People: Duchess Kate & Duchess Meg are getting along better these days

The Wimbledon Championships 2019

As we’ve known for months now, the real problem was never really between the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge. I think they probably did rub each other the wrong way when they first met, and I also think Kate was shocked and surprised by how quickly Meghan was assimilated into the royal family, just as Kate and William were both surprised by how quickly Meghan was embraced by the general public. But beyond that, the beef was always between the brothers and Kate and Meghan have spent months doing the heavy lifting of keeping up appearances and trying to show the world that get along. They don’t have to be BFFs or sisters – they are work colleagues and that’s how they should view each other, and that’s fine. All they have to do is get along well enough for family gatherings and joint appearances. But People Magazine still wants the story to be that Kate and Meghan are getting closer and there’s a BFF-situation on the way:

Just one year ago, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were in dramatically different places in their lives. As Meghan navigated her new royal world, Kate juggled the demands of three young children. Now they both share in the bond of motherhood — and their connection is putting reports of a royal rift behind them.

“There is a sense of [Meghan and Kate’s] relationship strengthening,” a royal source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. Attending Wimbledon together last weekend, Meghan and Kate “were genuine and sweet together,” says an insider. When Meghan’s friend Serena Williams lost the match, “Kate put her hand out and rubbed Meghan’s back to console her,” says a close observer.

“It illustrated a warm relationship between these women who have young babies and are in similar situations in their lives,” says royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, whose father Dickie Arbiter was a press spokesman for Queen Elizabeth.

Just three days earlier the sisters-in-law had teamed up for an inaugural playdate—the first time Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, had all been together with their 2-month-old cousin ­Archie. “They’re each a little more relaxed,” says the insider. “They have more in common now.”

What’s more, Meghan and Prince Harry’s move out of Kensington Palace — where Kate and Prince William live with their children, has provided distance that has helped them reconnect, “allowing them more time to be like family” rather than colleagues, a royal source says. Palace sources emphasize that there is room in the public space for Kate and Meghan’s distinct strengths and interests to shine. “Coming from different backgrounds, I think, they have more the makings of a team than people imagined,” says longtime royals author Robert Lacey. “And they have a common interest as partners to these two men who are so crucial to the monarchy, along with their children.”

As Meghan adjusts to new motherhood, no one understands the pressure Meghan faces under the royal spotlight more than Kate, who has said that it can be “lonely” and “isolating” at times. “Babies are a great leveler,” adds Arbiter. “The minute you’re bonding over your stories and sleepless nights, suddenly all the stuff that mattered before doesn’t matter anymore.”

[From People]

The move “has provided distance that has helped them reconnect, ‘allowing them more time to be like family’ rather than colleagues, a royal source says.” Hard disagree on that interpretation. The Sussexes’ move from Kensington Palace into their own office space provided them the much-needed distance so they weren’t stepping on each other’s newscycles and the Cambridges weren’t passive-aggressively working against the Sussexes. And the goal really isn’t “Kate and Meghan need to see each other as sisters.” They are colleagues and it’s perfectly fine to see each other that way.

The Wimbledon Championships 2019

The Wimbledon Championships 2019

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Inas says:

    But sussex offices address is surprisingly says at KP in their company registration. Very weird right?

    • Skylark says:

      KP is the registered, official correspondence address. Nothing at all weird about it.

    • Princessk says:

      Hmm…this is interesting, they could have used Buckingham Palace but chose Kensington Palace, this tells me that they have by no means abandoned using KP as a base, and as many have pointed out, in the future KP may be used as one of their homes if it is not already.

      • NessaBee says:

        Interesting! But their official London base is now listed as BP…. I assume it’s because the back office staff are already physically housed at KP since BP is mostly public and ceremonial spaces or royal London residences.

    • 90sgirl says:

      Meghan looks absolutely gorgeous. Wow her skin is amazing, she looks at least 8 years younger than her age. Wow. I love beautiful skin, for some , it’s a combination of genes and diet and taking care of ones self .

      I never believed the big rift story about Kate and Meghan. I think the story was more about Prince William wanting to continue his laziness and also Williams “alleged” roving , alleged cheating eye and wanting the story buried and a distraction.

      That said, I’m am so glad Harry and Meghan have Buck Palace too.
      KP is the “least well run” office IMO.

  2. Hyacinth Bucket says:

    I never bought that there were problems between them.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I mean, last year at Wimbledon it was clear that they got along. I don’t think they are BFFs, and I imagine outside of having young children and marrying into the royal family, they don’t have a lot in common, but that may be enough to form a friendship.

    How are Harry and William doing these days? No cover stories about them LOL

    • Nic919 says:

      They were getting along last year and all the stories were that they were new best friends and then suddenly the cry gate story came out months later and despite having taken place prior to Wimbledon (if real) they now hated each other. The media can’t seem to cover women as actual adults with adult relationships but instead they are moody little girls. They especially can’t understand the sister in law relationship, which is very often not one of being BFFs but also isn’t being mortal enemies.

      The real story is what is going on with the brothers, but their wives have to be the ones to look like they aren’t fighting. Harry and William weren’t seen together during the polo tournament at all and yet that didn’t get covered at all.

      • Gingerbread says:

        I mean I remember many readers thought that Will and Kate were behind all the smearing of Meghan. Kate and Wills were painted as quite evil. Meghan seems to get along well with Kate, so are those commenters going to pretend that never happened?

      • Nic919 says:

        Posing for a photo with a host of the tournament isn’t quashing rumours that they don’t get along. Outside of that photo they were generally hanging out with their own teams even after the match was done and videos show a better picture of how they were not doing the casual chit chat they have done in the past.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I see in that video William kept his arms firmly clamped at his back, not returning Harry’s gesture. But neither did he put his arm around the other person at his side. I guess he was playing it neutral.

      • Becks1 says:

        @gingerbread – I’ll bite.

        I do think KP/Cambridges/William/Kate were behind part of the smear campaign against Meghan. I don’t think they were behind the whole thing, but I think they dropped a few tidbits to the press around the time of the tour (which is when it became apparent that Harry and Meghan had global star power) and then I think the press kind of took off and ran with it, once they realized they could spin ANY little story about Meghan to make her look bad and like a diva. But, I think a lot of the intention for Camp Cambridge wasn’t necessarily to bring down H&M, but rather to build up Kate and Will. That’s why so many of the stories were “Meghan should look to Kate to see how a royal wife should behave” and stuff. I also think that the Cambridges were MORE responsible for the “embiggening Kate” movement than they were anti-Meghan (like the stories about how perfect Kate was, etc.)

        I also think that it was more William than Kate, especially once the Rose Hanbury story broke, and that’s why Harry and William are at odds.

      • Gingerbread says:

        @Becks1 But if you really think that, why is Meghan (and Harry) still really friendly towards Kate? I wouldn’t expect them to be outwardly resentful, but I wouldn’t be going to watch tennis with Kate and her sister if I were Meg. Harry seems pretty warm to Kate still too. The Sussex are fighting in small ways towards the harsh press, I just find it hard to believe they would be voluntarily looking not just polite, (because I would expect them to fake nice regardless), but warmly interacting if Kate and Will we’re behind ANY of the negative press.

      • Becks1 says:

        Maybe they don’t think Kate has anything to do with it and that its all William?

        Like I said, I don’t think Camp Cambridge is behind the entire thing. but I definitely think they have played a part. Maybe it seems obvious to those on the outside, maybe we’re completely wrong (please note I refuse to accept that as a possibility ;-) ) , maybe there was some bad blood with Kate but they worked it out and William refused to do so, maybe they feel bad for Kate with the Rose rumors, etc.

        Or maybe its someone else at KP and they don’t know who, so H&M cant fault Will and Kate. Its clear there is bad blood between Will and Harry, so its interesting to speculate why.

  4. People magazine has no royal sources.

    Having said that, I would really like to see these two develop a genuine bond. The two of them swim in a very unique fishbowl that even other Royals and adjacent do not. Being Mrs. Son of Diana comes with its own set of issues.

    • crogirl says:

      Meghan is People’s source, remember the issue with her 5 friends.

    • 90sgirl says:

      People has had direct line into KP PR for years, way before this. Look at the articles for years after on William and Kate. PEOPLE has had articles on William and Kate for years and years. where they say they talked to spokesperson in KP directly.

      Dig up some of the old PEOPLE mag journalist on Twitter, from the last seven years. They say in old tweets they talked to the KPalace, in some of the old tweets,

  5. SJR says:

    At first glance I thought this read..Pope: Duchess getting, etc.

    Wow, this is outta hand. Now the Pope is worried about the BRF. Note to me, coffee before Celebitchy. :)

  6. Eleonor says:

    Soooo with the Prince Andrew mess now the strategy is to talk about the two Duchesses, because throwing Meghan under the bus is not enough.

    • Robinda says:

      Dissecting the relationship between Kate and Meghan isn’t new. It’s been all the rage since well before the wedding and certainly long before Andrew’s issues came home to roost.

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    The issue always was about William and Harry beefing, and William trying to divert attention away from affair rumours. While I buy that Katie Keen is probably feeling the heat because Meghan is more proactive, wants to work and interested in her duties as a royal it doesn’t mean they are beefing.

    • Erinn says:

      I think that despite the heat that comes from the comparisons, she’s probably also pretty cool with having someone else who understands what it’s like to marry into that insane family. I figure it evens out in a lot of ways for her.

  8. Lex says:

    They’re colleagues AND sisters in law. They can be both.

  9. TheOriginalMia says:

    I’ve always maintained they could work together as members of the Firm, but didn’t have to be BFFs. The press wanted them to be braiding each other’s hair and for Meghan to be so inept that FFQ Kate has to take her by the hand to guide her. Ha! None of that was remotely true. They don’t hate each other. That’s the story. Also, their lack of animosity doesn’t mean William/Carole weren’t behind the smears.

  10. Princessk says:

    Hmm…this is interesting, they could have used Buckingham Palace but chose Kensington Palace, this tells me that they have by no means abandoned using KP as a base, and as many have pointed out, in the future KP may be used as one of their homes if it is not already.

    • Harla says:

      They are still using KP as they transition over. I’ve read somewhere that once the renovation work is done at BP, they’ll have an apartment there like Edward and Sophie.

  11. Princessk says:

    Silly People article, I am sure that the relationship is the same as it always has, whatever it was. The ‘fallout’ was always a gross exaggeration.

  12. OSTONE says:

    I never bought the Kate and Meghan feud. Are they bffs? Probably not, but they are still family and colleagues. I love my sister in law, doesn’t mean I want to see her every weekend. They seem warm towards each other.

  13. Myra says:

    Kate’s fight is with Rose. William ‘s fight is about the attention that HM have received from the world. William is using Kate’s popularity to prop up him. Kate’s loving the attention from William because of the Rose issue. Just my opinion. At the end of the day Kate wants to sit on her butt log and daydream while counting clouds. While Meghan wants to make a difference in the world. Hopefully they will both get what they desire.

  14. MsIam says:

    Who knows what’s true and what’s real. You assume that Meghan is the source or at least aware of the People Mag stories. But then you have other stories that say “Will (&Kate) think M &H are going overboard wanting privacy for Archie! And it’s Meghan’s fault!” I think it’s all a bunch of bs and as long as they aren’t rolling around in the dirt fighting, it doesn’t really matter.

  15. Fluffy Princess says:

    Another “filler” story, since there is nothing new to write about.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Because perish the thought that they should focus on the real issue like Andrew’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

  16. Marie says:

    Really? Nobody can make me believe that the Cambridges have nothing to do with the smear campaign against Meghan. It’s beyond obvious that the real feud is between Harry and his jealous brother William.
    Yet keen Kate also has always been intitled to her position, and Meghan taking the spotlight just doing her job was never going to be OK. Her attitude at Meghan and Harry’s wedding still shocks me to this day. At the same time, I kind of get why she was so mad to see Harry and Meghan so in love, while her husband cheated cheated on her?
    And while the Cambridges would silence the british press about William and Rose’s affair, why on earth Kensington Palace couldn’t do anything for Harry and Meghan? Instead, Harry and Meghan’s work were poorly covered (cf their then joint instagram: posts are always really late while Kate and William are an instant thing, Lainey also wrote on how the pics of the events Meghan and Harry attended were never to be shown as important). Don’t forget those hilarious narratives, mostly from Middleton sources on how Kate suddenly, almost a decade later, is keen on taking her role as the future Queen and how Meghan should learn from her because she never “put a wrong foot”. And while poor Kate cried because of Meghan, that didn’t prevent her brother James Middleton to promote his pathetic personnalised marshmallows “in honor” of Archie’s birth (hasn’t he learnt so well from his parents?).
    I do believe that Kate and Meghan’s relationship is better now. Meghan is a nice girl, but she is also a very intelligent one. I’ve always said that she doesn’t need anyone’s pity. Not that I don’t have any compassion towards what she has endured and still does. I just mean that she is a strong woman, coming from another most dysfunctionnal family, and she knows what she is doing. I just don’t buy anything telling me that there wasn’t any beef between Kate and her. Just stop with that.

    • guest says:

      This is one weird comment! How did Kate behave atrociously at the wedding? I think she gave birth not even 3 weeks before so she didn’t have to show up. Of course it would have looked weird Kate not being there but this woman can give birth and look picture perfect merely hours after giving birth so whatever she was going through post part I’m she probably sucked it up and went. Camilla was whispering something during the wedding with a snarky face – that was rude. If you look at the footage you will see Kate rolls her eyes at whatever Camilla said to her. I watched the wedding live in the BBC and Kate’s outfit was very much light yellow, nobody could mistake that for white. The commentator even said she was yellow. So pray tell what was this appalling behaviour by Kate at the wedding? She was standing on the steps smiling with her daughter.

      • 90sgirl says:

        People were commenting on how Kate’s mood inside the Church was miserable face, hardly any joy shown. She did look happy once on the steps with the kids though and dealing with the kids.

        But even my grandfather who wouldn’t know Kate from a person on the street, said to me Why do they keep showing that woman looking so miserable? I said who, he pointed to Kate when her picture came on screen again, he said wow, she looks miserable, who is that? I said Williams wife, Kate.

        So people did notice Kate was not exactly a happy camper inside the Church.

        I wonder now if it was because she was dealing with issues concerning William?

  17. A says:

    I always thought it was total BS that Meghan was hard to get along with. She seems like the ultimate nice person, tbh, the person at your office who remembers your birthday, brings you soothing tea when your throat hurts, always brings thoughtful presents for the Christmas secret Santa, makes sure you’re invited to group gatherings and stuff. Maybe I’m just projecting, I don’t know, but the complaints against her always seemed like they were more about how she knows her mind and what she wants to do, and she goes to get it, and people don’t like that. So yeah, not surprised that her and Kate are getting along, I think they would always have gotten along, and it was only a matter of time before they really did become cordial with each other.