Madonna is struggling to sell out her smaller-venue ‘Madame X’ tour

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I’ve never been a lowkey or highkey Madonna stan. I like her sometimes, and I don’t care for her sometimes. I like some of her music, and I dislike some of her music. But I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed her promotion for her latest album, Madame X, and I actually half-way like the singles I’ve heard. Is Madame X her best sh-t? Not really, but it’s not terrible. Plus, it feels like like Madonna finally has some sh-t to say after all of her years of just being a provocateur for the hell of it, a rebel without a cause, a person screaming “look at me!” without having anything to say once she got our attention. Madonna has found some kind of groove at the age of 60, talking about ageism and sexism in her industry and a lot more. Is she saying everything perfectly? Of course not. Chica’s still problematic at times. But I guess my point is that I sort of like Madonna-at-60. She’s interesting. Most people don’t feel the same way though. Madge is struggling to sell concert tickets and there are big concerns:

Four years ago, Madonna was selling out shows at Madison Square Garden. Now, she’s struggling to sell out the BAM opera house in Brooklyn. The “Material Girl” singer’s “Madame X” tour that kicks off in New York City on Sept. 12 is off to a surprisingly sluggish start, with hundreds of seats still available for most gigs after more than a month on the block, The Post has learned. That’s despite the fact that the 60-year-old pop star’s upcoming tour will focus on small, theater-type venues that typically only have a few thousand seats each.

After initial reports that the first shows sold out, an interactive seat map that went live on Ticketmaster’s website this week shows that hundreds of seats are still available for each gig. For an Oct. 7 concert at the 2,100-seat BAM Howard Gilman Opera House — the last night of a 17-night stand that’s slated for Brooklyn — more than half of its $357 mezzanine seats were unsold as of Tuesday afternoon, according to Ticketmaster’s map.

That shows a “shocking” lack of interest in Madonna, according to one insider. Her 2015-2016 “Rebel Heart Tour” grossed $170 million at venues that often drew more than 30,000 fans for a single performance. On that tour, she reportedly sold out Madison Square Garden twice. In 2012, she was said to sell out Yankee Stadium in 20 minutes.

Madonna’s “Madame X” tour is being promoted by Live Nation, which insisted in a statement that a huge number of seats are now available because it has “increased the number of shows exponentially due to overwhelming demand.”

“It’s very telling these shows didn’t sell out as quickly as ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ did a couple of years ago,” an insider said. “This clearly isn’t the home run Team Madonna was hoping for.”

Her “Madame X” album, due out on June 14, could add to the momentum, although early signs aren’t encouraging. None of the five songs released before the record itself drops has debuted on the Billboard Hot 100.

[From Page Six]

I find it difficult to follow all of the insidery music industry stuff, because half of it is hype and half of it is bitchy gossip. We heard similar things about Taylor Swift when Swift’s Reputation tour tickets went on sale, and I still don’t completely understand what happened there – it seemed like there were real concerns about sales, but the Snake Fam bought into all of these special deals and promotions and suddenly Taylor had sold-out concerts, as if by magic. My point is… yeah, Madonna’s probably not selling out concerts at the same rate she used to, but I’m sure her concerts will sell well (if not sell out) in the next few months because of some weird quirk of promotion or “deals” or whatever.

Madonna leaves MTV Studios in London sporting an eye patch

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Maybe because her ticket prices are insane?
    The venue closest to me, the worst (and I mean worst) seats are $240 each.

    Plus no one seems that excited about this album.

    • elimaeby says:

      I can’t think of ANYONE I would pay $240 to see. Maybe if John Lennon and George Harrison were somehow reanimated and The Beatles did a reunion tour?

      • lucy2 says:

        Me either. Some of the best concerts I’ve been to were around $50.

        The pit tickets for the show I looked up were $2000-3000. LOL.

      • Wisca says:

        I would pay 240 for an excellent seat to see Stevie Wonder, Sade, or Marc Anthony.

    • Tiffany says:

      And wasn’t there a ton of stories going around that on the last leg of her tour she was extremely late getting on stage and that the the show was trimmed as a result.

      I think one concert goer went on to tweet that as a result of her lateness the show was only about a hour.

      And if you are shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a ticket, yeah, I would be livid and never repeat that again.

      • Mia says:

        She was 3-4 hours late for her last Australian shows which were mid week, thanks very much Madonna. So late finishing the trains and buses had closed for the night. I cant see her selling out here every again. Lucky for her she has a very devoted gay following without them she would be toast.

      • Lisa says:

        On Madonna’s last tour she came to Portland and we waited 2.5 hours for her to appear. Then her voice sounded like shit and her dancing and the sound system were both crap… We got up and left after 20 minutes. Never again.

    • SM says:

      The price is the thing that caught my attention too. Those prices are insane in this age and it comes off as greedy. I have just been to Muse Simulation Theory tour show at a stadium. They put on a huge production with lots of effects, backing singers musicians and dancers. Apart from that, they sweated it out on stage working their butts off for two hours straight. And tickets are just over 70 dollars. Even Beyonce the Queen sells tickets for around 80 $ and works for it. And frankly I just caught a segment of Madge on Graham Norton show and she is so pulled and frozen, she had trouble speaking, not sure she is in a condition to sing and actually entertain for the worth of those 70- 80 $ the other artists will, let alone 240$, for God’s sake. She seems to be way of of touch with reality we live in.

  2. Ferdinand says:

    Just this morning I was listening her new album on Spotify on my way to work. Every song not released as a single is exponentially better than those released for promotion. She / her label / team chose the worst songs to promote Madame X.

    It’s a shame.

  3. Snowslow says:

    I have a feeling this kind of news is always about female performers but I may be wrong.

  4. Ellie says:

    So far I’m loving her album and what’s been released, but man this woman tries too damn hard, she oozes it, and is so terrified of being irrelevant and considered too old, that’s she’s actually hurting herself and career.

  5. prettypersuasion says:

    I would pay to see Madonna in a small venue, but no more than $100. Wake me up when they start dropping prices.

  6. DaggerIsle says:

    If it’s anything like her last show, I am not surprised,

    A friend of mine is a huuuuuge fan. She spent 250 pounds (about 300 bucks) on a good ticket when she last toured Europe.
    Madonna was nearly 2 hours late. The concert then involved her lip synching a couple of songs and disappearing off for a costume change while her greatest hits were being played on the arena sound system.
    Friend came out gutted.

    As a contrast I saw Lenny Kravitz in London a few days ago. He was chill and engaging, had fun with the audience and played for over 2 hours. He was awesome.
    He also played a lot of his very old songs- ended on a great version of Let Love Rule. That’s what fans want to see, in my opinion.

  7. Elo says:

    I’m Portuguese and I hate what Madonna has been doing in and for my country. She’s been trading favors with our politicians, she trades insta post for privileges (sorry, English is not my first language). Her tour dates are almost sold out in Lisbon, but keep in mind that she chose the smallest venue available.
    That place sold’s out to a local small band!
    She’s been given privileges about parking 15 cars for free in public land in my city, where I can’t even afford to park one car, being a local. And she is blaming us for not letting her to use a Portuguese horse inside a public palace in her new video. She’s saying we are ungrateful!

  8. Godwina says:

    Those prices. I know because of piracy and streaming that musicians rely on ticket sales now, but that markup… At those prices, who can afford more than one big-name concert a year? (If that). Folks who like concerts used to go to many a year but there isn’t that much disposable income around if you rely on more than the super-rich to fill seats. What do the Swifts and Beyonces and Madonnas of the world expect?

    I mean, Ennio Morricone is a lifelong legend to me, and he goes to Prague every year when I lived there, but ticket prices were in the hundreds so… didn’t want to enable Extreme Capitalism. Rather take a weekend trip for that amount of cash. Ennio made it impossible.

    IOW not even fans can put the demand into that kind of supply…

    • M says:

      I saw Beyonce’s Formation tour for $80 after taxes, so not everyone’s being this nuts! Even the floor seats were like $300 – $500 IIRCC.

      • Godwina says:

        That’s good to know! I would pay 100 for something like that, because of the production cost and level of spectacle. But more is richpeepo madness. Ps Envious you saw Formation!

  9. Sassy says:

    Let me know when she is on Groupon

  10. lolalola3 says:

    I don’t get why she is touring so much. I’ve read that musicians don’t make any money on record sales so they have to tour to make any actual cash–but Madonna certainly doesn’t need the money and she just toured 3 years ago. Is it impossible to promote an album without a tour? I certainly appreciate her but I’m on Madonna overload right now. Not as bad as Kardashian overload but some people really just need to get out of my face for a few years and I’ll tolerate them better.

    p.s. I read a great review of her album yesterday. They compared it to Music which was one of my faves.

  11. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Anybody remember seeing “Truth or Dare” back in the day? Madonna LAUGHED when her heard her makeup artist had been drugged and sodomized, I guess because hearing about a woman bleeding from her butt is funny? And then she lectured the woman about learning her lesson. And, the woman “probably told them she was on tour with ME and staying at the Ritz Carlton!” I don’t know why she gets a “pass” from fans, she is a terrible person and not talented either.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I don’t remember that much detail, but I do remember how unsympathetic she was.

  12. Bella Bella says:

    I had an opera I was involved in performed in that space. It’s a beautiful space but does not seem like the place for Madonna.