Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk ‘had very little in common,’ they lived ‘separate lives’

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One of the reasons why I’m kind of meh about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s split is because I’m not getting any particular vibe about them or their breakup. Like, I legitimately believe that what we see unfolding is the real story: an attractive couple with little in common got together, had a baby, and it fell apart because they don’t have much in common. At the moment, I don’t believe that there were any third parties, not even Lady Gaga (lol). I think Bradley and Irina tried and wanted to figure something out because of their daughter, but it didn’t work. That’s pretty much what people are saying in the wake of their split too:

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk drifted apart before their split became public.

“[Irina is] not focused on the celebrity part, or on the fame — she just wants to protect her family,” a source tells PEOPLE of the supermodel. “Bradley is very into work and is trying to take advantage of every career opportunity right now.” Adds the source, “They spent a lot of time apart.”

While the two were spotted enjoying a date night in New York City in April, they were more often than not working on their own projects. A different source tells PEOPLE, “They were living totally separate lives.”

“If he was in L.A., she’s out of town, and if she was in town, he was out of town,” says the insider.

[From People]

As I said last week, given Bradley’s relationship history, he seems to prefer being the one in the relationship with all the stuff going on, and we’ve seen his previous girlfriends put their careers on hold (or just on the back-burner) while they’re with him. Irina still worked while she was pregnant and after she gave birth. I don’t blame her – she’s one of the most in-demand models out there, and she has every right to have a career too. He knew that going into the relationship as well. What else? Page Six has something about the lust wearing off…

A source tells us of the couple, who met in 2015, that “after the lust wore off, they had very little in common.”

“They never shopped for their own house in California. It was just his house. There were no moves in that direction,” said the insider, adding, “Then there’s the fact that they never got married after they had a kid. She was certain that would happen. It felt like they weren’t truly making a life together outside of the child.”

There were rumors the couple had got engaged in 2016, when model Shayk began wearing an emerald ring on her left hand. We hear they’re now trying to figure out the logistics of the split and how they’re going to co-parent their 2-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.

“He wants to part on good terms, or as good as it can be in this situation,” says the source.

We hear that Cooper will likely let Shayk keep the LA place, since “her place in the West Village is too small at this point for a child.” Cooper — who produced, directed and starred in “A Star Is Born” — owns a 3,335-square-foot mansion in the Pacific Palisades, which he bought in 2009 for $4.7 million. He reportedly purchased a $13 million townhouse in the West Village in 2018.

[From Page Six]

I have no idea what the “Bradley will likely let Shayk keep the LA place” is all about, especially considering she’s already reportedly moved out of the LA home. I do think Irina probably wanted to marry him and maybe she was let down when it didn’t happen. Maybe he didn’t prioritize her or their relationship. It’s sad, but not particularly scandalous.

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk taking a stroll with their daughter Lea

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Latoya says:

    Irina’s PR people are still out in force. Bradley is with that kid a lot, there’s photos to prove it and he was talking about what he does to make her laugh on Ellen a few weeks ago. He seemed like a typical dad who acts goofy for his kid.

    His career is red hot right now, he’s producing The Joker too which is gonna be major. He has as much right as irina to work.

    This is a really boring split that most of you have made into a scandal. It was coming sooner or later and was well past its sell by date bc of the kid.

    And poor Lady Gaga is getting all the crap for it

    • Fanny says:

      Poor, poor, poor Lady Gaga! Being mentioned speculatively in a story nobody’s going to remember in a few weeks!

      • Kit says:

        when her instagram is getting flooded with abusive messages from crazy Russian trolls for just doing her job then yeah, she has my sympathy too. It’s not exactly gonna be fun to be called a homewrecker, is it now, Fanny?

      • Div says:

        Yeah, I agree this break up is already almost over in “celeb” gossip news so while it sucks for Gaga to be unnecessarily dragged into it it’s not that big of a deal (and I like Gaga most of the time). I’d feel worse for her if this was some escandalando break up and she was still getting dragged in.

        But it’s still kind of f*cked up that that some of the tabloids were tagging her twitter handle and her instagram got spammed with some pretty vile commentary.

      • Fanny says:

        Gaga has never bothered to call off her little monsters when they abuse other celebrities on social media on her behalf, so she must not think it’s a big deal.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        @Fanny: Apparently she has. Either way though, other people’s actions don’t make it ok for people to slut-shame her.

    • Melanie says:

      Latoya: I agree that most (or maybe all) of this seems to be coming from Irina’s PR team.

    • Div says:

      Yes, she has. Gaga called them out a couple of times, most recently when they went after Ed Sheeran a couple of years ago. Bey and Ariana have also called out their stans. Gaga and Bey are barely on social media, too, anymore so they are’t fanning it. People prefer to ignore this ish tho, because blaming women for something that have almost no control over is -fun- apparently instead of blaming the tech companies which should do a better job moderating or male stars who have equally insane stans. Even if popstars have uncontrollable stans, that still doesn’t justify them being bullied on social media.

    • Dani says:

      Oh yeah poor Lady Gaga who ATE UP EVERY SINGLE SECOND of attention she got from the rumors during award season.

  2. Kit says:


  3. mm11 says:

    Birth control exists but it seems like it doesn’t for celebrities so now we have situations like this.

  4. Michael says:

    I think both of them will move on quickly and both will find somebody more suitable for their needs. I am glad they both have everything else going well. I do not like Cooper as a rule but I love him so much as. Rocket Racoon that I cannot help but like him a bit. I really like Irina and wish her the best. She has had two of the most egotistical boyfriends in history. Maybe she will do better next time

    • Kit says:

      she doesn’t exactly look like a picnic either. Looks very dour most of the time.

      • Caffenatedwench says:

        Please let’s not police women’s natural facial expressions. My mouth naturally turns down and I often look unhappy/severe, although I’m perfectly fine. I have to remember to tense my cheeks in social situations, because women are supposed to be seen as friendly and approachable.

  5. minx says:

    They always looked like they barely tolerated each other.

    • Melanie says:

      Exactly. I certainly never saw any so-called “lust” between them, not even in the beginning of their relationship.

  6. Enn says:

    I feel like the 2-2.5 year mark is when most dating relationships hit the make or break mark. They lasted longer than I thought.

    • Kit says:

      the didn’t have much choice when she got pregnant

      • Sparky says:

        Yes they did. See Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan

      • Latoya says:

        Sparky – - – they were broken up b4 she knew she was pregnant. Big difference

      • Andrea says:

        I don’t get this lack of birth control when your relationship has hit the skids. I made certain when any relationship I was in was heading downhill, to take birth control.

      • Mash says:

        @andrea …sooooo true…

        Like in my last 2 failed relationships as stuff slowly started to hit the fan i was like CONDOMS and PILLS IT IS…serious tho…like i wanted to prep for a clean break lol

        also yea in 2.5 year if no baby or marriage its kinda saying yal are cool where youre at or somethings gonna fall apart…. (dont bite my head of yal)

  7. Skatz says:

    I’m sure she wanted to put a ring on it. 2 high profile relationships, no marriage.
    Does she have a green card?

    • Patty says:

      The assumption that she was dating Bradley for a green card is ridiculous. She’s eligible for one based on the nature of her work.

      • Div says:

        Agree, insinuating she needs a green card by some man is nonsense. Irina is a big enough model that she can get one on her own merits.

  8. Div says:

    I’m team Irina and leave Gaga out of this mess, but lol at her not wanting to be about the celebrity life. Sis is constantly in the Daily Fail in very staged pap photos—so is Bradley Cooper. For two people who are allegedly very private/don’t talk about their private lives, both of them happened to get papped more than bigger models and actors and while I doubt it’s all staged it is still suspect.

    Anyway, sounds like a) contract or b) two people got hot and heavy, had a surprise baby, tried to make it work for the kid and it didn’t pan out. Nothing escandalando imo.

    • Tina says:

      Yes like how often do we ever see pap photos of Lady Gaga who is x 1000000 more famous than Irina Shayk. even the photos of her at the nail salon, she couldn’t get somebody to go to the house? or ask for a less visible seat? She’s loving this because she knows it’s getting her name out there and models who are famous book more jobs. She only has a fifth of the followers that the Hadids have so she’s not exactly on their level, plus she’s pushing 34.

      • Corinne says:

        Irina is not an angel. She loves attention and fame. She dresses her daughter with Burberry and Versace kid lines and calls paparazzi to promote the brands with whom she has contracts. She does not care about her daughter privacy at all.

    • Melanie says:

      Corinne: Don’t tell Irina’s fans that. They think she is being hounded. LOL Personally, I don’t think she is well-known enough in this country to be hounded in L.A. or New York. I mean, she has been photographed coming and going from Bradley’s house more than he has in the last few years.

  9. Tourmaline says:

    So they lived separate lives….well knock me over with a feather!

  10. Andrea says:

    They remind me of Fassbender and Vikander, mostly always looking sour around each other. Surprised those two have lasted as long!

    • Mash says:

      dont worry…there is very believable blinds about that…. and coupled with the couply photos after the fact give way to them eventually breaking up

      • Andrea says:

        It is odd after he was rumored to be with another woman, she is on a boat in Ibiza then they are conveniently loved up together.

  11. Tara says:

    Attacks on Iryna’s characters in these comments are pathetic. Speculation that she had a kid only cause she was negligent with her birth control (really? She’s 35 and he’s 40 for the love of god, they got a kid cause they WANTED it) or that she needs a green card (little do you know that’s it’s insanely easy to get one when you’re that famous and it’s employment based) Or that she’s a shallow model that can only be desired for her looks. You are jealous trolls attacking beautiful and successful woman only cause she’s a foreigner. Pathetic

    • Div says:

      Yeah, I don’t really get people tearing down Irina or Bradley. People aren’t being trolls, just petty imo. NGL—I’ll drag them a bit for the obviously posed pap photos (but lots of celebs do it) and both of them seem like decent enough people.

      I don’t think he’s some monster, and she’s very successful and doesn’t need a man for a green card. I will say anyone will speculate if it was a surprise when people have a kid that quick, even if it crosses the gossip line, but he’s just as responsible as she is and both seem like good parents.

      Meh, like I said I’m team irina, team leave Gaga alone, and team Bradley seems more than a bit d*chey but not the horrible person people keep making him out to be.

    • otaku fairy... says:


  12. Riley says:

    I read something on Glamour that she is the one who ended it, because they were only together because of the baby. Sounds like she’s been miserable for sometime and hung in there for awards season as a favor.

    • Latoya says:

      Her PR is working very hard Riley… One look at Cooper in the last 2 years would tell you he’s not happy with her. He even lost his hot with her. Like she’s sucking the life out of him. Watch him get it back v fast. I’m not attacking irina, it’s just what happens when you are with the wrong person and you know it in the put of your stomach, but you want to try for your kid they will both be much happier now and hopefully can be friends. Irina needs to stop feeding negative stories about him to the press though. Its not a good start in their Co parenting journey.

      • Riley says:

        Very good points! I’m sure they will be happier apart and just need to move on with their lives and make their daughter first priority.

      • PunkA says:

        She is a known beard. And she did her job with Cooper as agreed to. Time is up, so he’s off to find another beard yet keeping his man. And the life being taken from him was because he had some bad work to his face. Needs to let himself age normally. Looks stretched and plastic now.