Alex Rodriguez didn’t eat a slice of his gifted birthday cake: rude or fine?

Jennifer Lopez 50th Birthday Celebration!

Do you think Jennifer Lopez eats regular old cake? I’ve been sitting with that question for too many minutes. Like, J.Lo takes care of herself to a crazy degree, she practically lives in the gym and I know she has a pretty strict diet. But she also has two kids and I feel like she does do some normal-mom and normal-person things, like eat a slice of birthday cake every now and then. Jennifer’s 50th birthday was on July 24th, and Alex Rodriguez’s 44th birthday was on July 27th. With two birthdays so close together, of course there were probably lots of birthday cakes. They probably have extra slices of cake in the fridge and freezer (mm… freezer cake). All of which to say, as much as I have convinced myself that J.Lo eats some cake every now and then, I guess I also believe that A-Rod hates cake. He’s a cake-hater.

The story begins in Boston, where A-Rod was doing ESPN commentary on a Yankees-Red Sox game. Jennifer and Alex’s two daughters surprised him in the booth with a birthday cake:

I don’t know if it was Jennifer’s idea or Ella and Natasha’s idea, but it’s cute. He was happy to see his girls but he was not happy to see another birthday cake. It’s kind of funny that the cake wasn’t anything fancy – it looked like a normal grocery-store sheet cake. Maybe it wasn’t fancy enough, because Alex didn’t have one bite of it and he left his daughters’ present at the ESPN booth for his colleagues to eat. Rude or no? I think it’s very rude! I don’t care if you already have a freezer full of cake, when someone gifts you a cake (especially your kids!!), you eat a slice and BRING IT HOME. I mean, sure, share the cake. I understand that. Let your coworkers have some cake. But you’ve gotta bring the rest home. And you’ve gotta eat a slice too.

LOL, look at the cake from Jennifer’s 50th birthday!! I wonder if she took any of THAT home.

Jennifer Lopez 50th Birthday Celebration!

Jennifer Lopez 50th Birthday Celebration!

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42 Responses to “Alex Rodriguez didn’t eat a slice of his gifted birthday cake: rude or fine?”

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  1. (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

    I think that he should’ve had a *bite* at the very least! lol. In our family, it’s considered “bad luck/form” for everyone at the celebration to not have at least a bite (baring any medical condition prohibiting it).

    But.. ultimately, his choice, obviously.

  2. Tiffany says:

    There have been instances where I have been gifted with cake/cupcakes for my birthday or a work milestone and I always go the impression it was to be shared with your co workers. I never took any home and welcomed anyone who wanted to take extra with them to do so.

    I can’t throw anything at A rod for doing this. It seemed like the thing to do and also, I am pretty sure there was another celebration when the game was over.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      There was, after the game, in the clubhouse. A clip was just shown on the local news, of JLo twerking on A-Rod.

      And yes, in a work situation, you definitely leave/share the cake. But it wouldn’t’ve killed him to have one bite for the kids’ sake.

  3. koko says:

    I may not have had a whole slice but a few bites wouldn’t hurt and a photo showing me doing it would have made the kids happy. Party pooper.

  4. Lucy says:

    ugg. So sick of these two and their constant documentation of their “perfect” lives.

    • Dani says:

      Seriously. Their birthday party was obnoxious and over the top. Go home to your kids ffs. Not everything needs to be so big and so lavish and rubbed everywhere.

      • Sally says:

        I so agree. With them both having birthdays so close, you would think they would have a combined party. Such a waste of money, that could have went to a wonderful cause!!! So self centered. I’m thinking I don’t like them much, anymore.

  5. Lila says:

    I feel like maybe we are missing an in-joke here. They didn’t even bother to put his name on it. Maybe he hates cake and they bought one to tease him? Or he’s gluten-free or vegan or something else that would preclude eating that particular cake? I dunno, I’m not going to get up in arms based on that tweet.

  6. Jb says:

    My coworkers threw me a bridal shower and I didn’t eat a slice of the cake they brought for the party. It was sweet of them but it didn’t look worth the calories or sugar spike (Type I here). I happily cut into it and passed out and brought a piece back for my husband but I never took a bite!

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    And NOW I WANT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. InVain says:

    I saw it live and the whole thing was definitely unexpected… and strange. His girls looked uncomfortable during some of it – just shy teenagers I guess. And yes, the cake looked like a normal store-bought sheet cake. He did mention something about being exhausted from the “birthday week.”

    • Jamie says:

      That’s why i think the whole thing was staged by ESPN producers and the cake was just handed to the girls at the last minute.
      I can’t blame ARod for not eating something that a producer pushed on his family for a photo op.

  9. JRenee says:

    I am not a fan of these usually, vanilla flavored cakes. I would have sliced and passed it out, but we know he’s not going to slice and pass out cake so, no shade from me.
    It’s got to be flavor wise tempting for me to partake.

  10. Angelina says:

    What a jerk off

  11. TheMummy says:

    Yeah, I’m not ever going to criticize someone for eating or not eating anything. I draw a line when it comes to manners regarding that. What he chooses to eat or not eat, and why, is absolutely no one’s business. Maybe a fly landed on it, maybe he saw a hair on it, maybe the person who brought it picks their nose and wipes it on their shirt, maybe he already HAD a bunch of food and/or cake, maybe he ate all of J-Lo’s cake (haha! That sounds dirty), maybe the cake ended up taking back seat to socializing—who knows. But the person who tells me I’m rude because I didn’t put a piece of cake into my mouth and swallow it can eff off. This just seems so odd to me. No one is obligated to eat anything anyone brings to anywhere. No reasons required. Weird things become headlines, eh?

  12. DiegoInSF says:

    I just love them together, they’re perfect and with their birthdays so close apart, #goals!

  13. Nicegirl says:


  14. Spicecake38 says:

    Love your comment and agree with what you’ve said,but my favorite is the *person picking it up who picks their nose and wipes it on their shirt *👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

  15. dumbledork says:

    I’m more upset he’s in the booth covering the game to begin with. He’s awful. And a douche canoe. Out of all the retired ball players, he’s the best ESPN could get? A cheater? Cubs had a few Sunday night games that ESPN covered, and even my youngest said he stinks. We muted the tv and put the radio on.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I agree with this assessment. (and I do the mute-the-tv-and-put-the-radio-on thing, too. ALWAYS when Joe Buck is announcing. Rodriguez is annoying but Buck is intolerable. he’s gotta be the most useless announcer of all time.)

      A-Roid is a cheater (on and off the field) and one of the biggest poor-sports there is. he should NOT have an announcing career post ball-playing career.

  16. Nicegirl says:

    I love freezer cake 🍰 😋

  17. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    You know, a very popular video on understanding consent uses the analogy of being offered a cup of tea, and not forcing it on a person or getting indignant if they decline. Since this is even closer to the literal tea example, why would it not apply here?

  18. Sheamus says:

    I don’t think it’s rude. My thought is that he obviously wasn’t going to eat it while broadcasting, and afterwards he was probably just ready to go home and left the cake for everyone else to enjoy.

    When I was a kid I had a weird social anxiety where I couldn’t eat in front of people (besides my family) without feeling like I was going to throw up, and I HATED when kid’s parents brought cakes and cookies to school for their kid’s birthdays and I was forced to sit there and eat it.

  19. Kathryn says:

    I mean…A Rod might not eat sugar. V Beckham doesn’t eat cake and I’m sure Tom Brady wouldn’t eat a bday cake either. I feel like this was more of a gesture. Also–most people I know don’t actually eat bday cake, it’s more of a symbolic thing?

  20. FHMom says:

    Because it was a gift from his/her kids, he should have had a bite. Kids can get the wrong message (it wasn’t good enough, he didnt like it,etc) when someone they love refuses something they give them. If the cake were from anybody else, I don’t think it matters.

    • Lucy2 says:

      That’s the only thing that’s weird to me- if he couldn’t eat it for a medical or dietary reason, his kids would know that, and I can’t believe he didn’t even take a slice and pick at it since they are the ones who got it for him. I don’t know how old they are, but I hope their feelings weren’t hurt.
      Otherwise, eat or don’t eat what you want, who cares.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        Maybe the kids wanted cake. 🙂 I’ve seen people do that. My wife worked with someone who regularly bought cakes for special occasions, but it was always the same slightly unusual cake. If he were being truthful it wasn’t so much a gift as an excuse to expense (and partake in) a cake he really liked on the company dime.

      • ME says:

        Did his kids leave right away? Why didn’t they get their dad to cut it and they all have some? Weird they just “dropped it off” and left lol I bet none of them wanted cake.

      • Jamie says:

        That’s why I think the cake was a producer’s idea and just shoved into the kid’s hand before she walked into the booth. It would also explain why she looked kinda awkward giving it to him, if she knows that daddy doesn’t eat cake but this person told her to give it to him on camera.

  21. Ummmm says:

    My birthday is in a month and if I was JLo rich, I would get twice the size of her birthday cake. Lol. I really really love cake.

  22. Jane says:

    I’m wondering if he will even eat a piece of his wedding cake; providing he and J Lo actually get married.

  23. ME says:

    Last year my cousin invited me to her son’s birthday. He was turning 3 years old. They brought the cake out and told him to blow out the candles. He blew…HARD…had spit dripping down his chin and right onto the cake lol ! Yeah no thanks, don’t want “spit cake” but I forced myself to eat a VERY small piece from the very corner of the cake where I don’t think his spit was. LOL people need to stop blowing out candles on cakes, it’s so gross. Anyways, if someone doesn’t want to eat cake, they don’t have to. Maybe he forgot the cake or was going somewhere else after work and couldn’t bring it with him?

    • Savannah says:

      Agree! It’s so nasty, especially when kids do it.

      And I mean, look at the cake, it doesn’t look any good. Yuck! Would have “forgot” the cake myself, if it was me

  24. Savannah says:

    He looks like a cheater, probably had cake somewhere else before that if you know what I mean LOL

  25. Regina Falangie says:

    Let them eat cake.

  26. Shannon says:

    It’s possible they already knew he wasn’t going to eat any and they mostly brought it for his coworkers. I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal.