Snooki gets candid on sex after baby: ‘It just hurts. It’s uncomfortable’

Snooki, 31, did an interview with a podcast called Women on Top, where she talked about the fact that she wanted to be intimate with her husband again after having a baby. She has three children with her husband of almost five years, Jionni LaValle: son Lorenzo, 6, daughter Giovanna, 4, and son Angelo, almost two months. Snooki is ready to get busy again, although it’s not that easy for her and she has a lot of problems with that. We know because she was quite blunt and open about it, as US Mag reported.

“Medically, they say you have to wait, like, six weeks [to get busy]. And I waited the six weeks [after the two other births] because I ripped,” Polizzi, 31, revealed on the Wednesday, July 17, episode of the podcast. “This one, I didn’t rip probably because I had two kids, so my vagina is huge, I guess.”

She added: “Down there, it doesn’t feel that bad. But I still want to wait just in case, like, something happens and, God forbid, I do rip during sex or whatever. But after you have a baby and then have sex, it doesn’t feel right at first. It feels like you are a virgin again. It just hurts. It’s uncomfortable. And then it starts to feel good, like, after you get into the motions, but I mean, you need a lot of lube. Let’s just put it that way.”

Polizzi has, however, planned out her and husband Jionni LaValle’s return to intimacy: “I want my husband to take me out to dinner [and] I want to get horny drunk on wine, and then we put the kids to bed. Then we will go in our spare room, keep drinking wine, and that’s how I want it to happen.”

[From US Magazine]

I’ve had similar issues and there’s a misconception that discomfort with sex is due to being “loose” after having a baby or that you simply need to do kegels. Pelvic floor dysfunction is often caused by too-tight muscles, similar to how you hold tension in your neck. This can especially happen to women who do high impact cardio. I found this out the hard way after a tough recovery from an endometrial ablation. (I talked about this on our podcast.) I’m in physical therapy for it now and there are exercises you can do to reduce pain. This yoga routine by Adrienne has helped me and is similar to the exercises my physical therapist has taught me. I’ve had this problem for years and no one talks about it, so kudos to Snooki for bringing it up. I think she’s incorrect about the specific cause, but I also get why she doesn’t know about it yet since I only figured it out a couple of months ago. I’ve tried researching it on my own too.

Also, I know we rag on celebrities for oversharing for headlines (Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith) but in this case I find it genuine. Snooki has always been a loudmouthed blunt person, this is who she is.

Dis bebe

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  1. incognito08 says:

    I just came in here to comment about Snooki’s children. They are so precious and adorable! Her daughter looks so much like her!

  2. OSLO says:

    I had my daughter through CS and by the second week we couldn’t keep our hand off each other and it happened i only felt slight pain but i pretty much enjoyed myself my husband felt guilty and kept apologizing after that but i had a great time. Never said anything about that till now for fear of being judged and also cos i am ashamed it happened wonder why. anyways i healed fast and would love to opt for CS when we decide to have another child. I have always feared for what will become of my Vagina if i ever have a baby through vaginal delivery……. I dunno if anyone can brief me on what happens to the Vagina after a vagina birth if it does ever feel the same again. Thank You

    • Eliza says:

      It heals the same lol but takes a moment to heal. How many people get stitches on their arm and then have loose arm skin?

      I think post birth discomfort is also from hormonal changes. Regardless of method of delivery. If you’re nursing, it’s dry because your body is keeping you at certain hormonal levels.

  3. Nicegirl says:

    Her squad goals pic!!! Aaahhhh so much cuteness 💕

  4. ME says:

    Is it really a good idea for both parents to get drunk when you have 2 toddlers and a newborn at home? Does she have over-night nannies or something? I watch Jersey Shore Vacation and this girl drinks as much as she did in her single/motherless days (drinking from morning till night)….like sloppy drunk…it’s embarassing to watch.

    • elimaeby says:

      I’m not a parent, and I have wondered about this often. I have had friends who will both drink heavily while their toddler is asleep, and I always wonder what would happen if there were some kind of emergency.

      Can any parent weigh in on this? Do you have, like, a sober-parent policy, like a DD at a bar? I’m genuinely curious.

      • Alice says:

        We have an infant and a toddler and always make sure one of us is sober for precisely this reason. You just never know. If there is an emergency then one of us needs to be clear-headed and have their wits about them.

  5. LolaB says:

    The face on dat bebe.

    And I love that he already has so much hair, someone’s coming after him with a comb.

  6. E says:

    Sex after having a baby can be painful initially. Breastfeeding will lower your estrogen levels so you do t lubricate your vaginal mucosa as well, making it dry and delicate. Thus can be helped with lubrication. Often pain is due to weakening of the pelvic floor muscles postpartum, so pelvic floor physical therapy can actually be very useful. And many women still experience significant pain after a Cesarean delivery, so this should not all be blamed on vaginal deliveries “ruining” your vagina or whatever silly thing people think. Carrying a baby changes your body no matter how it comes out.

    • Lizzie says:

      i am a “poor healer” and my level 2 tear took 5 months, pelvic floor PT and estrogen cream to heal. it was impossible to have sex before i healed and painful after. my doctor recommended switching to coconut oil as lube when i was having issues and let me tell you – wow. it works.

  7. Victoria says:

    Why are they still doing duckface selfies!?!? Stahhhp

  8. Amanda says:

    Cute kids! This hits close to home, I’m 7 weeks pp and just started having sex again. I had a few stitches but everything healed just fine and looks and feels normal to me (the first time I checked my stitches with a mirror I was fully prepared to see a massacre but luckily it was all normal except for some slight swelling and bleeding lol). Lube helps for sure!

  9. Suzanne Huggins says:

    Uh, it can also be due tomorrow hormone changes associated with breastfeeding. And you can can get intravaginal estradiol for that. My OB just prescribed me it 2 weeks postpartum after I complained about pain in my labia when walking. She said that not all insurances cover it, yet all cover viagra.

    With my last baby 5 years ago, my old OB said to it would just resolve at the end of breastfeeding. That was a long year.

  10. Mango says:

    Just another reason I will not be birthing any children. No thanks

  11. Jen says:

    6 months post partum and it still hurts for me. I’ve had a lot of issues since giving birth, including a bladder prolapse 😫