Angelina Jolie is doing ‘everything from swords to ballet’ for The Eternals

Angelina Jolie is all smiles as she makes her way back to her hotel in Paris!

In the heyday of the Uncool Bermuda Triangle – Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston – it was a regular occurrence for Brangelina to step on Aniston’s newscycles, and vice versa. Guess what? It still happens! Brad Pitt has a big new movie out and there are some nebulous claims of “Oscar buzz,” so isn’t it funny that days after Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was released, Angelina Jolie called up People Magazine just to give an update on what’s she got coming up. We have to stan. Some quotes from People:

Her kids are excited about her part in a Marvel movie, The Eternals: “What’s really moving to me is that they [the kids] want to see me strong, and so it’s less to see me in a film, but they’re just happy I will be strong and having fun.”

Her training for Thena: Jolie plays Thena, a superhuman who has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. The long list of powers has Jolie giving it her all in training, doing “everything from swords to ballet.” “She’s a warrior,” she says. “I’m going to have to work very hard to give the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Thena they deserve.”

Did you know she has a bunch of stuff coming out too: The project comes during a busy time for the star who next appears in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, a sequel to the 2014 blockbuster Disney hit about the iconic Sleeping Beauty villain. Jolie also has The One and Only Ivan, which she is also producing, hitting theaters in Aug. 2020 and recently wrapped filming the thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Working with Chloe Zhao on The Eternals: “I think Chloe is going to make a special Marvel film. With all the love and respect for the others and what makes them work, we hope to add something new.”

[From People]

It was a nice PR piece and it just shows her worth to Marvel – she’s already a huge name, and she can literally call up People Magazine and give then a few quotes, and BAM, she’s already done more promotion than Chris Hemsworth did for Thor: The Dark World. I’m very interested in all of the training Angelina will be doing for the role – Angelina generally loves to do action/adventure roles because she loves the physical training part of the work. Signing on to Lara Croft: Tomb Rider changed her life in a great way, because she really started taking care of herself and she learned that she could put on muscle weight and do some great stunt work and more. Also: does Thena wear a superhero suit? Hm.

Angelina Jolie goes shopping with her daughter Vivienne

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  1. OSLO says:


  2. Michael says:

    The Eternals are going to be a tricky movie to make. Not a huge fan base in the comics. I am guessing they will use the Neil Gaiman story of forgetting who they were due to Sprite messing with their minds. Otherwise they would have to explain why people with the sole mission of protecting earth were nowhere around when Thanos showed up.

    • Sierra says:

      I agree but I have faith in Chloe and the diverse cast.

      If they got Angelina on board then the script must be good.

      I read somewhere that they are building sets at Pinewood and Chloe is going to shot the movie with some special cameras. It seems that Marvel has given her lots of content rights.

      PS: maybe with Captain America messing with the timeline, that could explain their absence when Thanos attacked?

    • Grant says:

      They were in the same situation with Guardians of the Galaxy and look how that turned out. I think Eternals is going to slay, especially with all these big names attached to it.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Michael, True. That’s what I was thinking too. I’m excited but nervous to see how it all turns out. I liked The Rider from Chloe but that’s all I’ve seen and that was very still and quiet. How is she going to interpret a comic book movie? It should be interesting for sure. I do love the cast look. Very different and diverse. The hope is they can have really good chemistry and do something unique and cool. (I keep thinking like a Space Odyseey 2001 but maybe that’s asking too much). Lol.

  3. whatWHAT? says:

    That pic of her getting out of the limo…my goodness. just WOW.

    • smcollins says:

      Yes, very Old Hollywood. Glamorous & Gorgeous

      • whatWHAT? says:

        Right? like THAT could be a Guerlain ad!

      • skeptical says:

        But it is. It’s a photo op for Social to support her ad.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        a photo op to support her ad.

        but it’s NOT the ad copy that will appear in a magazine, right? what I meant was that it’s WORTHY of being in a glossy fashion mag. like that could be in Vogue, as is, no touch ups or photoshopping necessary.

  4. tw says:

    She trained for Tomb Raider 18 years ago. Since then she has been frail and underweight. I realize this site is extremely pro Ange, but I’m sorry, she is not someone who trains and loves to train. This is PR.

    • Darla says:

      RDJ was a pipsqueak when he first signed on for Ironman. He had to work hard to add 20 lbs of muscle (and he is still a slight male). And RDH is Ironman. So…

    • Sierra says:

      Did you even read the interview?

      She is training for this role so of course she is not lying and actually doing it. It’s part of the contract.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      I think she means training in terms of the ballet and sword fighting. The only way Angie adds muscle is if Marvel makes her. She doesn’t like the gym, she’s said that years ago. She was this same weight (thin) for Wanted and Salt ten years ago and those are two good action flicks. So again I don’t know if she’ll go in a gym and hit the weights unless the Marvel peeps pull her in there but as far as looking the part, I think Angie always pulls that off.

      • carol says:

        I wish Marvel could contractually make me go to the gym. I need the extra push. I’m envious of every actress who is forced to train with experts on any kind of physical activity like sword fighting, ballet, running, martial arts, etc. I’m an expert in sitting and laying down.

    • Supernova says:

      Didn’t buy her as an action heroine in Salt and Wanted. She looked extremely thin and frail.

  5. Greta says:

    Yeah no. I’m not sure what the people mag story is about, but I seriously doubt it has anything to do with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Guerlain released their new Ad yesterday/ today. Time published her new article last night, and if the rumours about her Elle September cover are true, that cover/ interview should be out any minute or day now. So it’s possibly her news cycle too, and that’s ok.

    It’s really frustrating to me as an AJ stan to still have people insert Brad Pitt into her life and work, when it literally has nothing to do with him. This isn’t about him, just like Pitts film and promo has nothing to to with Angelina. They were together, they no longer are. Can we all just move on ( unless she or he directly references the other etc ) . These kinds of narratives are stupid and just no, unless I’m just a silly naive idiot stan.

    • OSLO says:


    • Grant says:

      …why would people not comment on Brad when he’s literally brought up in the first paragraph of this post?

    • lucy2 says:

      Well, Pitt’s almost always mentioned in pieces about his first ex-wife still, so Angelina probably needs another 10-15 years post-divorce to be free of him in that way. It’d be great, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately.
      I’ve said the same thing regarding the news cycle over the past few years, people are just living their lives and promoting their projects, not everything is some big drama.

  6. skeptical says:

    Lately, this really reminds of Jen Garner style pap-walking/PR. This includes the shoe game.

  7. Wyatt says:

    FYI-after she had the twins, I don’t know which movie she made, but she said she needed to get into action and hit something, i’m sure she want to hit something now😜

  8. IT says:

    Slay Hunny and yes use his publicity to get yours. He OWES you that dear. The way the press has raked her for three years about his lazy weed smoking drunk azz. The way she was dragged for nearly 12 years and he said nothing about his first wife. Get it.
    Every time he is talked about go out with the kids, tell your story and let it be known that after all that bad press and whining he did about the kids, you never see him with, that he forgot you’re, “Angelina ”f####ing Jolie.” The one his PR team planted stories about. That she would be varnished from HW. How he won HW and she had nothing. No roles, no nothing. I remember and I can bet you she does too. The times his lawyer slammed her and said she has no self regulatory mechanism because she wouldn’t help cover up his BS, and make the case private.
    The blame she got for everything wrong with him from the way he started to age to his drinking problem. He would have to give me money for emotional stress for putting up with all that shite.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @It tells no lies. This is all very true and a very good point.

      However, I think Angie is over it and him. She seems like she’s moved on and forward not staying in the past. His fans want her to still care but she doesn’t. She ghosted ole boy awhile ago and she’s doing her. They all know the truth and when you are in the side of what’s true, why fret? Be happy and do you. That’s what Angie is doing now.

  9. Mary says:

    She is boring

    • Sidewithkids says:

      If being one of the most beautiful women in the world and making millions of dollars to be in one of the biggest Marvel movie next year is boring, sign me up. I want to be boring too.

    • Supernova says:

      Her career is going pretty well esp with the Marvel stuff and good for any older woman doing that in HW. However, I agree with Mary; I personally don’t find her one bit interesting as an actor, director, celeb/very public mother, or humanitarian (have a few bones to pick with her stance on humanitarian intervention which always makes things worse and I think she’s better off following the Audrey Hepburn thing of peaceful, non-violent resolutions). I generally avoid her films as her acting is hammy IMO.

      • TI says:

        I disagree with her stance on humanitarian issues. Some things politically are not as it seems. Nowhere in the history of mankind it is immoral or wrong to try to help end starvation and mass migrations of people due to war. Acting opinion is a choice. I enjoy her action roles because I like her as a person. The problem with Angie is everyone wants to drag her for everything. Every she does is criticized even when she does something good. I can’t imagine living that let alone with an azz like Pitt.

  10. LOL says:

    Jolie 😍😘

  11. jennifer says:

    I love her casual all white dress, I feel like there are photos of her with it in a different color as well, within the past week or so. Any ID on it?