Duchess Meghan hugged Beyonce at the UK premiere of ‘The Lion King’

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at 'The Lion King' premiere in London

Well, it happened. Melanated Mona, the Duchess of Sussex, finally got to meet Beyonce. No matter if you’re royalty, no matter if you’re already rich and successful and cool and special, everybody geeks out when they meet Queen Beyonce. What was nice was that Beyonce geeked out a bit too. It was lovely.

The setting was the London premiere of The Lion King, where Beyonce voices Nala, and Beyonce also contributed some music to the soundtrack. Beyonce wore a custom Cong Tri gown with a hip-high split, which she then held together while she met Meghan, lest Meghan be offended by the Queen B’s full leg. Meghan didn’t seem to notice! Meghan wore a Jason Wu dress, a cute little number with an Audrey Hepburn vibe. It was conservative and flattering, although it would not be the dress I would have chosen for her. We also know some of what Meghan and Beyonce said to each other:

Beyonce congratulated Meghan on the arrival of Archie, telling her: “The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys.” Jay-Z also went to hug Meghan and congratulate her on Archie, before the royal introduced the couple to Harry. “You’ve been rather busy,” Harry told Beyoncé, before Jay-Z told him: “Congratulations on the birth of your baby.” On the conversation of parenting, Harry then asked Beyoncé and Jay-Z about their youngest children, twins Rumi and Sir, who were born in 2017. “They are not here. They don’t come on every trip,” Beyoncé explained. “We left them at home. They would love to have been here.” Jay-Z then gave Harry some parenting advice: “The best advice I can give you, always find some time for yourself,” he said.

[From Hello]

People are saying that it also looked like Beyonce said “my princess!” to Meghan while they embraced. If she did, that’s very sweet! I also like how Meg hugged both Bey and Jay even though they’d never met before. Meghan was probably just thrilled to see some Americans. I don’t think we say this enough: the culture shock is real and happening, and it’s made worse by the fact that the British press is actively trying to bully Meghan out of the country. But now Meghan is officially under the protection of the Beygency. Thank God, the Hive really will help Meg. I hope Beyonce slid a piece of paper to Meghan with the message “When the white folks are tripping, call this number, XO.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is at The Lion King Premiere

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  1. Beli says:

    Harry and Meghan are so clearly absolutely smitten with each other. It’s lovely to see.

    • Tami says:

      @Beli, totally agree. CDAN posted a blind (late last week? This weekend?) about how Harry is secretly talking to divorce attorneys. If so, he is THE BEST actor ever in these photos. They are clearly enamored with each other, and every facial expression and body language cue indicates that.

      • A random commenter says:

        CDAN is 95% garbage. Why would you credit it at all?

      • Rojas says:

        CDAN is only catering to the Megexits fans for clicks. They fall for it everytime.

      • Jessica says:

        CDAN has been discredited for years. They have even less credibility than Blind Gossip. 80-90% of the time, blinds are made up. It’s fan fiction.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        That exploitative community is full of crap and panders to deplorables & MRAs anyway. It’s sleazier and more unethical than TMZ and The Daily Fail combined. Not surprising at all that they’re viciously anti-Meghan over there.

      • minx says:

        CDAN is a joke and Blind Gossip caters to Trump-loving idiots.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “It’s sleazier and more unethical than TMZ and The Daily Fail combined.”

        @Otaku fairy…Yesus! Mary! Oprah!……that is a whole lot of sleaze! LOL! LOL! I will have to make a trip and take a view of CDAN. Are the comment trolls and commentariat as bad as the Daily Fail?

      • BayTampaBay says:


      • otaku fairy... says:

        Trust me, you’re better off having nothing to do with that rapey, dehumanizing cesspool. There are a lot of problems with that environment and this doesn’t even cover all of it. For one thing, women from any part of Asia cannot even be mentioned on that site without the comment section devolving into disgusting racism. It frequently happens when black male rappers and black actresses are mentioned too, but I noticed that it almost always happens with Asian women. The site is largely about spreading unverified casting couch rumors and sexual abuse rumors, especially about women and underage girls. Even if none of it was bullshit, that would still be extremely violating and dangerous, but that not being the case makes it even worse. According to those misogynists, if a woman or girl steps out of the kitchen/church and has any kind of success or exposure, it means she’s been ‘passed around’ (either with or without consent). The men (and of course the patriarchy’s daddy’s girls) in those comment sections also use those rumors as justification for all their misogyny. You’ll find men not only calling women every name in the book, but making excuses for harassment and violence against women.

      • Himmiefan says:

        I just cannot understand Enty’s extreme dislike of Meghan. It’s like he (or she) needs therapy.

      • Mtec says:

        Loll that’s funny the bs they’re willing to make up. I loved the moment after they greeted Beyonce and Jay-Z and it seemed like they were talking about Archie, and then Harry leaned into Bey and lowered his voice a bit so say something like “thank you for supporting my wife,” while rubbing Meghan’s back. It was really cute and you can tell he feels protective of her and loves her very much.

      • Hyacinth Bucket says:

        The CDAN site isn’t owned by an individual anymore, the original Enty (a guy who worked as a probate or property lawyer, I can’t remember which) sold the site to a far right media source. It’s basically moderated by a Russian troll farm now, they just automatically put through anything Meghan related because it brings in clicks. They used to do exactly the same with the more florid Cumbercrazy submissions.

      • Tami says:

        @a random commenter, @otaku fairy, @baytampabay
        I totally agree with you on the veracity of claims within CDAN. I stay away from the comment section because many of them are are the sewer’s sewer. I will say, however, that the site has some inside information on the entertainment “machine”, that has ended up being true. That is one of the only sites I have seen that was talking about “The Island” and the private jet rides for “the billionaire’s” political and royal friends. Now he is going down and I hope he takes his filth “friends” with him. I have no greater joy than seeing people who hurt children crash and burn in spectacular ways.

    • Seraphina says:

      Love to see them together and yes I agree they look 😍 Good to see.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, and by all accounts the crowd at Leicester Square was one of the biggest for a premiere. I got there too late to get inside the cordoned off part, some fans had been waiting since 10am in the morning, so l had to watch it on one of the big screens.

        There is a lot that happens that people don’t realise. Everyone was surprised to see the Duke and Duchess on the ‘yellow’ carpet before Beyonce, Royals always arrive last. Apparently Beyonce was late and so did not meet the fans but rushed inside to get on the receiving line. I was surprised that Meghan and Harry thrilled the crowd by spending quite a bit of time chatting and shaking hands with fans. I spoke to one young girl who managed to speak to them and she exclaimed: “ Meghan IS a BROWN woman , all the camera lighting in pictures and videos make her look lighter than really she is “. This young lady, whose picture meeting them was also featured by What Meghan Wore, told Meghan than she was an inspiration to so many, and Meghan thanked her for saying so.

        The crowd went wild, with some people yelling, “OMG! Meghan touched my hand!” I felt sorry for fans who had travelled far and wide and waited for hours to see Beyonce, but the Sussexes made up for it . Someone who was inside told me that Beyonce and Jay Z, did not stay and watch the film, after the greeting line, they posed for photos on the stage and left. Meghan and Harry stayed and watched the whole film and were amongst the very last to leave. Some of us found where they were exiting from but once again l found myself on Harry’s side of the car, just like l was on other occasions, including the royal wedding carriage ride, one day l will get lucky and get Meghan’s side.

    • Oh No says:

      The _duchess_of_sussex insta has a cute video of Pharrell curtsying and Elton John and Meghan interacting…I really want to know what he said into her ear in that one vid 🤔

      I just came for the hug. Don’t care about the husbands’ or dresses.

      Also the fact that they teamed up with Disney and got a fat check for their foundation is amazing.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Yes, Harry and Meghan looked so beautiful. It’s the love between them which I find so beautiful,

        All the Meghan hate is written by white ,mostly British reporters, and a lot of them male or white British women columnists …..that tells me all I need to know ..

        The white British press can’t stand that Harry married a woman of color.

      • Nahema says:

        @90’sgirl “The white British press can’t stand that Harry married a woman of color.” – probably but also very much that she’s an American and an actress. Two words that really don’t fit with British Royal family, especially in the pearl clutching community.

        I’m far from a fan of any of the royals, particularly the Cambridges & Sussex’s but when I read the recent stuff about Meghan holding her baby wrong, I really felt for her.

    • Otaku fairy... says:

      Wrong place.

    • 90sgirl says:

      Meghan and Harry looked lovely.
      Meghan is stunning, She looked So beautiful
      Meghan and Beyince. Yes!

  2. Eliza says:

    She looked great! She looks great with clean lines and simple hair and makeup because she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t need anything.

    Although the neck was too tight and left painful looking chaffing marks. I imagine when she got home she ripped it off and did a happy dance. Probably for many reasons though.

    • minx says:

      I loved her sleek hair, showing off her beautiful face. Much preferable to the center parted hair.

    • Seraphina says:

      Did anyone notice Meghan’s shoes. They were EVERYTHING!!! She has some great taste in shoes.

  3. Dueberrygal says:

    I think this is one of Meghan’s worst looks. The dress is so ill fitting and there is really no excuse for it. The front & back of the dress don’t fit and someone with Meghan’s connections should easily be able to afford a tailor to make readjustments even at short notice. And before you jump down my throat about body shaming this criticism has nothing to do with her body because Meghan has had an ongoing problem with the fitting of her clothes even before her pregnancy. Too many of her outfits never seem to fit right even the ones that are custom made, and this is just sloppy when you consider the amount of money being spent on them.

    • Eleonor says:

      The fitting is awful, it looks too tight on her, and it’s a pity.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Was this a bespoke piece, (it should fit like a glove)? If “off the rack”, she should’ve gone a size up and had it fitted. It really does look painfully tight. I’d bet she’s still nursing, and she can “fluctuate “ in size, but this just swishes “the girls” and her upper back in an unflattering way IMO. Also, the waistband looked too high. Funny how short-waisted Meg, and long-waisted Kate have the *same* problem getting the waist of a dress in the right place.

        Her hair and makeup are gorgeous. Interesting that she didn’t get any “official” bling to wear. Wonder if they even bother to ask?

      • Megan says:

        The fit is terrible and she is so under accessorized.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Dueberrygal, I agree with you 100%. However, I am going to cut Meghan some slack due to pregnancy weight. I believe the dress will fit her much better in 2-3 months. You do have a point with the access to tailors theory; All of Meghan;s clothes should fit perfectly due to her access to tailors. Diana had many fashion disasters BUT! BUT! BUT! she always looked amazing because her clothes were tailored to perfection and fit as custom designer bespoke clothes should fit whether they were custom designer bespoke clothes or not. Even clothes from Target, Costco and H&M can be tailored as I have done it many time; Spend $30.00 dollars on a dress off the sale rack, spend $40.00 to have it tailored, end-up have a dress that looks like it cost $500.00 and makes you look like a million!

      • Lucylee says:

        nursing Boobs can make tops look ill fitting. She avoided going full Hollywood runway look.

    • noway says:

      Agree!!!!! The dress is kind of boring, but that wouldn’t have mattered much if it fit well. Plus, yes Meghan is a bit curvier post pregnancy, but she is hardly big. It makes me angry that she’s wearing unflattering not altered correctly dresses which make her not look her best. I realize she is on maternity leave, but this is obviously a new dress she got and she could get one that fits. I mean Beyonce looks bigger than Meghan now, but she looks great, granted Beyonce’s style isn’t an appropriate conservative royal style, but she can find a more conservative style which looks better.

      Good to know Meghan got the royal memo we must do weird things to the boobs. This dress style isn’t really an odd design like the other royal women, it’s just ill fitting so it cuts her breasts a bit.

      • minx says:

        It’s not a dress for postpartum women. Just wear something simple in forgiving fabric that allows for fluctuating breast size. All I could see were her boobs. And don’t try to define the waist, just relax and be comfortable.

      • Enn says:

        Cosign that, Minx. She keeps trying for structured looks and it’s working against her. She needs stretch and flow in her fabrics right now. A silk jersey would work beautifully.

      • Libellule says:


        Reportedly this dress cost 2,5k $ (according to whatmeghanwore), so it should fit like a glove

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Megan’s Mirror web site?

    • MaryMay says:

      the RF truly baffle me, there is a fortune spent on staff, surely in among them must be a seamstress and a stylist with a bit of experience in advising young women such as Kate and Meghan. Instead we have two beautiful young mothers both wearing ill fitting clothes (Meghan almost always, Kate a lot) plus clothes utterly unsuited to their body type (Meghan definitely). I live in a small town in a smaller country and have no great income or figure, but it doesn’t take a genius to visit a seamstress.

      • noway says:

        The worst is the York girls. They are both curvy not overweight. Yet their clothes make them look heavy. It’s unbelievable with the amount of money spent. Reality is most women are curvy, especially after having a baby. It’s hard to get back to pre pregnancy shape, and some never do. Please find someone who can dress the curvier type.

    • Becks says:

      I agree. The whole look is awful. The dress is so dated and it doesn’t fit her. It’s so tight. She has always had this issue, even before she was pregnant. Her clothes are always ill fitting, I still dont understand how a person with her wealth and resources cannot manage to find a decent seamstress.

    • Laura says:

      100% agree. If she can afford a $12K pair of earrings (stunning, btw) she can afford to have people from Jason Wu’s atelier show up at the house and adjust the fit of this dress the day of the event. Come on now. The sheer part was pulling around the shoulders and neck, the bust fit is off (yes, I know she’s nursing, don’t @ me) and there’s puckering in the waist in the back.

      Unrelated: this “under the protection of the Beygency” stuff is problematic to me. Beyonce has basically claimed her as black (see the “melanated Mona” comments earlier in the year) when Meghan herself has specifically identified as biracial in past interviews. Representation is important, and it’s great that little girls get to see a half-black, real live princess, but Meghan’s racial identity is for her to decide, not Beyonce or anyone else.

      • Lee says:

        Laura – I think your comments are somewhat “problematic.” Biracial people still have melanin so Beyonce was not incorrect to call her a melonated mama. That’s what she is. Identifying as biracial does not necessarily mean that Meghan is denying her blackness. She’s simply acknowledging both sides of her heritage.

      • MamaT says:

        Lee- *ALL* people have melanin. In fact, most all people have the same number of cells that produce melanin, however the AMOUNT of melanin each cell produces is what makes the variances in not only skin color, but hair and eyes as well.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Mama T- Yes, but Lee’s comment reads to me like she was using ‘melanin’ in the same specific way that Beyonce was using it- not in the general scientific/medical way but more as an ethnic descriptor.

      • Eyfalia says:

        Some fashion blogs claimed the wrong designer and consequently mentioned wrong price tags for these earrings. It is not known how much they cost. They are from Lorraine Schwartz and not the greek designer.

    • shirurusu says:

      Absolutely! But this is what I don’t get – the Queen always looks great! She has fitted, appropriate, wonderful outfits in great colours all the time (and usually – great hats too!), yet all the young royals are struggling – especially the women like Meghan, Kate and the York sisters as mentioned above. WHY on earth can’t they get nicely fitted appropriate clothing for their body types? They are all beautiful women, it shouldn’t be hard to dress them at all!!🤯Are they hiring the wrong people? Tim Gunn would have a field day with the fitting of most of their outfits!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @shirurusu, Agree with you. Meghan has a better figure than the 93 year old QEII. If QEII’s clothes fit her to perfection then so can Meghan’s clothes fit her to perfection.

      • Tina says:

        HM has (appropriately) a lot more money and a lot more staff than the younger royals. I wouldn’t compare them.

  4. bored at work says:

    Meghan looked beautiful and excited, and it was really sweet, but that dress was NOT flattering, COME ON!

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, she looks good BECAUSE she’s a beautiful lady… that dress did her absolutely no favors.

      • HK9 says:

        I love the dress not because it was the best fit for Megan but because the quality of that dress was out of this world. She’s so petite, I think she could wear this a year from now and it would look ok. However, I think if the dress was either an a line, or the waist was an inch or two lower it would have looked better.

      • Erinn says:

        HK9 – I agree. I think maybe with a minor edit to the waist it’d have been a better look. I don’t even dislike the idea of the dress, but I don’t like how it looks on her here.

    • Himmiefan says:

      To me, it was okay, just okay. The skirt was great, but the severe line across her frontage did her no favors. Points to her though for showing a perfectly normal and perfectly okay post-baby body.

      • minx says:

        She—or anyone, really—doesn’t need to make her body adapt to a dress. The dress should adapt to her body. The dress should do the work, that’s what tailoring is for.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      It was x100 more flattering than Beyoncé’s dress

  5. ff says:

    the whole bust situation just looks painful

    • Pix says:

      Nursing on demand is no joke and your boobs seriously change every hour. It could have looked fine when she tried it on and okay when she wore it out and then ill-fitting by the time she got to the event. I’ll give her a pass on all of her clothes for a year. Not every one can “bounce back” from pregnancy. I know I certainly didn’t until a few months after I stopped breastfeeding.

    • Eliza says:

      Sadly, if it was that tight upon arrival, by the time she left (milk would have come in more) it would be even tighter. She tends to always wear things oddly fitted but think just 1 size up for room for nursing fluctuations would help. She’s also cut up on her neck because that mesh is too tight. The idea was great: flattering, classic, effortless… but execution was off.

    • LadyT says:

      I joke to new mothers- you come home from birth with 3 new live things to tend- a baby and 2 breasts. I don’t think she’s getting very good styling advice.

  6. minx says:

    The fit is not great, tight across the boobs. Looks uncomfortable. The silhouette is just not flattering at all.

    • Lori says:

      While the fit of the dress isn’t great the dress itself is quite cute. Even with the wonky fit Meghan still looked a hell of a lot better than Beyonce. That dress is hideous, unflattering even though it fit and cheap looking because of the high slit.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, I don’t know what Beyonce was thinking.

      • Kk2 says:

        The biggest problem with Beyonce’s dress is that it blends in with the carpet and backdrops.

        I like the idea of Meghan’s dress but the fit is off. That said I’m 6 weeks postpartum at the moment and I feel her pain. Things just don’t fit right. My proportions are all different and I keep forgetting that and putting on my old clothes and then shrieking in horror in the mirror. Like this dress probably would have been very flattering on her one year ago (and in each of the 15 years prior too). But now she has more weight up top and in the middle so it doesn’t look probably the way she expected. It is hard to adjust when you’ve had one body for 20 years (since puberty) and suddenly it’s different! But she should have a stylist who can help with this…

  7. Croatian says:

    Girl power! It was lovely, they were very happy to meet 🙂

  8. Toot says:

    Loved the meet up of Meghan and Beyonce.

    The guy Harry is talking to is the head of Disney that donated 3 million to an initiative Harry’s revealing during the Africa tour.

  9. Arizona says:

    as annoyed as I am that this entire press tour has turned into the Beyonce tour, I did cackle when I saw that they had put the pictures of meeting Beyonce and Jay on their Instagram page.

  10. A random commenter says:

    The dress was terribly unflattering. It looked binding at the bust, and made her appear wide. I don’t think she understands how to dress for her current body, which makes sense. She’s never been postpartum before.

    I like that Beyonce and Meghan were introduced but the hug is a bit much. I think if other royals were hugging celebrities, they’d (rightfully) get backlash over wanting to hobnob with celebs.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Well, Meg and Bey have friends in common, so I think the hug is okay.

    • Seraphina says:

      I agree the top looks binding but pretty sure that because she is nursing Master Archie. And I wasn’t thrilled with Beyonce’s look. It made her look big which she’s isn’t. Maybe it’s the cut and styling of dress.

      While I hear what you are saying about the hugs, I quite agree with Kaiser. To finally have some Americans around and who are friendly is a strong pull. I remember being in europe for two months and when I heard that American accent it was music to my ears. It’s HOME. ANd is postpartum so the hormones are crazy. Plus, She isn’t FQC, so she can get away with hugging the serfs 🤣

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Viscountess Hinchingbrooke is an American (aka Julie Fisher from Chicago) and a foodie-yogi to boot so I ma surprised Meghan has not reached out to her.

      • oh_dear says:

        and Autumn Phillips is Canadian.

    • Rojas says:

      Is there Law that says Royals cant hug people? They have to avoid Human Affection at all cost.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        No, the hug was fine.

      • agnes says:

        If there isn’t one*, you can bet the tabloids will invoke it at once.

        *and we know, there isn’t.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Kate was rubbing Federers arm at Wimbledon, so I guess it’s ok to touch, show emotions.

        Prince William jumped into Football player John Carews arms at a football event, so I guess it’s ok.

        The funny thing is DMail complained about Meghan clapping at Wimbledon, when Kate was clapping too at same event.

        The press hypocrisy and reasons to constantly find something negative to say about Meghan by some and the press, just shows how Weak the Cambridge’s are.

      • A random commenter says:

        No, there isn’t a law that Meghan and Harry can’t receive affection, but turning up to get a hug from Beyonce isnt the best look. Pose beside stars, shake their hands, be warm and friendly, but try to remember you are a Royal representing the Royal family. This isn’t someone in terrible circumstances who needs comfort and attention brought to their causes. It’s someone who is absurdly privileged and obscenely wealthy who you are JUST meeting. It comes across, to me, as being a little too excited to mix with celebs.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Then complain about William hugging football players and jumping for joy in his arms , when he is acting in a official capacity and tell Kate to not rub on Federer when she is presenting trophies in a official capacity and stop showing hypocrisy.

      • duchess of hazard says:

        @Rojas – supposedly the members of the BRF have to initiate the touching, so Beyonce shouldn’t have reached out first. BUT – there seems to be a mutual respect between them, and Beyonce is Southern. That’s the big thing with Americans from the view of this European, is that as a culture, you are prone to touching.

      • Lowrider says:

        It’s only a problem because Meghan did it. 😂

        Harry is consistent in hugging people or planting kisses. He hugged Elton John at the premiere but that’s not an issue, he kissed Kylie Minogue during one of his events….I’m pretty sure I saw pictures of Harry kissing or hugging Joss Stone , Rita Ira, Elle Goulding, Rihanna in Barbados…Usain Bolt when he was in Jamaica…there are others but like I said, it’s only an issue because Meghan did it.

      • LadyT says:

        I just thought the lady needed to initiate the contact. Not even a Royal rule, polite manners in general. That’s what I taught my sons anyway. Let the lady lead. This may be my age showing.

      • A random commenter says:

        Do y’all go to your professional engagements and hug up the CEO? They are working. Get Beyoncé’s number and text her if you want that support from her.

      • Starkiller says:

        No, it’s just an opportunity for Europeans to bitch that Americans are too “huggy”.

      • PrincessK says:

        Rubbish! Princess Diana changed all that, she was always hugging people. Kate and William hug, even Charles and Camilla hug actors and other famous people that they know well.

    • Skylark says:

      I loved the hug. It came across as heartfelt and empathetic. Beyonce is more than aware of the daily crap Meghan has to contend with and this served as a nice public gesture of solidarity with a side dish of ‘don’t let the toxics grind you down’.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Harry also hugged Beyoncé.

    • Nana says:

      Ah, now we’re complaining about hugs. Really… what does it say about our development as a society that we’re complaining about people hugging each other in a non-sexual but warm way?

      We really are speeding right back into that primordial swamp, aren’t we.

    • MsIam says:

      Um Prince Harry hugged Rita Ora and I didn’t hear about any backlash. I guess it’s on a problem for Meghan, right?

    • Mtec says:

      @A Random Commenter
      Meghan hugged a celeb!? Oh my!! Won’t someone think of the children!??? *clutches pearls*


      Royals hug celebrities all the time. Harry himself hugged them and other celebrities at the event and the world hasn’t imploded, so i think it’s safe to say we can chill about that.

  11. EzriDax says:

    I find myself side eyeing Jay-Zs parenting advice. If he were talking to a family without resources or support I think “The best advice… always find time for yourself” is sound advice. With all of the nannies they should all have an easy time finding time for themselves. I would think for a busy, famous person my advice would be “Spend as much time with your children as you can. They only grow up once.”

    • CoffeeAddict says:


    • MsIam says:

      I took Jay-Z’s comment to mean “Don’t forget to put your relationship first as lovers, instead of just focusing on being mom and dad”. That has nothing to do with child care, more to do with how you regard each other. Supposedly, Bey and Jay-Z had issues, maybe he was alluding to the fact that they lost each other as a couple while they were focusing on the kids.

  12. Millennial says:

    I liked the dress. The boob situation is a bit unfortunate, but I remember those early weeks of breastfeeding. Your boobs can fluctuate by a cup size or two just depending on how full you are. She looks beautiful though. And I appreciate that we are seeing a postpartum body that is more accurate to what most of us have (even then, she looks so good, I’d loved to have looked that good 9 weeks out)

  13. Loretta says:

    Harry and Meghan are so in love! The Beyoncè-Meghan meeting is aready iconic

  14. OriginalLala says:

    Meghan’s dress did not fit well at all which is such a shame . Get ready for another round of “Meghan’s clothes are too $$$” because I’ve already seen several articles saying her earrings were $12,000.

  15. tempest prognosticator says:

    She looks genuinely happy. So pretty. The dress would have been perfect for the event if it hadn’t been so ill-fitting.

  16. 90sgirl says:

    Amazing, Stunning. Meghan looked gorgeous. Both Beyonce’ and Meghan looked lovely.
    I loved when Beyonce’ said to Meghan , “My Princess!”

    Meghan and Harry glowing and happy, it’s a beautiful thing..

    • Giddy says:

      I agree completely! They both looked so happy and sincerely enthusiastic to meet each other, and it was lovely. I think we will see this friendship grow and that they will support each other’s endeavors.

  17. noway says:

    I read some of the comments from other sites, and yeah some of them are anti Meghan, but more interesting was a few articles about Harry wearing a clip-on bowtie. Well call me crazy, but for some reason I liked this criticism. Don’t know if it’s true, but who cares finally the men get it too, and Harry twice in a few weeks. I was just happy he didn’t wear his christening shoes.

    • Enn says:

      Omg, did he really??

    • Erinn says:

      LOL. I actually find that hilarious. And I’m with you – there are plenty of fashion faux pas that the men should be called out for, and I’m glad it’s starting to happen.

      I don’t think ANYONE who grew up in the way that Will and Harry did should be ‘allowed’ to wear clips ons haha. They’ve had decades of practice at this point.

  18. Mellie says:

    I thought Meghan looked really pretty, I feel like this is a good silhouette on her. I loved everything about it. I’m glad she had fun and I wish people would leave her alone!!!!!

  19. Abby says:

    Everyone I know is freaking out about the hug, in a good way. Pretty epic moment!

    I like this dress, but I do feel it fits poorly, particularly the bust. I know that when I was breastfeeding, my breasts could change an entire cup size depending on how long it had been since I’d nursed/pumped. But I love her shoes, and I love the body language between Meghan and Harry.

    • 90sgirl says:

      Did those same people freaking out about a hug, see William jumping over seats and hugging the footballer and William was at that event , as head of Football.

      Do the same people complain that Kate rubbed Federers arm yesterday and was obviously rooting for him,?

      The fact that some people look for something to constantly complain about Meghan when William does the same, and Kate has done similar things on various levels that the press has bashed Meghan for, but is given a pass, shows the hypocrisy both in the press and by some who are always looking for a reason to bash Meghan.

      Meghan and Harry looked happy,glowing and deeply in love. Despite all the trash thrown at them by the press, I think that will irk the hypocrites more than anything. Lol

      • Enn says:

        “Everyone I know is freaking out about the hug, in a good way. Pretty epic moment!”

        Right there at the beginning of her comment.

      • Abby says:

        I am thinking you missed the “freaking out IN A GOOD WAY.” Everyone was ecstatic. Including me.

      • noway says:

        As said, I think you missed the point. Still I think we can all admit Americans in general are more touchy feely than Brits, for that matter more so than the French, Italians, and Spanish. It’s good when all the young royals are a bit more open with their emotions. Just maybe a little easier for Meghan as her culture isn’t as stoic.

      • Roci says:

        @NOWAY are Americans really more touchy feely than the Spanish and Italians? Every time I have been to the States and was introduced to people there, all I got was a handshake or a half-assed “half hug”.

      • noway says:

        No I wouldn’t say as a whole American’s are more touchy feely than Italians and Spanish, but they are all more touchy feely than Brits. That was my point, just comparing other nationalities and cultures to the Brits. Sorry if not clear. Add on British royal and you get even more stoicism.

  20. Patty says:

    Meghan’s dress was awful. It didn’t fit and there’s no excuse. She has the time and money to get everything she wears tailored to fit her perfectly; even postpartum – especially when considering the cost of these clothes. It’s not like she’s buying stuff off the rack at TopShop or H&M.

    • Sally says:

      I loved her dress. I love Meghan and Harry!!! Beautiful couple. The haters only hate because M and H are so loved and admired. W and K could take a lesson from them. I am anxious to see much more of Meghan. Also, THEIR newborn is gorgeous!!! Another little ginger in the making!!!

      • 90sgirl says:

        I loved the dress and Meghan looks absolutely stunning.
        For some If Kate wore same dress, the same hating on Meghan would say ohhhhh so stunning .

      • bored at work says:

        Are you for real?

      • Bamaborn says:

        Sally…totally agree with you! She looked beautiful for a post-partum Mom. For some, it’s just a chance to knock on Meghan. For others, maybe they really didn’t like the look. Either way, she and Harry appear to be living their best life, which is fantastic.

      • Yami says:

        Yeah, I agree, the clothes are an excuse for spite when there’s nothing else people will REEEEEEACH. Oh well, she’s still amazing and has substance and a loving husband and a beautiful child.

    • PrincessK says:

      I cannot understand all the fuss because her dress didn’t fit 100% perfect. To me Meghan was gorgeous and radiant, she is looking happy, more beautiful and younger looking than ever, which is what l am interested in. I thought she looked incredibly sexy and as a couple looked totally happy, in sync, and most important in love. We will get so much more from these two. Take no notice of the British press and their nasty agenda, the popularity of the Sussexes is growing by the day in the U.K….and that is why the ‘establishment ‘ appears to be getting worried.

  21. Enn says:

    They looked happy and in love. That’s the best thing I can say about Meghan’s look. Oh, I loved her shoes and clutch.

    Side note: I wonder if seeing Elton John is weird for Harry and William. I feel like I would always think “he wrote and sang a song about my mom dying and played it at her funeral, the worst day of my life.” I have really visceral connections to some songs that way, do you guys?

    • noway says:

      I also have connections to songs like that, but usually in a positive way. Even if it is a sad event, the songs make me feel better.

      Just so you know the song was already written a long time ago on Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. The lyrics were changed by Bernie Taupin as Elton doesn’t do lyrics. Plus, he was asked to play at the funeral. My understanding is Elton has a pretty close relationship to both of Diana’s boys.

      • Enn says:

        Yes, I was very familiar with “Candle in the Wind” pre-Diana as I’m in my 40s.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      I’m pretty sure Elton John also performed at their wedding reception.

      • olive says:

        he performed “the circle of life,” in fact.

      • Peg says:

        He performed three songs at their wedding, which drove Thomas nuts, because Meghan shut him down about giving a speech, so he complained bitterly that Elton was allowed to play three songs, and was not going to be allowed to say one word.

    • Lucylee says:

      If I remember correctly the song was written for Marilyn Monroe and he adapted it.

    • Chicken says:

      I think there could be some endearment as the result of that, actually. My mom was also killed in a car accident, and a couple members of a very famous band played two songs at her funeral, and I appreciated it so much. They took time out of their very busy tour schedule to honor her life, and I’ll always feel a connection because of that.

    • PrincessK says:

      How can it be weird. Elton played a big role at their wedding. Elton is like an Uncle to those boys, and is probably more friendly with Harry. Elton John and Beyonce, and Jay Z are amongst the most powerful people in music and the arts world. These are the people who you need on your side if you are trying to make positive change in things. Prince Charles has cultivated a very powerful network, which is why he has been able to raise phenomenal sums. But nobody accuses him of being too celebrity. The Cambridge’s need to step up in terms of using their power to network successfully.

  22. Flying fish says:

    Meghan looked beautiful.
    With that being said, the dress was a bit tight on top but that should be excused because of her fluctuating post baby birth body.
    The back lower part of the dress needed additional tailoring, the fit was poor.
    As seemly the norm with Meghan, she needs to utilize a seamstress.
    Beyonce’s dress had way too much going on.

  23. Sofia says:

    I’m gonna just cut Meghan some slack. I thought it was a really nice dress. It could have done with it being looser but it’s not the absolute worst thing she’s ever worn.

  24. sunny says:

    Her face is lovely as ever but the dress is ill-fitting. I think she probably was happy to be around other Americans but specifically other black people. To be a person of colour who lives and works in white spaces is really difficult and their is immense relief in seeing others who can understand the depth of racism and otherness to which you are subjected. Great moment!

  25. ojulia123 says:

    Is it weird that I teared up? I love that Meghan has Beyonce and Jay-Z in her corner. Everyone looked beautiful and happy. What a great post!

    • MellyMel says:

      Nah, I teared up too. It was a sweet moment, especially when Bey said “my princess.”

      • Mtec says:

        I agree it was really sweet. Especially when it seemed Harry thanked them for “supporting his wife” and rubbed Meghan’s back as if to comfort her. They are too cute.

      • Bamaborn says:

        MellyMel…that was the sweetest thing “My Princess”. I’m good for a year, now. Lol!

    • Iknow says:

      You know what, I did too. It’s weird because I had this feeling of relief seeing Meghan being hugged by a person who can empathize with what she’s been going through. It was a hug to say, “I see you. I know what you’re going through. And you have back-up.” There is nothing more supporting than having someone who gets what you’re going through — especially when the crux of it is good old fashion racism. Meghan, by her own choice, is in the belly of the beast that is racism. America took the torch and ran with it, but let’s not forget where she got it from. This kind of racism enslaved people and vilified black skin. Meghan needs all the hugs and support she can get from black people, even if she married into it willfully.

      • Bamaborn says:

        Iknow…beautiful and thoughtful post! The good thing is, more people are coming to Duchess Meghan’s defense by speaking out about the unnecessary abuse directed towards her.

      • noway says:

        I see what you are saying, but I hope you are wrong. I hope Meghan doesn’t really see much of this stuff we comment on in crazy detail and especially the nuttier racist and sexist part of society comment on the other sites. I hope they use some of their resources to shield her and her little family from this. It’s possible when you live in a palace and can’t really go out to get coffee without an escort you can have privacy from that kind of crap, if you want to. I do feel sorry for her, but she has resources the average girl doesn’t have. I feel more for the single mom who cause of the fact she’s a woman of color makes a lot less money and has less opportunities than others and probably has to put up with some serious crap just to make a living. Like all of them she’s living a really privileged life, so I temper my sorrow for her with a large grain of salt.

      • MsIam says:

        @noway you seem to think money and privilege insulate Meghan from abuse. You would have to be a pretty shallow person not to be effected by all of this. I’m sure she’s hurting especially because it’s uncalled for. Think of all of the moments recently that have been impacted by this barrage from the press and their yahoo followers. From the drama over her dad at the wedding, the birth of her baby, the christening? You would have to be made of stone not be impacted by that. I don’t think she is saying “At least I have a lot stuff!” .

      • kerwood says:

        Very well said. I think Meghan probably knows how much support she has and how insignificant to people who hate her really are. But it’s always nice to have that support manifested and especially to receive it from someone who can relate to what you’re going through.

        Seeing two of the most famous Black women embracing each other in sisterhood is a lovely thing.

  26. Becks1 says:

    I think Meghan looked really lovely. I loved the dress. And I love how happy Harry is when he’s around her. There are some videos on twitter of the two of them greeting people outside the theater, and everyone is screaming for Meghan, and Harry is just so proud and excited that people love her. It’s so sweet to see.

    Beyoncé definitely said “my princess” when they first hugged. I think it underscores how important Meghan is to so many for reasons that probably most of white people (including myself) cant really understand.

    • Sally says:


    • Cait says:

      Becks do u know if they were friends before Meghan became a royal? Wonder if Beyonce would be as keen to meet her and share a hug if she was still Meghan Markle working actress…🤔

      • otaku fairy... says:

        Not 100% sure what you’re implying there, but a quick google search shows Beyoncé hugging or even allowing herself to be kissed by many non-royal women in the entertainment industry over the years. Some of them are about on her level of fame, while others are a little less successful than her.

      • Cait says:

        Otaku fairy it was a simple question and no, I’m not implying anything. I’m 💯 sure about that 🤣

      • MsIam says:

        @Cait, I see this comment/question asked over and over again and I have to question why. If Barak Obama had not been senator and then president would I want to meet him? I may not have ever heard of him, just like Beyonce may not have heard of Meghan. Of course Beyonce would want to meet the first American born member of the immediate Royal Family! Of course Meghan would want to meet Beyonce, she’s Beyonce! I want to meet Beyonce too!! People want to meet other interesting people, I don’t see the issue with this.

  27. Nev says:

    Your last sentence so funny. Meghan looked incredibly chic.

    • Nana says:

      It was beautiful… I read it as “when the white folks start tripp’n” though 🙂

      • PrincessK says:

        Can anyone please explain what ..“when the white folks start tripp’n” means? It sounds like an American term.

      • Nana says:

        @Princess, in a nutshell, this term perfectly describes DailyFail & British Royal Reporters (not all of them) reaction to anything Meghan does….

      • PrincessK says:

        Thanks Nana, l get it now.

  28. Jfromfla says:

    She’s a beautiful woman, but this dress is bad!! The top half looks similar to the gray armor breastplate Roland Mouret dress she wore in Ireland. My husband saw some of the pictures and commented that it looks like (but it is NOT the case) her aerola is showing. This is like Elaine’s Christmas card on Seinfeld! “And stop calling me Nip!”

  29. LeaTheFrench says:

    I want to give her a pass on the dress, not because I like it (the design is very elegant but the fit is far from perfect) but because I remember the absolute nightmare of finding the right clothes a few months after childbirth. You’re no longer so big that you need to go with your shapeless maternity wear, but you’re not yet back to your original weight and everything just feels tight and ill-fitting. It’s a very uncomfortable transition period, you don’t quite know what to do with your “in-between” body. Meghan will figure it out.

  30. TeamAwesome says:

    I just want her clothes to be so much better, especially for the amount of money. And I’m sure she’s trying to get used to living in the body she has, but her clothes almost always have fit problems. She has to be tiny, even with a postpartum figure, but this and the tucked in combo from Wimbledon make her look so wide in the torso. There was obviously no give in that top. Why do that to yourself? Just hire an actual stylist/tailor!

    • noway says:

      I’m thinking for all the royal women you could go down a price tag on the dresses and get a stylist and tailor. I think they’d all look better. Now if you have a stylist fire them. With Meghan, it might be she feels like she can’t hire her friend who was her stylist I think. Still I would get one.

  31. Marigold says:

    I know finding good fitting clothes in the months following giving birth is a hard task but perhaps avoiding a tight dress at the breasts would have been a good move. Does she have a stylist? She either needs one or needs to fire the one she has. And then she needs to hire a tailor but I’ve been beating that drum for over a year. Can’t say I love the hair. Looks like what she might do to get it out of her face for a day of gardening, not a movie premiere.

    • vava says:

      Yeah, this dress was a flop. Ill-fitting, not only in the bust and neckline, but also on the lower back. I think some sort of faux wrap dress in a luxurious fabric would have been a better choice. Not a fan of the tight bun, either. And I thought the shoes were blah as well.

      Not a fan of Queen B’s dress at all!

    • al says:

      I think she might need a better stylist, because I don’t think her current one is doing right by her. I also think the stylist should look towards Angelina Jolie for fashion inspiration and not Carolyn Besette as they seem to be doing, because there’s a definite affinity between MM’s and AJ’s body type and general vibe, imo.

    • Amy Too says:

      Yeah I agree that it wasn’t a good idea to choose a dress that is so fitted and meant to be really close to the body when you’re postpartum, your body is changing every single day, and your boobs are fluctuating by the minute. If this was the only dress she had and she had to wear it for whatever reason, then I would be with everyone else, saying that we can’t expect it to fit perfectly. But she has more options than us. She can afford to buy a new dress quickly if the one she wanted to wear didn’t fit, she has a stylist to help make choices, she could probably telephone designers and ask them for advice about what works best for postpartum evening wear, she could probably have multiple dresses sent right to her house and choose the one that fits the best that day. So yeah, I get why this one doesn’t fit perfectly and why it would be a bit much to expect it to, but I just don’t get why this style dress was even chosen in the first place.

  32. launicaangelina says:

    I’m married to a half-white man, who looks completely white. There are so many times I’ve wanted someone to slip me a note to call them when the “white folks start tripping.” 😂

  33. Snap Happy says:

    Her dress is very bridesmaid to me.

  34. Lowrider says:

    Meghan has a wide torso with no curves. Her clothes will never fit right and will always look ill-fitting. This dress fit much better than her wedding dress.

    • vava says:

      expert tailoring will make ANYONE look great.

      • Lowrider says:

        You think Meghan didn’t employ EXPERT tailoring for her wedding dress?!! Lol. Givenchy’s ateliers could not create a waistline and proper fitting for a design seen around the world!! Meghan’s figure is petite and boxy. She has no waist and no length in her torso.

      • wisdomheaven says:

        Her Suits wardrobe was amazing and extremely well-tailored so you are clearly wrong lowrider.

        That and there are plenty of celebs with similar bodies who dress well.

        Meghan has had several outs be total home runs. Her Oceania tour wardrobe was actually mostly very well done, for example.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Meghan’s wedding dress fit poorly because she lost weight quickly right before the wedding. Probably due to stress. The same thing happened to Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Her dress fit well at her last fitting, but it no longer fit well the day of because she hadn’t been eating enough due to nerves. Meghan’s shape may not be easy to fit off the rack, but a tailor could make her clothes fit her properly no problem.

  35. MellyMel says:

    Both ladies looked gorgeous and glowing! And M & H are so smitten with each other, it’s so sweet to see.

  36. CoffeeAddict says:

    That bust area was painful to look at, but her face looks beautiful. This minimum makeup look is what she should be aiming for.
    She looks heavy in the torso because she has a wide waist. Shes going to carry weight there.

    People keep saying Will & Kate should learn from M & H on body lanuage but they seem to forget that W & K have been together for longer than marriages last. You can’t expect them to have that same zeal at this point. H & M have known each other for 3 years now? The glow is still new. Thats not a knock on them. how many married couples who have been together for 15+ years still act like they met yesterday? Not many.

  37. Lily says:

    Love them both and both looked beautiful 🙂

  38. TheOriginalMia says:

    I loved the dress. Yes, it was tight in the bust, but as many mothers have attested to the breasts change size all the time. The earrings were amazing. They are the same ones from Trooping. Just with the black backing. She & Harry are so cute. The living embodiment of heart eyes emoji.

    I didn’t like what Beyonce was wearing. I thought she was hiding a pregnancy belly, not her thigh. I loved that Beyoncé & Jay were genuinely happy to meet Meghan. That hug and whispered “my Princess” was sweet. Black women have your back, Meghan!

  39. Renee2 says:

    I feel like the hug was a thank you to Beyonce and Jay Z for their acknowledgement of her in the thank you video that they did for the Brit awards. I squealed when I saw the pic of Meghan and Bey embracing, and I am over 40.

  40. Valiantly Varnished says:

    That hug and entire exchange made me so happy. Meghan looked great. I thought the dress was lovely. Also- She had a baby two months ago and her body is going through a transition. Cut the woman some slack. Damn.

    And yes to the “white folks be tripping”. Nothing triggers them more than Duchess Meghan and Beyoncé

    • Bamaborn says:

      Valiantly…did’nt go to that Daily Mail site, did not won’t to kill my buzz. Lol!

      • PrincessK says:

        I know how you feel….l usually read the comments which are the worst rated because those are the comments written my sensible people and not the right wing, anti diversity mob that dominates the Daily Mail.

  41. Léna says:

    I found the “my princess” really cheesy

    • Mtec says:

      I thought it was really sweet and cute, and another way Beyonce chose to show her support.

      • Yami says:

        It was wonderful for her to say that. Beyonce being Beyonce she didn’t have to do that. It was a wonderful show of support and supremely kind.

  42. MsIam says:

    I thought she looked beautiful and I liked the dress. It is a classic style and yes it was a bit tight across the bust but she is probably losing weight so 10-15 pounds later it will be perfect. So, chill everybody about the fit comments, it’s work in progress. I think my daughter was about 4-5 months old before I could fit into all my old clothes. And I nursed until she was about 7-8 months old so things were still tight across the bust.

  43. Amanduh says:

    I find it funny how nervous Jay-Z is!! lol He has no idea what to do, say, place his hands (shadow hands!?)…

    • PrincessK says:

      Yeah, l noticed that…poor guy was confused, he must have been told…Don’t Touch Royalty! Also men are extra careful these days.

  44. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I thought everyone looked lovely. Yes, Meghan’s dress was a bit tight in the bust but nursing boobs change so quickly that I’m giving her a pass.

  45. liriel says:

    I can’t get why she chose this ill fitting dress. I also loved her messy bun now she has like no volume and flat hair. But this dress ugh. She must be uncomfortable in it!

  46. Lainey F. says:

    “When the white folks are tripping, call this number, XO.”

    I’d like to report a murder because you just killed me. I’m dead.

  47. Lainey F. says:

    The lovebirds are just aglow. In terms of hugging, the Duke of Sussex is most definitely a hugger so it’s no taboo in that royal household.

  48. Sam says:

    Wasnt expecting hugs lool.Their whole interactions was too cute!

    As for the dress,i was expecting more for a movie premiere.Its okay overall just underwhelming.
    She needs a stylist to help her especially with the fit of her clothes.

  49. Cerys says:

    The dress was badly fitted and looked painful round the neck and boob area. I totally get that getting something to fit a postpartum body is not easy. I remember it well. However if I was buying a bespoke dress, then I would expect it to fit me.

    • Peg says:

      The dress is on Jason Wu’s website, is ‘Bespoke’ being used like ‘Protocol’ now.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        A dress can be on a website and be Bespoke. “Bespoke” only means that a certain dress or suit was made to order for a certain person-customer’s specific measurements Bespoke is not the the same thing as couture. “Couture” usually refers to a one-of-kind designer dress.

  50. PlainJane says:

    Pure magic through and through. Meghan needs love and support considering the non-stop thrashing she receives from the British media. I LOVED that Bey was all googly-eyed when they met.

    The whole thing was beautiful, IMHO. I honestly don’t care about “the dress this, or Jay-Z that.” Details. I saw the good vibes, and it got me misty eyed.

  51. Jeanette Rushing says:

    Is that Sir Elton to the left in the next to last photo??

    • Eliza says:

      Yup, that’s him. I wish they had another post of all the guests. I mean no Beyonce post on her gown? Or any other celebrities?

  52. Mego says:

    Is the meshy top portion of her dress a trend? If it is I hope it dies. The dress would have looked better all the same fabric. I know she loves her black and blue but she wears colour so well it’s a shame she hardly ever does.

  53. marjorie says:

    I was less surprised to see Meghan hugging Beyonce than I was to see Beyonce sharing in the hug. Meghan has always struck me as warm and genuine and more inclined to be touchy whereas Beyonce seems more reserved. Haven’t there been instances where Beyonce indicated she did not like being touched by others?

  54. Iknow says:

    As my mother, who is from Jamaica, has said many times about meghan’s situation. these aren’t just any old ordinary white folks. These white folks come from a stock that created the whole system. Only the Beyhive can counter that.

  55. Myra says:

    Beautiful couple! Just great to see the DDoS unintentionally demonstrating to the world humanity and love. If only those who hate could open their eyes and heart one can only imagine where the world could be!

  56. kerwood says:

    I thought Meghan looked lovely. She was radiant with happiness because she was going to meet Beyonce AND she was out with her man.

    I wonder if any of the people who slam her about the fit of her dress are women? I won’t even mention the fitting disaster OTHER members of the royal family had this weekend. I only know there was a time when I had a separate set of clothes for before my period. I’ve never given birth so I can’t imagine what happens to a woman’s body after having a baby, especially if she’s breastfeeding.

    The Duchess’ dress was NOT custom made. Its expensive, but off the rack. It might have fit perfectly the week or even the day before, but as Tammy Wynette said, ‘sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.’

    The Sussexs did Britain proud. They’re young and in love and a shining new face for the royal family. No rose bushes or pedophilia here.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Your body can change every minute postpartum, especially if you’re breastfeeding. I lived in slouchy shirts and pajama pants for weeks. If we did have to go out I chose separates because of those issues.

    • PlainJane says:

      @Kerwood – everything you said, I 100% second! Thank you for your words!

      The Sussexes are so much better than old, racist, stodgy Britain. They are a beautiful example of a world moving beyond racism, sexism, classism … really, moving beyond hate, no matter how it’s churched up.

  57. Chimney says:

    Thought it was adorable that Beyonce pulled her thigh split closed for the meeting. She totally didn’t have to but wanted to be modest (respectable?) for the meeting. Though if I had legs like Beyonce you’d have a hard time getting me to cover them up for any occasion!

  58. aquarius64 says:

    The hug was amazing and it was a shownof love and respect. The haters will rage but let them choke on it.

    I wonder hownthis meet and greet is going over at Kensington Palace? The Cambridges met the Carters in 2014 at an NBA game. The couples were on opposite sides of the arena and the Carters had to walk over to Will and Kate. They chatted but there were no hugs. It wanna feeling that they would have to stand on ceremony with Will and Kate but no so much with Harry and Meghan.

    • Mego says:

      I saw genuine warmth. I think they will be friends.

      • MsIam says:

        It would not surprise me if Beyonce and Meghan have already been communicating after she and Jay-Z made the video in front of the Meghan portrait. Who knows? So that may have been why they embraced with more warmth than usual. But I think Meghan is a hugger, lol. She hugged that baseball player who said he was her distant cousin too! So I think that is just her personality.

  59. Green Desert says:

    Regardless of fit, this dress feels dated to me. I hate that panty hose material on the chest and arms that so many people still insist on wearing…why do designers keep doing this? She is so gorgeous though and like others have said, that elevates the dress!

    • Lee says:

      @ Mamat – Thanks for the grade school science lesson. I know what melanin is and I think you knew I meant. I was taking issue with Laura saying that Beyonce calling Meghan a Melanated Mama was “problematic” and a denial of Meghan’s right to self-identify as a biracial woman. A biracial (black/white) woman is still a woman of color. Meghan has always acknowledged her African-American heritage and Beyonce was doing the same.

  60. NYC_girl says:

    I have been visiting this site for several years, mainly for the writers’ wit and the clothes. I gotta say that as a more mature woman (I’m 50), I think it is really awful that people can leave comments on these sites and on FB and Twitter and IG and spew. And please don’t start with me regarding “freedom of speech.” I am aware of that. I really think it’s a major negative, which has badly affected so many areas of society. The anger, the hatred, the bickering… it’s really sad. I KNOW some will respond, “Well, don’t read the comments,” or “This site is called Celebitchy,” and I am fully aware of that. I have been staying off FB. And, maybe this sounds really trite and naive, but in a time when we should be supporting each other, supporting other WOMEN, it is really ugly out there. What the hell has happened? It’s sad. Regarding Meghan, she is really caught in the cross-hairs, and I feel horrible for her. To be under constant public scrutiny day after day, for every aspect of her life, not only due to her race or nationality, is even worse. And again, I know she chose this man and lifestyle. But holy moly… I have watched this culture evolve from the 90s and no web access at all. All was quiet, and it wasn’t that bad! As I said before, I come here for the witty banter and to see the dresses. I don’t mean for this to be an attack or to start even more ugliness. But it is really ugly out there. It is like the worst kind of high school mean-girl (and guy) behavior.

    • Joanna says:

      I have been visiting this site for several years now as well. Lately it’s seemed like many are bitchy and nasty with their comments and jumping all over each other. not been nearly as enjoyable as it used to be.

  61. Clementine says:

    How is pointing out that Pippa’s bra in the unflattering dress was ill fitting “body shaming” but all of the above about the Duchess of Sussex is okay???? Just how???

    • MsIam says:

      Yes @ Clementine, yes! And if you just happen to mention that “Kate looks thin” it’s like the apocalypse. I think Meghan looks sexy in her dress, I bet Harry has no complaints! As far as it being too tight, maybe but I think you really would have to see it in person. Stuff can photograph weird and look totally fine in person.

      • kerwood says:

        You KNOW Harry ain’t complaining!!! He looks like a man who’s satisfied with his life.