Harvey Weinstein reached a tentative deal to pay his victims $30 million

Harvey Weinstein's new legal team approved by the judge

More than 80 women eventually came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of harassment, assault and/or rape. Weinstein is currently facing criminal charges of sexual assault and battery of several victims, but the criminal proceedings are by no means comprehensive, especially given the asinine statute of limitations on most sex-crimes. So some of Weinstein’s victims have tried to go through the civil court system to attempt to get some kind of justice. Long story short, Weinstein has reached a tentative deal where he would pay out $44 million to accusers.

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative $44-million settlement with women who have accused him of sexual assault as well as creditors of his former studio, according to two people familiar with the arrangement. The proposed deal, which has not been finalized, was hammered out this week during mediation hearings stemming from bankruptcy proceedings for the Weinstein Co., according to the knowledgeable people who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Under the proposed settlement, $30 million would be earmarked for accusers, unsecured creditors and former Weinstein Co. employees, according to one of the people. The remaining $14 million would be used to pay legal fees, this person said. Insurance companies, potentially including Chubb Limited and AIG, are expected to make the payment on behalf of the Weinstein Co., which filed for bankruptcy last year. One knowledgeable person said Walt Disney Co., which previously owned Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s successful studio Miramax, also could contribute funds to cover alleged misconduct while that studio was part of the Burbank entertainment giant.

“It’s been a long, complex process, and we do feel this settlement provides a measure of justice though it’s not everything one might hope for, and it reflects a long effort to reach a compromise between different parties that have claims to some of the money from the whole Weinstein enterprise,” said Aaron Filler, an attorney representing one of the plaintiffs, actress Paz De La Huerta.

Thursday’s tentative agreement follows months of contentious mediation hearings. The goal has been to reach a global settlement that would resolve all of the civil suits lodged against Weinstein. More than a dozen lawsuits have been filed on behalf of accusers. Over the past year, the mediator has conducted at least 11 sessions, some of which were “highly adversarial,” according to court filings.

[From LA Times]

I’ll admit to not really understanding the legal and financial aspects of where the money is coming from. I mean, Weinstein isn’t poor? He made a fortune in Hollywood, he still owns property worth millions of dollars, he still has significant assets, so why isn’t Weinstein liquidating everything to personally settle some or all of these civil claims? Is it because some (or perhaps many?) of Weinstein’s victims sued his company, thinking that the company would have deeper pockets?

In any case, $30 million for victims, former employees and creditors seems like too small a sum. I would imagine that most of Weinstein’s victims didn’t even sue him or his former company, and those who did probably don’t even want the money, they just want some small piece of justice. So the $30 million will be parceled out to a handful of victims and former employees, but mostly to the creditors, just my guess.

Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to sexual assault  arriving at a Manhattan court

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21 Responses to “Harvey Weinstein reached a tentative deal to pay his victims $30 million”

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  1. Oh No says:

    Jail. He needs to go to jail.

    And everyone who knew about him and gave his ass a pass to get closer to an Oscar shouldn’t be forgotten either. It’s one thing to be in an industry, know something, and be scared into silence. Its another to be in an industry, know something, and say well he didn’t do it to me so let’s make a movie.

    I feel the same about Woody Allen

  2. Incredulous says:

    That seems low, very, very low. I assume he isn’t going to admit to anything either. Is the settlement going to come with a non-disclosure agreement as well? All in all, this seems fishy to me.

  3. boredblond says:

    So..the insurance companies dole out the money, and that big tub of goo keeps his? Something stinks.

  4. Rainy Red Carpet says:

    He’s going to weasel out of this without doing any hard time.

    • crogirl says:

      Not only will he get out of this but I expect him to make a full comeback in 3-5 years. Look at Mel Gibson. Hollywood is forgiving of white rich men.

  5. unmade_bed says:

    Somehow, this just makes me sad for victims who don’t see any restitution.

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He and Batali need to share a cell.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    He needs to be gelded

  8. Valerie says:

    He needs to be behind bars.

  9. sommolierlady says:

    Not even close to good enough.

  10. Snazzy says:

    There is nothing about this deal that is ok. Predator is getting off without any consequence. This makes me sick

  11. MrsDeAndre says:

    Yeah why are these headlines “$30mil settlement from Harvey for victims/accusers”. That’s not what this says at all. It’s a bankruptcy proceeding of a company, not Harvey himself, and there is always a “safety-pot” set aside in those proceedings for any currently unknown debts, plaintiffs or unsecured creditors that come out of the woodwork later during proceedings. It is a lump sum for them all which at the end of a specified time period is put back to the pot for secured creditors. None of that is “for victims”, and I’d be willing to bet none of it will ever come from Harvey nor go to victims.
    So these headlines everywhere are, imo, misleading and actually make it look like “Harvey has to pay victims/accusers” which, is not the case at all and he’s still scott free. That should be the clear headline.

  12. Why? says:

    Will georgina get back with him when he inevitability doesn’t go to prison and is welcomed back in Hollywood?

    • Tourmaline says:

      I wonder this too! Are they actually divorced? The last I can find is from over a year ago that they were reaching a settlement.

      Anna Wintour and Vogue threw a life buoy at Georgina and Marchesa, there was that glowing, woman wronged, don’t anyone dare think that Georgina is complicit profile in Vogue last year. Which was the dog whistle from the powers that be that it was OK for everyone to get back into the Marchesa pool, the water’s fine.

      I wonder what the financials of Marchesa are? There was a Daily Beast article last summer that Weinstein could still be involved with the company.

  13. Lisabella says:

    30 million would be a decent amount for EACH VICTIM!!!

  14. FluffyPrincess says:

    Of course. He will probably do no jail time, even though people around the world knew that he was a sleazy scumbag dating back to the 90s. There were rumors about him in the 90s BEFORE social media, so there’s that. Money and privilege wins again.

    And really, Georgina Chapman is forever cancelled. She does NOT get to play the “I didn’t know” card. EVERYONE knew. EVERYONE. And you can’t tell me that actresses and other people in the business didn’t warn her. Be for real. She knew and she turned a blind eye to a known predator for $$$.

  15. JadedBrit says:

    I imagine a HELLUVA lot of his money has been farmed out to shell accounts in the Caymans, in subsidiaries’ names, even via family members. Getting at the bulk of his fortune will be like trying to reclaim Nazi gold from Switzerland.

  16. Lilly says:

    In his quickie divorce, he gave as much as he possibly could to his wife. This is a common tactic when someone is in big legal trouble and has a whole lot to lose. That way he can say his wife “took” everything in the divorce. It’s sick that his insurance and Disney is paying out to the victims!!! HE should have to pay out of his personal fortune that remains!

    Meanwhile, they only got divorced for the financials. This is why we cannot allow Georgina Chapman and Marchesa ever rebound! He bullied actresses into wearing her dresses, and that’s why she married him. She’s an opportunist, pure and simple.