Rumer Willis liked Tarantino’s no phones rule: ‘Our phones have invaded our lives’

I know so many people who have instituted “no phones at the table” rules because otherwise their children and spouses wouldn’t look up from their phones during meals. Appearing on Huffington Post’s “Between You & Me,” Rumer said that her mother, Demi Moore, made that rule for their family, but is often the one who checks her phone:

Moore’s eldest daughter, Rumer Willis revealed in an interview with HuffPost’s new series “Between You & Me” that when it comes to keeping the table phone-free, it’s usually her movie-star mom that breaks the rules.

“Our phones have invaded so much of our lives,” Rumer said.

But the 30-year-old daughter of Hollywood royalty Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who is a talented actress and singer in her own right, admits that it can be hard for her to ditch the screens herself.

“There’s so much that we’re not experiencing because we’re trying to capture [things],” said Willis, who has a sizable Instagram following and is a regular social media maven. “I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve taken of a concert where I’ve literally never watched them again.”

Another place where Rumer had to surrender her phone? The set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

Willis, who plays Sharon Tate’s close friend, Joanna Pettet, in the highly anticipated summer film, confirmed her co-star Timothy Olyphant’s earlier revelations about Tarantino’s strict no-phone policy on sets.

“Normally, you walk off set, everyone is on their phone, checking Instagram, you’re immediately out of what you’re doing,” she explained. “Then you have to kind of jump back in and get the engine restarted almost.”

Not so on a Tarantino set.

“Most of all my stuff was with Margot Robbie who’s so unbelievably lovely and so talented. It was amazing because we then just got to talk,” Willis said. “You’re talking with the wardrobe and everybody and just connecting more and being a part of the whole experience.”

[From HuffPost]

According to Timothy Olyphant, who portrays actor James Stacy, “Tarantino didn’t put the ban in place in fear of leaked footage or photos, but rather because he wanted to create an environment where everyone would be focused only on their art.” Apparently, if someone had their phone out, they were “done.” Both Rumer and Timothy found the policy to be beneficial to their time on-set. I think it’s a great rule; it keeps everyone present and not constantly distracted with alerts and phone calls. I had to lock up my phone at a show recently, which was odd, initially, but I appreciated not being tempted to check it and had a really fun night. I was at a concert a few years ago and the couple sitting next to me had their phones out nearly the entire time; they were texting constantly. I wondered why they’d bothered to come to the concert in the first place, and the light from their screens was distracting. Rumer is right that our phones have taken over our lives. I leave mine elsewhere when I’m eating, but otherwise, it’s never too far away.

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  1. Harryg says:

    I loathe phones. It’s a good rule. Some people seem like the phone is superglued into their palm.

    • Eleonor says:

      Last week I was late for work.
      I forgot the phone, honestly I was lucky because it was a really busy day.

    • Alyse says:

      I thought that no phones at the table was just good etiquette… I’d be so offended by someone using one at the table.
      Fine to have nearby if expecting an important call/message (family health reasons, did your child get somewhere safe), but should be put away in general.
      I say this as a younger Millennial.

  2. Esmom says:

    Rumer looks so much like Demi in the shot with the bangs!

    I think a no phones rule is great for a film set or anywhere you need the creative process to flow without all those mostly stupid distractions.

    And I agree that the older generation (ie Demi) is just as bad as everyone else with their phones, sometimes way worse. My state just passed a law making it illegal to be checking your phone at all while driving, even at red lights, and our local police gave hundreds of tickets in the first month alone. I hope they keep enforcing it. My kids take it seriously, since it’s a moving violation, meaning you can lose your license after three offenses, I think. It’s a powerful incentive for newer drivers, at least.

    I try to always throw my book in my bag when I’m out so when I have a free minute at an appointment I’m less tempted to F around on my phone. And I keep the phone away in my bag while I’m driving. Otherwise it can be too tempting.

  3. OriginalRose says:

    We have a no phoned at the table rule and have recently started a No Phones Sunday. We are so compulsively addicted it’s embarressing. So on sundays it’s amazing how life slows down, how you have loads of time to do stuff and free hands! I just want to try to set an example cos I’ll be so sad when we get the kids phones, we’ll lose them 🙁

  4. CharliePenn says:

    My husband always takes videos that I know he will never watch again! Fireworks!? Are you ever really going to sit down and be like “oh let me view the 4th of July fireworks from 2014”?
    We got in a little fight about it one New Years Eve. He was so busy filming the ball drop and fireworks that he didn’t even kiss me! Like dude, here is your real life wife standing here, stop filming fireworks for no good reason and be in this moment and kiss me!

    In our home we never bring the phone to the table. And generally he has gotten better at being more present, especially since we started having kids. But it’s so easy to go to lala land on your phone and just check out of the world. I tend to do it more when I’m stressed.

  5. Lucy says:

    Cell phones UGH. I have one but half the time I don’t have it near me. I doubt Rumer was on the set more than a couple of days because her part in the movie is blink and you’ll miss it. Loved the movie. Brad and Leo were great as was Margot. And that dog❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. LadyT says:

    The sisters look beautiful in their coordinated pink, red and white outfits.
    Ugh, phone usage is ridiculous. There’s a young mother that walks by everyday pushing a stroller with one hand and using her phone with the other. The baby is just looking up at her receiving no interaction whatsoever. It’s just not right. Same with a father I know. Children in a playroom while he’s buried in his phone for hours. There’s more to raising kids than just keeping them contained.

  7. Senator Fan says:

    Cell phones are so annoying but necessary too. Everyone I know and that I see out and about are always on their phones. Such a shame not to be able to enjoy and live life in real time rather than through a phone with SM, etc.

  8. Hey says:

    Tallulah is such a beauty