Zoe Kravitz, Sophie Turner & Katharine McPhee all got married this weekend

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It was a big weekend for Americans getting married in Europe for some reason. Katherine McPhee married David Foster in London on Friday, then Zoe Kravitz married Karl Glusman in Paris on Saturday, and also on Saturday in France, Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas. I guess “the last weekend in June” is when all celebrities decide to have their weddings. In Zoe and Sophie’s cases, they had already done the legal-marriage thing in the US before marrying their dudes in France. I’m still waiting to see if any or all of these couples post wedding photos to their Instagram – I especially hope we get to see Zoe’s dress. Speaking of, apparently Lenny Kravitz did all of the hosting duties for his little girl:

Zoë Kravitz is tying the knot! Guests were spotted arriving Saturday to her father Lenny Kravitz’s home in Paris for the 30-year-old actress’s wedding to actor Karl Glusman. Guests, many of whom attended the couple’s rehearsal dinner, included Kravitz’s dad and mom actress Lisa Bonet, as well as Bonet’s husband, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa. Kravitz’s Big Little Lies costars Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon were also in attendance as well as director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her actor husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

An extraordinary three-story, eight-bedroom, 18th-century mansion in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Lenny’s home features an immense side and back garden and was once owned by a government minister. The musician has owned his Paris home for 13 years. The home — which maintains a ‘shoes off’ policy — speaks luxury: mixing traditional 18th-century architectural features (a broad central marble stairwell curves from the entry; huge French doors opening out onto the garden) with contemporary function. Guests will see art from Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat along with guitars, museum pieces and selections from the singer’s own design firm.

And the cellar Kravitz converted into a to a speakeasy is stocked with bottles of Dom-Perignon.

On Friday, the couple had a rehearsal dinner that was “a tremendously joyous party,” according to Restaurant Lapérouse co-owner Grégory Lentz, who told PEOPLE exclusively that the festivities kicked into a higher gear after dinner.

[From People]

Can you even imagine having a father that cool? Imagine having access to your dad’s beautiful, historic Paris mansion and having him host your wedding there. Incredible. Anyway congrats to all of the brides and grooms. I won’t be rude and take bets on which bride will be the first to file for divorce… because it’s pretty obvious it’s McPhee, no?

Father of the bride and wedding-host/planner extraordinaire.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, WENN.

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  1. FHMom says:

    I think Joe and Sophie will last. Call me idealistic. David Foster is an insufferable a**hole. Their marriage will be in the crapper soon. I hope Katherine gets some of his cash. She will have earned it. I have no idea about Zoe’s marriage, but she inherits lots of good will from her cool parents, so I wish her and her new husband all the best. If they part, it will be on good terms.

    • Harryg says:

      Foster is sooooo pompous.

      • Jujumanji says:

        I cosign this. I cant wait to see Zoe’s dress. I know its killer

      • Still_Sarah says:

        David Foster has been married several times and I assume he has a divorce lawyer on speed dial. I also assume that he is (from experience) a man who knows how to get a bulletproof prenuptial agreement. So I am also assuming that McPhee will get nothing or a pre-set (and probably small) amount if/when they divorce. I believe that John Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump (Marla Maples) both had pre-nups that said the wife got very little if she didn’t last at least five years. Foster would probably have the same as it seems no one is expecting this marriage to last very long.

    • isabelle says:

      She is just as equally awful, hasn’t been with multiple married men?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I guess I’m idealistic, too, because I can also see them lasting. Not sure about Zoe.

  2. Jane says:

    I would have loved to have been at Zoe’s wedding and reception. Lenny Kravitz’s home sounds incredible! My best wishes to the newlyweds.

    As for David Foster…someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this his 5th or 6th marriage? I seriously doubt this one will last. He is so arrogant I do not believe he really cares about anyone other than himself. I give this marriage 3 years, tops…and that is pushing it.

    • Granger says:

      This is his sixth marriage. He’s 69 years old and she’s 35. I think he’s older than Katherine’s mom. She is much younger than most of his children.

      What I wonder is, does Katherine want to have kids, and does David honestly want to have them with her? Does he want to change diapers at 70???

      Yeah, three years is optimistic, in my opinion. I hate saying that about someone’s marriage but given his track record and their age difference, this is destined for failure.

      • Patty says:

        McPhee clearly has daddy issues or something. Most of her relationships have been with men significantly older than her; and this is her second time marrying a much older man. To each their own I guess, but I just don’t see her this marriage lasting. Also, there’s tons of pics floating around of arrivals for Zoe’s wedding and one of her Zoe in some white monstrosity, which may have been her wedding dress.

      • Jane says:

        I know very little about him, but based on the info you’ve given me, it seems that he hasn’t been in a relationship that produced children in over 30 years. (Once again, someone correct me if I am wrong. I’m too lazy too investigate this). Then there is the question …does HE want a child with her?

      • Marianne says:

        I doubt he’d change diapers. They’d likely get a nanny for that.

      • N says:

        Too bad she couldn’t go for Deniro.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        N, She is way too pale for DeNiro. He’s almost exclusively into black women.

      • N says:

        I know. His wee boys before the last kid were the cutest and had great birthday parties. Now I realize that was 15 years ago and feel SO old!

  3. Megan says:

    Lenny is so damn hot.

  4. Martha says:

    There were so many celebrities at the Zoe wedding.
    I’m surpised that there weren’t GOT cast at Sophie wedding (beside Maise). Probably they didn’t like the circus of the Jonas weddings LOL

    • Tater tot says:

      What circus though? I barely saw any pics from it. I saw more from Kit Harrington’s wedding than Sophie’s. So who really knows right now who showed and who didn’t.

  5. Nev says:

    Lenny. So happening.

  6. Ladiabla says:

    Totally would’ve loved to be a guest at Zoe’s wedding! Never had the opportunity to see Lenny in concert but I’ve always wanted to, he’s just the coolest. I wondered if Nicole was going attend the wedding, being Lenny’s ex-fiancé and Zoe’s costar. Seems like they all get along, maybe she was just busy?

    • Boxy Lady says:

      I saw pictures of Nicole and Keith that were supposedly taken outside the wedding so I’m guessing she was there. It seems that once Lisa and Lenny settled their differences after their divorce, they have cultivated an attitude of forgiveness and inclusion within the family and those they chose to bring into the family. I’m glad that has worked out so far.

      • Ladiabla says:

        Just saw the pics and Nicole and Keith were there too, as you noted. And I forgot that Marisa Tomei is Zoe’s godmother, going back to her and Lisa’s A Different World days, love that! Congratulations to Zoe and her cute (and age appropriate) husband!

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Didn’t Nicole date Lenny? I thought she was the inspiration for “Lady”?

    • Tanguerita says:

      everyone seems to have been at Zoe’s wedding – most of her co-stars from BLL and “Fantastic beasts”, Chris Pine, Cara and Ashley, Donald Glover, Denzel Washington… it was like a who-is-who list of all who-is-who lists.

  7. Chaine says:

    So how many more weddings will Sophie and Joe have? And in what countries?

  8. Nives says:

    I want to see Jason Momoa pics at the Zoe wedding. I love that man!

  9. VS says:

    All David Foster’s kids except 1 are older than Katherine……..I wish all couples the best!

  10. Mia4s says:

    “because it’s pretty obvious it’s McPhee, no?”

    Oh now, be nice. I’m sure sixth time is the charm. *cough* 😏

    Was honestly a bit surprised that People magazine seemed to have several exclusives and photos for Zoe Kravitz’s wedding celebrations. People as the go-to seems a bit…gauche?….for her crowd. Eh, hate the game, not the players I guess.

    Only two weddings for this Jonas pair? Good heavens what will we do with ourselves for the next few months? However will we survive?

    • Kebbie says:

      All of the quotes in People are from the co-owner of the restaurant where they had the rehearsal dinner. The guy is in several of the photos too, so I’m thinking maybe it was free or heavily discounted in exchange for publicity or something. I guess we’ll see if they release actual wedding photos to People too.

  11. Ann says:

    I’m not into these huge generation gap marriages where mostly wealthy older men marry women who by marriage to them gain access to higher social status, wealth, etc. it’s fine but I’m not going to pretend it’s love or wish the “happy” couple the best for a transactional event. And don’t even get me started on old geezers procreating which they really shouldn’t if they had any interest in the health of their offspring.

  12. SuperStef says:

    Huge Lenny fan here, so cool he hosted his daughter’s wedding. I’d imagine it would be hard to date and marry Zoe knowing how cool her dad is!

    Congrats to all the bride’s and grooms.

    If we are taking bets, my money is on David Foster and McFee lasting 3-5 years tops. I was my X husband’s 3rd wife, we split up 3 years ago and he has already remarried #4. #2 and I (the kid’s Mom) are placing side bets and planning for our future basketball team of X wives. Men who marry 4+ times don’t take marriage, or their wives or vows, seriously. The stats don’t lie…

    • Still_Sarah says:

      Apparently all of Rod Stewart’s ex-wives and baby mamas are really good friends. Glad to hear you and the other ex have common ground

  13. Andrea says:

    If you look at wedding photos, Katherine McPhee looks like she got herself new boobs or hubby bought them for her. I have always prefered daying older men, but this age gap is ALOT. Plus, Davud Foster sounds like a difficult man to be married to.

  14. Scal says:

    I like that Zoe got married at a house her dad has owned since she was 16-17. It means something to her-she prob has some happy memories spending time there in her 20s.

    McPhee and Foster are doomed. Last time she married a guy when she was in her 20s and he was in his 50s. This time she went up a decade to someone who has been married 5 times before. There’s something going on with a person who is in a relationship with someone who has been married that many times.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      Actress Ellen Barkin (who I love) married investor/ Forbes magazine ranked rich guy Ron Perelman (married from 2000-2006) and it was his fourth marriage. He has now moved onto #5 (married 2010). At the time, I wondered how she kept a straight face when he proposed. How do you respond? Do you say “Yes, I will be your next (instalment) wife, my love”? Did she even bother moving in or did she just split her time between his place(s) and hers?

      It just seems so bizarre to me.

  15. Charfromdarock says:

    That photo of Lenny Kravitz! 😍😍

    I hate wearing shoes and would gladly follow him around his house in my bare feet!

  16. TheOriginalMia says:

    Congrats to Zoe and Karl! Reese, Laura, Chris P, Denzel, Cara, Nicole and Keith. With those stars you’d think this was a huge event, but it looked like a smaller, intimate affair at Lenny’s place. Good for them.

    Haven’t seen too many pics from Sophie’s wedding. Saw the groom and his groomsmen. Saw pictures of their dog in his tux. Cute. But nothing of the bride and her bridesmaid.

    Katherine and David are doomed. It’s gonna be messy because he’s a jerk.

  17. Billbop says:

    Why is there an empty glass in the photo with Lenny? Is it there for a purpose? It is driving me crazy, someone should have picked it up. Someone might kick it and break it! Curious photographer and mom minds want to know.

    • Winechampion says:

      I think that’s actually a candle. Probably lots of candles in jars decorating the floors and stairs and stuff.

  18. Starkiller says:

    Is “shoes off policy” a euphemism for something? Have Parisians started leaving their shoes on in the house? What a weird detail.

    • oh-dear says:

      it seems to me that it is more common to wear shoes inside the house in America than in other many countries (it always drove me crazy when I watched real estate shows from the US). It is far less common in Canada.

    • Truthiness says:

      Since Lenny is a rockstar and all that goes with that occupation – he has probably had to have a few hard rules for visitors to his historic mansion. I bet there is no throwing furniture or tvs into the pool or hedges either.

    • Zee says:

      Europeans don’t wear shoes inside the house because we don’t like dragging all the dirt from the streets through our house. Only Americans keep their shoes on.

  19. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I actually really like Joe and Sophie together and I hope they last. I don’t know much about Zoe and her husband, but I wish them the best as well. As for McPhee…she has some serious bad karma around her after that whole cheating scandal. And David Foster is a jerk. Sooo…good luck!

  20. Mrs. Smith says:

    I saw Lenny in person once! Wow. Several years ago, I was working at a summer country music festival event in Nashville and walked into the Hilton hotel on 4th and Broadway about 9 a.m. for some reason or other. That hotel lobby is cavernous and, since it was fairly early, it was totally empty–except for Lenny Kravitz. I came through the big revolving door and he was walking right towards me (well, ok, to the door) and I just stared like an idiot. He was dressed in all black and had shorter hair then. Pretty sure he had on sunglasses, but we glanced at each other as we passed with a “hello/good morning” nod. I about died. That photo above is 100% oozing with what he’s like in person. Breath-taking.

    • N says:

      I am sitting here at the my concierge desk dreaming about this happening. Oh, how I wish.

    • april says:

      I get to see him in concert in Minneapolis on Sept. 8. I’m a huge fan and seeing him in concert is my dream come true.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        I saw him open for the Stones in the 90’s and he was really good live so you are in for a treat! Have fun!!!

    • Snowflake says:

      I’m soooo jealous !

    • Keira says:

      I have been to two of his concerts. At the first, in 2015 at the Fonda in LA, he walked around in the audience, as he does, and ended up in the aisle next to me. We were all standing and I was staring at the back of his (sweaty) neck. I so could have touched him but was frozen. It was thrilling!

  21. nikki says:

    Mmmm…vicarious thrill just hearing about your encounter! Sure would have LOVED to be at Lenny’s mansion for the wedding!! 🙂

  22. Mrs. Smith says:

    I had to check the date—it was 2013. Lenny was playing the Bonaroo Festival and did a surprise performance at the CMA Music Fest (where I was working). At any rate, I hope to find some photos of that Paris home—it sounds incredible. 😍

  23. Mara says:

    I might be very shallow, BUT, the best part of Zoe’s wedding for me would have been having Lenny and Jason in the same room!

  24. ChillyWilly says:

    All I have to say is: Dayyyyum, Lenny Kravitz looks hot! Hubba, hubba!

  25. Amelie says:

    Didn’t Lenny Kravitz date Nicole Kidman for a bit before she got with Keith Urban? Interesting she was also a guest! I’m sure everyone’s friendly and has moved on but just mentioning it because it’s fun, vintage gossip.

    Out of all these weddings I think I would have preferred Sophie’s. Clearly most of you have never been to Provence because none of you would ever turn down a chance to go to a wedding there if you’d been. It’s just so beautiful. I would pick that over a Parisian wedding any day. I’m sure Lenny’s mansion is amazing but I would prefer Provence over Paris hands down. Though I’m sure there were more celebrities at Zoe’s wedding… but I think the Jonas brothers would be more fun to hang out with in general.

    • Tiffany says:

      Lenny and Nicole were engaged for a bit. They never made it down the aisle but were still on good terms and Nicole always spoke highly of him after the fact. Zoe and Nicole stayed in touch after that as well.

  26. Sofia says:

    Are we really supposed to be impressed or heartened that a rich ass dude like Lenny kravitz let his rich ass daughter get married at his expensive ass Paris house?

    anyway, Provence would be so much better.

  27. Lala11_7 says:

    There is no popular modern music genre that David Foster hasn’t touched in the last 50 years….NONE…as BRILLIANT as he is as musician and composer…is as awfully messy he is with his personal life…I’m figuring this will be the last time for him walking down the aisle…and considering his age…I wouldn’t be surprised is this marriage lasts to the end….

  28. MangoAngelesque says:

    “Last weekend in June” is a good time to get married. The 30th was my and my husband’s anniversary…13 years married, plus about 5 dating.

  29. Keira says:

    Charlotte Casiraghi had her religious wedding too!

  30. Grant says:

    I love that all of Zoe’s co-stars from BLL were at her wedding! I’m really enjoying the second season because we get to see all of their chemistry together, so it’s nice to see that their chemistry and all of the nice things they say about one another is real. Also, Zoe is giving the performance of her career this season IMO.