Kanye West claims Trump supporters are ‘treated like enemies of America’

Kanye West looks cheerful as he chats with friends after his church service

Kanye West has been canceled for me for more than a year. The MAGA stuff just got to be too much – I can defend a lot of things Kanye-related or Kanye-adjacent, but his descent into Trumplandia is still one of the most disturbing pop-culture moments of the past decade. I think the root of Kanye’s Donald Trump obsession is a combination of things: mental illness, ignorance, a martyr syndrome which Republicanism feeds and plus, he loves attention and wearing a MAGA hat gets him attention. Anyway, Kanye agreed to a sit-down interview with David Letterman for Letterman’s Netflix long-form interview show, My Guest Needs No Introduction. Guess what happened?

The Daily Beast today published a preview of David Letterman’s interview with Kanye West — which addresses music, fashion, West’s late mother and of course his much-criticized support of President Trump — on his Netflix show, which begins streaming next Friday, May 31. The article praises the hour-long session as “not only one of the best interviews Letterman has ever conducted, it’s also one of the most coherent and engaging interviews Kanye has ever given, even if it does go off the rails at times.” That may be the case, although there is scant evidence of it in the excerpts published today.

The most controversial statements, as usual, are about Trump, which apparently take place toward the end of the interview. West brings up the subject.

“This is like my thing with Trump — we don’t have to feel the same way, but we have the right to feel what we feel,” he says, claiming that his donning a “Make America Great Again” hat is “not about politics” but rather an attempt to break the stigma around showing support for Trump.

Letterman brings up the Republican-led voter suppression efforts during the recent midterm elections. “So if I see a person that I admire talking about Donald Trump can think whatever he does,” Letterman says, “I wonder if those thoughts, indirectly, aren’t hurting people who are already being hurt.”

Instead, West replies that Trump voters are “treated like enemies of America because that’s what they felt.” After Letterman makes a case that Trump actually is not helping those who vote for him, West says, “Have you ever been beat up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?”

Asked who the real bullies in America are at the moment, he replies, “Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters!”

[From Variety]

Kanye is doing the same thing that racists do when you call them racist, which is act like being CALLED a racist is the same or worse than actually committing a racist act or saying racist sh-t. Kanye wants to wear his MAGA hat without having to defend why he’s wearing it, without having to give one second of critical thought about what Trump is really doing to this country. Kanye equates the criticism of “Trump is a petty fascist moron and so are his supporters” with being “bullied for one’s beliefs.” I could go on and on but suffice to say: Kanye is still f–king canceled. I’m so tired of his sh-t.

Paris Jackson attends church with Kanye West and the Kardashians in Calabasas

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Snappyfish says:

    For the Love of all that is Holy, be quiet & go away Kanye. At this point anyone who still supports this pathological lying megalomaniacal traitor has forfeited the right to call themselves American. Trump is a grifter of the highest order who is slowly eroding everything that made America great while trying to make a buck

  2. TheOriginalMia says:

    They are enemies of the US. They don’t care that there are racists and fascists running this country as long as they are owning the libs and hurting those that don’t look/act/believe like them. MAGAts are ignorant and mean and don’t deserve my sympathy or concern. Guess what, Kanye? We agree on something for once.

    • ME says:

      I’d like to add that they are enemies of the US because they eagerly applaud a man that admits that working with a foreign adversary of the US is no big deal, has obstructed justice a lot, ignoring constitutional duties… Trump and his party are following the authoritarian’s playbook and they don’t care. That’s what makes them all enemies of the US. They don’t want this America, they want a white, malevolent society where they can do whatever they want, when they want.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Exaxtly! They are enemies of the state. I refuse to socialize with any Trump supporter, including family members. I have ZERO tolerance for MAGATS.

  3. Trillian says:

    Oh, poor fascist supporters everywhere. People are like SO MEAN to you.

    • Mgsota says:

      My husband and I were watching Hate thy Neighbor and at the end white people were singing “we shall overcome”

      I just can’t

  4. Incredulous says:

    If you run around the playground biting people, you will get a reputation as a biter.

    • PlayItAgain says:

      YES! Great analogy.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      Exactly. And then you can’t play the victim when some of the kids you bite defend themselves, or when their friend or sibling comes to scratch the shit out of you (yes, this actually happened! 🙂 ) .

  5. Megan says:

    Kanye is so tiresome. I actually feel sorry for Kim.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yep. Just like your president, KWest is a boar, a boor and a bore.

      • Surly Gale says:

        Seems like your covered all the boar/boor/bore that is he, fully and across the board.

    • Marlene says:

      I don’t understand why KK still wants to be associated with that clown.

    • 2lazy4username says:

      Why? She chose to have four babies with him, knowing full well who he is.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        and it’s not like she’s some poor/trapped abused woman, either.

        she can get out anytime she wants.

    • DP says:

      Do not feel sorry for Kim. She is his enabler!

    • Dee Kay says:

      Didn’t Kim K say that she doesn’t talk politics with Kanye? Say what you will about the Kardashians but afaik they are staunch Democrats. I know that Kim went to Donald Trump asking for that inmate to be released from prison but imo that was a good thing to do, that was using celebrity to promote justice, which I’m in favor of. (And I am way not in favor of Kanye using his celebrity to help MAGAts feel like they are the “victims” who “need to speak out” or whatever.)

  6. Tictacpoe says:

    I remember when so many people celebrated how cool Kanye and Kim were because they released (probably edited) tapes about Swift. But I always knew this was trash. I have white people all up in this telling me how even Kayne (as if he weren’t cray!) says they’re the real victims. Isn’t it just great.

    • ByTheSea says:

      The tapes were not edited. Kanye can be a garbage person and Taylor Swift could have lied. Not mutually exclusive.

      • Tictacpoe says:

        How do you know they weren’t edited? I think they were.

      • ByTheSea says:

        Because Taylor came out with every excuse EXCEPT “the tapes were edited.” Likely because she knew they would air her behind out even more.

      • Tictacpoe says:

        She actually implied that they were, and I believe her because Kayne is an awful, horrible person and so is his wife.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @ByTheSea, Taylor DID come out and say the tapes were edited and she dared Kanye to release the whole HOUR Long conversation. You can hear the very bad edit splices in the version Kim released.

      • Alissa says:

        Listen, even if the tapes were edited Taylor originally said that she cautioned Kanye against releasing such a misogynistic song, and made a comment about people trying to “take credit” for your fame (clearly a reference to “I made that bitch famous”). Then on video she is saying how she thinks it’s funny, etc, and had no issue with the song. Then she says her issue was with the word bitch. So…not the “misogyny” or him “taking credit for her fame”, which were her previous issues.

        IMO, she latched onto the fact that the Snapchat video didn’t include the word bitch and decided that was the only thing she could say to try to save face. She even references the idea that he didn’t know she was famous (she specifically talks about how many records she sold), so it sounds like she was well aware of the “I made that bitch famous” line. Maybe he used a different word than bitch when he played it for her, is the most generous interpretation I could give. Kanye is trash, but Taylor also lied and has dodged actually talking about the video while just making vague statements about people being mean to her – without owning WHY they were mean in the first place.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Alissa, the conversation was an hour long. Kim released less than 2 minutes, with jarringly bad splices showing even that was pieced together, and 58 minutes are missing. You have no idea what was actually said by either of them.

        I could never stand Taylor but was indifferent to Kim. The stunt she pulled with that tape showed me she was a despicable creature. She wants to be a lawyer? Pull a stunt like that in the discovery process or in a courtroom and prepare for a disciplinary investigation.

      • Tictacpoe says:

        Until I hear the WHOLE tape, I believe Taylor Swift. Period. Listen, someone made an excellent point below – this pro-trump stuff from Kayne is very likely a reaction to Obama calling him a jackass. He really is a lot like Trump. So how well do you think he reacted to what Taylor said about him? That tape is doctored and it was done for revenge, he is a narcissist just like trump and I personally believe Kim is the same way. So much Swift hate for whatever the reasons led to people jumping and yelling “It’s receipts day!!” and unfortunately, no one looked deeper because they didn’t want to know. Well, now we have this.

      • Alissa says:

        it doesn’t matter if the conversation was an hour or two minutes. she released the bits that were relevant to show that Taylor had been lying. which she showed.

        nowhere in your comment did you refute my points – she changed her criticism of the song multiple times, and had refused to address it adequately since, because pointing out that she was actually a snake in that scenario goes against her image.

        even when she tried to “claim” the snake title, she still didn’t really do it.

        don’t get me wrong – I like Taylor, I buy her music, and I’ve always thought he was trash. but Taylor changes the narratives multiple times to suit herself and never takes responsibility for how her actions affect things as well. it’s a little tiresome.

      • Tictacpoe says:

        Some people just want to believe what they want to believe and they never ever want to say they were wrong. Carry on.

    • madthinking says:

      In fairness to Taylor, even if the tapes weren’t edited maybe after she heard the song and saw the video, and she didn’t like it. It’s one thing to insinuate you are going to do something it’s another thing to see and hear it. It’s not like he played her the song and showed her the video. According to Kanye today, Taylor has a right to feel how she feels and express it without being persecuted or bullied. Makes you wonder what Kanye’s problem was in 2016 with Taylor and that philosophy. Oops I forgot that only works if you are Kanye. Wear your Maga hat if you want you look like a dork.

  7. BlueSky says:

    I think he sees himself in Trump. Both are delusional and narcissists. Each cannot take any kind of criticism and calls it bullying for just asking simple direct questions. I agree, he wears the hat because he likes attention. He thinks he’s being provocative. As a WOC I cannot fathom how he can support this person. I got tired of his BS too and deleted all of his songs off my playlist.
    You can support whom ever you want but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to question you. I find it funny that he is just as much a bully as Trump is. he’s gotta a lot of nerve to say he’s being bullied when I bet people are just trying to get a coherent answer out of him as to why he supports that POS.

  8. HK9 says:


  9. ByTheSea says:

    Gaslighting at its worst. Good people on both sides all over again. I was done with Kanye with the first round of Trump support; this is just confirmation for me.

    • Tourmaline says:

      THANK YOU that was exactly what came to my mind. Gaslighting. Yes, right, it is just like beating someone up at school for wearing the wrong hat…. that’s it.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, this is the way they’ve learned to operate. I feel like a shell of my former self as Trump’s supporters continue to flip the script on every single sh*tty, scary moment of his presidency.

    • Surly Gale says:

      But that’s exactly where they get us…gas-lighting and claiming fake news…..they’ve changed the concept of reality and even rational people are being pulled in.

      I think we’re about to be beyond gas=lighting and fake news and everything else. I think we’re headed for war, because they don’t care about environmentalism…cause they plan to blow the whole world up for profit anyway. They’re building their safe houses and getting ready for the apocolypse

  10. Emily says:

    Kanye, it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, I’m going to call it an enemy of America.

  11. Lightpurple says:

    Probably because they are enemies of America. All America, north, south and central.

  12. Lucy2 says:


  13. anp says:

    Since him and his idiot wife did not get attention from the Obama’s and invited to the White House they went over to Trump side to get that attention and invited to the White House.

    • AB says:

      Such a good point. This whole thing is probably about Obama calling ‘Ye out on being a ‘jacka$$.’ Kanye is just like Trump.

      • Alissa says:

        Honestly, I think it is a HUGE part of it. Plus Bey & Jay got Obama, and he’s been feuding with Jay for awhile.

  14. Jerusha says:

    You are enemies of America, Fool.

  15. B n A fan says:

    KW told Letterman he has never voted. Letterman told him he has no say. IMO, KW should take a seat and stop believing he’s white. Btw, Don the Con supporters are the enemy of America, IMO, end of story.

  16. Kiki says:

    After that incident on SNL when Kanye wants the 13th Amendment to be abolished, I was done with Kanye West. PERIOD. He can take his MAGA hat and Trump Loving support somewhere.

  17. mk says:

    Kanye should go back to calabasas and his fake church.

  18. minx says:

    Oh, shut up fool.

  19. DahliaDee says:

    Good. Because they are.

  20. Veronica S. says:

    They are enemies of America. *shrug* I’m not going to mince words when my rights as a woman and LGBT+ individual are currently under siege. I live and pay taxes in this country, too.

  21. Billbop says:

    Agree with him or not, why can’t he support this president without being cancelled? I just don’t understand why we have to always hate half the country because they don’t agree with our political views.

    I get so sick of people being called stupid, hateful, etc, because they have their own views on politics that differ from your own. We have had good presidents and bad presidents and we have been fine. Once someone new gets in they reverse much of what was done by the previous president anyway.

    I just don’t think half this country is evil and stupid, sorry. And it really gets old with so many people attacking their fellow American citizens because they have their own ideas about politics and the world. Some compassion and empathy would be nice on both sides.


    • Tictacpoe says:


      whitest post we’ll see today. everyone else can go home now.

    • Anon33 says:

      *both sides alert*

      Offer “compassion” to the people you’re seeking to strip rights from and then come talk to me about how we need “empathy in this country”.

    • Mgsota says:

      @billbop We are not talking about political differences in economy or trade or other semi innocuous things that separate political parties, we’re talking about a true legit white supremacist in the White House… that’s a fucking problem and his supporters are fucking problems too.

    • Lightpurple says:

      On any given day, only a third of the country supports Donald Trump, not half. Never half.

    • Incredulous says:

      Ayo Billbop, rather than dogpile you or anything, I’ll tell you of a time recently when a friend of mine decided he was going to defend Trump. Naturally, all of us present asked “Why?” It turned out he had decided he wanted to be contrarian and figured this was what he wanted to start with. I said okay and immediately asked him the following questions –

      Do you think Donald Trump is a bigot,yes or no?
      Do you think Donald Trump is a racist, yes or no?
      Do you think Donald Trump has committed sexual assault, yes or no?
      Do you think Donald Trump is a rapist, yes or no?
      Do you think Donald Trump is intelligent, yes or no?
      Do you think you know more about the duties of the president of America than Donald Trump, yes or no?

      He wouldn’t answer any of those questions and never tried anything like that again. I, however, put the same questions to you.

    • Snowflake says:

      Ok, I try not to talk politics because I live in a red area and I am a liberal Democrat. My family are hard core Republicans. I think the problem I have with Trump supporters is that they have embraced a man who is everything they’ve been against for decades. Do you think a Republican Obama who had an affair with a p0rn star would be forgiven? We all know he wouldn’t have been. You guys complained about Bill getting a BJ ffs. So, imo, it is the height of hypocrisy to endorse Trump. My mom said he likes his policies. His policies are illegal immigration. He says he’s a white nationalist. He is, he wants to keep the nation white. That’s what all his policies go back to so if you endorse him, imo, you are a flat out racist or at the very least, have racist tendencies. And fox news basically tells you’re being treated badly cause you’re white. No it’s because you guys act like racists. And I include my family in this as well.

    • cannibell says:

      “Some compassion and empathy would be nice on both sides.”

      Tell that to the kids in cages.
      Tell that to the people who are losing their jobs and farms because of tariffs.
      Tell that to the “very fine people” who are being killed in their houses of worship.
      Tell that to the people dying because of weather-related climate change incidents, and to future generations who will have to live with the consequences of this administration’s climate change denial.

      I could go on, but I have more important things to do than try talking sense to people who don’t see what’s in front of them, even when it’s slapping them repeatedly across their faces.

    • Ksweet says:

      When it’s just political views, I get you. But this administration is waging a full-on attack of the Constitution, human rights, civil rights, the environment, education, the free press, and income equality with tax breaks for corporations and the most wealthy. The president’s behavior towards people who disagree with him is also an attack on common decency and our tradition of civil discourse. This is way more than politics because it threatens our country at its core, and that is why I do feel that Trump supporters (and it’s scary that they even still exist) are a threat, if not actually enemies, of our country.

      • Cannibell says:

        In my state, small organic farmers are being forced out of business because of falling milk prices. It sucks. So yes, farmers.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The hard thing about milk in the US is that it is subsidized by the gov’t to keep the prices low and competitive with milk in other countries. However, we are now seeing milk consumption decline in the US, while at the same time production is up. So supply/demand forces make the prices sink even lower. Trump thinks farm consolidation is a good thing, but it is actually horrible for small farms and consumers alike.

      • cannibell says:

        @Tiffany – you’re spot-on about the milk. I did a story (I was a full-time journalist in another life and am still proud to be an occasional “enemy of the people”) about a farmer in WI who is milking water buffalo, because the milk is worth 10 times what cow’s milk is. (Water buffalo milk = really fabulous mozzarella cheese)

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Billbop – racism, misogyny and xenophobia are NOT political views! They are threats against human rights! And they will not be tolerated by me on scales
      both large (Trump) and small.(you and Kanye).

    • Steph says:

      One side is asking for the removal of equal protection/rights, while the other is asking for the protection of these rights.

      If you don’t want to be cancelled for being an asshole, don’t infringe on the civil rights of others.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      when your political views advocate for the imprisonment/death of people who think/speak/look/love differently from you, I don’t have to agree-to-disagree with or tolerate them. or you.

    • Lisa says:

      Billbop, sounds about white….and privileged.

      Anyone who supports Trump is like him, an enemy of this country. I don’t tolerate any magat because they have absolutely no empathy for anyone but people like themselves and their own bottom line.

      • Surly Gale says:

        I have been Billbop, sparodically, throughout my life ~ like having the hiccups, . My heart always knew, my mind took longer to catch up, The thing with the conversations here is we’re not HATING. There’s so much constructive criticism, education, love, tolerance and faith on these pages ~ @Billbop, you have an opportunity to learn something deep and meaningful here, if you choose to. Thinking about the perspectives that might have prompted these comments. Think about others’ life experiences.
        I don’t fear for my life if I’m pulled over whilst driving, like some folks here do….every day. Or being stopped by a police officer when walking to the store to get groceries. – it’s more likely I’ll be told to tie up my shoelace … I would have no reason to be fearful…only thankful! This is my white privilege. I may be discounted as an older woman, but it’s a pretty benign malignancy. There is a lot of life experience here; the wisdom of our elders, if you will (not necessarily in age – some live a life time in a short time xoxo). So welcome, come sit and we’ll broaden our horizons together, eh?

    • 2lazy4username says:

      This isn’t just a matter of a “bad” president. Trump isn’t a “bad” president, he is a dangerous one. It’s really not about politics at this point. It’s about the undoing of America. That is not defensibe.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      “I get so sick of people being called stupid…, because they have their own views on politics that differ from your own…I just don’t think half this country is evil and stupid, sorry. And it really gets old with so many people attacking their fellow American citizens because they have their own ideas about politics and the world.” This from the guy who implied that women who want to protect reproductive rights are too stupid to think for themselves and are just blindly going with what’s trendy and popular?

      This isn’t about just having different views about politics and the world- making it about people just being different is manipulative and dishonest. This is about actively choosing to participate in the harm of marginalized people through destructive policies, normalizing abuse, and normalizing hate speech. Deplorables being criticized for that in an impolite way is not ‘bullying’- especially when it comes from the people effected by their decisions. It’s a social consequence for the lack of empathy and compassion already shown. Please, take your gaslighting back to breitbart or some place in the ‘manoshphere.’

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Why couldn’t the the Jews in Germany have compassion and empathy for their Nazi neighbours who were stealing their money and their homes, beating them on the street and then sending them to death camps?

      Why can’t the black men driving home from work have compassion and empathy for the white policeman who shoot them dead without cause?

      Why can’t women forced to carry to term the pregnancies created in violent assault have some feelings for religious zealots forcing their zealotry on them?

      People willing to support a dictator, who support a documented racist who endorses white supremacy and anti-Semitism, and who also hates and assaults women, get no quarter here. This is a moral, not a political, choice. Stop whining.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      You’re not serious. Please tell me you’re not serious with this bullsh*t.

    • Godwina says:

      Trump is literally a fascist. That’s not “a differing of political opinion,” you abhorrent ninny. That’s people crying out for the right to EXIST.

      Help yourself and help the world: open a history book, please.

  22. Jan says:

    Well that’s because they are you delusional idiot! Take your meds and STFU!

  23. Ladiabla says:

    Just imagine the amount of spite he possesses to go full-on with Trump just because Obama called him a jackass. Cause that is really what all this is about. Always his ego. Oh and Kanye, Obama was 100% right. What an odious man. Kim better be a lawyer by the time they get a divorce. Be prepared girl.

  24. adastraperaspera says:

    I believe Kanye is knee-deep in mob connections, just like Trump. I think he’s being paid and/or extorted to defend him. I’ve always wondered why Kanye included Trump in his 2016 “Famous” video–was it deliberate PR for Trump, to help get him elected? Kanye has knocked himself out trying to normalize Trump. It’s pretty much all he talks about when a microphone is in his face. Kanye loves the high roller lifestyle more than anything. I think he’s beholden to some very bad guys.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      A suggestion stemming from this would be that he became indebted during a manic stage.

      • Dee Kay says:

        There was a hypothesis when Kanye first turned MAGA that he got deep in debt to Russians to keep his fashion line afloat.

  25. TW says:

    Cue the bankruptcy in 3…2…1

    And then Kim will finally leave him.

  26. Cindy says:

    Kanye goes about his real life like he were an annonymous twitter troll. He likes having contrarian opinions for the sake of being contrarian and being paid attention.

  27. SM says:

    Ugh. Yes, because HE is. He is a threat to democracy everywhere. Kaney either needs to get put of his a-hole or stay there and keep his thoughts to himself.

  28. Nicegirl says:


  29. Karen says:

    They are enemies of America -another stable genius. What are you doing these days? Certainly not music. Failed clothing line, minister of a cult, dressing Kim like a bimbo and now political journalist.

  30. Coco says:

    I think I’ve mentioned on this site before that my ex worked for Kanye. He mocked my ex for a disability he had in front of an entire table of co-workers and industry people during a work dinner. Unprovoked, for no reason. Kanye is an immature, insecure, narcissistic bully. Period. I’m over “geniuses” getting a pass when in reality they are garbage human beings.

    • ME says:

      Wow, if that is true (it’s the internet sorry I have to be skeptical)…but wow if this is true Kanye is a real piece of sh*t !

      • Coco says:

        Yes, it’s true. I encouraged him to take the job and we’d broken up by the time this dinner happened but I was so upset for my ex when he told me what happened. He had meningitis as a baby, almost died, and lost hearing in one ear. He was always self conscious about it so it stung that someone who’s creativity he respected mocked him for being deaf in one ear. What kind of person does that?

        I always liked Kanye’s music. I have empathy for him and his mental illness. But at the same time it’s pretty cruel to mock others for something completely outside of their control.

      • ME says:

        That is really sad and it says so much about the type of person Kanye is and also the type of person Kim is for marrying a man like that. Did no one else in the room come to your ex’s defense or does everyone sh*t their pants around Kanye? What a f*cking a$$hole. People like that don’t deserve the money they have.

  31. Sparker says:

    Reminds me of my mother. Make no mistake, these folks are out there and they vote more than anyone else. We’ve got to get the vote out.

  32. T says:

    Every single time I read a quote or see an interview, I get the impression Kanye thinks he sounds intelligent… But he doesn’t. He sounds like a complete idiot lacking any sense of what is happening politically.

    • Cindy says:

      Contrarians like Kanye are convinced they sound intelligent because they are going against the norm. They feel like they are “critical thinkers” and we’re all “sheep”.

      You can see how succesful the rep’s martyr campaign is when you hear people like Kanye speak. They have truly convinced themselves that supporting their elected president is an act of rebellion. That the party in power is actually oppressed.

  33. Harryg says:

    How are the Trumps not in jail already? How is it possible? They are basically selling “air” and getting away with it.
    Everybody knows they are playing with Saudi and Russian money. What is it that the Russians have on them? The Trumps are a hideous, sad joke, pathetic losers. Barr is constantly steering the cruise ship away from the rocks. Hope they crash tomorrow.
    And Kanye, you and your idiot wife, just go away already.

  34. ME says:

    So is Kanye OK with the KKK then? Why is anyone even talking to Kanye about politics when the dude admitted he has NEVER voted.

    • Cindy says:

      Honestly things like this make me feel bad for writing 3 comments on this post.

      Truth is nobody should give a f*ck about Kanye’s politics but himself. He didn’t go to school for politics, and you can tell he has no idea what he’s talking about. I feel like I’m giving his completely irrelevant opinion more power than it should have.

  35. Ruyana says:

    They ARE the enemies of America. They are fueled 100% by hatred and bigotry.

  36. DP says:

    Trump and his supporters aka enablers are enemies of democracy, freedom, equality, and justice!

  37. jen says:

    there is no arguing with someone this irrational and detached from reality.

  38. mycomment says:

    what a g*ddamn moron.. praising the malignant piece of sh*t who on memorial day weekend spits on the sacrifice of americans who died in service to their country, and throws love at the murderous dictator who overrules a country that the u.s. is still technically at war with… I wonder how the wambier family feels.

  39. Valerie says:

    Yes, and? Sit down, Kanye.

  40. Tiffany :) says:

    “Trump voters are “treated like enemies of America.”

    No, honey. It is the PRESS that is treated like “Enemies of the People”, because that is what Trump calls them repeatedly.

    What gas lighting nonsense is this, Kanye? Convenient that you’d use that phrase that your Leader has used against others, and pretend that it is used against his followers.

  41. A says:

    If you’re supporting a man that has hired people who put children in cages to work in his administration, you absoLUTELY deserve to have your support for him stigmatized. You are absolutely an enemy to any decent, rational human being. The fact that Kanye doesn’t see that says a great deal about him. His support for Trump is fully about his ego, and nothing else. Obama snubbed him. I don’t doubt at all that Kanye sees himself in Trump. It makes perfect sense that he does, they’re both alike in a lot of ways in terms of personality.

  42. JennyJenny says:

    Part of me is upset that David Letterman would even devote two minutes to this raging narcissist.

    But on the other hand, maybe more people will see who Kanye truly is.
    He needs to be canceled and stay canceled!

    I am quite leery and fearful of this Kult he is perpetuating every Sunday in California; but we all know he feels a need to be worshiped. Ugh.

    I believe he just needs to take his medication and focus on raising all of his children.

  43. Melanie says:

    I mean, if one supports an enemy of America, aren’t they too an enemy of America. Donald Trump is dangerous to this country and to cheer on that danger is not patriotic.

  44. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Uhhhh, because they are, Kanye. Narcissistic idiot.

  45. virginfangirls says:

    When my daughter grows up and has no health care she can afford, and the planet she lives on can’t grow enough food because of climate change, she will definitely see Trump supporters as her enemies.

  46. Sunnyjyl says:

    I’m late to the party, but yeah, Kanye, 45 supporters are enemies of America.

  47. Godwina says:

    “I think the root of Kanye’s Donald Trump obsession is a combination of things: mental illness, ignorance, a martyr syndrome which Republicanism feeds and plus, he loves attention and wearing a MAGA hat gets him attention.”

    Yes, and money. He has wrapped himself and his kids in a comfy blanket of outrageous wealth and unplugged himself from the real world hard, like every rich crony in Trump’s cabinet of horrors. He’s simply exempt from worries the rest of us have. Laws, borders, etc don’t constrain them and they know it.

  48. Luci says:

    During Hurricane Katrina, Kanye said George W. Bush did not care about Black people. Yet, years later, Kanye tap dances up to the Oval Office of an ignorant, lying-ass racist, who has made it perfectly clear that he hates Black and brown people, and Kanye makes a complete and utter ass-clown of himself. Has he and his wife Kim, ever been invited to party and dine with Donald and Melania at Mar-a-Lago?