Critics of Duchess Meghan’s Vogue guest-editorship need to get a grip

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex attend a traditional Fijian ceremony

Piers Morgan has been canceled for so long, it’s a wonder why anyone wastes their breath on him. He’s a professional troll, a hateful, toxic douchebag and he deserves to be ignored. I end up covering him once a year, just as a reminder to our readership that he’s awful and to reiterate that we need to ignore him. But still, too many of you tweet at me and ask me if I’ve read his latest nasty screed against the Duchess of Sussex. That happened again yesterday, when Piers flounced off another bile-filled Daily Mail column, basically throwing a massive tantrum that Meghan would DARE exist and guest-edit British Vogue, how dare she. I honestly couldn’t get through it. It’s absolutely as bad as you would think. I’m not going to do highlights or anything, but since I got those tweets, I just thought I’d start there and once again beg all of you to just deny Piers oxygen and attention. He craves any kind of relevancy and he’s not relevant in the least.

Piers is far from alone in his temper tantrum this week. The royal reporter clique has been very obvious and very shady about Meghan’s guest-editorship of British Vogue. I’d just like to point out that we KNEW she was guest-editing the September Issue. It didn’t take anyone by surprise, as the gig was widely reported several months back. But that just gave the reporters time to sharpen their knives. This happens in cycles though, and every few months, the British tabloids and royal reporters/commentators go so overboard that everybody else notices. So we’re in for another round of other media outlets calling out the British tabloids for the disrespectful, nasty, racist and petty ways in which Meghan is criticized. E! News had a surprisingly good piece:

Omid Scobie has also been doing good work online. This was tweeted after Piers Morgan (and others) whined about how Meghan is being “political.”

It’s true though.

Basically, this is just the worst from top to bottom, but that’s the system that’s been designed around Meghan, where anything she does or says or writes or doesn’t do or doesn’t say is ALWAYS the most controversial thing ever and HOW DARE SHE. And then normal people like me have to dust ourselves off and defend her from the onslaught. The truth is, Meghan has made some mistakes in the past two years. She’s done a few things which irritated me, and she’s made a few dumb decisions. But the problem is, when the British media collectively loses their g-ddamn minds over everything she does, there’s no room for people to say “Meghan’s great but she made a small mistake in this one instance.” It’s all or nothing. I’m not both-sides-ing this sh-t, I’m just saying that I’m f–king tired of Duchess Meg being dragged for everything. Criticism of Meghan would carry more weight if it happened rarely and justifiably, when she legitimately made a wrong move. As it is, as soon as I see the nasty headlines, I know that all Meghan has done is simply exist and simply dare to thrive despite the bile spewed in her direction.

British Royals are seen at the Wimbledon Championships Day 12

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  1. Lara says:

    I actually think that the Daily Mail have gone too far now for most people (not saying that their previous is any better). Never have I seen so many people going crazy at them for their stories on this, even MPs are getting involved now. I was actually blocked by Piers Morgan on Twitter for my comments on this story. Wearing that as a badge of honour.

    • Beli says:

      That is the one positive thing about the vitriol this time. A lot of people have come out to bat for her and big names too.

      There are journalists from other papers coming out for her too (about time, the Daily Fail etc make their whole industry look bad). Suzanne Moore from the Guardian outright said that Sarah Vine was being racist!

      I really hope the tide turns for her and soon.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Omid Scobie just ripped Sarah Vine a new one on twitter: “Memo to Sarah: Brits prefer proper journalism to thinly-veiled racist opinion pieces“. LOVE HIM!

      • Mac says:

        Sarah Vine could keep her racist hole shut and just not buy the issue if she objects to Meghan’s guest editing.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Let’s not forget, too, this is the same Sarah Vine who walked into the State Dinner with Rose C…however you spell it, chatting VERY amicably.

    • Wilma says:

      The Daily Mail is completely bonkers. The pound is plummeting, the UK is disintegrating, but their front page is all about Meghan.

      • Desdemona says:

        BJ is going to fix it, he’s great (eyerolling). I mean, he did insult the French and the German and these are the strong countries that “rule” the EU but of course he’s going to make them do what he wants (after the insults) or he’ll leave without a deal and start a new recession which will affect the entire world (goodie) .. I think he thinks e jus have to be clownish (to please) or hard threatening (to scare), but the French and the German will probably show him a certain finger.. I mean,,, Juncker has already said several times UK leaves in THEIR (EU) terms…

    • Himmiefan says:

      The DM’s outrage was ridiculous.

      Call to arms: we need to start flooding these sites with comments about why worry about Meghan when Andrew had sex with minors. Enough is enough.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Piers Morgan has a personal vendetta against Meghan. He will continue to grind his ax as long as traditional media prints his stories. The whole British Royal Family could abdicate with the UK becoming a republic and Piers Morgan will continue to slam Meghan at every opportunity that comes his way.

  2. TeddyPicker says:

    “Criticism of Meghan would carry more weight if it happened rarely and justifiably, when she legitimately made a wrong move.”

    SO true. I wish we could have the lighthearted types of conversations about Meg that we do a la ‘Duchess of Buttons’ or shipping Kate and Ben Ainslie. But nope, racists be ruining all of the Duchess fun.

    • M says:

      It’s sickening to watch the insane amount of abuse Meghan is receiving. I’m pleased that more people are coming to her defense. All of this vitriol directed at Meghan is disgusting especially when you realize that Prince Andrew is walking around carefree and untouched.

      • SKF says:

        Right?? On the one hand you have the Queen’s favourite son, walking around completely unscathed despite being besties with a convicted pedophile and sex trafficker, and despite stories that implicate him in these activities. On the other you have Duchess Meghan guest editing British Vogue (in the path of many other royals doing similar things) and using that to promote women doing wonderful work globally to create change. The British press largely goes for the latter in terms of scathing attacks. It is so blatantly racist and pandering to racists it is jaw-dropping.

      • Nahema says:

        I might be wrong but trying to put it into context, I believe that all the abuse is coming from the Daily Mail, the Sun and Piers Morgan? Can we not just ignore those two publications and the Morgan? Let them live in their filthy? Why are we all so concerned with what still amounts to a minority and an unintelligent one at that…

  3. Loretta says:

    I agree 100% with you Kaiser. This is shamefull and it must end.

    • ByTheSea says:

      It is beyond shameful. And the same racist people who do this claim they are not racist. There is no reason for this pile-on, other than race. (Piers is just mad that she was doing all this and didn’t go kiss his friend’s ring when he met the queen. bwah ha ha ha)

  4. Sassbr says:

    Prince Harry is obviously cool with her doing all this stuff (although you know there will be a story about how their marriage is falling apart because of this) so if he’s cool with it, everyone else should be cool with it. The actual royals have all gone and made not-so-great decisions (strip billiards in Vegas, topless pics on vacation, underage girls in America, POSSIBLE WEAPONS TRADING, affairs, racist comments, etc.) but this chick wants to WORK and edit a cook book and a fashion magazine and she is getting shit for it.

    Part of me wishes Meghan could go off and be like “UH HELLO, I’m just doing charity work? Have you people seen It’s a Royal Knockout ffs?”

    • SKF says:

      He did an interview for it! With Jane Goodall. Where is the vitriol for him?? This is so racist it is insane.

      I will defend Kate here in regards to the topless photos: she was on a very private property and those photos were taken due to some major trespassing and illegal activity. The photographers were charged as a result. It was a massive invasion of her privacy and I don’t think she should be shamed for that.

      • Sassbr says:

        I don’t shame anyone for going topless but I would say that, if we’re going to go by “protocol”, being a dutchess and topless on vacation has to be more of a “mistake” than being a dutchess who edits a magazine.

      • SKF says:

        I get your point, I do; but I respectfully disagree. Im sure you didn’t think about it in this way; but I see it as a form of victim blaming to label it as Kate’s mistake or her breaking protocol. I think women are constantly blamed and shamed for things like this and I don’t agree with it.

        She was on a very large, very private property and reasonably thought she was completely shielded from anyone’s view but her husband’s. They trespassed and used crazy lenses to get those photos – breaking the law to do so.

        It’s like saying they should never get naked in their own home in case someone breaks the law to get a photo of them. People should have a reasonable expectation of privacy in private homes.

        The invasive topless photos of Jackie O on her own private property (likely set up by her own husband to “punish” her and put her “in her place”) were similarly gross and not her fault.

        Also the photos of Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt naked in their very private backyard (a photographer trespassed to get those too).

        If a woman wants to be naked or topless in the privacy of a private home on their own time they should be able to do so without having that privacy invaded and without being shamed for doing so.

      • Rogue says:

        @SKF trust me there will be vitriol for Harry over his interview with JANE as he’s mentioned unconscious bias and racism so his own past racist comments will be brought out to show his hypocrisy. And then they will blame Meghan for his “faux wokeness”

      • February Pisces says:

        I’m not that bothered that Kate sunbathed topless, I think my biggest problem is more the press “reaction’ to it if that makes sense. If it had been Meghan I can’t begin to imagin what the daily mail would do to her, and that’s pretty much the problem. Kate got off very lightly considering fergie was labelled an embarrassment to the royal fam when she got her toes sucked and was topless, as was Harry who brought ‘shame to the royal fam for his Vegas antics. Both incidents also happened on private property, and was an invasion of privacy, but they still felt the backlash. Kate argument was it was an invasion of privacy also, but she somehow managed to get sympathy. All three of them were stupid. It’s seems to be one rule for Kate and another for Meghan, cos we all know if Meghan was sunbathing topless on her own property, the public would demand to have her remover from the royal family, all I know is when it comes to the Cambridge’s they seem to be the most protected by the press.

  5. Lucy says:

    I agree with everything here. Yes, Meghan has done and said some dumb things but nothing to deserve this venom. I doubt she expected this level of hate. There’s a lot of reasons to dislike someone but the color of their skin isn’t one if them.

    • Sassbr says:

      I’m kind of a Meghan stan but what has she said and done that was dumb? Her biggest crime is that she spends too much of her husband’s private wealth on clothes.

      • Iknow says:

        I think she’s made unforced errors – well not so much “errors” – but has done things that would provoke the media’s ire for no reason. But yeah, what has she said?

      • Mumbles says:

        The over-the-top baby shower was not a good look. called it out as a rare misstep by her in a piece that defended her from the over-the-top racism she’s been experiencing.

      • LORENA says:

        while i think she had good intentions, the whole writing messages on bananas for sex workers seemed very out of touch

        still, nothing she has done warrants this level of criticism

      • SKF says:

        Who wouldn’t with that amount of scrutiny on them? The Queen has made plenty. Meghan as performed incredibly well and the attacks on her are completely unfounded. The most legitimate criticism that could be levelled at her would be in regards to her spending on clothes – and that is fair enough and also something that Kate shares in.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the banana thing is a good example of what Kaiser is talking about. I didn’t think that was a bad thing, but some people did, and that’s okay, reasonable people can disagree. But in the light of ALL the other criticism Meghan gets, what may be “legitimate” criticism is hard to take seriously.

        @SKF that’s exactly it too. Some of the criticism that can be leveled at Meghan should be leveled at the entire royal family, but its not. It’s not like Charles or Camilla are wearing bargain bin clothes. Kate has so many bespoke designer pieces that even devoted Kate blogs like WKW cant keep track. So when people come for Meghan over her clothes spending, many Meghan fans shrug because…..what are people saying about Kate and her spending?

      • Sassbr says:

        @Mumbles but WHY was the over the top baby shower not a good look? Her friends threw it for her. It didn’t cost the tax payer any money? I don’t get the ire. If someone has money and they want to spend it, that’s on them. And also, what good is being royalty if you can’t enjoy once in awhile? They want the royals to be gracious and beautiful and glamorous and fashionable but then they act that way, and they get picked apart. They’re basically living dolls and no more than that-not sure what people want from them. They’re only allowed to wear clothes that extend below the knee and smile and laugh at polo and cut ribbons. They might as well have them cryogenically frozen and thaw them out at Christmas so everyone can watch them walk to Church.

      • EMF999 says:

        I stayed at a hotel in North Carolina recently. Breakfast buffet included bananas with nice messages written on the skin; they made me and other breakfast diners smile. And of course, I thought of Meghan doing this for sex workers and based on the reaction of my fellow diners, maybe she made them smile too. I hope so.

    • Mac says:

      @Sassbr – The UK has been under austerity for years and many people are suffering. A $100,000+ baby shower makes Meghan look out of touch. The queen made a similar misstep when she delivered her Christmas address in front of a gold piano.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Sorry but that’s utter BS. That baby shower was paid for by Serena Williams. So it’s really no one’s business because there was a not a dime of taxpayer money spent on it. You cant police what an American private citizen decides to spend on their friend. And comparing it to the Queen standing next to a gold piano is a false equivalency.
        What REALLY upset people was that they were reminded that Meghan is well loved and has influential friends who have her back.

      • Mac says:

        @VV – I agree completely that the RRs and tabs hate that people love Meghan. She must be a good and kind person to build such strong friendships and that flies in the face of their racist narrative.

      • notasugarhere says:

        A shady billionaire businessman paid 600,000 for Charles’s birthday party a few years ago, and he and Charles are not even personal friends. Meghan’s real friends throwing her a baby shower is not a problem.

  6. Beli says:

    The rules of their game are simple:

    1. Meghan is wrong. Always.
    2. Don’t feel like you have to be consistent. Another royal was praised for doing something? Doesn’t matter. If Meghan does it, it’s wrong.

    One positive thing I’m seeing more and more is backlash against the vitriol. And from some big names too. The royal reporters are being called out for the bile they keep spewing and more and more people are starting to take notice, even people who don’t follow the royals.

    • Giddy says:

      And when questioned their answer is always the same: I am absolutely not a racist. How disgusting for anyone to suggest such a thing! Meghan just happens to be wrong nearly all the time and a total catastrophe! But I am not a racist.

  7. Britt says:

    It’s become so predictable at this point and these critics and reporters don’t realize that they’re only making the U.K. look bad to the world. I saw a story from Dan Wooten after he was dragged on twitter for blatantly lying on National Television, he basically said that Meghan should’ve edited his newspaper. These people are angry that she’s not playing the media game and they are jealous because she’s lending her starpower to another magazine. I didn’t fully realize how powerful this woman was until yesterday. Literally, the whole tabloid press is dependent on her and the lack of access and not following the “rules” has been furious. They can’t breal her or bully her into submission like Diana and in some ways Kate and William and they’re at a lost. I have so much respect for her.

    • M says:

      They are obsessed. There is so much drama happening in the UK right now. A British Vogue magazine cover should not be causing this much discussion and vitriol. The outrage is ridiculous.

      You are right about the press hoping they can break Meghan down and bully her into giving them more access. Those tactics have worked in the past with other royals. They think she will come crying to them and beg for good press coverage. There’s is this sick need to keep Meghan “in her place”.

  8. Erinn says:

    Every once in a while there’s criticism that seems somewhat fair on a basic level… but even that gets twisted into outrageous proportions. But it’s criticism like this that really really makes me want to just shake someone.

    My god, it’s ridiculous.

  9. Becks1 says:

    I think your last few sentences are pretty spot on. It’s hard to take ANY Criticism of Meghan seriously because so much of the criticism is stupid and racist and quite frankly at this point, in my mind, verging on dangerous, considering the threats they are receiving etc. She’s not perfect and she’s made some mistakes, but its really hard to talk about them objectively because so many of us (I’m including myself in that for sure) want to protect her and defend her at all costs because of the racist, classist reactions from so many of the RRs.

    Even the Telegraph had a piece defending Meghan yesterday.

    And its ludicrous. This is not something that needs to be defended. She guest-edited a very prominent issue of a prominent fashion magazine, and she used that platform to promote causes she cares about – causes we all should care about. And it sounds like she was pretty hands- on in the process. She didn’t pop over for a day. And other royals have done the same – guest-edited a magazine – or similar, i.e. posing for the cover of Vogue (Kate, Diana, Anne.)There is literally nothing here to criticize and people are falling over themselves to do so.

    One thing I saw on twitter that cracked me up was basically:

    Anti-Meghan people – “this is too Hollywood, she loves the spotlight, this is too celebrity, she’s not representing the BRF” etc.

    Also anti-Meghan people – “she should have included X person. Why didn’t she?”

    Someone even said that she should have included Kate because she is the de facto Queen. I mean……

    • Britt says:

      I died when I saw someone suggest Kate. I’ve come to the conclusion that the press knows that woman has nothing to offer and are jealous that Kate doesn’t have that certain edge that Meghan does. They are making Kate look like a charity case it’s sad. Stop elevating someone that doesn’t offer much because you’re only making it worse for that person.

    • Beli says:

      Fun thought exercise.

      If she had featured The Queen and/or Kate, how would they have said that was a terrible decision?

      Pandering? Grovelling because the RF hates her? Trying to get more spotlight for herself by riding their coattails? Taking away a space from someone less well known who deserved it more? Promoting the archaic and obsolete status quo institution big monarchy in an issue about trailblazers and change?

      Trick question. We know the answer is “all of the above and then some”.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup!! All of the above. Pandering, trying to “buy” acceptance into the family, etc.

    • Lorelei says:

      Nooooo! Someone suggested that Kate should have been included? Who? Where? That is so ludicrous I can’t even take it!!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lorelei – I cant remember if it was on Twitter or IG. But the comment that stood out to me specifically referred to her as “the de facto queen.” I think it was IG actually. I howled and then had to ask, “why does everyone forget about Camilla?”

      • Rogue says:

        @Lorelei Dan Wooten asked why Kate wasn’t included. I think Melanie Phillips said the Queen was snubbed.

        @Rhys by Piers account (which I am not sure is 100% true given how he adds to it each time) she didn’t seek out his friendship, he wrote to all the cast as a fan of the show and sounds like there was a group chat with banter. He then heard she was in the UK and invited her to his pub and that was only encounter.When he first wrote of the meeting he went on about how leggy and gorgeous she was so with that and the way he claims he was dropped because she “met someone better” sounds like he had romantic hopes. There’s always possibility he made her uncomfortable during the encounter and that’s why she never messaged him again. Guess we may never know.

        Re the baby shower as a WOC even if it’s not taxpayers money involved, it will trigger some to see her having nice things. it may be unfair but she will have to think of that even if others don’t have to eg no outrage about austerity when Charles had his 600k 70th party before the baby shower and we saw them all arrive dripping in diamonds.

      • Rhys says:

        @Rogue – I saw several interviews where he specifically states that when he followed her on Twitter, she (his words) immediately sent him a private message saying that she was a huge fan. She was the one asking if he wanted to meet up when she was in London to see Serena play. I doubt he would just invent the story.

      • Maria says:

        “I doubt he would just invent the story.”

        Sorry but I have tears in my eyes from laughing at this. Of course he would!!

  10. Pix says:

    What’s interesting is that there is going to be a huge document dump in a Jeffrey Epstein adjacent case that is supposed to include Prince Andrews name and alleged misdeeds. Crickets from the British media.

  11. Rogue says:

    The criticism with the Vogue issue is now that not enough white people are on the cover (there are 5 of the fifteen I believe), it’s too political (although apparently that would have been addressed with inclusion of Melania Trump or more political conservatives) the Queen or Kate should have been included (even though Wooten said it’s “idiotic” and not royal to guest edit) and Vogue is too elitist (was that a problem when the Queen, Diana, Anne and Kate featured?).

    What I love is that some writers and journalists are pushing back at Piers, Sarah Vine, Dan Wooten on social media today. Feels like some have finally had enough and are calling out the blatant racism, double standards.

    Like anyone Meghan isn’t perfect but I feel like I saw more press condemnation of the banana msgs then I ever saw about actual recent scandals like association with serial sex offenders like Epstein or Charles’ bishop friend

  12. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Omid Scobie is doing the work. I had to follow him on Twitter after yesterday because he was dropping receipts left and right.

    And you are tight if it was rare and justifiable- but it isn’t. It is constant and petty and hypocritical and it’s why I go so hard for Meghan. I feel protective of her. I defend her passionately because black women beed to be supported by other black women in this world – because we are rarely supported by anyone else. And she is someone who is clearly genuine in her desire to be of service and to be a force for change and anyone who finds fault with that deserves to be questioned as to why.

    • sunny says:

      I feel this so hard.

    • Anners says:

      “And she is someone who is clearly genuine in her desire to be of service and to be a force for change and anyone who finds fault with that deserves to be questioned as to why.”

      So much this ^^. Meghan may have made a misstep here or there (who doesn’t?) but overall she radiates a genuine desire to do good and help others. For the life of me I can’t understand why people are up in arms about that. We are living in a world that is absolutely gasping for a little more kindness, yet we jump all over someone who comes along with a little extra because what? She isn’t doing it the way we want? She isn’t doing it the way the ones before her did? Because she’s doing it while black?!! It makes me absolutely nauseous. And terrified for the state of the world we live in where goodness is called evil and evil is called good (looking at you Trump and Boris).

  13. Lulu says:

    On another note, homegirl likes to work! The months of time and planning that goes into these things tell me she is non stop. Which is why the press dislike her…. they wanted another Kate but got the opposite. And o ya she’s not white. But good for her. She has created a life for herself on her terms across the world. I’m amazed.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Meghan also has four UK chains making capsule collections for one of her charities, Smart Works.

  14. tempest prognosticator says:

    The criticisms against Meghan have built to a fevered pitch, but the worse it gets the more good people are going public to defend her. I’m glad they’re speaking up.

  15. Anitas says:

    The “serious” media – Guardian, Independent, even Telegraph and Sky have recognised this for what it is. For shitrags like the Daily Mail and the Sun, and Piers Morgan this is nothing new – Meghan joins the long line of targets of their vile bigotry and sexism. I wish we would stop giving any credibility to trash like that on this site, including linking and sharing their content, as that’s what they live off – generating outrage.

  16. LORENA says:

    I checked out the sun for the first time yesterday, wow wow wow! they might be worse than the daily mail

    • Becks1 says:

      The Sun said that Meghan should have guest edited THEIR paper, not Vogue.

      LOL for days.

      But really, that’s what it boils down to, doesnt’ it? At least in part? These papers want more access and they are ticked that H&M have drawn a (pretty reasonable) line in the sand. And that line is holding. Their HM is still a secret. Their dog’s name is still a secret. The godparents are still a secret. for as many leaks as there are about what time Meghan gets up in the morning, those big ticket items (for the RRs at any rate) are still private, and it drives them up the wall.

      The RRs don’t care that Meghan guest edited a magazine. They care she didn’t guest edit their magazine/paper

      • A says:

        If they wanted her to guest edit THEIR paper, why didn’t the ASK? They know how these things work in the BRF. You submit the pitch to them, they decide if it’s good enough and worth doing, and if the two parties come to a mutual agreement, it all goes forward.

        The Sun is full of sh-t. They know their audience has no clue about this process, and they’re banking on no one calling them out on how they’re lying through their teeth. They don’t want Meghan to guest edit their paper. They want her to exist as a perpetual target that they can focus on to hurl racist, misogynist vitriol, because that’s what sells their papers and gets them clicks. It’s disgusting.

  17. smee says:

    pretty sure that if she had included the Queen she’d be accused of cashing in on the Royal Family….so damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  18. Nikki says:

    I’m American and have never even seen the Daily Mail, but the Vogue issue looks fabulous and awesome, it’s going to sell out in historic numbers, and anyone who criticizes an uplifting and inspiring issue will be trampled over by the number of people hurrying to buy the issue!

  19. Lucy says:

    I disagree about those topics/issues not being political, though. They may not be attached to a particular party, but they are political, and very much so. That’s not a bad thing at all.

  20. line says:

    I think this last critics was the last straw that breaks the glass.
    because for me her baby shower, and the price of her clothes could be controversial and deserves to be critical but her contribution to the writing of vogue uk does not deserve criticism because all decisions she had make was perfect. The British tabloids have clearly show the racist and their xenophobia , there is no more ambiguity.

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    The RF has to step in and deal with this vitrol against Meghan, the RR’s need a good slap from BP. They are not getting access because of their veiled racism against Meghan and they need to be called out on it. Sadly, I can’t see this getting any better soon given that we have a misogynistic racist as PM who is determined to burn this country to the ground with a no deal Brexit.

    Meghan is a strong women but still, even she will have her limits. She has dealt with a lot of sh!t over the past few years; from her own family, the UK press and even within the RF and she has handled it all with grace and dignity. Harry made a great choice for a wife.

    Also, the Cambridges are clearly not letting this opportunity to piggy back on the Vogue press pass them. KP has just released information about George’s birthday party, there is an article about it in the Fail. Their ‘don’t forget about us’ obvious PR is obvious. The more good press Meghan gets the more it will irritate William, and the more he will ‘encourage’ the rabid press attacks on Meghan. Nothing will convince me that he wasn’t stoking the fan of hate toward Meghan esp when the Rose story broke. That family has a long history of throwing each other to the wolves to hide their indiscretions. Its clear to me that William see’s Meghan as a threat to his self perceived popularity.

    • blue36 says:

      I agree, the palace needs to step in now. It’s too much, I still don’t know why they haven’t – the hate is unreal. Regarding PM – this is what I think must have happened – when the engagement was announced he was glowing with praise about Meghan, how she’s awesome and all that stuff, he even sided with her regarding her family matters – all this in order for her to maintain contact with him so that he could have insider information like he did during the Diana days. He must have even contacted the people at the palace who represent her, when his attempts at access got denied, the attacks began. He brought her father on air multiple times, and to this day continues to bully her via GMB and his articles at the DM. I think if he were given access, he would be writing multiple positive articles about her as well as complimenting her on air.

    • notasugarhere says:

      We’ll see loads of articles about the W&K yachting thing next week, describing it as the Most Amazing Royal Fundraising Event Ever (TM). In fact, articles pushing it have already been released.

  22. Rhys says:

    Piers Morgan is not irrelevant otherwise Meghan wouldn’t have seeked out his friendship intentionally a few years ago. He is spewing hatred because she dropped him after she met Harry, but I’m sure Morgan of all people himself understands that it was the only logical thing she could do. Maybe she could’ve been more savvy and keep him on a short leash – you never want to make enemies with media influencers. But what’s done is done. It’s unfortunate but he will continue badgering her in the media no matter what she does. Not all of what he yells about her is ridiculous and she is just like many other celebrities who crave fame and spotlight, but that’s hardly shocking. I can totally see him turning 180 and becoming her biggest supporter against the lazy royals, because the guy doesn’t have strong principles. He just creates controversy and lives off of it.

    • Rogue says:

      @Rhys I’ve seen him add to the story on the numerous times he’s told it including adding details like she was wearing blue dress but only AFTER those details emerged in that Queen of the World doc. When he started his Meghan rants he was pushing that they had this big friendship (despite apparently meeting once) and she “dumped him” like she had “dumped her father” etc so wouldn’t put it past him to exaggerate/embellish to aid his narrative knowing she won’t comment. This is the man who was showing pics of him at parties/award shows with famous black people like Jay Z the other day on twitter to prove he isn’t racist. In his mind they are probably his friends too. we’ll probably only ever hear him tell his side so whatever

  23. SV says:

    The British press has been using it’s usual techniques. The way it works is that the subject of press abuse eventually goes to the abuser because they so badly wanted to clear their name. That’s how they get access and once they have access then the hooks are in and the press can play blackmail games. It’s that kind of game that sucked in Meghan’s father. It sucked in the Middleton’s to play ball with the Daily Mail. It sucked in Diana. They miscalculated with Meghan. They didn’t understand that Meghan had already spent over a decade learning how to cope with being rejected over and over at auditions where her physical appearance was picked apart. They didn’t understand she had learned to navigate a world of producers and agents playing power games. It really is amazing after several years where Meghan has been the story how little these reporters understand about her life and personality.

    • Fluffy Princess says:

      ^^^ They all want to claim she loves the limelight because she’s an actress–and only a B/C-List TV Actress at that! hmmph! But like you said, what they fail to realize is how HARD it is to even get to THAT level. It is WORK. It’s a lot of auditions, so much rejection, being picked apart endlessly, and STILL not giving up despite all the crap she probably put up with along the way.

      Hundreds of thousands of wanna be actors and actresses do the same thing — and STILL don’t make it.

      She’s a tough cookie that is for sure, but this relentlessness from the British press is just so over-the-top ridiculous that even for Meghan it has to be exhausting at times.

  24. Cee says:

    I just can’t believe this anymore. The Queen’s inaction, even Charles’, is now problematic and reeks of complicity.

    Something has got to make them stop. They’re acting deranged and their hatred and racism can no longer be explained away. Meghan has really shown them who they are – every time they applauded Charles, Harry and Kate for basically doing the same thing and now they come for her? At least Meghan worked 7 months behind the scenes while another Duchess spent 30 mins looking at others work. But no, Meghan is the worst. royal. ever.

    • Rogue says:

      Its a shame that the family couldn’t at least appear united as doubt the press would be quite as savage if it appeared eg the Queen has her back. Quite laughable that she went from the Markles to the Windsors (probably just as bad but with money&different accents) but hopefully her experience with trash family dynamics helps. Whilst she’s there being bashed daily, gives cover to the rest of the BRF though so suppose that’s useful to some…

  25. MellyMel says:

    And yet when it comes to the majority of the British press calling out Prince Andrew for his depravity….crickets!

  26. Meg says:

    ‘Criticism of Meghan would carry more weight if it happened rarely and justifiably, when she legitimately made a wrong move’
    Well put. I wonder if even harry had any idea how rough the press would be to meg, at times aided even by his own family

  27. RoyalBlue says:

    And yet the palace speaks out to deny Kate had Botox? Their slip is showing. If the powers that be feel that in 2019 we still need to preserve the public image of a beautiful skinny princess who knows her place and only speaks of little children, then a republic is the only conclusion. They are making themselves extinct.

  28. TheOriginalMia says:

    Meghan will never be anything more to them than a punching bag. They’ll find anything to criticize her about. Watching the royal reporters getting bashed for their obviously biased reporting and hypocrisy has been amusing. They act like people have been in a coma for decades and don’t know the internet exists. They are ridiculous. They’ll never get access to the Sussexes, who will continue to handle their own press and use their own connections to get their message out there.

  29. Sparky says:

    1. Meghan HAS made some mistakes–she’s human and in a new job and a new culture. Bad optics doesn’t mean that something is wrong/a mistake just that it doesn’t look good.

    2. To me one of the really crazy things is that she gets excoriated for things that either other royals have done or would not be criticized if they had done so. A few years ago Kate skipped the whole St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the awesome Irish wolfhound Domnhall. It was the first time in 115 years no female royal was present. Kensington Palace put out a statement about not expecting Kate to do it every year. Can you even imagine the vitriol had Meghan done this? (To be fair, Kate was criticized but not to the extent Meghan would have been.)

    This is the KP quote: “The Duchess has very much enjoyed the occasions when she has been able to attend, but the Duke is the Colonel of the Regiment and is looking forward to presenting the Irish Guards with their Shamrock. She won’t do it every year but the Duchess looks forward to marking St Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards many times in the future.”

    • notasugarhere says:

      That was the first excuse. After that one was torn apart, they released info about how Kate just HAD to spend more time with the kids before a tour taking place three weeks later. But she spent the day at the salon instead of with the kids so…

  30. Chloe says:

    Also, other than British taxpayers who directly fund TRF, let’s be real…nothing they do actually affects (most of us) our daily lives. How can people be so involved in the lives of others such that a fashion mishap or a little mis-gesture is a direct offense to them?! MISTAKES? Did Meghan side with antivaxxers or start a genocide?? GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

  31. Lisa says:


  32. February Pisces says:

    I feel for Meghan and Harry because their enemies are from the inside. I think Kensington Palace ( and Prince William) have pretty much bought off most of the British press, to trash Meghan at every opportunity and praise the Cambridge’s for doing the bare minimum. One example is how the press came down on Meghan hard at Wimbledon when her security stopped a man shoving a camera in her face. Yet a week or so earlier the Cambridge’s security ran over an 83 year old woman, and the press hardly covered it. The Cambridge’s didn’t even bother to do a fake PR visit to the woman to pretend they cared if she was ok, because they didn’t need to. There is something about Meghan and Harry that threaten the Cambridge’s, regardless of rank. Part of me thinks William wants to end it with Kate, yet he’s too scared to make the jump. but if Harry’s marriage is portrayed by the press as a “massive failure” and Meghan decided she’s finally had enough of the abuse and leaves, then that might open the door for him to bail on Kate after.

  33. ChattyCath says:

    Piers Morgan’s behaviour is pathological. He had a crush on Meghan, she didn’t reciprocate and he became a dangerous thwarted obsessed fan. Of course his argument is ‘freedom of the press’ but I’m creeped out by his behaviour. And so angry on Meghan’s behalf.