Tessa Thompson in Thom Browne for the MTV Movie Awards: cute or nah?

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 Arrivals

The MTV Movie & TV Awards don’t air until tonight, on MTV, but they’ve already happened. They happened on Saturday in LA, they were taped and now an edited version of the show will air tonight. I guess it sort of makes sense – the whole “MTV Movie Awards” thing has faded in popularity and hype so much over the past five years, it basically exists now as a way for a handful of actual celebrities to promote their sh-t and then the rest of the show is just full of sad reality stars and utter randos. Barely anyone turns up for this show anymore, that’s what I’m saying. So let’s talk about the few celebrities who did come out.

Tessa Thompson wore this Thom Browne look, which just seems like an oversized blazer being worn as a dress. I like that Tessa has been having so much fun with her Men In Black promotional tour and she hasn’t been wearing obvious, “pretty” looks. She’s dressing how she likes and I appreciate that. That being said, this blazer is stupid. I love her hair-sculpture though.

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 Arrivals

Elisabeth Moss of House Targaryen wore this dragon-y Balmain look. I don’t hate it, even though I bet it was uncomfortable to sit in that for several hours.

2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Jameela Jamil in Balmain. I feel like this was way too heavy for a June awards show. It would have been a cuter look at a November event. The shoes were a bad choice with this dress, and is Jameela dating the singer James Blake? It appears so.

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 Arrivals

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 Arrivals

Jada Pinkett Smith in a silver suit. The suit itself is nice, but man, Jada has messed with her face. Plus, the sunlight on the carpet was harsh AF.

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 Arrivals

Mischa Barton has been through some sh-t and she’s come out of it looking like a sparkly goth princess and I don’t hate that. No, this isn’t really goth but this was probably the dress which made her feel the most comfortable, and it’s fine. Again, a bit too heavy for a June awards show but it’s fine. I hope she’s doing better these days.

2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards

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  1. duchess of hazard says:

    James Blake? Wow. He’s so low key. I like his work, though. With Tessa Thompson, I’m sure Lainey of Laineygossip is over the moon with her looks. She tends like outfits that have an opinion.

  2. blinkers says:

    I really like Tessa’s silver blazer dress, especially with those shoes!

    …wishing better for Mischa B, all together hair, sleeves, long skirt, it’s too much drapiness to be a balanced look

    • tealily says:

      I’d like to see Tessa’s look slightly nipped in at the waist. And maybe some dark eyeliner.

  3. Lucy says:

    I really like James Blake and Jameela Jamil as a couple. They’ve been together for awhile. They’re super cute, and a lot of his most recent (amazing) album is about her and about moving to LA to be with her. They are adorable giraffes together. I love it.

  4. theothercleo says:

    Jameela Jamil and James Blake have been together for 3 or 4 year I think. I really like them together.

    • duchess of hazard says:

      @theothercleo – wow, that long? Good for them, really.

      • theothercleo says:

        Yes, I just checked and she celebrated “three years with this untalented bastard”, on twitter in april 2018. I quite like that they’re private but not hiding either.

  5. Esmom says:

    Jada’s suit is the best of the bunch, imo. So well fitted and kinda fierce. Jameela’s dress could be super cute but the long sleeves ruin it for me. Tessa’s blazer is a good idea in theory but the execution is sad and droopy. Looks like she’s wearing a discarded men’s jacket that’s too big.

  6. msn says:

    I’m wearing metallic purple eyeliner today and Tessa makes me feel seen 😉 I like the oversized blazer…it’s more appealing to me than the oversized 80’s suits that are around atm, and that hair is killer -she’s like Lupita Nyongo in how she serves such varied excellence with her hair depending on what she’s promoting.

    I didn’t know that Jameela and James Blake are a thing until I heard his last album and fell in love with Can’t Believe The Way We Flow which is about her. It’s a gawjus song and made me think he adores her.

    Is it okay to post links ?

  7. SJR says:

    Like the hair and the shoes, not the suit jacket/dress.

  8. Riley says:

    Every time I see a pic of her, all I can think is, she looks more like Lisa Bonet’s daughter than her real daughter does. All 3 are absolutely stunning!

  9. GirlMonday says:

    MIshca looks like a grown up version of her ghost from the sixth sense.

  10. Mash says:

    i love tessa’s hairstyles on black women…it reminds me of my grandma <3