The Queen will not attend Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s christening

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pose with their newborn son

I don’t know what to expect from Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s christening. With the Cambridge kids, we generally knew what to expect because they were and are royal. But Meghan and Harry made such a big deal about how Archie is “private” and how he doesn’t have a title right now, so will they even allow press to cover the christening? I don’t know. But the Sussexes’ office seems to be indicating that there will be something of an event with photographers present, maybe. Here are some new details about the christening:

Meghan and Harry plan to embrace royal tradition at the christening of baby Archie with a full Windsor ceremony. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven’t always stuck to tradition – but they are reportedly set to have their first child baptised at St George’s Chapel where they famously tied the knot in May last year. Dad Harry was baptised at the chapel in 1984, aged three months, and Archie will be two months old when it comes round to his turn.

Archie is expected to follow royal tradition by wearing a replica of the Honiton lace christening gown commissioned by Queen Victoria for the baptism of her first child Princess Victoria in 1841. The original gown was worn by 62 royal babies including Harry and William. But a replica has since been made after the Queen reportedly deemed the original too fragile.

The family event is expected to be attended by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. One key member – the Queen – will not be there because of prior commitments, the Sunday Times reports. It is understood that the ceremonies will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor, Rev David Conner, and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

[From The Daily Mirror]

A date has not been released yet, but reportedly it should take place in early July, which is during Wimbledon. Which obviously means that Serena Williams is one of the godmothers, right? No, I jest, I doubt Serena is one of the godmothers. But I bet Jessica Mulroney will be a godparent. Doria Ragland is also expected to fly back to England for the christening. As for the Queen not attending… I find it suspicious that she won’t attend even though a date has not been confirmed. It’s like “ma’am, will be you available this weekend?” “No, I’m busy.” “And the weekend after?” “Nope, still busy.” That being said, the Queen didn’t go to Prince Louis’s christening, so maybe the Queen is just tired of christenings at this point.

One last thing: the Daily Mail reports that the Queen did give Meghan an “honor” recently – the honor of an invitation to Balmoral for her birthday. Sources say the Queen invited Meghan, Harry and Archie up to Scotland to celebrate Meg’s 38th birthday (on August 4) and that the Queen will even host a little birthday party for Meghan with a cake and everything.

Trooping the Colour Ceremony, London, UK - 8 Jun 2019

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I think the Queen is over christenings and that’s why she skipped Louis’ last year, mainly to establish that she was over going to them, lol. So now if she skips this one, its not going to be seen as a slight towards Baby Archie. My guess is, if she is available and around, she goes, and if not, she doesn’t.

    I imagine they do have a date set and are just not announcing it for whatever reason.

    • That would be my guess too, they have the date arranged and aren’t releasing it yet. And now I can’t get the mental image of TQ throwing a birthday party complete with hats and noise makers!!

      • Lunde says:

        I don’t think that TQ ever threw those type of parties. I remember an interview with Princess Anne (probably around 40 years ago) who said that her childhood parties were very polite affairs, held in the nursery with the nanny, and where jelly/jello had to be eaten with a cake fork! She was determined to do it differently with her kids.

  2. Loretta says:

    The Balmoral invite for Meghan’s birthday is very sweet.

  3. Flying fish says:

    Did the Queen attend Zara’s baby Christening earlier this year?

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes. But Lena was 10 months old at the christening (I just googled lol.) I wonder if they purposely scheduled it around the Queen’s schedule, hence why it took “so long” relatively (compared to the Cambridge christenings.)

  4. Seraphina says:

    I guess when you are that age, your like WHATEVER, I’m over all this. Don’t blame her though.

  5. Diane says:

    WOW in that last photo with Harry, Meghan sure looks like her mother.

  6. aang says:

    I don’t blame the queen. I hate ceremonies of any kind. Especially when people that aren’t religious, never go to mass, and have been living together for years want me to go to their hours long Catholic ceremony. My husband is an atheist so I was confused when his sister insisted he be Godfather to her son. It’s like these things have no real meaning beyond the public spectacle. I find it kind of offensive to people with real religious convictions. *I’m not claiming to know anything about this couple’s Christian beliefs.*

    • Peg says:

      Tongue in cheek, why vent here, just don’t attend.

    • BabaBlacksheep says:

      Yea but are you head of the Catholic Church? Because you do know the Queen is head of the Church of England, right?

      • Chrissyms says:

        Yes indeed. I always wonder if WIll and Kate attend Sunday services every week? William is going to be the head of the Church of England after all.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s simply a matter of being respectful to family and friends. I’m agnostic, more of a spiritual humanist than anything else, but I have attended countless weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations, etc. to stand by my friends and family.

    • Elisa says:

      Hey Aang, I’ll sit with you. ;)
      I’m atheist as well and I just don’t get people who are 0 religious insisting on religious ceremonies. My sister also asked me be to be a godmother (because her MIL is very religous) and I had to explain to her that
      a) you actually have to be Catholic to do that
      b) I don`t believe in God (and def not in the Catholic church) so what’s the point?

      If you throw a party, count me in! But not for religious stuff.

      • Hollz says:

        Elisa, Godparents aren’t actually a Catholic exclusive. They exist in the Church of England, as well as Methodist and Lutheran churches. Heck, I’m an atheist with a Baptist mother and a non religious Catholic father and I have a Baptist set of godparents.

      • Elisa says:

        of course! In my sister’s case it was a Catholic ceremony…

    • megs283 says:

      ok, as a lifelong Catholic, the only “hours-long” ceremony I’ve attended was the Easter Vigil. We’re known for getting things done in under 90 minutes.

      • Bunny says:

        Yep. A standard Catholic Mass is a bit under an hour, adding in the wedding part doesn’t add more than a few minutes.

  7. Gia says:

    The Queen always attends the christening of the firstborn. Except Harry’s and Meghan’s.
    So look at recent events which might have annoyed the Queen. Was there something? Oh, wait … I think she has had enough of Meghan’s political stance about Trump. If it is a state dinner then the Royal Family does attend. And nope, not attending a dinner for Trump and then attending Trooping the colour the next day – inacceptable. The Royal Family must be politically bipartisan.
    Make no mistake: the Queen is putting down her foot, here.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, she’s really going to show Meghan who is boss by celebrating her birthday at Balmoral with her.

      • HayaR says:

        How do you know Her Majesty is going to be throwing a party for Meghan? Because the DailyMail and the Express said it? Oh Kay then. I’m assuming you also believe all the other reports about Meghan from the same papers then? I mean, you’d have to if you so easily believe the Royal PR machine. Anyway, when it comes to official stories, straight from the top, the Times is reliable, the others aren’t. The exception is the Mail on Sunday. They have a different team for Royal sources.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      What’s in that tea you’re drinking? Because I want some. That is a next-level woo conspiracy theory right there. Yikes.

    • Lady D says:

      If she’s that pissed at Harry and Meghan how do you think she feels about her future heir and the scandal and shame he is dumping on his family, and by reflection hers, Gia?

    • Market Street Minifig says:

      Illogical and incoherent.

      • DM2 says:

        And also “inacceptable” :)

      • Olenna says:

        I’m certain these Meghan stalkers possess the same type of fearful, resentful and insecure personalities that MAGAgits have. You can hardly go anywhere on social media or news media articles without them showing up and leaving a nasty stain of bigoted, classist or racist rhetoric. Meghan made comments about Trump in 2016, but this OP is acting as if she made them last month, and the MAGAgits reacted the same way.

    • Jaded says:

      Meghan’s on maternity leave, Harry attended the Trump luncheon on behalf of both of them.

      Meghan made her disparaging comments about Trump before she even met Harry.

      The Trooping of the Colour is a family event to honour the Queen, not an event to entertain a head of state, so of course she’s going to attend it.

      A birthday invite by the Queen to Balmoral is putting her foot down?

      Man…what’s in your Cheerios this morning?

      • Chrissyms says:

        I agree. Meg is on Maternity Leave. She has only been to trooping and that was to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The whole family attends. She hasn’t made any political commentary since she has been part of the royal family. She is a human being with opinions. We have all said something or another about Trump. Good or Bad. AND HE LOVES IT!!!!!

    • norah says:

      you are delusional. when harry didnt attend the dinner why wd meghan attend when she is still breast feeding?

    • Alexandria says:

      Her political stance was way before she became a royal. Do you have any comments about Trump’s not befitting of a state representative personal stance on Meghan, Diana and Kate? How about his non-ethical stance of bringing all his adult children who don’t work for him, to a state banquet? I guess at least he dressed the part professionally. Oh wait. Can’t even be bothered to make it right.

    • celialarson12 says:

      Yes, the Queen is putting her foot down, while insisting that Meghan return to the North pole where she has been banished, while Harry returns the baby to the surrogate.

    • kerwood says:

      Because the Queen of England has so much love and respect for 45 and his ‘ex-model’ wife.

  8. SippingRoyalTea says:

    I should be a royal reporter because for the most part this is what I predicted. I knew it would be a toss up for the Queen which is fine because I think this is another moment for Charles to be head of the family with his sons the way he was a Louis’ christening. I heard Jessica Mulroney is Jewish so she can’t be a godparent and even if that’s not the case I don’t expect any of Meghan’s famous friends to be a godparent this time.

    • Coffeespotnyc says:

      None of the famous friends are really that close for her to make them godparents. But u never know, she may have deepened those friendships in the past two years.

      I wish Serena would be a godparent but Serena is JW so there goes that and JM is jewish so no luck there as well. Maybe Zara?

      Is it possible that they might not have godparents at all?

      • Becks1 says:

        Come on people. We know the godparents. George and Amal!!!!!

        I wonder if they would only do one godparent of each sex, rather than several. (so Archie would only have two.)

      • SippingRoyalTea says:

        He’ll definitely have godparents and I think of the cousins the most likely are Peter Philips and Princess Eugenie and I think they’ll have at least four but maybe they want it to be really low key so having just two godparents would reduce the number of people in attendance because they wouldn’t have a bunch of spouses there.
        I hope we get good pics of the people arriving and leaving.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        IIRC, I read somewhere that Amal is a Druze.

      • Megan says:

        Amal’s father is Druze, but since he married outside of the faith it is unlikely he is practicing.

  9. TheOriginalMia says:

    Total speculation the Queen won’t attend. As nothing has been released, I’m not counting the Queen out. Especially if they have the christening at Windsor Castle before the Queen leaves for Balmoral. Archie is Harry’s firstborn so I hope she comes, but if she doesn’t, he’ll have his grandparents there.

    • Chrissyms says:

      The queen is in her 90′s. Maybe her schedule that week is already too busy or maybe she is on vacation that week. Either way she get’s a pass. Having 2 future Kings of England attend one’s Christening is pretty Status.

  10. Dani says:

    That seems so…cold. Especially for it being his first child. Idk. I don’t like this family at all anymore. The more that comes out about them the weirder it gets.

  11. BabaBlacksheep says:

    But…but… HaRrY’s HeR fAvOrItE!!!!!!

  12. aquarius64 says:

    It’s a safe bet Bad Dad and the demon spawn won’t be there. The birth announcement by BP left Sam Dad and Jr’s names off, telling the world they will never be received. You don’t drag the BRF for three years and expect to be invited to royal family events.

  13. TOTORO says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Obamas were to be God parents?! That would just blow the minds of so many. There would be a sea of pearls scattered from the collective clutching.

  14. Sassy says:

    You guys are really buying that the queen is throwing Meghan a birthday party but won’t bother to show up for the christening. Which would make more sense since she is the head of the church.

    • HayaR says:

      I just read the piece from the Sun. Holy crap that’s a sweet PR piece – the details give it away. It sounds like the fluff PR pieces from People which Meghan had her friends put out. It’s all “guys, the royals love us so much they’re baking a special cake and it’s the biggest honour of all.” Lol, I love reading between the lines. William’s PR is undeniably messy at times and Meghan & Harry’s is over the top. Celebrities need to try hard to prove something, Royalty doesn’t, which makes it hilarious.

  15. Jan says:

    Serena is a Jehovah’s Witness and I’m pretty sure they don’t believe in infant baptisms, so I highly doubt she’s going to be a godmother.

  16. liriel says:

    Honestly, no big deal but celebitchy was so “the queen loves meghan” when she accepted her to the BRF. Since she didn’t give the title and isn’t giving Meghan much support we went quiet. A bit ironic.

    • Lanne says:

      What “title” was Meghan supposed to receive? Titles aren’t gifts from the Queen. A spouse of a royal gets the spouse adjacent title. Duchess to duke, countess to earl, lady to baron. That’s how titles work in the U.K. could the Queen support Meghan more? Sure, but it’s not surprising that she doesn’t. She’s always been an avoid confrontation type. At 93 years old, she isn’t changing. And she has given Meghan support—taking her on a solo train trip soon after the wedding, inviting her to sandringham for Christmas before she was married.

      • liriel says:

        yeah, I just wished she’d give titles to the kids and get papped with Meghan just like in the beginning. Archie’s christening – a firstborn is important too.

  17. Citresse says:

    Harry is quite close to HM. I’m surprised and disappointed she won’t attend the Christening.

    • liriel says:

      Me too. It’s his first kid, maybe the only one so she should have made it. Well, she has cold personality.

  18. Mego says:

    I dunno. I wonder if it’s her way of making space for Prince Charles as the Grandfather and heir to the throne. He often gets overshadowed. I noticed that she wasn’t on the front steps at their wedding too. Just a thought.

    • HayaR says:

      Lol, the Queen was up front during Eugenie’s and Ella’s weddings. She was beaming at both weddings, which is what I expected at Harry’s wedding, but the family didn’t even do the whole family shot, like they did with Ella’s and Eugenie’s weddings. The Queen stands wherever she likes and she shows obviously shows her delight and real emotions during special occasions. She was wiping away tears at Eugenie’s wedding and she had a huge congulatory smile for Ella, that was very warm and nice to see.

  19. Louise177 says:

    “As for the Queen not attending… I find it suspicious that she won’t attend even though a date has not been confirmed.” This info is from a tabloid not from The Palace. Just because it hasn’t been announced doesn’t mean the Queen doesn’t knows when the christening is. If she is unable to attend it’s probably because of age and scheduling conflicts. It’s probably really hard to match up their schedules. I don’t know why people are trying so hard to find a scandal when there isn’t one.

  20. HayaR says:

    The Church is *literally* on the Queen’s doorstep. Louis’ christening was held in London and he is William’s 3rd child. Harry’s first child amidst people always saying Harry is her favourite (i’m not sure I believed that), and the Queen isn’t attending? Seems like a choice, imo. If the christening was set for mid/late July, I’d understand because she’s on holiday by then, but a 1 hour christening, right next to her home, isn’t a scheduling conflict. She attended Zara’s in a weekend , so she obviously isn’t “over” christenings or the “age” excuse lol. She does mundane tasks over and over again for years but she’s going to skip out on a special family occasion? Okay.

    • Citresse says:

      Maybe HM is upset about the conflict between Harry and William and she’d prefer to avoid any potential rows at the Christening so she’s avoiding it like the plague….I don’t know….it’s certainly unusual.