Royal courtiers ‘disapprove’ of Duchess Meghan’s refusal to meet with Trump

The British Royal Family attends Trooping the Colour Ceremony

As we saw this weekend, the Duchess of Sussex put her maternity leave on pause for a few hours to honor the Queen’s fake birthday at Trooping the Colour. It was the first time Meghan has been out and about since Private Archie’s baby-debut a little more than a month ago. It was notable, to some people, because Meghan did not make any public appearances whatsoever during Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK just days earlier. Her maternity leave was well-established, and royal women (like Kate!) often make “exceptions” to their leave for Trooping the Colour. But trust that some royal commentators are trying to turn this into a thing. Nevermind the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did the bare f–king minimum for Trump’s state visit too – they only attended the banquet and they did not pose with him or give him a photo-op at all. All of the younger royals chose to shun Trump in their own ways to varying degrees (as they should), so why is Meghan the only one getting these “why didn’t she do THIS?!” screeds? Oh, right. From Tom Sykes’ Daily Beast column:

The Cambridges’ putting duty first? While William and Kate appear to have accepted they must do their duty, put country before their own personal feeling (by, for example, attending the state dinner held in President Trump’s honor), Harry and Meghan are making it very clear that they will be led first and foremost by ethical considerations…Harry did make a rather grudging appearance at a private lunch for Trump and his family, somewhat against expectations, and William and Kate did as little as possible with Trump, and denied him a personal photo-op, but it is a handy enough summary of the bigger picture. Harry gets to choose, William doesn’t.

What the Sussexes will choose for themselves: But what will Harry and Meghan choose for themselves? The overarching plan, according to royal sources, is that once Charles accedes to the throne, Harry and Meghan will do far more of the overseas trips, a fact which explains their role as youth ambassadors to the Commonwealth, the loose federation of nations which once called the Queen head of state (and those that still do). There will be a fair bit of shaking hands with dignitaries, of course, but Harry and Meghan will always be more attuned to the needs of the children or people they are helping than the bigwigs. They are said to see for themselves a role as international humanitarians and awareness-raisers in the Angelina Jolie mold. As this week showed, they intend to be guided by moral, rather than political, imperatives.

Meghan has displeased palace insiders: Meghan’s steadfast refusal to participate in the Trump circus was generally greeted by the public as an appropriate response to Trump’s bizarre insults of her and his history of misogyny and racism. It has, however, provoked a few tuts of disapproval amongst old-school palace insiders. She is an American and she is a senior member of the royal family, therefore it was perceived by her critics as rather odd that she was not on hand to greet another American. The fact that she took no part at all in the activities was well flagged to the visitors, and one can’t help wonder whether Trump’s decision to insult her in his interview with The Sun and in his Piers Morgan interview was a retaliatory strike when he realized that she would not be meeting with him and his family.

Meghan is determined to do the right thing: But what Meghan’s refusal to meet with Trump this week shows is that she is determined to do what she sees as the right thing even if that is at the expense of the expected thing. That is a game-changing statement of intent for a new entrant into the royal firm. She stood up to what was probably considerable pressure and simply refused to use her position as Harry’s wife to exult a man with whose values and beliefs she profoundly disagrees.

Meghan’s maternity leave: The official argument presented by the Palace for her week-long no-show was that Meghan is on maternity leave, but everybody knows this is just a convenient fig leaf… If Meghan is well enough and strong enough to honor the Queen on her birthday, logic suggests that she would have been strong enough and well enough to honor the president of the United States, and very few people would expect that she would have missed every single engagement with the president had she been named Hillary.

Harry follows Meghan’s path: Meghan seems unwilling to adopt such a craven stance, and Harry’s startlingly brief appearance on camera as the Trumps were led around an exhibition of Americana from the royal collection by Her Majesty, was also revealing. While he might be prepared to partially go along with the royal virtue of putting-up-with-it, Meghan’s principled stance is clearly rubbing off on her husband.

[From The Daily Beast]

All of this breast-beating because a woman who recently gave birth didn’t want to do a photo-op with a racist piece of sh-t who REPEATEDLY called her “nasty.” Can we not? I mean, sure, it IS notable that Meghan ghosted the Trump clowns, but I thought it was more notable that “future king and future queen” William and Kate didn’t do a photo-op with Trump. At all. There’s a movement to embiggen Will and Kate as the model of everything appropriate and regal and smart, but at the end of the day, they did the bare minimum and they didn’t even have the excuse of “we just welcomed a baby one month ago.” As I said last week, I didn’t have a problem with any of it either – I think it’s funny that Will & Kate denied Trump a photo-op, just as I think it’s great that Harry purposefully ignored Ivanka and Meghan just stayed home. These royal courtiers who are mad about Meghan and only Meghan need to get a grip. “Why wasn’t she there to be an object of Trump’s derision?!?” Because STFU.

British Royals attend Trooping The Colour - The Queen's official birthday parade

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, Queen Elizabeth II and Donald Trump view displays of US items from the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace in London.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. L84Tea says:

    All political opinions aside, the woman was and still IS on maternity leave! I just can’t with these nitwits!

    • Seraphina says:

      Exactly this. She is on maternity leave. Good grief. Like I said, she can’t can’t win. Even civil servants in the US get a couple of months off. Even longer in Europe and England (I believe) so why must she run to a work related event.

      • buensenso says:

        she really should get her time with her kid. she isn’t needed there.

      • Polly says:

        Just FYI, as a civil servant in the U.S., I assure you we don’t get any maternity leave. We can, however, choose to use any vacation/sick leave that we’ve managed to save up beforehand if our supervisor approves the leave.

      • lee says:

        I came to confirm the bit about maternity leave. Long-time gov employee and we only get the leave we accrue/earn. If you want a long-term leave, you have to save up for it.

      • BeanieBean says:

        We American federal employees are allowed yes, the leave we save up, but we’re also allowed however many months of unpaid leave for maternity leave. Yay?

      • Megan says:

        Do federal employees no longer have short term disability insurance? Lots of my friends used it back in the day to cover their maternity leave.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Megan: Not sure, but I do know we have the option of paying extra for long-term care. I don’t ever recall seeing short-term care. Maybe they took it away from us because too many women used it? Isn’t that usually how insurance works?

      • Xio says:

        I am a longtime state employee and while it is true that we can only use leave we have accrued, and we do have access to short-term disability if we pay into it, we are certainly entitled to 12 weeks of potentially unpaid FMLA if we have been on the job for at least one year. FMLA is federal law for medium to large-sized businesses, all gov’t agencies have it available for any employee who needs it. Trust me, it is used – pay or no pay.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      L84Tea, i agree with you 100%.

    • Lauren says:

      Plus, Kate did the exact same thing – skip out on events purely for state, but attended family based ones.

      The double standard gets more and more obvious as time goes on.

      • fishface says:

        Totally – and of course Piers “I’m wedged in Donny’s sphincter” Morgan has fuelled the fire too… If I were Harry and Meghan (who will be the only good things the RF has going for them after the Queen moves on to the great palace in the sky), I’d seriously considering abdicating – or whatever that means if you are the second son. Why would anyone put up with the kind of crap they are dealing with if they didn’t have to? Urgh.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Please. The BRF did not want Trump to interact with any of the younger members and did not want Trump spawn to interact with any of the major royals. It is obvious. Harry’s job at that lunch was not to meet Trump, but to keep Nagini away from the Queen and he did it more by body blocking her than by actually conversing with the snake. The Queen and Charles did their duty to converse with Orange Voldemort but absolutely none of the rest of them needed to be there for any purpose other than to show support for the Queen.

    • ShazBot says:

      This. Nobody in the BRF wanted to interact with any of them, but the Queen and Charles did their jobs, and everyone else circled the wagons. It was actually pretty beautifully executed, by all of them. WK knew they couldn’t skip the banquet, but HM could so they did.

    • Esmom says:

      That sounds absolutely right. And I can’t help but notice in the above photo that Nagini seems fully aware that Harry is snubbing her. Ha.

      • Lightpurple says:

        He backed her into a corner and just about every picture of them includes other people who are getting his full attention. The only way she could get to the Queen would have been to shove him out of the way and security would have dragged her out of there.

      • Ams says:

        Lmao I love that y’all have deemed her Nagini! I am never calling her anything else again. Bravo hilarious celebitChy friends ! And I agree, I don’t think the queen or anyone else wanted these idiots there but they had to do the bare minimum. . The fact that no group pics were taken def says something (regardless of what some media folks here have said) the royals went apeshit over the obamas.

    • Flame says:

      Please don’t ruin Harry Potter by comparing the Trump’s to them.

      But to these other fools who disapprove of Megan not seeing them…
      LET. THE. WOMAN. REST. Sheesh.

    • Megan says:

      Trump’s spawn were not invited. None of the younger royals had any obligation to meet with gate crashers.

    • Sayrah says:


  3. Lama Bean says:

    I don’t buy a single bit of this Daily Beast article. Nothing about it sounds right. It sounds like someone just sat down and literally made up opinions and made up a dispute. I doubt “royal courtiers” care. It was obvious even Her Majesty was pained to deal with the oaf and his oaflings.

    Speaking of, where was Barron? He was the only oafling that actually SHOULD have been on that trip (being a minor). Instead their second cousin twice removed is taking pictures in front of Buckingham, looking like the Beverly hillbillies.

  4. Kim says:

    Nah, not believing any of this.
    Meghan is on maternity leave. Trooping of the color is one thing – family based, biggest event related to the queen during the year. Plus it doesn’t seem to involve much besides taking a carriage ride and standing on a balcony.
    Attending a state dinner is another matter entirely. She just had a baby, no one in their right mind expected her to be there “working”.

    • Lene malan says:

      Totally agree! Made up bullshit!

    • Kath says:

      +1000. This is just made-up bollocks at this point. While I don’t doubt that there are plenty of men-in-grey who sneer at Meghan, this has the distinct whiff of bullshit about it, given that both William and Kate avoided any photos with Trump during their visit, and Meghan is still on maternity leave.

  5. ShazBot says:

    uhhhh Tom…saying that Trump insulted her in retaliation for her not meeting him, and pretending that that is NORMAL or ACCEPTABLE is just gross. These people have no ability for self-reflection.

    • ByTheSea says:

      Can you believe that? He was insulting her BEFORE she refused to meet with him. No one in their right mind would have met him after that.

      • Megan says:

        Trump did not know she was on maternity leave and called her nasty after the reporter interviewing him told him she would not be meeting him as she is on maternity leave.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She did not refuse to meet with him. She is on maternity leave.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Megan Trump knew she was not attending, there is another interview where he all but admits it. I agree that the ‘nasty’ comment was a retaliation and way of garnering all attention onto himself (in the absence of a photo op with Meghan).
        That says as someone said above the idea that this retaliation is ‘ok’ is sickening.
        Trumps behaviour has dropped the bar so low.

      • Peg says:

        Trump knew what Meghan said about him from last year, because Piers Morgan told him during an intervew.
        So trump was lying when he claimed this was the first time he heard it.
        Of course trump knew Meghan was on maternity leave, he lives on gossip.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        and whether the insult was before or after DOES NOT MATTER.


        he acts like a schoolyard bully, not a head of state.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yeah any respect I have for Tom Sykes just went down the proverbial toilet. That is a pretzel-twisting logic that gives DJT a lot of effing credit and glosses it up as anticipatory retaliation (WTF) when really it is hateful lashing out at any critics. Maybe Sykes needs to stop sniffing glue with royal courtiers and re-join the known world because his analytical skills are garbage.

  6. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, considering how scarce Will and Kate were for the visit, I cant believe she is getting criticism for this. I feel like even the Queen pawned him off on Charles and Andrew as much as possible, lol.

    There is a big difference between being asked to come off maternity leave to sit in a carriage and then stand on a balcony, with family members that you know, and participating in a state visit like that – idle chit chat with people you loathe, having to sit through a meal with Trump, etc.

    I’m sure Meghan will end up meeting plenty of questionable politicians and leaders over the course of her marriage. She chose to sit this one out, and I don’t think that deserves criticism.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah and lets not forget that the Cambridges had a convenient internal meeting about their Foundation on one of the days so they couldn’t possibly meet him. But of course its all about the ‘nasty’ American being a diva.

      And as others have said there was a concerted effort to control Trump and his crotch goblins access/photo opp’s with the family.

    • Erinn says:

      ESPECIALLY when that carriage ride and balcony standing is to celebrate the matriarch’s birthday (I kind of love how many birthdays this woman has). It’s a family event – a high public one, but a family event none-the-less. I’m sure it’s probably nice to get out a LITTLE bit for an event like this one too. She’s probably missing the baby, but I’m sure a part of her is happy to have a little bit of ‘normal life’ break. Do we know if Doria’s in the area, or did she select a nanny yet?

      This was the perfect one to sit out. It’s with a douchebag that had called her names and it was very soon after she gave birth. This is the PERFECT time to pick and choose her events, and I can’t imagine faulting her for that. But we all know what’s going on with the criticism at this point. And as I’m sure many people on this site know – I’ve had some criticism for Meghan over the last year or so. But I can’t imagine giving a woman on mat leave shit for ACTUALLY partaking in her mat leave.

      • Some chick says:

        I still can’t figure out whether they’re “minor royals” or “senior royals.” In my defense, neither can any of these reporters. #FFS

        Maternity leave is as much about the baby as the mom. We don’t know if he’s colicky or chill, but in any case, this is a vulnerable and important time for the baby. And if she’s breastfeeding there are timing concerns (to say the least).

        The fact that maternity leave is inadequate for most women doesn’t mean Meghan shouldn’t be with Archie. It means maternity leave is INADEQUATE for MOST other women, and this is what should be the main issue. How is that her fault? (Oh right, everything is her fault.)

        Instead of tearing her down, let’s lift up all moms.

        I also thought the whole thing was beautifully executed by the BRF. Very Well Done, Firm!

  7. Toot says:

    Good on Meghan. If I’m a new mother and have to get dressed up when I might not feel like it, I’m definitely not doing it for a person like Trump.

    Also, Harry is buddy buddy with the Obamas well before Meghan, so I don’t think he needed much leading to not want to be around the Trumps.

  8. Lonnietinks says:

    I love that Meghan does not give a flying fuck. She’s principled, graceful, intelligent and confident. She is not playing any games. I love it.

  9. Nev says:

    Hahahahahha go on Duchess.

  10. Looty says:

    The royal family are going to regret every picture with Trump, those pictures will go down in history just like what’s-their-names with Hitler. Meghan will be proven right by history, maternity leave my eye. Women who have had babies are not delicate flowers. Meghan has principles and courage and in the long run she’ll be proven right.

    • Fiffy says:

      Yes but she was still on maternity leave and had every right to be absent on that. If she didn’t just have a baby it would be obvious that if she didn’t attend she didn’t approve of him or whatever, but in this case people could just chalk it up to maternity leave.
      The British government should get most of the blame for this event, the royal family’s job is to host foreign nationals in this event without partiality and it doesn’t mean they approve of him or have no principles

    • FredsMother says:

      Yes!!!!! @looty. Exactly so. Trump will go down in history the way Hitler did. And governments who coddled him, tolerated him, feted him will not look favourable in the history books. The fall out from Trump in years to come will be so blindingly horrifying that people like Merkel will beg for some revisionist history. This is why Merkel came to Harvard to give the commencement and tried to condemn him in her speech without naming him. Already outgoing leaders are looking to their legacy and those who met Trump are trying clean the slate and to put a spin on their interactions with him.

      The Palace courtiers very much kept the young Royals away from Trump. But nothing they will have done during that state visit can reverse the fact that very few nations, World leaders, and institutions , including the BRF, condemned this evil, immoral, grifting, corrupt, bigoted man and his grasping morally bankrupt spawn. The history pages aren’t looking good for many at this point. I despair what my child will read when she is older. Very few took a stand. So, if it is that the Duchess refused to meet him, let the idiot papers criticise her. For posterity’s sake we want it remembered that the Black Duchess took a stand and that the BRF and their minions criticised her.

      • Megan says:

        Let’s all pray Trump goes down in history like Silvio Berlusconi and not Hitler.

      • Fiffy says:

        The BRF are not allowed to condemn any government, that would be shown as political and the BRF is an apolitical institution. It isn’t the job of anyone who’s part of it to obviously show their disapproval and there isn’t any evidence of any members of the BRF criticising her for her absence.
        Again, this is the British government’s fault for inviting him in the first place and they should have all of the blame. The Queen was unfortunately obligated to host him and his brood with other members there to support her. Luckily Trump didn’t get pictured with the younger ones

      • kerwood says:

        Very well said. We’re living in a shameful time and only the few people who had the courage to fight this pestilence will be able to hold their heads up in the future.

      • Tina says:

        If that is the analogy you are going for, then the most important actors in all of this are the American people. It is for them to act, not any foreign princes or potentates.

  11. Casey20 says:

    The media will not leave her alone. Trump isn’t worth the time or effort. NO ONE CARES ABOUT TRUMP! Some how when the media wants to attack Meghan the Sussex’s are no longer irrelevant, six inline.

  12. tmbg says:

    Honor the president? Nobody has to honor that two-bit clump of hair and dust. If the dummies who voted for him choose to do so, go ahead, but those of us who are sane won’t be honoring him. 🙄

  13. Peg says:

    I thought Harry was too low in the pecking order to attend State dinners, he is 34 and attended one State dinner.
    Now all of a sudden it’s Meghan’s fault, that he didn’t play a doormat for the Trumps.
    Well, Meghan was looking up to Hillary from a young age, so who knows.
    I think the Royal Courtiers are accustom to running the Palaces, with no questions asked, and then came Meghan, who most likely they tried to intimidate and when that did not work, they turned into mean leaky courtiers, they have always leak.

    • himmiefan says:

      Notice how all of the sudden, Meghan’s a senior royal? I mean, I think she really is a senior royal, but to the gray suits, as Diana called them, Meghan is junior or senior as fits them at a particular moment.

  14. intheknow says:

    Hahahaha. So to the courtiers, ‘Meghan is a Senior Royal’ WHEN they want her to do something but a MINOR royal otherwise in their eyes. They need to make up their damn minds the hypocrites.

    • Bren says:

      I know, right? If only the courtiers held the Cambridges’ work ethic to the same standard they expect from Meghan than all would be well.

    • Bamaborn says:

      Totally agree! All that “they’re just minor royals, nobody likes them, etc ect.” Then they turn around and act like the “Queen” was missing. Bipolarity at it’s worse. Or, could it be they know where the real popularity lies.

      • Feeshalori says:

        So while the young royals were kept away from Trump, it was Meghan’s obligation to be the only one to meet him? That’s acceptable to exploit her? Double standard, wouldn’t you say?

  15. Beli says:

    Given Dump’s previous comments about Late and Diana, I’d have been completely in favour of W&K sacking the whole thing off too. And making it known why!

    But why does it even matter whether Meghan was there anyway? She’s just soooo unimportant and irrelevant and Harry’s soooo far down the line of succession, after all.

    • Beli says:

      That of course, should read Kate. Not actually intended to be a sarcastic typo.

    • Mego says:

      Indeed she’s only unimportant when she does good work but negligent if she legitimately takes time off like mat leave.

  16. Sassy says:

    “she is a senior member of the royal family” Oh now she’s a senior member of the family when all we ever hear is how she and Harry are unimportant minor royals.

  17. Emily says:

    Honestly, Trump’s comments about Meghan should have had his meeting with the royals cancelled. What a bigly idiot. He knows absolutely nothing about diplomacy and only went on this trip to fuel his self importance.

    • Tourmaline says:

      That’s the thing isn’t it? Funny how everybody around him has to fall all over themselves behaving correctly and diplomatically according to long-established norms– while he gets to do and say WHATEVER THE EFF he wants, constantly. It’s total BS IMO.

      And Meghan didn’t have to check her conscience and judgment at the St George’s Chapel door just because she married a royal. The royal courtiers sound like amoral lackeys so if I was her I would go your own way and relish the chance to piss them off at every turn!

      • Emily says:

        Yes! Why should everyone else follow the norms and act like Trump is normal. He’s not normal. Good for her for having a conscience.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        Exactly. With her being on maternity leave, she should be able to pick which events she gives her time and energy to, and Trump as a person isn’t worth that. Even if she wasn’t on maternity leave though, it’s completely understandable why someone wouldn’t want to cozy up to Trump and what he stands for.

  18. tempest prognosticator says:

    The whole Trump invasion was handled masterfully by the royals. They did what was required of them and no more. Meghan was on maternity leave thus not required to work. I call that perfect timing.

    • PrincessK says:

      I agree. I also think that state banquets have different levels. I really doubt that this particular banquet was 5 star in terms of rating. I am sure that there are subtle differences, such as the guest list, the tableware, the menu, wine, music etc. Also the Queen had the wonderful excuse of refurbishment and repairs, which ensured that Trump didn’t sleep in the Palace. Yes, the royals played it well. Harry is no fool, he knows how to very subtlety put people in their places, l have seen him do it many times, and he would have done the same with the Trumps. Yes the RF played it well.

  19. Mignionette says:

    I am glad she didn’t attend for whatever reason. Just the idea of Donnie grabbing her appropriately and beaming for pics he would exploit as part of his campaign (a stunt I think he would have pulled to put her in her place) made me anxious and annoyed.

    I am glad that Ivanka and Melania also did not get their chance at propaganda to exploit Meghan by posing with her.

    The Courtiers have no right to be annoyed. Kate & William did not attend the lunch and it would have been unfair to expect Meghan to be away from her child for a lengthy and tiresome evening banquet lasting many hours when her child needs her.

  20. Mignionette says:

    I also think there is more to this story hence why the journo’s and reporters are not letting this one go. I rather suspect that Tweety Amin and Ivanka requested Meg’s presence and possibly to see Archie to get the same photo op Obama got with George. I actually think BP asked Meg to stay home so those images would not be exploited for propaganda. It’s one think to welcome Trump but quite another thing to appear to endorse him.

    • Becks1 says:

      I read somewhere (okay fine it was twitter) that Ivanka did request a meeting with Meghan and was turned down.

      • Mignionette says:

        The absolute gall of that idiot (if it is true). She has no official Govt role so on what basis would she request the audience of ‘a minor Royal’. Especially when the more appropriate Royals would have been HM, Charles and William.

        What relevance would Meghan have as the wife of the spare ?

        Beggars belief the gumption of these grifters.

      • tempest prognosticator says:

        I do so hope this is true!

      • Megan says:

        Ivanka has styled herself as a champion of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. Presumably she requested a meeting with Meghan under the guise of a shared interest in women in developing nations. Completely inappropriate, of course, but not surprising,

      • Snap Happy says:

        I am by no means a Ivanka fan, but I can see her doing this because she has met Meghan before. She interviewed her for the Tig so they have interacted.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Nagini has been trying to attach herself to Harry and Meghan since they announced their engagement. Her Twitter feed was a desperate attempt to secure a wedding invitation. She craves their attention to legitimize her own self-created position of First Daughter as the equivalent of royalty.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Yeah I can totally see Ivanka doing this. Last week she met with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and I’m sure she was thrilled to bits about that. She would have loved to gotten face time with Meghan.

        And @Mignionette unfortunately Ivanka DOES have an official government role, she has the title of senior advisor to the President or something like that.

    • Mignionette says:

      @Becks1 and @Tempest I am beginning to think it is true. Trump always throws his toys out of the cot when he doesn’t get his way or women do not acquiesce to him and ‘Nasty’ is his go to word for ‘difficult’ or ‘unyielding women’.

      I can see him taking Meg’s (4 week post partum) non appearance as a slight. In his head he is the star and does not comprehend that possibly the public consider her far more noteworthy. Paradoxically however he understood the power of a potential photo-op. I think his comments were his form of backlash hence why that journalist asked him the question prompting his response. Calling her ‘nasty’ was his way of putting pressure on her, but ironically I suspect that it killed any chance of him ever meeting her in the future.

      I also get the sense that the comments were a backlash for failing to meet and upsetting his daughter. He appears to indulge Ivanka’s every whim, including that phony advisor position she has. I am also guessing Ivanka told Daddy dearest that she and Meg were friends by virtue of some ‘email’ interview 5 years ago on the Tig.

      Oh how Ivanka wishes she had been more gracious then and not got her assistant to pen those responses.

      Karma is a b*tch.

    • Some chick says:

      “Tweety Amin” LOLOLOLOL. I am DEAD. You better come to my funeral!

      (Also, I am totally stealing that. You don’t mind, do you? It’s better than “Dolt 45″ which has been my go-to.)

      • Mignionette says:

        @Some chick – I stole it from Twitter so please spread the gospel according to Tweety Amin !

  21. sabrina says:

    Who the f are these courtiers and are they ever named? Just curious because it seems like whenever “they” do or say something and it’s reported on, they are just referred to in the collective sense. Is this to avoid a libel lawsuit if the journo stretches the truth a bit? If your name isn’t published, how can you claim libel?

    Just as with “sources” and “insiders” it just seems like an easy way for some of these journalists – using the word loosely – to stir the pot and make sh*t up. I call bulls*t on this one.

    (I do believe what Diana said in her interview about the “grey men” though)>

  22. Mego says:

    I think it speaks to the popularity of the Sussexes and Man in particular that they have to elevate William and Kate by generating these moronic and petty articles about Meghan. Or perhaps it’s fear about Meghan’s fame driving it (and racism ofc).- I don’t know but it’s very telling. There is no point or purpose for this otherwise.

  23. JanetFerber says:

    Then f-ck royal courtiers. Let them meet with the blimp.

  24. violet says:

    Who are “the courtiers”? How would anyone in the press know what “the courtiers” think, as they’re probaby too smart to talk to tabloid press? How does anyone know if Meghan, on maternity leave after giving birth a month ago, was even invited and got an opportunity to refuse? Harry only went to the luncheon, there were plenty of other royals on hand, and my guess is, Trump was only interested in photo ops with the top tier. No one knows if Meghan “refused”. I doubt she was even invited due to the maternity leave. The TTC was different: it’s the Queen’s official birthday party nationally – she probably would have taken much more heat for skipping that than not going to lunch with the Trumps. I doubt anyone inside cared that she wasn’t there. It was the Queen, Charles and Camilla that got the big photo ops. Kate got photographed going into the banquet with Mnuchin, I didn’t see one photograph of her or William with Trump, or Harry. Meghan wasn’t terribly important to this, the courtiers, whoever they are, know that, and tihs is just more sh** stirring by the tabloids. I’d bet she wasn’t even invited due to the maternity leave.

    • Lene malan says:

      The queen gave birth 4 times, i am quite sure nobody expected her to sit through a state banquet with a 4 week old baby, breastfeeding etc…. so bollocks story!

    • Mignionette says:

      Meghan may be opinionated, but she is also smart. Also she should not be held to account for something she said as a US private citizen exercising her democratic rights to free speech prior to joining the RF. Although I understand why the journalists are intent on flogging this dead horse.

      I don’t think Meghan refused anyone, rather I believe BP likely firmly told the Grifters that she was maternity to stop them making further excessive demands. The problem with the Dumpfs is their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. By taking Meghan off the menu completely that set of issues is averted.

      This is just journo padding to get the Fail comments keyboard warriors to bay for her blood. A way for getting her back for all the access she has not granted them to her cervix whilst in labour.

    • Megan says:

      Courtiers are employees of the BRF. Since Meghan has come on the scene they have proven themselves to be snobs and racists.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Megan – I think this is a made up story to stir up the Fail brigade. They print a story and wait for a reaction to see if it lands.

        We live in a new era of media where the news tellers create the news for their own ends, politically and otherwise.

        Fail is a Murdoch mouthpiece and Megan is the new villain de jour.

      • Megan says:

        This piece appeared in the Daily Beast.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Megan – yes but now Piers is printing the very same thing in the Fail… so me thinks this is a coordinated media attack.

      • Tina says:

        The Daily Mail is not a Murdoch publication. It is owned by Viscount Rothermere. And it’s not a coordinated media attack, the Mail just blatantly copies things from elsewhere.

      • Megan says:

        Eff Piers Morgan. He takes every chance he can get to slam Meghan because she immediately recognized him for the garbage person he is.

  25. Coffeespotnyc says:

    This is a story for the sake of a story. Theres no story here except to get the commenters riled up. No one, literally no one, is judging Meghan over not meeting Trump.

    • Fiffy says:

      I agree. Nearly everyone goes on about how the DM and the Daily Star and other such tabloids fabricate a lot of stuff and aren’t to be believed a lot of the time; it wouldn’t be a stretch to think this is made up too.

    • Mego says:

      It builds up William and Kate for being “dutiful” so I guess there’s that.

      • Fiffy says:

        Even if there are stories that shit on Kate and Will and big up Meghan and Harry it doesn’t make it any more believable tbh. It’s the same newsaper(s) using ‘royal sources’ and the like to push a story to gain clicks.

    • Anitas says:

      Spot on. Its only purpose is to provoke outrage and clearly it worked.

  26. Britt says:

    The tabloids can’t read the room for nothing. No one cares if she didn’t meet with Trump except Meghan haters and Trump supporters. The courtiers are always angry at Meghan, LOL. The press got get clicks and money somehow. The desperation and obsession is too real.

  27. adastraperaspera says:

    I support whatever it took to keep Meghan away from the odious, racist, sexist, lying, traitorous, crap-meister Trumps.

  28. LW says:

    I thought all the young royals handled the Trump visit wonderfully, I love that they all snubbed him and his grifter kids. Lucky for Meghan she had a real reason not to be there and the other three just pretty blatantly snubbed him, but…..who cares. He sucks. Also, I still think the courtiers are the biggest problem in all the Meghan nonsense. I really do. They’re stuffy and snobby and racist and old school and they’re doing THE MOST because they’re pissy that she’s there.

  29. Montréalaise says:

    I really wish you would stop referring to the Trooping the Colours as the Queen’s “fake birthday celebration”. It’s a belated celebration because holding the event on her actual birthday in April would mean contending with the notoriously fickle English weather. I’m also an April baby and I had a milestone birthday this past April but couldn’t hold a party because I was in the hospital. So I’m holding the party this summer, when I will have recovered, and I would be very annoyed if anyone referred to it as a “fake” birthday party.

    • Mignionette says:

      My understanding is that TOTC is not a ‘belated birthday’, rather it’s HM’s ‘official birthday’ to celebrate her ascension to the throne. She was crowned on the 2nd of June 1953. So she celebrates this every year on the 1st Saturday after that date.

      So it’s like a birthday celebration of her actual reign, hence why she keeps her own personal b-day.

      • Peg says:

        No, this was done by a former King whose birthday was in November, and the weather in England is unpredictable, so he move his birthday parade to June, and every Monarch since has used that date.
        So it’s not tied in to QE11, but every Monarch on the Throne.

      • Sparky says:

        Trooping The Colour has marked the official birthday of the sovereign since 1748. It was Edward VII who moved it to June because of the weather on his November birthday.

  30. TheOriginalMia says:

    Meghan is on maternity leave. She came out for the Queen’s Birthday, not for a political shitshow organized by May and her cronies. The efforts to constantly bash Meghan are ridiculous and exhausting. Like OMG, let this woman live without your constant critiques!

  31. Mumbles says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some “palace courtiers” are more sympathetic to Trump’s views than we previously thought. Loads of money, not intellectually curious, not welcoming of diversity. One of the revelations of the Trump presidency here is how all the country club republicans, who wouldn’t even fathom spending a minute with Trump pre-2016, are lining up and kissing his arse.

    Those people are always going to fault Meghan for something that others in the family will get away with. Hopefully as time goes on they will be aged out. They’ve been there for decades and are all connected to the monarchy through family history.

  32. KidV says:

    As an American, I would have been disappointed had she met with any of the Trumps. Technically she’s still an American, it’s her right to diss them for any reason she wants.

  33. Sparky says:

    Meghan can’t win for trying. She’s catching grief for attending TTC but had she not she would have been criticized for insulting the Queen by not making an appearance. With respect to any of the Trump related functions, if she had shown up she would have criticized as a minor royal trying to get attention. Instead, she’s a senior royal not fulfilling her obligations.

  34. I like Meghan and am horrified at the way she is continually mistreated, particularly in the British Press. The people that have such a problem with her make my heart hurt and doubt my own belief that most are basically, inherently decent people. Love the picture of her above (not crazy about the hat but so what) with a smile on her face looking happy and healthy. Good! As for her not meeting that man and his family, who can blame her? This so-called President has rudely and crudely insulted Diana, then Kate for years… and now Meghan too! And very publicly. No wonder Harry looked almost physically ill and was scoping out the nearest exit (of course, a couple of minutes around Ivanka will do that to ya, trust me). When the topic about Meghan occurred, instead of lightly laughing off the fact that she did not support him in the election, and wishing the new Mom well, he says she is nasty? Seriously? We have got to change this everybody!

  35. Lizzie says:

    when you come for someone for being TOO ethical – i mean – wow – they are really reaching

  36. Harla says:

    I think that if the Queen wanted Meghan to attend any of the state visit events then Meghan would have done so. Obviously the Queen did not ask/order/command Meghan to attend any of the state visit events so the royal courtiers really should just keep calm and carry on.

  37. Lowrider says:

    The wife of a minor royal did not attend an important state visit? Was her presence necessary?
    The media and Meghan’s anti-stans are so weird.

  38. DP says:

    Honestly, these royalty couriers remind me of a judgey mother in law (cough- like mine)!
    Sounds like Meghan is slammed no matter what she does. Had she gone to the dinner with Trump, she would have been called a hypocrite. She rightfully stays home during her maternity leave and is still slammed. Ugh.
    Side note, how happy do you think she was that she has an great excuse to avoid that sh*t show?!

  39. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Good for her. I know people say she was on maternity leave, but I’d like to think she would not have gone no matter what. The Trumps are an embarassment (and that’s the nicest word I can think of the deacribe them). I hope the Brits learned their lesson and never host this family again.

  40. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This is utter bullshit. She is on MATERNITY LEAVE. She has only done one event and that was Trooping the Color for the Queen’s birthday. If this were Kate these people would be bending over backwards to make excuses for her. Meghan HAS a valid reason.

  41. Skylark says:

    Go Meghan. Only in this bizarre age and climate could someone find fault with a morally engaged person, in the face of something so grotesquely immoral, putting that morality first.

    And I very much doubt her bona fide maternity leave impacted on that decision. Baby or no baby, no way was Meghan ever prepared to indulge or expose herself to that toxicity.

  42. blunt talker says:

    The queen decides who will and who will not attend state functions. The Trumps got micromanaged where the younger royals are concerned. Anybody who thinks taking a photo opt with the Trumps knowing this would be used on the campaign trail and in his speeches need to have their heads examine. If she did not support him in 2016 I think avoiding awkward meetings is the royals manage things. Thanks to Archie those smuts pots can go to hell.

  43. HMC says:

    Breaking news: Woman on maternity leave does not go to work.

  44. aquarius64 says:

    In the end Meghan won here. Trump probably took her no show as a snub and he thought insulting her would force an appearance. Trump didn’t count on blowback so he went crawling to his toady Piers Morgan to do damage control. Piers wants to drag Meghan because his hit piece starring Bad Dad didn’t win a BAFTA and rumor has it Meghan will have a photoshoot and write an an article for BRITISH Vogue. Piers looks like a stalker ex boyfriend that needs a restraining order.

  45. chloe says:

    I personally believe after Trumps insult of Meghan, the Queen was probably fine with Meghan not being there and from the looks of it Harry spent very little time with them, and how is she getting chastised for attending the event the other day if Kate has done the same thing when she’s on maternity leave. The hate for Meghan is ridiculous.

  46. Casey20 says:

    KP IGA looks like the work of a 10 year old!

  47. Mash says:

    The weather is cloudy….. Royal courtiers think Meghan merely breathing has caused bad weather

    Daily FKING Fail’s new article title LOL

  48. The Recluse says:

    Have you ever noticed how Harry and Meghan have similar noses? I’ve noticed before that some people tend to go with people who mirror them facially. Another example would be Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie, who look so much alike.
    I bet their kid is real cutie. Hopefully we’ll get pictures soon.

    • Megan says:

      When we were younger people constantly asked if my husband and I were brother and sister.

  49. Alyse says:

    She’s done nothing wrong here

    Also: “They are said to see for themselves a role as international humanitarians and awareness-raisers in the Angelina Jolie mold.” I definitely see them being great at this

  50. madthinking says:

    Wow!!! First Harry hasn’t been to many state dinners either, not sure why a month after the birth of Archie, they are supposed to come to this one. (Talk about a downer it would be Meghan’s first state dinner, and it’s with the Trump’s, ugh!!! I’d miss it just on that principle alone) Second, if there was any disrespect, it was justified. First, Trump and Melania were the ones invited, not the whole adult family who grifted in, and Trump has said horrible things about Diana, Kate and Meghan. Surprised any of them gave him the time of day. I think the Queen let Andrew have a bigger part in this, not only cause he is subbing in for Prince Phillip more, but also to give the younger Diana crew royals a bit of a break to not have to deal with it. From a purely personal level it is just awkward with all the crass things Trump has said about the women in the family.

    Finally, can we stop this women control what these men do story. Meghan does not control Harry. Kate doesn’t control William. It’s just an old horrible story, and why is the control only for things people are proposing are bad too. Although, I admit I do wish Melania controlled Trump. She’s not great, but she’s not him either. The only woman controlling this was the Queen, and if she wanted any of them to have a bigger role and be at things, they would have. I think they all acted graciously and classy (by not responding to Trump’s crap). I looked at the stories this time, and most were positive for everyone. Even the one’s about did Harry diss the Trumps, were done with sympathy. Since you still have the real “nasty” people out there(the courtiers, RBP, & Piers Morgan), you are going to get a few Meghan is awful stories. It’s just the way it is, but I do think in this instance a lot of positive stories came out too. Amazing how Trump can rally most of the British public against him.

  51. starryfish29 says:

    I remember when these same folks thought it was unfair to expect Kate to attend the RAF centenary two months after having Louis, despite her husband having served with that branch & her holding an honorary position with them. Strange how that works, I can’t qwhite put my finger on what makes this different.

  52. kerwood says:

    One minute Harry and Megan are the most unimportant people in the British Commonwealth. The next, they’re endangering British foreign policy by not meeting with a racist pig who has insulted practically every woman in the royal family.

    I have a feeling that Megan was the big prize for the Trumps. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the most popular royals (no matter what the Cambridge fans or ‘scientific’ polls say). Trump and the daughter-wife wanted a photo op with Megan and Harry.

    This also gives the rest of the family an out. By using their favourite scapegoat, the rest of the royal family can cover-up the fact that there are NO photos of any of them with Trump.

    These people make me sick. Shame on all of them.

  53. Casey20 says:

    Racist British Media and the Racist Brits will bully and abuse Harry’s wife and child at all cause. The more they go after Meghan and Archie the more Harry will protect and love his family. Having said that it would be great if we heard more from the silent majority of Brits that have a favorable view of Meghan. It is there silence that allows the views of racist to thrive for the world to see.

  54. Tina says:

    I think many of you are using the BRF as an excuse for the fact that very few people in the United States government (and a lot of your media is also complicit, including the New York Times) will acknowledge that Trump is a dangerous, irrational lunatic in the early stages of dementia with his finger on the nuclear button. He’s your problem. You need to deal with him, not us.

  55. teehee says:

    OMG and even victim blaming, like as if her refusal to meet is “provoking poor Trump” to act like an asshat an if we all just bent to his will he magically wouldnt be an asshat!?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF …… I CANT EVEN

  56. burdzeyeview says:

    She is on mat leave….the Trooping the Colour is a VERY big deal in the UK and of course she would want to honour the Queen by attending with the rest of the FAMILY which she is now a part of. End of.

  57. Allie M. says:

    I don’t blame any of them for not wanting to meet Trump.

    And yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. She’s on maternity leave. From what though? Waving to crowds and buying expensive clothes and accessories? Oh my, SUCH a hard life. She doesn’t work. I feel for the women who give birth and then have to get back to work almost immediately and to take care of family, etc. Those are the women who truly deserve a long maternity leave.

  58. Mary Davey says:

    The British media, cyberbulling and the lack of the monarchy to act on Meghans behave is pathetic. The Brits lack hospitality. Class hasn’t had a home since the Moors/Pygmy were exterminated.

    The royal reporter’s are immature and sexist as he’ll. Piers will jump at every negative review about Meghan. He’s an insult to his wife. The SUN had no right to bring up Meghan statement Trump. Kate and Diana names never surface. Trumps visit was overshadowed “NASTY!

    Some ugly reported has studied and picked apart the Sussex Instagram account. Their complains (! ” ‘ : ; `) ridiculous . Woman of color and the Commonwealth are offended by the CONSTANT attacks on Meghan. You have people dedicating Twitter, Instagram accounts to insult Meghan, Dorian and now Archie. England and that BS monarchy is a goddamn joke. MELANATED women are pissed!