Kate Walsh created a perfume because she missed boyfriend’s smell: do you do this?

Kate Walsh was on Access Live promoting her new perfume. She shared photos and stories from her trip to the Arctic with a friend, which looked amazing but cold. Kate started her own perfume company, she explained that it’s not a licensing deal with another company, it’s her own thing which is smart. She said that she got the idea after trying to recreate her ex boyfriend’s smell by going to a perfume counter. That’s why she named her company Boyfriend Perfume.

It was inspired by an ex boyfriend. We split up. I missed his fragrance. I went to fragrance counter in NY… [everything] was too masculine. I missed the combination of a masculine and a feminine fragrance… It’s very sensual it’s very cozy it’s a night blooming jasmine top note… there’s woody notes in it and like a… higher end vanilla.

[From YouTube]

After that one of the Access hosts said she sprayed Drakkar Noir on her pillow in eighth grade so she could smell her crush. My first boyfriend wore that too! All the guys wore that in the late 80s. Then they all shared photos of their dogs and Kate talked about how her 12 year-old rescue dog has allergies. She is repping a new drug for seasonal allergies for dogs. My mom’s dog has allergies so I just told her about it. (This isn’t an ad.) Kate deserves a lot of credit for having such good stories behind the stuff she’s shilling.

It’s so true that someone’s smell can bring back memories and emotions. Even if you’re grateful the relationship is over, just smelling that person again can give you feelings for them. I get that way sometimes when I wash my ex husband’s clothes when he’s visiting. (He’s good about washing his own stuff usually though.) Logically I know it doesn’t work with him, but his smell gives me feelings still. (The smell needs to separated from him in order to have that effect.) I get that way with my mom and son’s stuff too, and they’re both still here thankfully. I’m really lucky that I haven’t lost anyone I’m especially close with except grandparents. I’ve heard that it’s the same when you’re grieving someone and that you can feel close to them again through their clothing and things.

Here’s Kate’s interview! It’s fun, I love watching Access Live’s videos.

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  1. FredsMother says:

    I run a skinfood workshop in my little city. People come to make skinfood and perfume. We do group workshops and perfume-making parties. Before anyone begins making we ask them to write a scent story. It’s a story about loves, likes, dislikes, favourite memory, favourite people, places they love to vacation, foods they love to eat, the nicest guy they ever dated, favourite flower, drink,their favourite time of day, etc. It’s always fun when they come as a group and discover so much about themselves and each other.

    Definitely try making your own perfume. It’s brilliant.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ok so I’m not a big perfume person as I’m sensitive to heavy scents, particularly men’s cologne for some reason, maybe they apply too much, but it sounds just wonderful. I really like this idea!

      • FredsMother says:

        @celebitchy Perfume is made in layers of 3 notes… Top, Middle, Base. The base notes typically carry the masculine scent-makers like tobacco, leather, musks, woodsy scents and some barks and foody scents. The base notes can last up to 10 hours and is the scent that lasts the longest. Maybe you like light florals or greens or light berries and aquas that are middle notes . Or maybe you like citruses like mandarin, lemon, tangerine or grapefruit which are top notes. They, the top notes, disappear after about two hours after putting on the perfume but they can be anchored by a woody amber and made complex with a floral like a tiny bit of Neroli, Jasmine or a fruit like Blueberry. Next time you buy a perfume think of your scent story and tell the perfume salesperson you want one that has a bigger middle or top, albeit comprised of the middle and top scents you love. But know that no perfume is truly complete without scents from all three layers. Also a hint of the boyfriend you most hated – – -just a hint, mind you—can make your scent smell absolutely devine and awaken your passion/senses….. Or maybe just piss you off. 😊

    • Lizzie says:

      that is so cool!

    • BeanieBean says:

      ‘Skinfood’? I’m not familiar with this term.

    • PlainJane says:

      Please explain skinfood. I need to know what this is!

      I am a HUGE scent person, though I have recently lost some of my sense of scent due to a medication I have to take. It’s insane how much I miss it. I feel like it’s changed me as a person.

      When my boyfriend is away, I sleep with one of his shirts so I can still smell him. It’s very comforting.

  2. Maria says:

    I collect perfume and study it. I am obsessed and have over 200 bottles. Smell is so important!

  3. Faithmobile says:

    I love the smell of my husband and his deodorant, smell is very intense for me, and smelling him is like an olfactory cuddle. When my first was born, I made baby lotion and rash salve for her with an olive oil base. I bought a bottle of olive oil recently and it smelled like her newborn head(she is 8 now). It was like going back in time.

  4. Lizzie says:

    my first boyfriend ever (20 years ago) wore acqua di gio and his parents smoked cigarettes in his house. so – i admittedly love the smell of cologne and stale cigarette smoke. it is totally gross and i can’t help it.

  5. Skwinkee says:

    I do not know who this is but what’s with the heavy dark liner. How is this still a thing?

    I love smells but I have a sensitive nose. So it’s rare that I ever smell anyone with good perfume.
    This was an issue with my now husband-he definitely like a more vanilla scent and I can’t stand them, I can handle citrus, oceany, a little woodsy. I’ve broken his cologne habit thankfully for my headaches.

    Mostly I smell past due perfume. I wish more people knew to get rid of the eau de toilette after 6 months.
    A nice oil based scent though can last years. Lately I use combinations of oils for a scent and that works for my nose. Right now bergamot and lime.
    And now I want to read perfume again!

  6. Cee says:

    Smell is everything, and very evocative. I once had to deep clean my house after a break up because my boyfriend’s smell was EVERYWHERE.

  7. JennyJenny says:

    Oh, the memories of Drakkar Noir!

    Now I’ll be thinking of that long ago boyfriend all day….

  8. tuille says:

    I can’t even recognize her now. Is it me or has she had significant work on her face?

  9. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Wait, what? Why did I think she was gay?

  10. K says:

    This isn’t really a new idea, even if it’s a decent reason to make her own perfume. Scent is a very powerful memory trigger, however, one person’s boyfriend is going to smell different than another’s, so are we all supposed to long for her ex?

    Incidentally, in that video she’s looking a lot like Jenifer Aniston with whatever fillers, etc., she has done. Just heavier eyeliner and a redder cast to her hair.

  11. theotherViv says:

    She came out with this years ago and then she released a second one, I think. The first one was awesome. Then it seemed like it was discontinued but people on social media kept asking her about it. So looks like she re-launched. Good for her. She seems like a nice person and while I worshipped her wardrobe as Addison Montgomery I now mostly like her for her instagram. She doesn’t seem to be too lucky with men, though.

  12. Melissa says:

    Wait what? Boyfriend was discontinued several years ago, I bought like 3 bottles online to hoard it. Did she bring it back?!?!?!