Haircare and treatments including bestselling anti-thinning and dry shampoos

We haven’t had many haircare posts because, unlike skincare, I’m not experimental enough with it. Plus I need to learn more about different hair types and treatments. I definitely need advice in that department so please let me know what works for you and your hair. I can still recommend the best hairdryer I’ve ever used, the Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium. So many of you have bought it and love it. It’s not available at Amazon anymore, but you can get it for $60 on I own two of these hair dryers and recommended them so highly. This cut my drying time by several minutes and make my hair look like I got a professional blowout. Here are some other products I’ve tried or found.

Hairspray with healing oil for hold you can run a brush through
My mom uses this hairspray. I tried it when I was visiting and was surprised how awesome it is. It holds your style in place without being stiff or sticky at all, which seems impossible but works somehow. Reviewers say this hairspray with keratin “holds fine hair in humid weather” without needing touch-ups, “smells great,” and leaves hair shiny. Some people dislike it and say it’s too stiff, which makes me wonder if they used the same product.

Healing shampoo and conditioner with apple cider vinegar and coconut oil
This set of shampoo and conditioner by Wow! is the number one seller in haircare on Amazon. When you read the reviews you can see why. Women rave about how soft it leaves their hair, one person said it reduced psoriasis on their scalp and others say it gives needed volume to thin hair while reducing static. A woman who said it helped her reduce hair loss wonders “where these products have been all of my life” and said she “received compliments” on her hair “all day long.” Guess I found my next product to try!

Anti-thinning shampoo with amazing reviews
This sulfate-free anti-thinning shampoo by pura d’or is among the top 20 bestsellers on Amazon. It has 4.3 stars, 9,600 reviews and an A from Fakespot. People share photos of the hair they lost during shampooing before and after using this product, and the difference is remarkable. Men and women write that they “have seen amazing improvement” in hair loss, that they love how their hair feels and that their hair “has much more volume and does not get as oily as before.” People also love the conditioner, which is available separately or as a set with the shampoo.

Argan oil for treatment, protection and conditioning
This deep penetrating argan oil by OGX is less than $6 for over 3 ounces of product. It has over 1,000 reviews, 4.5 stars and an A from Fakespot. It’s also a product I own! I use the regular OGX argan oil as a hair treatment after styling and it adds shine and smooths my hair without looking oily. A quarter-sized amount is all it takes. Reviewers call it “perfect for damaged hair,” say it’s just as good as the much pricier brands, that it “helps with frizzy hair” and “smells and feels so good.”

Smoothing shampoo and conditioner with keratin protein
Here’s another product my mom introduced me to. I can’t tell if my hair was so gorgeous after using it due to my parents’ water filter, this shampoo and conditioner, or both. This set by salon brand Hask is moderately priced at $15 for a full 12 ounces of both products. Reviewers call it the “best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used,” say it “revived my fried hair,” that their hair is “much easier to manage now” and is more shiny and soft.

The bestselling dry shampoo
I try to wash my hair every other day although I sometimes can’t stand it on the off days. I use a different dry shampoo than the one above, Clean Freak by Not Your Mother’s. It’s ok and I like that it’s unscented, but can leave my hair a little white-looking. This brand, Batiste, has more sales and reviews and now I want to try it. This has 4.3 stars, 912 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers call this the “best dry shampoo,” say it’s “amazing” and that it helps them “go a few days without washing.” I think I’ll stick to every other day. Oh and I have a good tip to preserve dyed hair. I saw Jonathan Van Ness on Busy Tonight (RIP) and he said not to stand under hot water when you’re taking a shower or it will make your color fade faster. I’ve stopped doing that and I do think it helps.

A hydrating argan oil mask that can revive damaged hair
I have tried so many hair packet treatments and masks that leave a film on my hair, don’t really detangle, or are just mediocre. This argan oil mask has almost 5,000 reviews, a 4.3 star rating and an A from Fakespot. It’s affordable at $12.30 for a full eight ounces of product. Reviewers call it the “hair saviour,” and a “miracle in a jar,” and say it “made my hair unbelievably soft and silky.”

Ooh and one of the best selling products in these posts from the past few months was this shampoo brush/scalp massager that people just love.

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  1. HeyThere! says:

    Ohhh I own the Argan Oil and love it. I have very long hair that I only wash once a week so it’s important to keep the ends moisturized!! It’s my ‘go to’ drug store purchase! I use to buy the 35$-40$(Can’t remember just know it was expensive) a bottle Moroccan oil and this works the same. Great smell and hydrated my hair for a fraction of the cost!

  2. Harryg says:

    (First, thank you someone who recommended that “drain mushroom”! It’s great.)

    If you have thinning hair, especially hormonal, after pregnancy or when you get older, try Stinging Nettle Root. I finally got that baby hair back on my temples and my hair is more bouncy. It took about four months to see a difference. And it’s not expensive!

    I take two every day.

  3. savu says:

    The brand that makes the hair oil, OGX, also has a line of stuff that’s biotin and collagen, it’s amazing. That oil is one thing I keep going back to over and over, way better for fine hehe.

    • Victoria says:

      I like that brands curly hair products and the scalp brush is awesome my scalp isn’t as dry and my hair hasn’t been falling out as much. Maybe due to being out my toxic relationship reduced my stress trifold

    • tealily says:

      I use their scalp toner and tea tree oil treatment, and they’re great! Whenever I get an itchy scalp or my roots start feeling gross, I spray a little on there and it really helps. (And Victoria, I’ve totally had my hair fall out from stress too. Not fun! Glad you’re in a healthier place.)

  4. Cate says:

    Awesome products, thank you so much!

  5. lucy2 says:

    I got the shampoo scrubber thing last time you featured it, I like it! It was a couple of bucks on amazon, and then I saw one on facebook for $20. I hope no one paid that!

    I’d like to try the WOW stuff, but I wish they had smaller sizes to try.

    Argan oil does work well, but the booming demand for it has not been too kind to the environment. 🙁

    • B says:

      I bought the scalp massager brush last time you posted about it. I also randomly used it on my dog and it was the softest she’s ever been. It is the perfect size for her short hair and she seemed like the massage!

    • H says:

      @lucy2, I bought the Wow shampoo off of Amazon and had to return it as it made my scalp itch. Now I do have sensitive skin, but I couldn’t recommend it.

      • B says:

        I’m thinking of buying the Purador gold shampoo for my fiance, does anyone know anything honest about that? I see his hair falling out more frequently, and maybe it will help him w/out him being embarrassed ;).

  6. astrid says:

    I’m enjoying these product recommendations. I bought the Wow set. Hoping for good results.

  7. LadyT says:

    The OGX Argan oil is a must have. I use it myself for shine and smoothness, and as a detangler for little ones. I only use a dime-size portion placed in the palm of my hand, then rubbed between my hands and fingers to spread the product. Then I smooth through the hair. Light even distribution.

  8. kellsbells82 says:

    Had grown up with a mother who was all “just say no to dry shampoo – it will leave all this residue in your hair!” so I had a bias against it. I got a free sample of Batiste and tried it and — no white residue! I can not go a day or two without shampooing my hair! Yay! But really, the stuff is great and I’ve even convinced my mom to try it. Am excited to try some of the other products on this list as am in the midst of growing my hair long and have been spending more time fussing with it.

    • crogirl says:

      Agree about Batiste, I am a brunette and I use the one for dark hair, it’s great

      • Gigi says:

        I have tried the regular one and left a residue. I bought the one for dark the other day but haven’t used it yet.
        My sister introduced me to a trick to camouflage oily hair so you can wash your hair every other day: powder your roots with regular make up powder. It has a similar effect as the dry shampoo.

      • LadyMTL says:

        I use the Batiste dark one as well, and I love it! I have curly hair that tends to frizz and get dry, so I don’t wash it any more than I have to. Also, since my hair is fine you can often see my scalp through my part; the Batiste helps mask some of that too. It’s a great product, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either.

      • diff says:

        Does the dry shampoo for dark hair leave any residue on your pillows or clothes? I’ve always been curious about that!

        I have brown hair and I use the Batiste one pictured. It does leave a white cast, but I let it sit for a few minutes, then brush it out and it’s fine. Or I’ll use it before bed and my hair is ready to go in the morning.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Wow! Thanks, everyone, for the great advice relating to brunette, curly, fine hair and dry shampoo! I know Batiste has been available in Australia for decades, but I’ve never tried it. I’ll look for the Batiste Dark and give it a whirl.

  9. Miasys says:

    The best dry shampoo I’ve ever used is Oribe Gold Lust. No residue or scent issues, but it’s incredibly spendy so I’m looking for a good replacement. I’ve tried Batiste but the scents were a little strong. Amika had a decent product but it was also pricey and not as good as the Oribe. I’d love advice.

  10. Becks1 says:

    I love Batiste dry shampoo. I think it is much better than Clean Freak Not Your Mother’s….

    I spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, then rub it into my roots and then brush out. I usually pull my hair back still but it does keep it from looking greasy. (I have super greasy hair so washing EOD helps with that, but bc my hair is so thin it def needs the dry shampoo on off days.)

  11. ojulia123 says:

    Batiste Dry Shampoo is on my permanent shopping list – the one that has things on it that I never want to be without (such as toilet paper). My 14-year old daughter uses it, too. Good stuff.

  12. Gigi says:

    I have used that dry shampoo. it is ok but you will not avoid the white looking hair with it either.

  13. Jensies says:

    I’m here for this hair care stuff, especially anti thinning. I’ve been trying fermented rice water and I think it does work but it smells VERY funky and I think it needs more frequent use than I’m doing. Also, I use Lush’s dry shampoo and have for years, that stuff is great and smells great.

  14. Mars says:

    Just a note to please be careful about DHT blocker shampoos if you are pregnant or trying to conceive! I bought a bottle thinking I would try to deal with my thinning hair (sadly, you can see my scalp) but research showed that it could interfere with male development. Just a heads up 🙂

  15. Jb says:

    Used the argan oil this morning on my just showered hair and my hair always feels and looks more healthy and hydrated. Will definitely look into the hair mask…my ends need love! Trying to grown my hair a few more inches but want it to look healthy!

  16. FluffyPrincess says:

    I do love these product recommendations!

  17. Alice says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations for shampoo or conditioner bars? Trying to reduce my plastic use and I’m exploring bars, but don’t know where to start!

    • Anners says:

      I love the Lush bar shampoos. I usually go with the godiva one, but currently I’m trying a honey one that is really great. Smells good, hair is clean and shiny, and it lasts forever. In Canada the average cost is about $11 a bar, but they last a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo (in my experience). They’re also great for traveling and you can get little round tins that fit them perfectly.

  18. Amaryis says:

    Batiste is my hands down favorite dry shampoo. I use the one for dark hair & I have no problems with white cast. My hair is almost black so it’s tricky to find out that works for me.
    I have extremely dry hair, so I try to shampoo twice a week at the most, so dry shampoo has been such a lifesaver for me.

  19. launicaangelina says:

    I love the OGX Argan oil. My favorite dry shampoo is Dove. I’ve tried TG, Batiste, and Clean Freak, and Dove works the very best for me and I love their scents – very fresh. I’m brunette and have thick, long hair. I usually wash my hair every 3 days.

  20. Paperclip468 says:

    I know it’s nuts, but you have no idea how much I look forward to these posts! Love the site even MORE now!

    • Reece says:

      Well we’ll both be nuts. lol I’ve gotten some pretty cool things from these, like the trunk organizer.

  21. Nocturne says:

    I hate the scent of artificial fragrances so I always stayed clear of spray on dry shampoos. Instead I use corn starch. Just the stuff at the supermarket that you can buy for a couple of bucks. I use a flat bottomed brush with stiff bristles to apply it. If the brush is too fluffy it goes flying everywhere. You need to start with the bare minimum of product on the brush and slowly build up during application. I have thin, fine hair that gets oily pretty quickly so I do this most days. Often times I do it straight after I’ve washed my hair because it adds much needed bulk as well. But the first time I use it you can’t even tell I’ve used dry shampoo on my hair, however after a few days it does look less shiny.

    One box of corn starch will last me six months so it is waaaaay cheaper than store bought dry shampoos and far more natural, there’s less disposable waste and if you’re worried about transfer the only residue you leave behind is cornstarch, which is nothing.

    Just be careful with that application because there is a learning curve and you will get some on your clothes!

    • Anners says:

      I’ve tried this! I have dark hair so I’ve also added a pinch of dark cocoa powder. Smells good and doesn’t show up as much against my hair.

  22. Sankay says:

    Has anyone used the shampoos with charcoal that I see everywhere these days? I was wondering if they work at all.

    • Seeker542 says:

      I’ve used Hask’s charcoal shampoo & conditioner and it was perfect for summer! Clarifying without being too drying.

  23. Seeker542 says:

    I’ve only been buying Hask for the last three years or so. Free of all the nasty chemicals at an affordable price point. The shampoo & conditioner retail at $6 each at Ulta and Target– the latter carries a special 15oz bottle at some stores for the same price! I’ve been using the keratin variety for my last few purchases. I have coarse-ish, in between wavy and curly texture depending on hair length. I find that I don’t get too much oil buildup in between washes. I’ve also been using their dry shampoo for the last few years. They use rice starch in their formula and it’s a fine mist. I used to use Batiste dark brunette but kept getting powdery fallout that looked like dirt.

  24. Kit says:

    I just looked up the Wow Skin Science shampoo and conditioner on Amazon Australia and it’s $92. Dreaming!

  25. Bad Hair Becky says:

    I have oily hair and I think I’m losing hair? I’ve been neglicting hair care, I think. I used to dye my hair (pink, blue, purple, colors like that) a lot and that may be why my hair is the way it is.

    Help? 🙁

  26. tealily says:

    I bought that Babyliss dryer you recommended last time and I really like it, thanks!

    I’ve been getting into dry shampoo lately, so thanks for the rec on that too. I’ve tried it before and it never really worked for me, but I recently read the tip that you should spray it on before you go to bed, let it sit for a bit, and the kind of massage it into your scalp. Then it works all night, soaking up the oils, and you can just brush it clean in the morning. I’m growing my hair out, so I’ve been trying to wash it less frequently. The dry shampoo really helps!

  27. TaniaOG says:

    Has anyone else tried that hair mask? I have bleached blonde hair and have to be very careful. I use a mask everytime I wash my hair. Would love to not have to shell out $40 for the Briogeo hair mask!