Adele has apparently been losing weight by doing ‘Reformer Pilates’

A few nights ago, Adele went to see the Spice Girls perform in London. She had a great time, her friends were live-streaming her reactions and her tears of joy and she even got to go backstage and have a drink with “the girls.” It was a dream come true for Adele, who has always maintained the fact that the Spice Girls were a HUGE deal to her when she was growing up. When people started posting photos of Adele with the Spice Girls, I guess people were like “wow, she’s lost some weight.” She has, but to be fair…she’s been losing weight somewhat steadily for the past three years or so. When she promoted her last album, she talked about making some changes to her diet, and taking better care of herself in general. But do you think she does Pilates now? I doubt it, but some people are saying that’s how she’s lost weight:

She has been spicing up her life since she split from her husband of three years Simon Konecki. And Adele’s Reformer Pilates class has reportedly given her a new lease of life as she has lost more than a stone in weight after attending the workout with pal Ayda Field.

The Hello hitmaker, 31, displayed her slimmed-down figure in a black ensemble when she partied with her childhood favourites The Spice Girls over the weekend. A source told The Sun: ‘Adele has been out enjoying herself and she sees that as her priority at the moment, along with being a mum to Angelo. She has been loving her new workout regime and it really works for her. It’s a bonus that she has shifted some weight. Her mates are glad she’s letting loose and there’s nothing but good feelings towards her. She’s got a new lease of life.’

[From The Daily Mail]

As I said, I doubt it. But anything is possible – we truly had no idea about Adele’s marriage woes and I didn’t realize until a few months ago that she’s been living in LA almost full-time for a few years. It’s possible that the LA life has gotten her: now she drinks coconut water and does Pilates and watches Vanderpump Rules obsessively. That’s what Angelinos do, right? LOL.

Photos & videos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

    She’s gorgeous. She has *always* been gorgeous; the weight loss highlights her incredible cheekbones and eyes. She looks great, at any weight, but health-wise, it IS better for her.

    That said, I think I read that she will be dropping a new CD in Dec., and though she said she won’t tour again, she may do some one-off shows. Here’s hoping!

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Oh man are you ever gonna get yelled at for that health = weight comment. I would do it myself but I gots other things to do.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Actually, you don’t get to decide what “healthy” is for a complete stranger based on pictures and videos. She may be healthier now, she may not be – you’re just assuming that she was less healthy when we was heavier.

      This kind of thing bothers me because its happened to me – I got very very sick and lost weight and everyone kept telling me much healthier I looked and I was literally incredibly ill.

      • Mego says:

        I am overweight and it’s affecting my health (metabolic syndrome). Plus I loathe carrying extra weight and my challenge is keeping it off when I lose. So hard for an emotional eater with lots of fat genes. I accept the fact that my extra weight is affecting my health – it causes insulin resistance for one.

      • Jaded says:

        I have several friends who are overweight (we’re all in our sixties). All have had to have hip and knee replacements, one has Type 2 diabetes, and another had a stroke.

        We are not body-shaming, it’s a fact that obesity is a killer.

      • Cee says:

        Mego, we could be the same person. Metabolic issues are the worst. I’m trying to learn to view food as nourishment and not therapy or a quick “feel good” moment.

        I also want to add that I’ve gained 10 kilos in a span of 3 years and I had a study done recently and I have 32 kilos of muscle weight and 21 of fat weight (the rest is water, bone, etc). I am heavier but the numbers were inverted 3 years ago: I weighed less, yes, but I had 27 kilos of fat and less than 20 of muscle. After 15 months of doing functional training I am HEALTHIER at a heavier weight lol That’s why I’ve decided to stop paying too much attention at the scales.

      • deezee says:

        I agree. It is completely ridiculous to equate weight to health. You don’t know the catalyst for the weight change. It may be diet as she said, or it could have been an unhealthy family life situation (hence the divorce) or something else.

      • broodytrudy says:

        I can’t believe we’re living in a timeline where we have to argue the actual, documented medical consequences of extra weight. Jesus.

      • MissM says:

        Im overweight. It’s not healthy, no matter what you might want to think, you are healthier when you are thinner. Theres a reason why people who loose weight say that they feel better and have more energy. It’s a fact. You can be completely comfortable and confident in your skin when you are overweight and also recognize that you are not as healthy as you could be. I’m happy with how I look but i also dont want to be fat and have health issues when I’m older so I’m trying to loose weight. It’s dangerous that as a society we are trying tell people that you can be obese and still be healthy because we dont want to be accused of being fatphobic. You may not currently have any health problems if you are overweight but it is still a lot of pressure on your joints and on your pulmonary system. Why do you think so many overweight people like myself have high blood pressure and it goes away when you get down to a healthy size?

      • Anna says:

        You are 100% right, and I get tired of all the ignorant comments on threads like these.

        Thinner does NOT automatically = healthier. Someone who’s eating fast food and a Diet Coke every day is NOT healthier than her neighbor just because she happens to be skinnier.

        Idiots need to stop making generalizations about weight when there are a LOT of factors that matter when we are talking about physical health. Weight is ONE of those factors. It is not the defining factor by itself.

      • OuiOkay says:

        GOod points missM! I’m a little overweight too. It’s the first thing my dr mentioned when I talked about lower back pain. I learned that arthritis is linked to being overweight too! (Not sure if that’s my sitch or not.) Luckily I don’t have anything going on with blood pressure or diabetes. Even for those who don’t get heart problems or diabetes it’s clear that weight puts stress on joints and organs! So it seems like unless you’re doing something super unhealthy to lose weight, then yeah being thinner is healthier.

        Sleeping less and eating more make you overweight. Sleeping less often results in eating more. But I was wondering, if those things are actually the *reasons* for health problems for overweight people (ie causation) some thin people have the same health problems, maybe those thin people also eat a lot? Maybe it’s eating a lot that causes some of the issues, not carrying weight.
        Sorry this is not all a reply to you !~

  2. minx says:

    She looks beautiful.

  3. brooksie says:

    Reformer Pilates is the only workout that’s drastically changed my body! I have no problem believing this.

    • snazzy says:

      Hmmm I’m going to have to look this up!

    • SJD says:

      Same! And I love that jelly-muscles feeling after a great class/workout on the reformer. It definitely whipped me into a drastically different shape over time so I have little trouble believing this to be a big part of the change for anyone who says it’s what they’re doing, including Adele. And if this wonderful artist is happy, I’m happy too!

    • JaneEyreApparent says:

      Yeah, I haaaate Pilates, but it’s the only thing that makes a big change. It happens quickly too.

      • A says:

        I need to try. I have bad posture too.
        I do my workouts at home but I have more time at the moment and I would like to try something new without making a big commitment that I feel obligated to go.

    • Bella Bella says:

      I love Pilates with all the apparatuses, not just the Reformer. I personally really loved the stretch you get on the Barrel. I wish I could afford to take Pilates again. If she is doing Pilates, I’m sure she feels great in her body.

    • isabelle says:

      What the heck are they? Weights have been a game changer for mine. Pilates did nothing but puff out my stomach and very slightly trim up my body. Zero weight loss, so surprised she is losing weight by doing them.

      • Lolo says:

        Cosign this!! I don’t understand the Pilates hype. I took classes almost daily for three months straight with different instructors. I felt and saw zero difference. Literally zero.

        Weights, on the other hand, have been a huge game changer. I’m 30lbs down, fit, feeling super strong and get compliments constantly. Bathing suits actually fit right.

        What am I missing with the Pilates thing?

      • Esmom says:

        I did mat Pilates for about 7 years and it did make me a lot stronger and more flexible. I don’t think you can really lose weight from Pilates alone, even on a reformer. She’s either eating less, doing cardio on the side, or both.

        I love Pilates but it’s just too expensive. And I only have so much time and am now using it for strength training, which has also helped my overall conditioning.

        Adele is lovely, she seems really cool.

      • GMonkey says:

        Pilates and yoga work for me AFTER a weight session. For instance, I do 20 min of heavy weight upper body work. Then I do 10 minutes of cardio concentrating on upper body (boxing/kickboxing) then 10 minutes of upper body and abdominal Pilates or yoga.

        The only way that I can get any results from Pilates alone is by doing interminable reps and that is torture for me.

    • Karen says:

      Love Reformer Pilates. Agree. It is the only thing that has worked for me.

    • CL says:

      I started reformer Pilates in April, and I LOVE it. I have a great instructor, and I actually look forward to the class. I can honestly say I’ve never felt that way about another workout in my life.

      • brooksie says:

        Me too! I used to dread other workouts but this is the only one I look forward to going to! I think that seeing results so quickly is what really motivates me!

    • Moneypenny says:

      I love the Reformer! I stopped when I was pregnant with my first to save money…but maybe I can get back into it.

      • brooksie says:

        I hear you, it’s pricey! I’m in my first trimester now and it’s crazy how much harder it’s felt for me these past 2 months. I think I may freeze my membership too until I get some more energy back.

    • Izzy says:

      Same! It’s the only thing I enjoy, and I go five days a week now! With some modifications to diet so I’m eating healthy, I’ve lost 30 lbs in 5 months. Slow and steady wins the race. And I can’t believe the muscle tone! I wish I had tried it years ago.

  4. snazzy says:

    I love how excited she was about this. It’s adorable. Also, whatever she’s doing, she looks great

  5. ChillyWilly says:

    Adele is gorgeous at any weight. Perfect face.

  6. Addie says:

    She looks happy!
    Now that that is out of the way, let me say that my head hurts from the weight loss and exercise remixes that are floating around. My god, it’s exhausting! If only I could lose weight from being frustrated!

  7. buensenso says:

    WOW. ps. I love adele <3

  8. lucy2 says:

    She is always so gorgeous!
    I love how enthusiastic she is about stuff like that, and not at all snobby about music and other things.

  9. thea says:

    i used to be addicted to reformer pilates – did it every day. but while it improved my posture and probably toned me up a bit, i didn’t lose a ton of weight on it. for the past three years, i’ve been doing more lagree than tranditional reformer pilates, and with lagree you see (and feel) results fast.

  10. Digital Unicorn says:

    Reformer Pilates is AMAZING, I did it for a while due to back problems and after a few sessions I noticed a difference. Its very good helping to lose weight and tone muscles without spending hours in the gym as trust me you feel like you’ve done a gym class afterwards. As others have said it does change the body but you have to do it regularly. Madonna swears by it and she’s been doing it for years.

  11. aj says:

    Her nose job is nose job goals.

    • minx says:

      She got a perfect nose job, goes with her face and beautiful bone structure. Not a chopped-off Kardashian nose,

  12. Emily says:

    WAIT JUST A MINUTE. How do we know she watches Vanderpump Rules?

  13. Reece says:

    “now she drinks coconut water and does Pilates and watches Vanderpump Rules obsessively. That’s what Angelinos do, right? LOL.”
    S’cuse Me? No! We drink alkaline water and kombucha!
    A couple of times a week coffee with oat milk! No soy! Thank you,
    And right now is the perfect time between spring and hell where you can go hiking without dying from heat exhaustion.


  14. Teeee says:

    She looks like the lady married to the guy from The Offfice.