Thursday BDE: Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy step out in London

James McAvoy seen arriving at the global studios

I truly don’t have much to say here other than “Enjoy some Thursday BDE.” Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were photographed separately at Global Studios in London, where they were likely doing promotional work for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I still don’t know what to make of the previews for this latest installment of the rebooted X-Men franchise – Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey, who is basically so powerful that she can’t control her own mutation at all. Fassy’s Magneto tries to kill her or something? And McAvoy’s Professor X is trying to help her? Something like that. Even though these films are mostly nonsensical trash, I do like Fassy and McAvoy in these roles. I just wish the scripts were worth a damn.

Anyway, I’m enjoying these photos. James is adorable and I love the way he struts around in his tight jeans. His hair is a good length these days too. As for Fassbender… lord, we can go months and months without seeing him or hearing from him. Even when he has a new film out these days, he barely even promotes it. It’s different for the X-Men franchise though – he’s contractually obligated to do a lot of promo work. I’m pleased to see him looking gingery and scruffy – he always looks hotter with a beard. I haven’t heard any gossip about Michael and Alicia Vikander in months either – they got married in 2017 and moved to Portugal. And that’s all we know.

PS… I hate Fassy’s sunglasses. James’ sunglasses are fine.

Michael Fassbender seen arriving at the Global studios

James McAvoy seen arriving at the global studios

Michael Fassbender seen arriving at the Global studios

James McAvoy seen arriving at the global studios

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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29 Responses to “Thursday BDE: Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy step out in London”

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  1. Lucy says:

    McAvoy. All day, every day.

  2. mia girl says:

    Back off ladies, McAvoy IS MINE!!

  3. MrsDeAndre says:

    McAvoy gets hotter every year, I swear! Still think “BDE” is dumb tho. Ugh

    • C-Shell says:

      This may be one instance where BDE can be meant literally, for both of them.

      Crude comment: I love how McEvoy’s zipper looks like it can barely contain him … *drool*

  4. Mia4s says:

    McAvoy and Fassbender were waaaaay better than this series deserved. Their interactions in the first one were absolutely perfect.

    The series never recovered from terrible planning, NO sense of time, and crawling up Jennifer Lawrence’s ass. Just because she became a superstar doesn’t mean her character was. That was and should have been a supporting role. And by the third movie (which was TERRIBLE) she was sleepwalking. The lost potential of this series makes me so mad.

    • sunny says:

      Yup. The first movie was pretty good and the performances were excellent. By the third film JLaw looked like she was dialing it in.

      I know Fassy has a problematic rep and I hope he worked out his personal bs. I remain wildly attracted to both him and James MacAvoy.

    • SKF says:

      The first movie was fun and fresh, the second was fantastic, the third SUCKED. Mystique was way more interesting as a villain or at least an anti-hero. They should have focused more on characters like Magneto, Professor X and Storm. This movie… I could be good or it could suck. Eh, I don’t think people actually care that much at this point. What a shame! I hope for Sophie’s sake that it is great because I like her as a person a lot.

  5. Jamie says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you Kaiser. This is a shitty morning for me but these pictures help.

  6. ChillyWilly says:

    Nope to Fassy. Hellz yes to McAvoy!!!! I’ve been in love with him since Atonement.

  7. lily says:

    James looks so fine and he’s having a great professional moment in his career. Glass was great and His Dark Materials looks good, finally well done i hope (Love the books).

    To sad that Fassy’s career is almost inexistente by now, he only had a new movie to shoot with Arnold Schwarzenegger (?). Its like he was blacklisted or something. This is the best he has been look lately, at close range looks sad and old. There is a new blind item and everybody is guessing (hopefully) is about him.

    • Andrea says:

      What is the blind about?

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        If it is the one at Blind Gossip, it has him on a date in a bar with some random woman that is very much not his wife 🙄

        I think his career suffered from the “Colin Farrell Effect”, a decent character actor that is suit to ensemble work with a strong cast but also happens to have “movie star” looks so the powers that be cast him in leading man roles that don’t suit his talent. Result is bomb after bomb.

      • lily says:

        There is another one on Crazy days and night about a director who is throwing names of actors to be cast to get the bad publicity and the real ones he wants have been approached by him privately. People are guessing is Mel Gibson for The Wild Bunch remake with Michael Fassbender, Jamie Foxx, Peter Dinklage. I hope Fassbender wont work with Mel Gibson, the last thing he needs to be attached to that man.

      • Mash says:

        Yea…. i think they thought this would catapult them into a couple like daniel craig and rachel weisz (lowkey but dramatic roles with successful franchise chugging along out the waaazooo)

        But what they didnt realize is that there has to be real spark which they have none….. but I sometime hollyweird couple set ups and end up pushing thru (ie Jay & Bey in the earlier days)

      • SKF says:

        @Mash – I do not get that vibe AT ALL from them… If they wanted to use their marriage to catapult them into more fame then they would have pimped their marriage out a bit. Instead they have kept it super super private. I think they are (or were – who knows?) the real deal.

        Also, perhaps he is dating on the side, or perhaps he was meeting a female friend or colleague for a drink? I have loads of male friends. I never understand this weird thing people have about any male and female meeting up having to be a date.

    • just a small town girl says:

      yes, inquiring minds want to know the blind about fassy!

  8. Miasys says:

    I will be so glad when all of the promo for this is over. My last name is Gray & every time we see this trailer, my daughter gives me grief for not naming her Jean. Ugh.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    James get hotter and just Fassy isn’t aging well.

  10. Wood Dragon says:

    Some seriously good looking critters.

  11. Why would people hope that a married man went on a date with a random woman, that is not his wife? Don’t get what people have against Alicia. Or their marriage.

    • SKF says:

      I don’t get this either. People seem to dislike her for some reason. To me she is just so Swedish – matter of fact! Ha ha!

  12. Alyse says:

    Both super attractive/charismatic, but McAvoy has great style & Fassbender doesn’t (those glasses…)

    Side note: I’m a fan of Fass & Vikander as a couple, so happy they seem to be enjoying low key private marriage bliss 🙂