Paris Hilton’s new perfume ad looks just like an I Love Lucy Barbie

Someone decided to go for the cheap and campy image for Paris Hilton’s new perfume, Can Can. She says in a clip on, below, that they were trying for the Moulin Rouge look in the ad, but she looks more like a 1990s Barbie complete with faux gold plastic stand. Paris is wearing a horrible fushia dress adorned with purple feathers and sports a straight wig with plain bangs across her forehead. A big ‘ol rhinestone star accents her hair.

At this point Paris Hilton’s fashion probably influences Mattel as much as they influenced her, but in this case you would have to say Barbie came first. Paris strikes me as the kind of woman who watched The Little Mermaid over and over again as a child and still aspires to be that type of sweet, soft spoken female stereotype. She never really understood the subtlety involved in fashion or feminine sexuality, and just kind of pours it on sweetly thick. That’s kind of how I imagine her new perfume must smell, all gooey and sickening.

We can’t help but notice that her new ad bears a striking resemblance to the I Love Lucy Barbie Collector doll, right down to the stand with the heart behind it.

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