It was ‘difficult’ for Irina Shayk to deal with the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga rumors

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The flurry of gossip around Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s split was so stupid, my God. I still can’t believe that Us Weekly, the Daily Mail and People Magazine tried to hype the breakup as some huge scandal. Of course, as soon as I say that, Bradley will probably reveal some torrid affair with some hugely inappropriate person, but for now I’m sticking with this: Bradley and Irina fell apart, maybe he’s a douchebag and a workaholic, and I hope Irina is doing okay. Also: Bradley and Irina seem to have taken their split in stride and they’ve already been visiting each other and they seem to be figuring out a way to coparent. Us Weekly decided to milk the breakup a little bit more by putting this sh-t on their new cover. Basically, A Star Is Born did ruin their relationship, but not because he had an affair with Lady Gaga.

Bad romance? Bradley Cooper’s demanding schedule for A Star Is Born drove a wedge between him and Irina Shayk — and those Lady Gaga romance rumors didn’t help either.

“The movie had a major impact on Bradley and Irina’s relationship,” a source says exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly of the former couple, who broke up earlier this month after more than four years together. “Even though there was nothing romantic between Bradley and Gaga, the noise was difficult for Irina to deal with.”

Another source tells Us that Gaga “felt bad” about the rumors surrounding her and Cooper, and she “isn’t going to get together” with him after his breakup with Shayk, with whom he shares 2-year-old daughter Lea.

[From Us Weekly]

I think Irina was probably slightly (BARELY) bothered by the Gaga-Cooper rumors when they happened at the Oscars. The performance at the Oscars really got the rumor mill going, and I could see how Irina might have been uncomfortable with that. But before the Oscars, most of the conversation was about how Gaga and Bradley really didn’t seem to get along, or that he was trying to do some creepy real-life Svengali thing on her and she was like “nah.” Anyway, I do believe ASIB affect Irina and Bradley’s relationship, but that’s because he was working constantly just after Lea was born.

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48 Responses to “It was ‘difficult’ for Irina Shayk to deal with the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga rumors”

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  1. Lizzie says:

    OK JAN

  2. Corinne says:

    Irina has spent more time away of their home than Bradley the 1st year their daughter was born. Why she is still complain about Bradley being a workaholic ? He was more often with their child than her. He is probably a Dbag but the way Irina uses their child since 2 weeks is sickening. She does photos shoots every day, all smiles for the paparazzi, with the child dressed in Burberry or Versace from head to toe. She uses her child to promote the brands of which she is the face.

    • Pringer says:

      Wow i thought i was the only one who noticed this…
      i have never been a fan of Bradley but enough of this this emoional distant talk the only people who truly know what caused this split is Iriana and Bradley Cooper. And i dont think either of them is a saint

      • Corinne says:

        They are the ones who know what caused the split. But Irina’s team tries too hard to make her look like an amazing woman since 2 weeks. That is all Cooper’s fault if they are over. But neither of them is a saint. Luckily her past was whitewashed in the last years and since she became a mother. But she is not better than Cooper. She should stop to call the paparazzi and use the child for photo shoot to promote Burberry and Versace.

      • Pringer says:

        Corinne THANK YOU!!!

    • geekychick says:

      And you know for a fact that she was always traveling without her daughter?

      And let’s not forget, since we’re on celebitchy, the fact that Irina is a model, while Bradley is a famous male actor. Who of those two has more sensitive career in which you have to constantly prove that you’re ready, in top form and available to work?
      Her career is very demanding and short-lived, compared to his-especially as a woman.
      In this circumstances, I can understand if she had to fulfill obligations-while let’s be honest, he could have made his money one year later. Or?

      • Corinne says:

        Irina and her friends IG Story was heavily busy when she was away for work. Judging by what she was doing during her free time away she obviously did not have time to take care of a child. And Bradley was often spotted with his child when Irina was out of town. She has to fulfill obligations for work as much as Cooper so why her team tries to say his work his the main reason for the split? it does not make sense.
        What do you mean by he could have made his money 1 year later? The shooting of the movie was planned before the pregnancy. That seems more and more clear none of them have planned a pregnancy. At least not Cooper.

    • Raina says:

      Corinne, lol. As a fellow Russian, albeit clearly in the US longer, I can smell a Russian comment by the lingo a mile away.
      So, either you know her and dislike her or you just don’t like her and not know her.
      But your effort is “cute”….

      On a different note, hopefully they coparent well and the transition goes smoothly. Not everyone is a forever relationship

  3. savu says:

    God I hated those rumors. It would annoy me if my significant other played into them for publicity – that’s the business, I’m sure it happens all the time. It was stupid to see thousands of people shipping real adults because of their movie. But man it would drive me nuts to be Irina in that situation.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      gotta agree. It’s one thing if both stars are single, etc. it’s fun to ‘ship and wonder in that case.

      but if one or both are attached, it’s kind of gross for the S.O.s of each one.

    • Melanie says:

      I definitely think that Bradley(and Gaga for that matter) could have shut those rumors down earlier than he did.

  4. lucy2 says:

    So much media attention for something so few people care about…

    • Div says:

      For some reason, BCoop is playing into the media attention imo (so is Irina, tbf). The cynical side of me thinks Lainey might be right in that he’s trying to direct the tabloid’s attention away from something he doesn’t want public (I’ll get yelled at on here, but my guess is the gay rumors since semi messy split slash love triangle does a lot to drown out the contract/beard rumors that have been strong around him). Gaga’s been drawn into this mess, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single pap photo of her in ages. Meanwhile, BCoop and Irina are constantly getting papped despite Gaga being bigger than both of them.

      It’s an “easy” story for the tabloids to seize on to, but all this tabloid media attention weeks later when viewed in light of all the pap photos…seems suspect.

      • Kebbie says:

        I didn’t believe the rumors that they were a contract relationship, but all of this is kind of changing my mind. They broke up right as the attention around him and his movie was dying down and now it’s revived it all. And they’ve both taken turns playing the doting parent in front of paparazzi since the breakup. They’re drawing an awful lot of attention to themselves given how private they supposedly were.

        Something about him just doesn’t seem genuine, and she dated Ronaldo, so she’s not above a publicity based relationship.

        I don’t think Gaga minds the rumors at all though. It makes her look desirable, and it won’t sully her image if she doesn’t actually end up dating him.

      • Melanie says:

        I agree that the relationship has seemed fake and contractual from the beginning, but what kind of contract relationship would be ending in such a messy way? I’m thinking if this was some sort of arranged situation, they would have made some nice comments about each other and went their separate ways.

    • Kebbie says:

      Seriously, I kind of can’t believe this is still a thing. Is it Gaga’s fans pushing this? Who wants these stories? I don’t think of Bradley Cooper as someone people really care about. His publicist is trying to change that, I guess.

      • Div says:

        The movie inspired some Notebook/Titantic style fans who are into the idea, and all the People articles/staged pap photos make me think his publicist is also pushing it. Again, to be fair though Irina is also clearly calling the paps on a regular basis.

        I don’t follow Gaga closely or consider myself a big fan, but I’m a..guess I would say semi-fan. Most who have been fans since the beginning are making jokes about it or don’t care— very few who are just fans of Gaga are actually into the idea.

  5. Michael says:

    I never thought they were a great couple frankly. They always seemed more like partners than a couple to me. I think Irons deserves a John Legend type of boyfriend who will let her shine and not only see her as a reflection of himself.

  6. Latoya says:

    Where are you getting this idea that Bradley and Gaga didn’t get on? It’s clear that they are good friends.

    Irina and Bradley were a bad match. They broke up. End of. She’s working the break up to improve her profile. He’s ignoring it. Gaga’s copping the blame.

    • TAM says:

      I remember Coop said in one of their joint interviews that their moms text or call each other regularly. I am kind of confused about the “they did not get along” news because I have always thought they became good friends while filming the movie.

  7. FHMom says:

    Unless Irina is an over-the-top jealous, insecure person, I can’t buy even a smidge of this. I dont see any of the chemistry people talk about. The duet at the Oacars was a DUET. Has t anybody seen 2 people sing together before? Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder singing “Hunger Strike” have way more chemistry.

    • kerwood says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Any ‘chemistry’ that was produced by Cooper and Gaga was them doing their job. They were ACTING! The hype during awards season was Cooper shilling for awards. He honestly thought he had a shot at an Oscar, which is proof that he IS an ego-maniac considering the competition he faced that year.

      I haven’t seen the movie and probably never will unless it’s playing on a plane that I happen to be on. I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga (I’m old enough to remember Tori Amos and Christian Aguillera) and I’m neutral about Cooper as an actor, although I do like Rocket Racoon. I know next nothing about either’s personal life.

      I felt for Irina during the Oscar broadcast because the poor woman had to sit through all that bullshit with the cameras in her face. But any friend of Putin is no friend of mine.

  8. Renee says:

    “But before the Oscars, most of the conversation was about how Gaga and Bradley really didn’t seem to get along, or that he was trying to do some creepy real-life Svengali thing on her and she was like “nah.” – Huh?? Never heard this at all. Actually it was the complete opposite? “There could be 100 people in a room…”, that viral meme? Doesn’t sound like “nah, Bradley is a creep”

  9. Riley says:

    If things were already strained between them, from him working so much, not being around after the baby, etc., I can see where the rumors really annoyed her, even if she knew they weren’t true. They would annoy any woman!

    Bottom line, if their relationship was solid, the rumors wouldn’t have mattered at all. I’m not sure they were ever on solid ground. They were dating, had an unplanned pregnancy and tried to make it work. It didn’t.

  10. Chica71 says:

    Corrine. Forgot about her and Ronaldo, and rumors of Cannes girl.. This split was boring and pap walk with suitcase and Stella Maxwell over the top. She needs to stop with matching Burberry outfits pap strolls.

  11. Audrey says:

    I’ll get yelled at again, but here’s my take on the whole thing – note that I am NOT referring to Brad’s sexual preference ;) : Brad and Irina had a contract relationship and they weren’t getting along at all before ASIB. I heard Irina wanted out before the Oscars, but was pressured to stay until after. Gaga and Brad did not get along during the filming (heard it from several sources). Gaga and Bradley rumors were there to drum up PR and ticket sales. Contract is ending and it was very convenient to use Gaga as an out. I’m not sure whose PR person (Brad’s, Irina’s, or Gaga’s) keeps this story alive. Maybe to keep Irina with Brad through the Oscars, she was promised that the inevitable break up would be spinned so that she looks good?

    • minx says:

      I can certainly buy this.

    • Melanie says:

      Audrey: Are you in the industry and getting info from sources there? Or, are you basing your opinion on the articles that have been put out in the media?

      • Audrey says:

        I have good sources.

      • Latoya says:

        Audrey’s sources are comment sections that say the same contract/bearding crap and are so certain of it yet NEVER have anything to back it up. Old. Boring. Move on. Nothing to see here.

    • Corinne says:

      A contract relationship that includes a child ?

      • Melanie says:

        Corinne: That’s what I’m wondering because I really find it hard to believe that he would take a contract relationship that far.

    • Melanie says:

      Latoya: I can certainly see why the contract theory is believable though. LOL To me, they seemed mismatched from the beginning and even physically they seemed awkward, like people who have never touched each other unless it was in front of the camera. I guess it’s possible that he doesn’t like PDA, but if that’s the case maybe he shouldn’t keep agreeing to do staged photos.

      • Div says:

        They might not have even had a contract, but his publicist (and him) are probably perfectly aware that it is heavily rumored, not just in the comment sections, that she was his beard. Basically, contract or not, they might want to do away with the impression or the idea that he had one with Irina.

  12. jennifer says:

    why oh why is this breakup still in the news? is stuff being leaked to hide something bigger?

  13. Mi says:

    From all the rumours published these days I believe the one that says they became more roommates than lovers. His relationships usually dont last more than 2 years, I see him getting cold and her wanting more from someone she had a baby with … I think she was the one that pulled the plug cause she wanted all and him was maybe getting distractions somewhere else…Anyway, they seem to agree about sharing the baby’s custody so at least that part is nice.

  14. kerwood says:

    I have no idea what Cooper’s sexual orientation is and I don’t care. Whatever it is, I think the biggest obstacle to ANY relationship he might have is his mother. She seems to be everywhere he goes and his woman has to take second chair. I can imagine that would be very difficult for anyone who might want to come first in their partner’s life.

  15. MommaD says:

    Y’all I have been trying to figure out why this keeps being ahoved in our faces because I’ve always thought Kaiser was right on the money with the theory that Gaga and Bradley didn’t even really like each other or keep in touch outside of the film/promotion. So I’m honestly starting to wonder if gaga is the one pushing this narrative lol

    • Div says:

      Gaga has an Oscar, which was what she clearly wanted. How does she benefit from this charade continuing since the movie is long over and she’s got her Oscar? She’s the one who directly denied having anything romantic going on with him, she barely gets papped, etc. If anyting, this probably annoys her because the tabloids try and connect her ever move to BCoop when she performs her regular show, now. Meanwhile, BCoop and Irina get papped constantly and People ran a ton of stories with “sources” (their publicists, obviously) from what they stated was his side or her side.

      I know Blind Gossip has been pushing that BCoop and Gaga are both “encouraging” this, but it makes zero sense on Gaga’s part. Lainey even pointed out that it’s clearly coming from both Bradley and Irina, and wondered if Gaga was pissed about being dragged in.

    • Eliza says:

      I don’t agree…Bradley and Gaga have great chemistry on and off set! I think you are missing what is going on…they are friends and Gaga was definitely into him. Go back and see the interviews from other awards like the NBR awards. She adores Bradley! I have inside intel.

  16. Deedee says:

    I thought the way he and Gaga added fuel to the fire was very disrespectful to irina.

  17. Booney says:

    I don’t buy all the contract stuff. He was shagging her for fun. She got pregnant and they tried to make a go of it.

    He was never that into her IMO, and is probably already shagging the next pretty young thing (hopefully being a little more careful with protection this time around).

  18. Nebula Lily says:

    These people are so fake. I don’t believe for a second that they are “in love”. These two seriously need to chill.