Comfortable slip on shoes and some purses to consider this summer

I just looked through the bestselling purses and shoes on Amazon and am mostly at a loss as to why those brands are at the top – are they the cheapest and best value? It’s hard to tell when you read the bad reviews too. Here are some of the best shoes and purses I found, some of which I already own or want.

The #1 best-selling flip flops
I used to own a pair of these Clarks Breeze Sea flip-flops in bright green, but within two years they got dingy and I stopped wearing them. They’re so comfortable though and I got a lot of use out of them. These flip flops are under $40 and come in 19 different color and fabric options. I see so many women wearing these cute flip flops. Reviewers call them the “most comfy sandals I’ve ever owned” call them “extremely comfortable” and wearable for hours of walking with “no blisters or sore feet.”

Strappy really comfortable flip flops
After resisting Tevas for years, I finally gave in to pressure and bought this pair of strappy flip flops. They’re so cute and go well with skirts, casual summer dresses, shorts and jeans. I like a slightly more elevated shoe but the comfort and cute criss-cross design makes up for the fact that they’re not wedges. Some people write that these are slippery on the bottom, and they are at first, but once you walk on a sidewalk they get enough tread and that’s no longer an issue. These are so comfortable they’re my new go-to summer shoe. I have them in black but the green is really cute too.

Pretty and colorful flip flops
Here’s a cute pair of flip flops, also by Clarks. They have a nice lift to them and a pretty ribbon-style design and come in 25 different colors and prints. Reviewers say they’re “truly like walking on a cloud,” are “incredibly comfortable and cute” are their “favorite sandals” and “are comfy are go with many outfits.” Some recommend to order half a size up as they can run small.

A versatile waterproof anti-theft backpack and shoulder bag
This $26 to $35 backpack with anti-theft features is the number one best seller in women’s shoulder handbags. It comes in two different sizes, in black, blue, gray and khaki. It has over 2,000 reviews, a 4.7 star rating and an A from Fakespot. It’s called a “cute and functional bag” that is “very spacious” and “can fit a lot.” One reviewer said they tested the bag “by running water over it and it slides right off and the inside remains dry!”

A felt purse organizer that will eliminate digging for stuff
This is the number one best seller in purse organizers, which is an actual category on Amazon. It comes in 12 different colors and 5 different sizes to accommodate all purses and styles. It’s especially great for those of us with several purses we’d like to use but leave in the closet because it’s too much of a pain to move all our stuff from the various pockets. Women call this a “must have,” say it helps balance the weight in your bag and that it’s so much easier to find things because “I literally see what I need.” This has 704 reviews, 4.5 stars and an A from Fakespot!

A water-resistant travel purse that will keep you organized
My mom loves Baggalini brand purses for how lightweight and organized they are. This comes in 8 colors, each with its own phone wristlet and so many compartments for storage. It also has security features like RFID blocking. Reviewers say it’s “very well made,” that they love all the compartments, and that it’s “perfect” for both traveling and everyday use.

A designer knockoff that looks expensive and stylish
As you may have noticed in the thumbnail for this post, we were featuring a dupe of a Celine bag by the brand Ainifeel, which creates very convincing dupes. However Amazon pulled it just today so we had to remove that bag. I looked through a few other purses to find this one, a knockoff of the Stella McCartney Falabella bag. It’s got 66 reviews, a 4.3 star rating and an A from Fakespot. It also comes in 16 different colors and styles. Women rave about it and write that it’s an “absolutely gorgeous bag,” is “identical to the expensive version” and “is absolutely stunning.”

Update: As mentioned above this post previously featured a gorgeous knockoff of a Celine bag, which was available on Amazon as of yesterday. They just pulled it today!

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  1. runcmc says:

    Ooooo I bought those Clark’s flip flops for a cruise last year and I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable!!

  2. manda says:

    I have been coveting a celine bag for years. This one looks very nice. Please follow up on whether the bag lived up to the hype!

    ETA–is it no longer available? When I click on the picture and the link regarding the reviews, I get nothing….

    EATA–whoa and the other link is no longer available now! 🙁

  3. Sarah says:

    Shoot, the link to the Celine purse goes nowhere, I think it’s unavailable?

    • Celebitchy says:

      Yes I have to replace that they just removed it today! I’m sorry about that.

      • manda says:

        what a super bummer!!!! That whole brand has been taken off. I’m guessing they got a cease and desist? That is fascinating. I’m mostly just annoyed I had no idea until now. I’m not against buying a great fake, but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t legal.

  4. Kristen says:

    I would love to see a post like this with a collection of kids’ stuff. Toys, outdoor gear, clothes/shoes, etc.

  5. Yup, Me says:

    I’ve got that purse organizer for my work bag and I love it! I never have enough stuff in my actual purse to warrant one there, too, but it is extremely effective at keeping all my various work materials in order.

  6. Esmom says:

    That purse organizer is really cool. I am obsessed with keeping my bag organized and nothing I’ve ever done has felt satisfactory, lol. This would. Thanks!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love my Clarks flip flops. I recently wore them in a theme park for about 7 hours and my feet weren’t the least bit tired. Highly recommend them!

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’d love some nice sandals, but I’m five feet tall. Every pair of shoes, even the ones I wear around the house, have to be platforms. If I go into the kitchen in flats, I’m shocked how tall the cabinets truly are LMAO.

  9. KidV says:

    I have those Clark’s flip flops. Very comfortable! I’m on my feet most of the day and my feet never hurt nor feel tired when I wear them.

    My only problem is I’m in a warehouse a lot of time so they get dirty too quickly. I wear “Fit Flops” when I know I’ll be in the warehouse for an extended time, they’re also very comfortable but maybe more sturdy? They’re not the most attractive and I don’t mind if they get dirty. I now save my Clark’s for when I’m in my office all day, they’re too pretty for the warehouse.

  10. Liz version 700 says:

    I had no idea they sold purse organizers like this! I am buying one stat as this will hopefully stop the problem I have with spilling stuff out of my purse. I lost my wallet this weekend from said problem 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. Fernanda says:

    Ow, I love that Stella McCartney handbag! This one is identical…

  12. Penguen says:

    They’re a little pricey, but I love Rainbow Sandals. They’re comfy, mold to your feet, and last forever. (They just need to be broken in – I suggest wetting them to stretch the thong.). Celebitchy, you might want to take a look!

  13. Snowflake says:

    I guess I’m the only one who’s bothered by the rubber thong between my toes? Kinda sucks cause it seems most cute sandals have it

  14. Amelia says:

    Piping in about sandals! I love the sanuk brand, they make them out of yoga mat material and they’re super comfy. I have them in flip flop style and sling back style, where they have a fabric strap that goes around the back of your ankle. The latter style comes in a ton of fun patterns!!

  15. Becks1 says:

    I cant find the exact post now with the rec, but the Tarro ant traps that were recommended on here are AMAZING. we were having such an issue with those sugar ants and I set those traps up and the ants are all gone.