Cardi B swears off plastic surgery after her health issues pile up

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I think Cardi B went under the knife in April. She talked about getting some new plastic surgery ahead of the Billboard Music Awards in early May, and I think she was probably just a few weeks post-operations at that point. Soon after the Billboards, she had to cancel several concerts and she’s been ordered to rest, because – as she’s said – it takes a long time to heal from that sh-t. I believe Cardi had several things done all at once – she got a lot of liposuction, she got something done to her ass, and she had her breast implants revamped or something. All in all, it was a lot and it’s been health issue after health issue for Cardi ever since. I do not think she is well at all. Several days ago, she posted this photo of her swollen feet:

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YIKES. My feet have never been swollen like that, ever. When I get sick, my face swells up some, but nothing else. People were clowning on Cardi for her foot-selfie and she posted this on Twitter: “Reasons why my doctor told me to chill on shows cause my feet and stomach burn when I get puffed up NOT due to ticket sales. Stop fakin’ sh*t f**k outta here.” Then she tweeted this:

So… Cardi won’t get any more plastic surgery ever? I’ve felt for some time now that Cardi has some undiagnosed medical conditions and I wish her plastic surgeons would recommend some specialists for her – I feel like it’s really not normal that an otherwise healthy 26-year-old woman would get lots of plastic surgery not even a year after giving birth, and that her body would react so poorly to the surgery. And I also find it suspicious that she’s, like, working out every day when she’s supposed to be resting and getting better?

Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Party

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  1. aang says:

    Yikes! Hope she can figure out the problem and fix it. That’s why I could never do plastic surgery. I’m not morally opposed. Just scared and knowing that there was some plastic or silicone implanted in me would not be worth the anxiety it would provoke.

  2. Ruyana says:

    Sadly fake boobs often *look* fake. Real boobs don’t usually have that sharp demarcation of “okay, boobs end here”. It looks less like natural breasts and more like they plopped two inverted bowls onto her chest.

    • Cee says:

      Actually, that depends on the procedure. I got implants 10 months ago and they never looked like that. My implant is “tear shaped” and was placed behind the muscles, through the top half of my aureolas. 10 months later and they look “real” and natural, even to the touch.

      Hers look like they were placed in front of the muscle.

      • stacey says:

        I’ve been thinking about implants. How has your recovery been?

      • Blue Orange says:

        I’d agree. Cardi might have been photographed there very soon after her surgery or thats just the type of look she wanted. I had round, mid profile silicone implants earlier this year and they look very natural. When they were first done, they were very high, round and firm looking, like Cardi’s but once they settled, after about 4 weeks they looked like normal boobs.

        These procedures are generally safe and the risks are minimal (but there is risks with all surgery). You do need time to heal though. I had my augmentation on a Tuesday and was back at work by Friday. I do a job where I’m just sitting all day. I was tired and uncomfortable but not in terrible pain. I took paracetamol and that was it, even immediately after the surgery. The days following surgery I was lazy, watched TV and slept. Even when I was back at work I took it super easy for a couple of weeks.

        I think if Cardi has had lots of work done and is pushing herself too much, she’s going to feel terrible and have complications. It’s amazing how much energy healing takes from you.

      • Cee says:

        My recovery has been great. I had minimal bruising and only experienced pain the first 72 hours. I had to get used to larger breasts in terms of arm movements and sleeping positions (that took a while for my brain to adjust to). Post-op care is very important: I had to massage my breasts 3 times a day for about a month and a half. The massage makes them settle better and softer, so the implant is not attached to the breast and it kind of recedes back a bit so if you cup your breast it will be soft and not hard as a rock.

        Edit to add that my scars look amazing and are almost white now (be being super pale helps. but the incisions were very thin. my surgeon did a great job)

    • Allie says:

      it depends on the procedure, the type of implants, their size and the amount of bodyfat. there are indeed cases where you don’t see immediately if the boobs are real or fake.
      some women specifically want them to look super fake, though.

  3. stormsmama says:

    I wish her healthiness

    It is very sad but people -especially when they are young and healthy- tend to take for granted being healthy!!! Surgery ALWAYS has risk

  4. Eliza says:

    Lipo is #1 procedure of plastic surgery related deaths. Poking holes and waving a vacuum around isn’t as easy a process as it sounds.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      This! And because it leads to blood clots that kill you later during your recovery, many times the death isn’t listed as a complication of lipo.

    • mk says:

      I saw a video of lipo demonstrated and I would never allow that to be done to my body, it looked so abusive.

  5. Cee says:

    If she had multiple surgeries performed together or even on multiple days without rest periods, then her body is fighting a massive shock. She has GA for over 2 hours most likely, her body was sliced, stitched and pumped at the same time. She was foolish to ignore her doctor’s instructions and to carry on as if she had nothing done.

    When I got my breast implants, I couldn’t drive for 3 weeks, had to stay away from the gym for 2 months and had to massage my breasts 3 times a day for a month. Imagine having multiple surgeries and not allowing your body the rest it needs before going back on tour.

  6. Lynne says:

    Years after extreme lipo when the body ages and weight starts shifting and filling in other places…… it makes for a real funny looking body. Think fat back.
    And there are some very good looking breast augmentations but there is a trend for hideous bolt ons now. They can’t be comfortable.

    • oui oKi says:

      to me it doesnt matter what they look like (implants) I don’t want anything in me. my friend needs to replace or just remove hers asap (will cost another $10000 cnd it’s been 10 years) and I feel bad for her about this. I blame porn as she tried to accept her small boobs for years but she really felt most guys don’t like them. impossible for me to know since I’m not in their brains. imo porn is such a huge problem in north America these days but we never talk about the effects. there are many effects on women and men and even children

      • Chrissyms says:

        I totally agree. Porn and Instagram screw around with peoples heads.

      • hunter says:

        There is no medical reason implants would need to be replaced every ten years. They tell patients that to keep them coming back like buying a toothbrush every six months.

        Unless one’s body has changed, there is no need to get implants replaced or removed, that’s blatant consumerism and fear-mongering. As long as your friend is healthy with no complications there is no reason for concern.

  7. DS9 says:

    I don’t understand this article. It’s written as if the author is unaware of the pressures put on celebrity moms, particularly active performers like Cardi to not just get back to work asap but to look a certain way.

    Cardi has a number of issues but she has a strong work ethic and she’s in a division of an industry that devalues women and works hard to bring them down.

    I admire Cardi for being frank about the process and her decisions along the way.

    • Lala11_7 says:


    • Erinn says:

      I understand that the pressure is unreal. But my god – she KNOWS bad doctors are risky. I doubt that most ethical doctors would have performed that many surgeries on her especially not very long after giving birth. She’s LOADED, so I don’t understand why she wouldn’t try to do things in a safer way. But at the same time, she loves those detox teas, so her decision making isn’t great. I truly truly feel bad that she felt she needed to do all of this – especially so quickly. I guess I look at it like – if you feel THAT pressured, get your lipo done, then wait it out before doing more. Especially when she scheduled all of this stuff and tried to perform like normal. It scares me.

      I hope she heals fully – because I can’t imagine how awful she must be feeling. I think it’s SO important that she’s taking the time to talk about all of this, though – I think her experience can really help young (and older) women realize the reality of elective surgery risks.

      • oui oKi says:

        she could have performed a bit covered up (but still very trendy) and lost the weight slowly, got her surgeries gradually later on. I don’t think her fans would have minded. I wouldn’t have. would have loved to see gorgeous unique cardi a bit covered up and what her spin on that would be. Rihanna is not thin now and she still looks great and isn’t apologizing.
        sadly I have to wonder if the pressure she put on herself to have such a particular body is because she’s with a (former?) cheater. with him it wasn’t just one little affair right?

      • Chrissyms says:

        To me it looked like she had lost the weight before she got the surgery. I was so surprised when she showed up at whatever awards show all plasticed up….she looked great before.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Seriously? She has no mind of her own to refuse work before she is healthy? Plus what about that BS she was spouting about being too thin after her baby was born?

  8. manda says:

    Surgery is rough and your body hurts while it’s healing. This is not something that I would enter into lightly. I hope she gets better. Stuff like this is scary, liposuction can be really bad for you 🙁

  9. launicaangelina says:

    I’m not opposed to plastic surgery, but personally, I’m too scared of the risks. I cannot imagine voluntarily going under the knife. I always imagine that I’m the person who will be awake during the procedure but can’t let anyone know. Or I’ll get a serious infection where an incision took place.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I’m terrified of it too! It looks like they are perfecting less invasive options, mostly for your face, so I think I’d go that route if I really wanted to get something done.

      A friend got a blood infection around her implant and it took almost 2 years for her get a replacement. It shook me to see what happens when stuff goes wrong. I also had a friend whose young son woke up when he was getting his tonsils out, and he ripped out his IV. It sounded so traumatic.

  10. Snowslow says:

    Oh boy, poor Cardi. I wish her the best. I have a feeling she is feeling the pressure of having to keep up with other performers and seems to cave in to surgery way too easily. That said it’s her choice and totally the surgeon’s fault if she did more than she could take (she should have had that prescribed rest though).

  11. stacey says:

    This looks like a very scary complication. My fathers feet and limbs swell like this…he has congestive heart failure.

    • Susan says:

      Edema is definitely a complication/sign of heart failure and they say if you develop that kind of swelling without a known reason, you should definitely see a doctor. But that kind of edema has other causes. For her, it’s might be lymph fluids from the surgery or perhaps she has a venous blood flow issue now.

      • Hoot says:

        Compression hose is definitely recommended after any type of lower body liposuction… especially if she was on her feet for long periods. I wonder if she ignored all of her doctors’ advice?
        When my mother’s feet got like this (congestive heart failure-induced edema) the go-to was elevation and compression hose all day. Whatever is causing that swelling (and you’re right, it could be any one of several issues) needs to be addressed.

  12. FHMom says:

    I feel sad she is doing all this. It seems like she has everything — great career, baby, money, guy, etc. Does it matter if her butt doesnt look the way she wants it to? Every surgery involves a risk. She’s making bad choices and shame on those doctors.

  13. Liz says:

    Implants are sad. Its like armor over your heart. Many many people regret them. Not only that, it makes the person seem materialistic and lame.

    • hunter says:

      The jumbo ones yah

    • Hoot says:

      That is quite a generalization to say, “it makes the person seem materialistic and lame.”
      There are many reasons women decide to get implants (but I respect that you are entitled to your opinion).

      I just wish doctors were more open with patients regarding going under GA. It’s a bigger decision than you may realize to be “put under,” especially if it’s elective/unnecessary.

  14. Kath says:

    I had major surgery 6 months ago, and it has taken me that amount of time just to feel ‘normal’ again (as in, could walk more than a few hundred metres without getting tired). I can’t imagine ever going through surgery again unless it was a life-or-death situation. Liposuction, in particular, scares the crap out of me. People drop dead after that procedure!

  15. Alice says:

    Breast implants are so common these days but taking a step back and really looking at it, I can’t help but freak out at the idea of having two plastic sacks shoved in there and pumped with solution. It just seems so unnatural an idea to me.
    I of course understand the pressures we face as women to be attractive and maintain sexy proportions. No judgment at all, especially to those who were born with very small breasts (like a friend of mine who felt very insecure and was stressed for years because of this) deformities, cancer recoveries, etc’. Holistically speaking, it cannot be good to walk around with such big foreign bodies under the skin.

  16. Jessica says:

    That’s great that she’s so open about everything. I’m curious if she, at 26, is not going to have any more children. B/c any of her subsequent pregnancies are going to move stuff around and there’s nothing you can do about that. Pregnancies can wreak HAVOC on your body, and no two pregnancies are alike. You just don’t ever know what you’re in for and your body doesn’t care if you need to be camera ready. So yeah, your cankles are just one way your body is saying NO.

    Elective surgery is a risk – I mean, look what happened to Joan Rivers. YIKES.

    • Hoot says:

      Joan Rivers’ case was altogether different. She was undergoing a routine medical procedure (endoscopy) scheduled by her gastroenterologist to diagnose issues she’d been experiencing with her stomach/intestinal tract. What happened during this (necessary) procedure was beyond outrageous and irresponsible… “the clinic did not have properly recorded medication records, the doctors did take selfies, Yorkville hadn’t received informed consent for each procedure doctors performed on Rivers, and the staff hadn’t recorded the comedian’s weight before sedating her.“ They made major errors that totally could’ve been avoided, and the selfies were just disrespectful. I hope all the people involved lost their certifications.

      I do agree with you that ANY surgery is a risk when you have to be put under. I need foot surgery in July that will keep me completely off my foot for six weeks, then in a walking boot for another eight weeks. I am terrified of going under, but I want to be able to walk w/o severe pain or be in a wheelchair years from now for the rest of my life, so I’m willing to take the risk. Elective surgery? Naw, I’d pass.

  17. Yes Doubtful says:

    And it’s not even good plastic surgery… her stomach looks like Tara Reid’s and her breasts look like basketballs. She had a nice post-baby body and should have just left it alone… It’s sad what women will do to themselves. And she’s only in her 20’s!