Does Michael B Jordan and Yara Shahidi’s Coach ad make you want a new purse?

It doesn’t take much to make me want a new purse (or shoes!) and this Coach ad with Michael B Jordan, Yara Shahidi and Jemima Kirke is doing just that. Also, I am a sucker for these motivational-type ads. They know how to get us. Michael B Jordan was announced as a Coach ambassador last fall and he’s perfect. With MBJ, Coach is likely hoping to appeal to both guys who will buy their clothing and leather goods and women who find him dreamy. (Works for me!) Other celebrities now repping coach include Lolo Zouai, Miles Heizer and Liu Wen. [via Just Jared]

Here’s the ad:

The opener with MBJ floating is wonderful and I’m on board with this except for the scene of the ladybug crawling on Kiko Mizuhara’s nose at about :40. That’s not cute or aspirational, it just makes me want to brush it off. E! has more details about this campaign, which is an homage to New York and was shot in key locations around the city by Juergen Teller:

Featuring bold-faced names from fashion and Hollywood — Liu Wen, Kiko Mizuhara, Michael B. Jordan, Yara Shahidi, Jemima Kirke, Lolo Zouaï, Miles Heizer — the raw, quirky images shot by famed photographer Juergen Teller reflect the vibrancy and essence of the city.

“His portrait of our home, New York City, is new and fresh in a way that speaks to my evolved vision for the house and the inclusive, unapologetic and free-spirited attitude that defines us,” explained Stuart Vevers, Coach’s creative director, of the campaign images.

In the series of candid-seeming portraits, Teller and the brand pay homage to instantly recognisable locations around New York City, including the Lower East Side, Central Park, the Manhattan Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.

One can find Michael B. Jordan brooding by the waterfront, or supermodel Liu Wen jauntily perched on a rooftop filled with flowers, overlooking the iconic skyline of the city, while other shots include actress Yara Shahidi posing on the streets (“concrete jungle”, indeed!) and Japanese It Girl Kiko Mizuhara casually lounging around New York.

Given that the campaign was “inspired by a new cast of 21st Century Dreamers pursuing infinite possibilities in the city of New York”, it’s cool, louche and oh-so-charming.

[From E! Online]

I’ve been carrying Coach purses for over 20 years and last week I treated myself to a like-new silver crossbody satchel for $60 at a consignment shop. (I don’t buy retail if I can help it but have bought some purses from with coupons.) It holds a lot without being bulky and I love it. I’m also a fan of Kate Spade purses. They can be affordable if you get them secondhand or on sale. So I like the brand obviously and appreciate where they’re going with it. Their clothing and shoes are out of my price range but I would wear some of these looks if I was rich. *when I’m rich*

Here are some of the photos [via Just Jared where there are more]. They’re gorgeous. (This is not an ad and we were not paid for this but if Coach wants to send me one of these purses they will get more enthusiastic coverage.)




photos credit: Coach

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  1. Léna says:

    The purse Yara is holding is really nice!! But I’ll be too afraid to put that much money into clothing

    • Grey says:

      Me too! I’m 36 and last week I tripped over my own two feet and ripped my pants in the knee. For me its not worth it so I will enjoy from afar!

  2. BlueSky says:

    At my last job at the end of the year you could get up to $250 if you turned in your check in record from the gym. I used that money to buy a black Coach tote handbag. I absolutely love it and still have it.

  3. astrid says:

    ehh…I don’t want to look homeless when I hold an expensive bag, like the adds. Not my generational aspriation

  4. BengalCat😻 says:

    I just bought a cute Coach wallet from their collaboration with the estate of Keith Haring. It has the pink barking dog on it and I LOVE IT!!

  5. Flying fish says:

    I like both actors but Coach has lost its luster.
    You no longer get what you pay for.

  6. Lolamd says:

    Not really but love the ads.

  7. Louisa says:

    KIKO!!!! Love, love love.

    Anyway, everyone and their mother have at least one Coach bag by now. It’s everywhere. Besides, the designs are quite boring. PASS

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s it, once they started making stuff specifically for their outlet stores, they diluted their brand. Plus, that bag in the first photo looks like a ripoff of Gucci’s Bloom bags & wallets & etc.

  8. Whatabout says:

    I really like those boots that MBJ is wearing in the second pic. I hope they have them in women’s too!

  9. SuperStef says:

    I didn’t know people still bought Coach. I haven’t bought a Coach purse in over ten years.

    Kate Spade or Michael Kors are way more popular where I live….

  10. Lucy says:

    These two are fabulous. I like the pictures!!

  11. He he says:

    I like the pics!