryg says:

      She did and now she looks like one of those fifty-something housewives.
      She could have modeled with her original face and been a cool, different model, but no, she had to make herself look like everyone else in Beverly Hills.

      • Sara says:

        Exactly! She looks haggard and, frankly, old. This, at her young age? Not good.

    • Elkie says:

      Dita is more than twice Bella’s age(!), although I think the super pulled tight hair might be responsible for some of the aging effect.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      Bella is, IMO, one of the most overrated “models” around these days. she’s not ugly, but she’s just not model material. and yes, she looks pulled TIGHT and a bit different. she looks more like a drag impersonator here than she does herself.

      and Dita looks FAB, as always.

    • Lizzie says:

      she looks insane

    • Kitten says:

      Yup. Her face looks like it’s pulled really tight. I usually think she looks so beautiful but here? Yikes.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Had to look twice and read the caption to know it was even her.

    • Lady D says:

      Dita FTW, forever and always.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Her face (especially eyes) looks like it is pulled so tight! Yikes! She’s too young for that kind of face f*ckery!

    • Maylee says:

      YES! I came looking for this post, to say the exact same thing. In pics earlier this week, it looked pretty good, just like a different person. These pics though, it’s looking a little tight.

    • Mollie says:

      Me too! She looks way different!

  3. Lucy2 says:

    I love Eva’s!

  4. JanetFerber says:

    I also think Shailene looks the best I’ve ever seen her. Very sharp.

    • Parigo says:

      I love the outfit. She pulls it off, but a lot of others could too. It’s a great look.

  5. Originaltessa says:

    Bella is going to look like the cat lady by the time she’s 40. Holy smokes that’s a lot of work done on such a young girl.

    • Mariposa says:

      Yes, her eyebrows were going up at a 45 degree angle.

    • Basi says:

      Her right eye is pulled so tight. I think it was a botched surgery. I feel sorry for her. She’s always been at Cannes because her mother did the rounds too.

    • Jadedone says:

      I think if she gets any more work done she going to look like Pete Burns

    • buensenso says:

      she was very beautiful for a while, but now things are starting to go down. I think she’s out of control. but I’m not shocked by that since I saw some documentary where they showed yolanda talking about how they had to be models, all she wanted from them, all the plans she had for them, etc. I found it so scary. and bella is obviously trying to please the mommy, be pretty like her older sister…she is rich and famous and that job gives her a lot, sure, but she seems to be playing a role of a model and has forgotten to be the person she is. at least publically. she looks like an empty doll. it’s a shame, she might have a good personality.

  6. Michael says:

    I know nothing about fashion but I know what I like and I think Bella looks incredible and so does her dress.

  7. Emilie Fontaine says:

    I love Shailene’s dress. It’s beautifully designed and tailored.

  8. dirk says:

    Bella looks like she should have a giant roll of toilet paper under her dress

  9. BlueSky says:

    No one does “dead behind the eyes” better than Bella.

  10. Karen2 says:

    Chopra’s finest moment for years to come will be how she dressed for this years Met Gala. Cos play dream.

  11. Seraphina says:

    Is there a trend to not properly address the top bodice of the dress. I see so many dresses look like they need extra material to complete the look. Maybe it’s my conservative side coming out, but I just want to help some of the ladies with some extra material or to prop their chest up.

  12. Cee says:

    In the top photo Bella Hadid looks like a budget Uma Thurman.

  13. Ana says:

    When I look at Bella I am reminded that these girls look their best halfway through their plastic surgery journeys. (Same with Kylie Jenner.) But they can’t stop tweaking their faces once they start, it seems. Too much of a good thing is a horrifying thing.

    • t says:

      Agree. I think the point she should have stopped, seeing as it seems she was always going to have surgery anyway, was when she was on the cover of Porter magazine a couple of years ago: it looked natural and fresh and had settled down a little. Not so much now, unfortunately.

      I’ve heard that plastic surgery can become addictive and for Kylie and Bella they got so many compliments and positive attention from their initial lip/nose procedures (I mean, the surgeries effectively launched their careers) that it probably skewed their self-image/self-worth a little: a sense that each extra surgery would bring the same praise and benefits as before, that it would get better and better – it stopped being “corrective” and started being purely aesthetic, and a certain aesthetic at that. They’re surrounded by so many sycophants that they probably have no idea just how oddly uncanny valley they look at the moment.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        whoa. I just googled that mag cover as I didn’t remember/know which one you meant and HOLY CRAP. I realize she’s got a lot more make up on here, but her eye shape is totally different.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Wow, that Porter magazine cover is such a harsh reminder. She looked so fresh back then.

        “they probably have no idea just how oddly uncanny valley they look at the moment”


  14. Rina says:

    I prefer this ruffled mess to the hoohaa one Bella wore a few years ago. She needs to stop tweaking her face.

  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I actually really like Shailene’s look. It’s fun. I wouldn’t wear it for Cannes – I don’t think it’s formal enough. But I would wear it. Priyanka’s dress is actually really pretty as well,

  16. Gobo says:

    Her face looks uncomfortably tight.

  17. Other Renee says:

    I think Priyanka and Eva look lovely. I love their dresses.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Me too. I think Priyanka’s dress is really beautiful and definitely not boring.

  18. Mary-Jo says:

    The last one is pregnant, no?

  19. Jb says:

    I feel like your description of Pryankas dress could serve as a perfect description of her as an actress and person “not a mess but basic and just unremarkable”.

    • Tuille says:

      Agree, This dress fits her, unlike several others which wrinkle in the midriff because they’re too tight.

  20. karri says:

    Dita for the win! total goddess and the necklace under the lace is so good. And Shailene’s would’ve been perfect sans neck bow thing, too much going on there with the lapels.

  21. BeeCee says:

    You’re so shady today Kaiser LOL! I love it
    … Don’t shoot me, but I actually love all of these looks
    – Bella doesn’t look tooooo overdone to the point that she’s trying too hard (however you eyebrows always bug me, they look too harsh for her face)
    – Shailene looks the best she has in awhile, this long tuxedo dress/short comb is really pretty in other photos
    – Eva is a shiny golden statue
    – Dita is classic pin-up with modern twists
    – and although I’m not a fan of Priyanka, that dress is killer. It’s glittery, it’s stomach-ombre-hourglass-perfection, it’s Leg of Doom realness, it’s gorg and I want it in my closet

  22. clairej says:

    Dita looks incredible. Wow just checked out Bella’s Porter mag cover and yes it is interesting. So much softer back then. Should have stopped!

  23. sammiches says:

    Bella’s face is just so….unnatural looking. I find it so hard to figure out.

    • KLO says:

      She has those scandinavian cheekbones and middle eastern beauty from her dads side too. She is just something that you are not used to. And also, wearing way too much make up.

      I love her tho. To me she is the only one of the nepotism models that gives me a somewhat 90s supermodel vibe. (she has a unique look, a bit similar to Helena Christensen who was danish/peruvian)

  24. ORIRA says:

    Bella makes it work and she’s surprisingly “alive” there!Eva’s whole vibe reads Vegas too me, so not a fan , &Shailene is a little on the costumey side but I’d wear it! I admire & respect Dita’s commitment to her “brand” but i would love to see her mix it up! I know, not going to happen!