Donald Trump’s intervention made A$AP Rocky’s Swedish detention worse

ASAP Rocky dashes out of Kelly Rowland's Halloween party at Poppy

I haven’t really been paying much attention to this A$AP Rocky situation, so I had to do some research. Basically, earlier this month, Rocky and his crew were in Stockholm, Sweden, and they ended up in some kind of confrontation with a couple of Swedish guys. TMZ claims that there were translation issues, but the Swedes claimed Rocky broke their headphones or something. Words were exchanged and the confrontation turned into an actual beatdown, mostly with Rocky and his crew beating the sh-t out of the Swedes. The Swedes went to the cops (snitches!) and an investigation happened, and long story short, A$AP Rocky was arrested just days after the fight and he has been sitting in Swedish jail ever since. He had to cancel his Swedish concerts while sh-t gets sorted out.

In the weeks that followed Rocky’s arrest and detention, he’s become something of a cause célèbre with members of the music industry and prominent African-American politicians speaking up on his behalf. Rocky has been detained for weeks now, and there’s some question about the state of the jail in which he’s being held. And the whole reason he’s being detained is because he’s been deemed a “flight risk,” because duh, he’s an American citizen and he could just fly the f–k out of Sweden. So add to everything else, Rocky’s case is increasingly becoming a sensitive international diplomacy situation too. Enter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

It’s little surprise, is it? Kanye knows A$AP Rocky, Kim has a direct line to Jared Kushner, so of course calls were exchanged and Rocky’s situation was brought to Trump’s attention. Apparently, Kanye called:

So Kanye West called up Donald Trump and asked him to intervene on Rocky’s behalf, and TRUMP DID IT. The Trump Administration actually got in contact with the Swedish prime minister about this local Stockholm assault situation. This is not the way any of this is supposed to work. But here’s the kicker: Trump’s call made it WORSE. Soon after Trump’s tweet and presumably after his call, the Stockholm court granted the prosecutor’s request to extend Rocky’s detention (to July 25th) and the prosecutor still doesn’t have to indict Rocky until then. So Trump got nothing for his effort. So this is what he tweeted:

Donald Trump is personally going to pay A$AP Rocky’s bail? My lord. I hope Ava DuVernay makes a miniseries about this mess too.

Kanye White House

Trump Remarks on Second Chance Hiring

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  1. Honeybadger says:

    Sweden doesn’t have a bail system, so that’s basically an empty promise from a morally empty man.

    • Kit says:

      “or an alternative…”
      Come on Sweden, here’s your chance to make a deal.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Also, with whose money is Trump personally vouching? Most likely OUR tax dollars.

    • Marian E. Bayusik says:

      Actually, I find that not having a bail system is kinda bad for Sweden. It kinda seems to violate the concept of Habeas Corpus. They should consider changing it.

      • WaterisLife says:

        Lol. Sweden doesn’t follow the US Constitution. They have their own laws and policies.

      • ds says:

        there are differences between the Anglo- Saxon law and continental law. Continental was based on Corpus Iuris Civilis while Common or Anglo- Saxon law is based on precedent law…. anyway to put it short, every country has it’s unique system of law, just saying that USA and European law don’t fall in the same category.

      • Ria says:

        Eh – a system where a person’s ability to pay determines whether they stay incarcerated pre-trial or get to go home is hardly ideal.

        That you can be locked up for months, without being convicted of a crime, possibly losing your job, housing, custody of your kids, etc., just because you’re poor is pretty messed up (not to mention that being locked up pre-trial makes it harder to assist in your defense & biases juries against you).

        And there’s the fact that various studies have found racial & class bias in how much bail is set.

        And the grotesque bail bond industry.

        And how bail amounts are inconsistently and arbitrarily set and can vary wildly from one county to another.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Bail system is very bad for justice (see Ria’s comment). California just ended cash bail in 2018.

      • Veronica S says:

        A non-bail system is actually more economically fair. It’s a major reason why a lot of poor wind up taking plea deals even if they are innocent – no bail money means indefinite detention – while the rich gallivant off to continue their lives. IMO, I would completely support dropping the bail system altogether and limiting detention to felony level or violent crime.

      • Hanna says:

        LOL. There is no United States Justice system THAT WORKS
        BEYOND United States. Swedish criminal justice is really really different from US system. Its actually more just. The most you can ever get is life sentence, wich is 10-20 years (20 years is extreme). So why would you need any kinda US political interference, when the justice is already more JUST that it can ever be in US?….

      • eileen says:

        @Hanna pedophiles and murderers get out in 20 years? That is disgusting.

      • J says:

        Actually, most people committing a crime aren’t even put in jail here in Sweden. Unless you’re deemed a) a flight-risk (like A$AP is ..), b) at risk of committing more crime, or c) at risk of interfering with the investigation, then you are free until the court has reached a guilty verdict. If you fulfill any of these three criteria then you’re not allowed to be free no matter how much money you want to give to the courts.

      • Kendra says:

        Most of the world doesn’t have a bail system and it’s bizarre to someone not form US how people who have money can just walk out and everyone not treated the same.

    • Nahema says:

      Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t know why A$AP is getting so much support. He went to another country, committed a crime and is in jail, albeit probably not for long but longer than anything Americans are used to.

      He isn’t in a third world country. The prisons are probably in a better state than those in the US and he will get a fair trial.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        Why he’s getting sympathy: The other two in question were verbally harassing Rocky and friends. The “broke my headphones” thing happened after the verbal harassers initiated getting physical with a bodyguard. Then all hell broke loose.

      • oddly says:

        Politicians jumping on the band wagon via the media and twitter are not a good thing , more likely to put Sweden’s back up. Best let Sweden sort it out . After all this is Sweden we are talking about not North Korea.

      • Blairski says:

        Actually it’s not clear that A$AP DID commit a crime. There is video evidence that the people who were hassling him and his friends were provocative and persistent. The question will be, once the fight was started, did he and his friends do more than they needed to to protect themselves?

      • Scarlett says:

        He and his crew were being followed and harassed for quite awhile. You can find the video footage online. The fellas even seemed to throw stuff/punches at the group.. who always remained calm and did not fight back.

  2. AB says:

    It is completely ridiculous for Kim and Kanye to have this level of political influence and access to our country’s top government officials. Can we just elect Elizabeth Warren and get this circus over with?

    • Michelle says:

      We’re definitely living in the Twilight Zone!!!!

    • Kittycat says:

      Yes please

    • PointingScreaming says:

      I feel like we don’t have all the details. IF Asap is being treated unfairly, framed etc, or if this is rote for Sweden. I also don’t gain any sense @the quality of Swedish jails? This seems blurry as well as surreal.

      • Melusine says:

        I posted a link below that has images from inside a typical Swedish prison. Trust me, Rocky is not in any way suffering.

      • Cay says:

        Have you not watched Bron/Broen? Saga is in a Swedish prison at the start of season 4. I would live in her prison outfits. Right up style alley.

    • broodytrudy says:

      Why? Because they’re celebrities? Because they’re rich (boy do i have news for you regarding american politics)?

      Celebrities have had “ins” with politicians and presidents since the forming of the celebrity. I would rather have them use their platform than sit quietly in the background.

      • AB says:

        They are using their platforms to legitimize and support Trump. There are about a billion ways they could use their money and fame to do good in this world that do not involve sucking up to a misogynistic, racist faux-fascist.

      • crass says:

        @AB, i totally agree with everything you said . . . and my earlier post disappeared . . .

    • Deedee says:

      Yes, gurl!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      It’s so inappropriate.
      Kim is fueling the lie that the Trump administration is a champion for criminal justice reform. They did get a bill passed, but it had been around under Obama and the GOP didn’t want to give Obama a “win”. Getting something done that is so long overdue, that was arbitrarily postponed by your own political machine’s tactics…she give gives Trump and Kushnar too much credit.

  3. Jellybean says:

    I remember years ago an American TV actor got arrested coming into the UK with some drugs and he ended up doing time. His PR made a huge fuss about his horrific incarceration in a “Midnight-Express-like foreign jail”. The reality was that he spent a few months working in the library in Reading Gaol. If the Swedish do not allow bail for violent crimes, then why should this guy get it because he is rich and knows people? Just because that works in the US don’t expect it to work in other countries.

    • Hanna says:

      Very murica centrified talk here. You have to understand that there is no ”bail” system beyond US. There is other world out there. 😃

    • WelcomeToATL says:

      There appears to be a racial component to this, though. G-Eazy (White American rapper) was arrested last year in Stockholm, the same city in which Rocky was arrested. G-Eazy was said to be “acting belligerent” in a club and attacked security who tried to calm him down. He was hit with the same charge as Rocky, suspicion of assault, and also had a cocaine possession charge tacked on.

      However, he spent less than two days in jail before he was offered a deal and pleaded guilty to violent resistance, a crime of violence against an official and illegal drug possession. He was handed a $10,000 fine and given probation, and ordered to pay the security guard he hit $900- all of this was hammered out with prosecutors in less than 48 hours.

      Rocky, in a similar situation as G-Eazy but with fewer charges (and no drug charges) has been sitting in jail since July 2 while prosecutors continue to “investigate” a situation that was recorded on video.

      Something not adding up there…

      • edith says:

        @WelcomeToATL totally agree with you! This is what makes me angry about the whole situation, also the way why he was attacked in the first place, like he stole some headphones??? ??? No. The whole thing feels very racist

  4. Kittycat says:

    Lesson to people who travel abroad.

    Dont commit crimes!

    • AnnaKist says:

      We in Australia are constantly reminded of this. There are reminders on the government’s travel website, signs throughout our airports, on travel documents and reminders every time an Australian is arrested in a foreign country. And still, travellers get into trouble with overseas police. It’s been going on for years, but doesn’t seem to get through to some people. As modern and progressive as Sweden is, their legal system leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t like to have to battle it.

    • Deedee says:

      While I agree with your sentiment in general. May I suggest you watch the YouTube video of what actually transpired. ASAP et al were being stalked and harassed by some immigrants while walking down Streets of Sweden. At one point, one of the immigrants hit asaps/ bodyguard on the head with his headphones and broke them. They continued to harass ASAP and his guys even when ASAP and his bodyguard asked them peacefully to stop following them and harassing them, but they continued to stalk them. A couple of girls on the video also said the same men (the immigrant) were slapping them on the buttocks. These gentlemen were itching for trouble, and it eventually went down.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Out of curiosity, how do you know it was immigrants? I haven’t seen the background of the stalker guys discussed other to say they were Swedish.

        EDIT/UPDATE: I have watched the original video with audio and you can hear the 2 guys talking. 1) they sound high/drunk and 2) their accents sound Turkish (I live in a part of London that has a high Turkish/Middle Eastern populace that’s why their accent sounds familiar to me), they do not sound Swedish to me but I could be wrong. Don’t flame me.

      • Alyssa Callaway says:

        Even if the men were from Turkey or somewhere outside of Sweden, I still do not understand what is gained by making a point to refer to them as immigrants. Whether they are native Swedes, Swedish citizens who emigrated from elsewhere, visitors or even there without visas etc, I cannot see how it makes a difference. “These two men were harassing him” has the same impact without harping on the fact that they are immigrants. Other than someone being like “oh no a Swedish person WOULD NEVER. Had to be an immigrant,” which is…not great.

        That’s just me though. I might be missing some key point where this makes a difference?

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Amen, Kittycat.

    • Janie says:

      You should watch the video of the incident A$AP posted on his instagram. He clearly didn’t do anything wrong.

      • LadyT says:

        He clearly did not start the incident, initially even appeared to be avoiding escalation. But at the end of the video? When four guys are kicking and beating on one guy on the ground? That’s what’s getting examined for assault charges under Swedish Law.

  5. Nanea says:

    Didn’t the Swedish PM just say he didn’t talk to the Orange Menace?

    … and if only KimYe involved themselves as fervently where the kids locked up in border detention are concerned. I’m sure the kids would at least like to have access to food, water, sanitation…

    Or if they spoke out about other things BLM, or the Central Park Five, or any other good cause they could shine a light on and get Cheetolini to do something besides twittering.

    • Enn says:


    • PointingScreaming says:

      I get this but I say, The Exonerated Five, out of respect & accuracy!

      • Snaxalotl says:

        Well, I mean, that seems silly because they did actually commit crimes that night and plenty of other nights. But apparently that’s fine and dandy.

      • Megan says:

        @Snaxalot! That is a viscous and disgusting lie propagated by trolls. No, these children did not commit any crimes that night or any other night. They were forced to confess to a crime they didn’t commit to further the political fortunes of white men in power. You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading such lies.

      • Janie says:


        What @Megan said. Also, they were freaking kids. We all committed crimes when we were kids. If you didn’t commit a single crime as a teenager, you must’ve had a pretty unstimulating youth.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        +1 PointingScreaming, Megan, & Janie. SMH.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Comment of the day, Nanea.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    Ahhhh, more crusading from Kim K, that angel of social justice!!!

    And people thought she wouldn’t support 45. Just watch at the next election-she and her demon family have found a pipeline into the biggest stage of the world and nothing is going to stop her from manipulating it. She’s seen how easy it is to pretend to be a politician and she’s going for it hard. And her new bestie now can go on air to talk about how in touch he is with black people.

    Dear ASAP – maybe don’t pick fights with the locals if you don’t want to end up in jail. Believe it or not, the “I’m a famous American” defense doesn’t fly everywhere.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      You said it all, grabbyhands.

    • Shannon says:

      ^^^ co-sign ALL of this. Trump thinks this is his “get out of racist jail free” card by acting like A$AP is some kind of political prisoner he can “rescue” and show how not racist he is *eye roll* Americans are being held in foreign jails all over the place right now. Sweden has their own justice system that we don’t have the right to interfere with or change. Yet while Trump (and no his supporters) supposedly care so much about ASAP, their main argument for the people in concentration camps is “they broke the law.” I’m not saying ASAP did or didn’t break the law, but I am pointing out the complete hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance going on and it’s disgusting.

    • Yvette says:

      @Grabbyhands, doubly @LahdidahBaby, and @Shannon …

      Perhaps you missed it up stream, but there is a video at YouTube, taken during the on-going incident, that shows A$AP and his group being followed by guys who were heckling and taunting them. They’d followed A$AP’s group for a while. One of the hecklers hit A$SP’s bodyguard on the head with his headphones and they seemed to break. A$SP’s group tried to reasonably ask the guys to leave them alone. Words were exchanged and sh$t happened. The hecklers ran to the police and accused A$AP’s group of threatening and assaulting them, oh and of breaking their headphones. That would make it assault and battery, right?

      My problem with the incident is this: If someone video taped the incident, others saw it as well. That means the Swedish police have the video, or a version of it, and witnesses as evidence that the hecklers’ story is bullsh$t–and it hasn’t made a difference in the case. They must be detaining A$AP simply because he’s a famous black rapper. The man did nothing more than stand his ground against a bunch of idiots who were itching to make it physical, and then ran crying to mommy when they got a beat down.

      As a black woman who has been alive longer then many on this site, I have witnessed this happen to black men many, many times. I don’t believe for one minute that Justin Bieber would still be sitting in a Swedish jail in solitary confinement without being charged for a crime.

  7. A couple of things. Sweden actually clapped back at Kim with that tweet basically saying I don’t know her and that they hadn’t heard from Trump (at that time) AND posted a link for their actual law code.
    Future lawyer here seems to have skipped the class where they explain that not all nations follow US law.
    “Commitment to justice reform” just doesn’t apply to this particular case and made me a little queasy to even read it. It’s not like he’s doing life for an ounce of weed here.

    • Jamie says:

      Yeah, that “justice reform” comment is complete BS. This has nothing to do with a genuine attempt to reform the criminal justice system, ours or any other country’s. She’s just trying to use her influence to help out her buddy.

      Welcome to the Swamp, Kimye.

  8. Tami says:

    I love that he refers to the Swedish Prime Minister as “very talented.” In most countries, the leadership’s “talent” is competence; I wonder if DT thinks the Swedish PM can play the flute or rock the hell out of a bikini.

    • Jerusha says:

      The funniest thing to me is that whichever enabler wrote that second tweet is stupid enough to think that anyone(except The Cult)believes that Individual-1 knows how to use an umlaut.

      • Ramona Q. says:

        Haha about the umlaut. Yes. I don’t think he wrote those either. And no way he knew who the Swedish PM was.

      • Some chick says:

        LOL! I noticed that too! He typed that? He can’t even spell “hamburgers.”

        Part of me really wants Kim to pass the bar and become an attorney.

  9. Joanna says:

    So the guy who is notorious for not paying his Bill’s is vouching for ASAP? LOL

    • SamC says:

      THIS….I thought the same thing. Trump vouching for paying anything is laughable, anyone who has, in essence, volunteered/donated time and materials to any his projects would happily testify to this.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yup, he’ll take it from his “charity”–like he did with that $60K portrait of himself. He even paid Baron’s Boy Scout dues from his ersatz charity.

  10. Mari says:

    How dare Sweden treat him like this administration treats people of color!

  11. ds says:

    I just saw this article, stating that the prosecutor had until Friday to decide what to do with a case, so things must be getting resolved by now? Anyway, this is the prison
    These were grown men getting in a fight. That’s all I’ve got.

  12. Ummmm says:

    ASAP Rocky is a black man who doesn’t believe black lives matter so he can stay locked up, IDC

    • IlsaLund says:

      Truth. So sick and tired of these “celebrities” acting up in other countries and thinking they’re above those countries laws. When you travel abroad you respect the laws and culture of the place you’re visiting. You can’t do drugs, beat up people and act a fool and think there will be no consequences. That fool can stay locked up.

      • Lady D says:

        “you can’t do drugs” See that’s the part that gets me. If I were to fly to a foreign country, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find or buy drugs never mind be stupid enough to use them publicly. I wouldn’t try that crap in the States, let alone a foreign country who’s ways I don’t know.

    • manda says:

      Thank you for mentioning this. I didn’t know that, and now I did some research, and wow. Just wow, at the things he said. I understand not wanting to be political or take a political stand, but he went over the top in trying to distance himself from the BLM movement. He sounds incredibly selfish

  13. Sarah says:

    “Commitment to justice reform”????? Is KK studying Swedish law now? How is she assuming that their criminal code needs rehauling? Or does she just think curry favouring with trump to get a friend out of any jail = justice reform?

    • AnnaKist says:

      Well, see, that’s where they went wrong. Instead of going through Dump, KimmieCakes should have just handled this herself, and this ASAP character would have been on a plane home as we speak. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Enormous Coat says:

      @Sarah was coming here to ask that same question. Everyday, the fact that we’ve ceded our government and its functions over to z-list reality TV “stars” and “celebrities” becomes more and more embarrassing and dangerous. As the entire world is dealing with a rise in white nationalism, the decision of (largely) white Americans to put the Dotard in the highest office in our land just makes me sick and terrified – and he can be bought for a couple of @s on a “celebrity” TL.

      I further have no doubt that a Kardashian will see a cabinet nomination or receive a diplomat post if he secures a second term.

    • whybother says:

      is there famous american in prison in my country rn?
      next thing i know, kim k will try to reform our criminal law
      kmi k is sure talented lady.. so busy reforming laws around the world~

  14. SamC says:

    Yeah, somehow doubt a Swedish prison is comparable to Angola, Riker’s Island, etc.

  15. Eva says:

    This whole case is laughable.
    Prisons in Scandinavia are like summer camps compared to the US. ASAP Rocky is FINE.

    I’m embarrassed to the celebs who are petitioning this case like he’s Nelson Mandela. Nobody seems to care that this guy actually ASSAULTED someone and are acting that he shouldn’t be in jail just because he’s American?

    Sorry but you’re not above the law simply because you’re in a foreign country.

    • Kh6 says:

      Yes he assaulted the guy but if you watched the video of the event the other guy started it, he hit asap’s bodyguard with a headphone and then followed them saying he wanted another headphones. He kept provoking them till he got a response .

      • Lynne says:

        Then THEY should have called the police.

      • LadyT says:

        How it started is relevant, but not a free pass to how it ended. “He started it” is not a valid defense even for kindergarteners.

      • Deedee says:

        ASAP and company were deliberately provoked. Those men were also harassing women, slapping them on their buttocks. They were itching for trouble. I know people say they should have called the police, but I do believe ASAP and company were trying to defend themselves and I can understand how they felt stalked. If it was me, I would be scared myself. It may not excuse their actions, but there sure was a reason why ASAP et al reacted the way they did. I’m very surprised about many of the opinions stated on this site without knowing the full situation.

      • Melusine says:

        According to Swedish law it doesn’t really matter if someone else instigated a fight, you’re still only allowed to use what is deemed “reasonable force” in order to defend yourself (at least if I remember correctly, I’m not in the habit of starting fights). So it would most likely have been considered ok if the bodyguard and Rocky and his entourage had wrestled the instigators to the ground (with as minimal force and violence as possible) and held them there while they called the police. That would’ve been considered self defense. Beating the absolute crap out of them and throwing them with such force that they literally flew halfway across a street? And then continue to kick and punch them? Not ok. And that’s probably why Rocky is suspected of aggravated assault. He used excessive force to defend himself and that IS a crime in this country.

      • Arnk says:

        I actually feel for him and understand where everyone campaigning for his release is coming from, but self defense laws here are very different than in the US. You’re only allowed to use violence as a last resort and even then it has to be a reasonable and not disproportionate amount.

        I hope this is all resolved quickly and that he is not punished too harshly but people need to be careful when in a foreign country. Laws are not universal.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        @DeeDee: Yeah, I’m with you and Janie down below on this one- even though Justin Bieber (?!) is also right and the way Kanye, Kim, Trump, and his supporters will use this situation is also gross.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      It’s my understanding too that Swedish jails are pretty posh compared to other countries. Even in Canada (where I am from and where I practiced criminal defence law), people who were detained and waiting for a bail hearing might have ended up in Toronto’s infamous Don Jail where they were housed (for a few days) four to a cell that should only have held 1-2 people. Not very pleasant with only 2 beds and the toilet out where everyone could see it. I doubt ASAP Rocky is having to face those conditions.

      As for the issue of him being a flight risk, I can understand it. If I were him and was not in jail, I would just leave and then not have concerts in Sweden after this. I can understand why he and his lawyers would just say “f**k this, I’m out of here” and leave. It would be tempting for him.

      • Lady D says:

        They can’t just confiscate his passport?

      • Humbugged says:

        Yeah the jail he is in single occupancy cells

        And his lawyer is publicly saying if he gets out he will leave Sweden so you can see why the court is not letting him out until the investigation is completed (and it is my understanding that someone got bottled in wasn’t just a fist fight ).

        The Swedes have this strange system where after someone gets charged their version of a speedy trial is just that ,and any trial has to take place within a month otherwise the charges are expunged . That is the whole reason that Assange has still not been charged as the Swedes have to physically make sure he is in their custody and will wait until they get a hold of him after he serves his sentence for jumping bail

    • broodytrudy says:

      Yeah this seems like a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. Hopefully he learns not to commit crimes in other countries (or this one for that matter).

  16. Jb says:

    Maybe perhaps ASAP should be in prison. He and his crew as mentioned in the article best the crap out of those guys. DONT COMMIT CRIMES IN OTHER COUNTRIES. I’m glad Sweden is making an example of ASAP because seriously no matter how much money you have, you’re not above the law (America should take note). I doubt he’s being held in a horrible jail and doing manual labor. This is ridiculous and I’m so ashamed to have this man representing our country….

  17. tuille says:

    Ivanka & Kim K re telling the US pres what to do & he actually listens? Probably gives DT an ego boost to get calls from that important stateswoman Kim. Next thing we know, he’ll give her a cabinet position.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Tuille : KK as cabinet minister? Don’t even joke about it. This is the Trump administration we are talking about.

  18. Tiffany27 says:

    The fact that they fight this hard for a less than impressive rapper, but keep silent on children actually being locked up in border detention is very telling. F*ck them forever tbh.

  19. KatV says:

    So, I’m in Denmark just next to Sweden and we have a lot in common. Scandinavian prisons would probably look like a summer camp to most Americans, I’m sure he’s fine. However the case of him being detained is classic for prosecuting in Scandinavia – I like that we don’t have a bailing system that this ensures everybody’s equal to the law. Not only the rich so they can buy themselves out.
    Furthermore, I’m actually a bit on his side in this matter, the guys were totally harassing him. He should just have called the cops instead of beating them up him self.

  20. TheOriginalMia says:

    I’m actually surprised the Swedes are continuing to hold him. I’ve seen the video. The Swedish guys wouldn’t leave ASAP and his crew alone. They hit the bodyguard first and then got stomped on. They called the police, but neglected to include their crimes. If anything, all of them should have been arrested. It’ll all work out. He’ll use this experience in his next album.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Wasn’t he also caught with a small amount of drugs which most Scandinavian countries have a zero tolerance for and would have resulted in his immediate detention – regardless of how much he had its min 3 years. However, yeah the Swedish guy were provoking him and his crew for a fight, the BBC reports they are also being questioned b the police.

    • Shirurusu says:

      I think it was idiotic to arrest him he didn’t start it and it wasn’t his fault. I’m swedish and we do have problems with immigrant gangs (young men with nothing better to do) harassing people. Just had a night club stormed by some of these guys last night. Keeping Asap seems more like prosecutors trying to cover their asses over the poor judgement in the initial arrest to me. I’m not overly fond of young men who stalk people in the streets though

  21. A says:

    As a swede am honestly baffled how this situation has been framed in the media and by celebrites. First and foremost are prime minster and goverment can not get involved in anything the court/prosecuters do it’s completely separet and no one is above the law. First of all asap snitched on himself not only did he film the entire thing includning the asssult but he also decided to post on his Instagram giving the police evidence. Cause it would of just been a he said situation if the didn’t have a video. People are comparing g eazy to asap rocky first of all if you get caught with a small amount of drugs for your own use with no prior offences you’re obviously gonna only get fine compared to assaulting someone on video. Asap Rocky is actually getting better food than school kids in sweden so idk were the torture stuff is coming from. I would love rabarber pie to 🤔

    • Lady D says:

      I looked up rabarber, and it’s one of my favourite pies. Here, it’s pronounced rhubarb. If your Prime Minister cannot get involved in matters of the law, what do you suppose he said to Trump?

  22. Melusine says:

    I’m Swedish and I’m eyerolling SO HARD. This is the type of detention cell Rocky would be in:

    That’s the official Swedish Prison and Probation Service website. Anyone feeling sorry for Rocky needs to get a grip. And honestly, as much as I loathe Trump he didn’t make it worse. Obviously the prosecutor had enough evidence to extend the arraignment and detention as they would have presented their case to a court of law that decides on these matters. If the court had not agreed that the evidence presented was enough, they would have released Rocky. Trump had zero to do with this.

    • Some chick says:

      Fascinating link. Thanks!

    • LadyT says:

      Suggesting that Swedish law came down harder on this guy because Trump called to support him is offensive to Sweden. I’m not going to project my opinions of how poorly American justice works onto a system I know little about. It’s possible he’s just being treated like everybody else accused of a similar crime.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That looked nicer than my freshman year dorm. And it looks like you don’t have to share!

  23. Chickadee says:

    As tweeted by Dan Pfeiffer (from Pod Save America), “No one fights harder for the celebrity friends of the Kardashian-West clan than Donald Trump.” Also kudos to Justin Bieber (did I just type that?), who also tweeted about this to Trump and said that while he appreciated Trump’s help with his friend ASAP , “can you also let those kids out of cages?”

  24. Erin says:

    Believe me , I am an American who has lived in Sweden many years, everything that is happening in this case is standard fare for the legal system here. A lot of Americans are projecting American problems into the Swedish system. It’s gotten quite ridiculous actually. As many users pointed out , there is not bail system here because it is unfair to people who don’t have money. Everyone is treated equally in the courts here, rich or poor, celeb or no. Suspects are also kept in solitary during the investigation so stories can’t be manipulated and the truth is found out. ASAP is fine and we really need to refocus on the actual problems the American judicial system has. Just my two sense.

    • choupette says:

      Jag håller med! 100%

    • Humbugged says:

      Calling it solitary is makes it sound worst than it is .He is in a single occupancy cell

    • WelcomeToATL says:

      If that’s true, and Rocky’s situation is par for the course in Sweden, then I’d be interested to understand how this is different from G-Eazy’s case last year, where he faced the same charges as Rocky is suspected of (in addition to drug charges), but spent less than two days in jail before he was offered a deal and pleaded guilty to violent resistance, a crime of violence against an official and illegal drug possession. He paid a $10k fine, probation, and all of this was hammered out with prosecutors in less than 48 hours.

  25. Andree says:

    hahahahhahaha, “dieing” of laughter, quoting a stable genius here

  26. choupette says:

    US citizen in Sweden here and the description of Rocky’s “plight” is seriously laughable, not to mention the involvement of these ridiculous celebrities (president included).

  27. Chrissy S says:

    I don’t understand, he beat up some people and we want him free!? I say let him sit there and learn his lesson. You can’t just go around beating people up.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He didn’t start the fight, the other guys did. Watch the video footage he posted on his SM, its quite clear that one of the Swedish guys threw headphones at his friend and it escalated from there. Those guys had been following and harassing them. He is considered a flight risk as the famous one (his friends/crew have already been released) plus I believe he was caught with a small amount of drugs in his possession – which is 3 years in Sweden under their zero tolerance policy.

      • Anatha A. says:

        In Sweden – like most European countries – the one hurt most is seen as the victim and an investigation has to find out what happened. If you beat someone up who harrassed you with lesser force, you are still the perpetrator. If you use self-defense it has to be reasonable. Reasonable is to push them away, run, and call the police. The moment you are not attacked any longer, but you continue to attack, then you are committing a crime.

      • Lightpurple says:

        He’s in prison and he’s posting on social media? Sounds like a very relaxed prison. Inmates here are not allowed access to social media sites.

        And the drug possession, which is getting overlooked in the
        Trump version of events, may be a big part of why he is still there.

  28. Angua says:

    This is kind of hilarious in its ridiculousness.

    Now, granted, in not Swedish, but by all accounts the prison system is quite similar in all Nordic countries. My guess is that the poor dear is given tap water (quality-wise on par with bottled) and completely edible food that happens to be tailored to local taste. Oh, and the TV channels are, to everyone’s shock and horror, Swedish, so that’ll affect his enjoyment. Or maybe a first-world country generally considered a pretty damn good when it comes to human rights keeps its prisoners in real sh*tholes, and this whole thing isn’t just a ploy to garner sympathy.

    I’d also guess that the orange puke bag’s comments have roughly zero impact on whether Rocky is freed or not. Stuff like that might be how the justice system works in the US, but in many places political pressure on judiciary is seen as a negative…

  29. adastraperaspera says:

    Just more evidence that Kanye and Kim are in league with Trump (because they all work in the same biz–transnational organized crime).

    Also maybe evidence that Trump has marching orders to belittle Sweden in particular? I feel like the beatdown by A$AP may have been scripted and carried out intentially, to create a situation where Trump can help aggravate the Swedish government. Farfetched? Maybe. But why has Trump singled out Sweden so frequently? It could be due to their rape charges against Assange–but here is an article that explains how and why Putin, for instance, has nefarious designs on his northern neighbors:

    One thing to watch out for is that Trump is a master at instigating and taking part in propaganda operations. Kanye and Kim are his partners in this. These drama queens are at the least trying to distract from the Mueller testimony this week. But they could also be trying to weaken our allies.

  30. ME says:

    Why are you calling victims “snitches”? IF they were assaulted (I haven’t watched the video) they had every right to contact police. Secondly, is Donald Trump willing to pay bail for every American Citizen that gets arrested over seas? Thirdly, you forgot to mention the part about how a year or so ago G Eazy also got arrested in Sweden for assault and drug possession and was released a day and a half later ! Guess what the difference between the two men is…hmmm.

    • Janie says:

      Watch the video before making judgments. The guys were stalking them, hitting A$AP’s security guards with headphones, and sexually harassing/assaulting the girls they were with. Rocky and his crew tried to deescalate the situation but the guys were clearly itching for a fight. #FreeA$AP

      • ME says:

        And you should learn the laws of Sweden before making judgments. Read upthread. Someone posted about how the laws are over there. In this situation, Rocky and his 2 friends were in the wrong (supposedly).

  31. Lina says:

    It is completely ridiculous for Kim and Kanye to have this level of political influence and access to our country’s top government officials. Can we just elect Elizabeth Warren and get this circus over with?

  32. Lina says:

    @ Tuille : KK as cabinet minister? Don’t even joke about it. This is the Trump administration we are talking about.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      My fear is that Kim is currently in the process of buying a law degree, using California’s Law Office Study Program, which does not require you to attend law school. Once she has this, look for her to go directly into politics. It’s a nightmare.

  33. Syed says:

    Trump is looking for votes…he doesn’t care about the rapper or Swedish law. Hopefully the video is enough for the Swedish courts to make the right decision. Lesson for anyone traveling to another country…..just call local law enforcement or better yet don’t engage and be the better person and walk away. The last thing anyone should want is for Trump to be your “get out of jail” card. There’s a 99.9% chance it will end up badly once Trump gets involved!

  34. Grey says:

    I’d love to hear more about the two men who were violently beaten over headphones.

  35. Sam H x says:

    ASAP Rocky couldn’t care less about BLM or Ferguson. As he is all about the high life. So f*ck him.

  36. Sam says:

    So G easy gets caught fighting and with drugs and gets released 3 days later.

  37. Shannon Brown says:

    Who is ASAP Rocky? Why should I care

  38. aquarius64 says:

    Trump is still getting dragged in the American media for his racist attacks on the congresswomen of color so he wants to look like he’s helping the black rapper. When Trump called the Swedish PM the PM probably threw locking up migrants along the US southern border in unsanitary conditions and without proper due process in Trump’s face and told him to have several seats.

  39. whybother says:

    bet he gets better treatment than if he is locked up say.. in midwest or something
    stop pretending your law is just and better than the rest of the world, especially sweden in this case
    we all read about poor people dying in prison because he/she cant afford bail money
    bail is not the best option out there
    kim k should channel her energy to help other more important issues such as those poor babies detained at the border
    then i’ll be impressed

  40. Dark and Stormy says:

    “The Trump Administration actually got in contact with the Swedish prime minister about this local Stockholm assault situation. This is not the way any of this is supposed to work.”

    Other outlets have reported that AS$P initially followed protocol by reaching out to the state department. Sweden responded by initially refusing to let the state dept have any access at all to him then later only supervised (I believe after being publicly rebuked for violating international law/treaty/convention whatever).

    What exactly do you want for an American citizen that is being detained in deplorable conditions without legal resources? It looks like at least now they’re starting to let him speak to people. Another issue is that the delay (although not reported on here) came after public scrutiny because the prosecutor publicly stated that although he had not reviewed the case he had already made the decision to prosecute.

    Whether anyone on here likes Trump or not this is still one of our own (yes even rappers).

    • KatV says:

      Sorry, you do realize this is Sweden, and not North Korea? Cos ‘deplorable conditions’ and ‘no legal resources’ make no sense.
      I do however think that it sucks for this guy. He was really harassed. But in our part of the world you can’t beat up people even though they’re bastards.

  41. Simone says:

    A rapper is detained because of a beatdown – and the president (…*clears throat*) of the United States intervenes?

    Gee…. I wish the topic would be Julian Assange.

    Greetings from Europe.

  42. Karen says:

    Who gets to see the footage?