Will Smith can’t watch wife Jada’s show Red Table Talk: ‘They’re telling all our business’

Will Smith is in Aladdin, and he’s promoting the hell out of it, like everything he does. I don’t have a lot of hope for this movie but it could surprise us, it could end up making a ton of money like Aquaman did. Also as Kaiser wrote it’s a live action movie in the vein of Beauty and The Beast and that did very well. Anyway I highly enjoyed Will’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He’s been doing this for decades and he knows how to be funny and highly watchable. He also knows his family is over the top and he dished about them!

In episode 2 of the podcast at minute 29:30 we discussed why we don’t cover Jada Pinkett Smith anymore. She’s so deliberately shocking and confessional on her Facebook show Red Table Talk that we now ignore her for the most part. (Case in point.) Jimmy asked Will about the very intimate topics Jada and Willow talk about and he basically laughed and said it’s out of his hands. He also told the story of how Jaden dressed as Batman to go to a girl’s prom. That happened in 2015. Here’s some of what he said and the video is below.

Willow and Jada are hosting a Facebook show together. Do you watch this?
No, I don’t watch it. They are telling all our business. It’s called Red Table Talk.

Do they run this by you?
No, no! It’s Jada and my daughter and Jada’s mother so it’s the three generations. It’s actually fantastic, the episodes I could bear. They sit down and it’s really wide open raw conversation across the generations about a cornucopia of topics.

Even about a p-rnucopia of topics
Yes. P-rn addiction was the topic. There was one of those. They all go into a blur [in my memory].

Who was it most upsetting to hear talk about that? Your daughter, your wife or your mother-in-law?
[Will claps]. It’s all good.

Jaden dressed as Batman for the prom. Did he run it by you first?
A girl asked Jaden to go [to] prom. Jaden decided he was going to wear a white Batman suit to her prom. He informed her the night before. She told her father and Jada and I got the emergency call.

[The dad called them] Jada said ‘Just tell her to uninvite him. Jaden is not a prom date kind of kid.’

I tried to talk to him ‘Jaden man, you can’t wear a Batman suit to the girl’s prom.’

He said ‘Dad I’ll compromise I’ll wear a tie. I promise it will be the best time of her life.’

The next day he shows me he’s trending number one, Jaden Smith Batman suit at the prom. Number two was Isis. He said ‘Dad I agree with you something’s wrong with the world, but it’s not me.’

[From two videos on Jimmy Kimmel Live]

When Jaden dressed as batman he was 17 and obviously a bit wackier then. Will also explained why he jumped out of a plane for his 50th birthday, it was about challenging himself. He told a funny story about his father-in-law passing out after doing it with him and needing medical assistance. I know my version sounds horrible, but when Will tells it, it’s funny. As for Will’s thoughts on Red Table Talk, Jimmy really nailed it with the question as to whether it’s more disturbing to him to hear his wife, daughter or mother-in-law discuss these things. It’s too disturbing for us to watch as outsiders, I can’t imagine if that was my family telling all our secrets.

Here’s Will’s interview, it’s queued up to the part about Red Table Talk. The second part, where he talks about Jaden’s Batman suit, is here.




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  1. bros says:

    I really can’t stand her show or any time I hear this woman talk. She dispenses really dumb advice and is a terrible oversharer and I wouldn’t care except that I think she’s minimally intelligent and not insightful AT ALL.

  2. sommolierlady says:

    Who does watch that show? The woman is insufferable and full of b.s.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I’ve only seen the occasional clip, but I’ve long had the impression that Willow really doesn’t want a lot of the stuff her parents have pushed on her.
    The idea of 3 generations talking about issues and their lives is interesting, but Jada bugs.

  4. jaylee says:

    I personally LOVE the red table talk. I haven’t seen the latest porn discussion but I will definitely watch it. Jada made me uncomfortable one time on Oprah years ago talking about sexting & keeping her marriage exciting. It was TMI & kept me from embracing her show off the bat but it really is so good. They are very interesting women with unique perspectives.

  5. jen says:

    shamelessly sharing and only thinking of $$, this family is gross.

  6. SJR says:

    Jada and their kids are much less talented than Will himself.
    Jada is an attention hog, will do anything to keep the spotlight on her.
    I do not give a flying rats behind what Jada, Jaden or Willow talk about.

    Not going to see this movie, I’ll wait for it to hit Netflix.

  7. onyx403 says:

    Just wanted to reply to ANP to say, it’s not Will Smith’s place to tell his wife anything, nor does it make him more or less of a man that she has a show that he is clearly uncomfortable with. He can express his discomfort as he well may have in private, but he can’t ‘tell’ her what to do just because he’s a man. So let’s not put women all the way back in to the 40s no matter what the US government is currently trying to do m’kay??

    • ME says:

      Nope certainly not his place to tell his wife what she can and can’t do/say…but…he does have the right to ask her not to talk about personal stories about HIM…which I don’t think she does but not sure as I don’t watch the series. He’s a working actor with an image to uphold. So if he said “hey Jada don’t talk about my personal business” then she should respect his wishes.

  8. olive says:

    Didn’t Jaden also wear a white version of his Batsuit to Kim & Kanye’s wedding??

    • jwoolman says:

      Yup. The kid was dumb enough to wear the white Batman suit to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. And Kim and Kanye were dumb enough to let him attend without real adult supervision, because fame and money.

      I don’t care if Will’s kid was trending the day after the prom. The one to decide whether it was okay for him to wear a white Batman suit (tie or not) was the girl who asked him to the prom.

      He never should have sprung it on her at the last minute, regardless of what she said about it. People will often just go along with something that makes them feel uncomfortable because they don’t want to look like a poor sport. She needed more time to think about it and so did he. Get her really on board with the stunt or don’t do it.

  9. Amy says:

    I’m probably missing something, but why wouldn’t it be a good idea to talk about addiction openly like that? I know a number of people (like 8 that I know very well) who have gotten addicted to p0rn and it’s really messed up their marriages and even their lives. I haven’t watched the episode, but I appreciate anyone who’s willing to be honest, especially when that will help others!