‘Last Christmas’ starring Emilia Clarke & Henry Golding has its first cute trailer

last christmas poster

During the Game of Thrones’s last few seasons, people always bagged on Emilia Clarke’s acting talents. While I think Emilia veered towards “wooden” in the earlier seasons, I actually think she got quite good at playing Daenerys. My problems with the character were about the writing and the plots, not Emilia’s performance. Emilia did the best she could. All that being said, I’ve been worried about her post-GoT career. Would she only be associated with Daenerys? Would she be able to transition past the gaslighted Mad Queen? Well… maybe. Emilia’s first big post-GoT move is something she filmed last year, before the final GoT season aired. It’s called Last Christmas and it’s definitely supposed to be a funny-British Christmas movie in the vein of Love, Actually. And it sort of looks… good? Here’s the trailer:

My biggest issue is that it looks like they gave away too much of the plot. But yeah, this looks adorable. I don’t mind a cheesy-sweet romantic comedy and I’ve been dying to see Henry Golding in more stuff since his turn in Crazy Rich Asians. It’s absolutely wonderful to see an Asian leading man in a romantic comedy AGAIN. Golding has a light tough too – he can pull off these sort of “dream boyfriend” roles. Emilia looks great and look, Emma Thompson as her mum. I’ll watch this.



Screencaps courtesy of the trailer.

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  1. Darla says:

    That trailer was very touching because when she talks about having been really sick, she could be speaking about herself irl. I admit I got teary! I do love Emilia.

  2. Snazzy says:

    This looks so cute! I’d watch it ❤️

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Just my kind of movie, esp. around the holidays. I’ll be in line for it 😊 Looks adorable! 🎄❤️

  3. Ref7 says:

    I’m sorry “gaslighted”? Did she not burn to death anyone who disagreed with her?

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I will watch the hell out of this, the cheesiness, the predictable plot, the Christmas adjacent scenes in a London home that the main characters can somehow afford while not really working, it ticks all the boxes! Plus George Michael!

    I have been secretly watching the Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat all year round, I was diagnosed with PTSD last year and I found those films really soothing, don’t know why but it works and this looks like another one to add to the watch list.

    • Tulip says:

      I’m here for this movie for all the things you mentioned!
      And hugs to you, hang in there. Wishing you all the best and that things go well:)

  5. Becks1 says:

    I think it looks super cute, but I agree that it feels like they gave away too much of the plot.

  6. AJ says:

    I can’t wait to see this! In these dark Trumpster times all I want is feel good!

  7. Lucy says:

    I must say, it’s really nice to see her play a normal girl in the real world. She’s super cute and this looks funny!

  8. Lightpurple says:

    Michelle Yeoh!
    Emma Thompson!
    George Michael’s Music!
    Henry Golding for eye candy!

    And, according to IMDB Sue Perkins!


    Yes, I’m there.

    • Marie says:

      Henry AND Sue Perkins? SOLD!

      • Tulip says:

        And to put it over the top for Austen fans, it looks like Greg Wise is in the credits somewhere.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Marie According to IMDB, Perkins’s character is a director of Frozen on Ice. THAT alone should be worth the ticket price!

        @Tulip – more pretty things!

    • Lena says:


    • dumbledork says:

      Yes to all!

    • olliesmom says:

      Sometimes I forget that George Michael is no longer with us. 🙁 So glad that they are making sure that a new generation knows his music by featuring it in this movie. He was awesome.

      I love British comedies and this one looks cute as hell.

  9. Loretta says:

    This looks so lovely. Emilia and Henry look great together. When I saw Emilia sick like that I thought about what happened to her in real life, so heartbreaking.

  10. Mab's A'Mabbin says:

    I’m one who thinks her acting was awful in GOT, and the early writing and plot development was superb. She was always going to die because she wasn’t supposed to die. Don’t get me going about foreshadowing lol. That being said, Daenerys doesn’t really look like her and doesn’t manifest her down-to-earth, generous and genuine personality. Maybe that’s why she sucked at it lol. But she can only get better, and I don’t think GOT was end of road.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    I’ll watch it – its a rainy day movie.

    Emilia’s acting has improved, she did well the last season of GOT esp with the crap she was given. I do like her, she seems really fun.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    I have a sinking feeling that the ending of this movie will be at best, melancholy.

  13. Whitney says:


  14. Pineapple says:

    Is any other Canadian cringing when the two lead characters run down a STREET in their skates. Man, can sharpening even fix that?
    I will see this with bells on!! I might even where elf shoes. Henry .. love Henry.

  15. Red Weather Tiger says:

    I’d watch Henry Golding do literally anything. Throw in Emma Thompson and George Michael music? Take my money.

  16. Case says:

    The name “Last Christmas,” to me, indicates that her character is probably still sick and this movie will probably have a very sad ending. Probably not as paint-by-numbers as it looks.

    • motherofunicorns says:

      Oh no…she’s totally going to be the Sam Claflin in this one, isn’t she… It was Me Before You that finally convinced me to watch GOT, but god that one hits a very raw nerve.

      • Miatagal says:

        I loved that movie Me Before You! Emilia was luminous in it. Such a gorgeous, open hearted smile she has!

  17. a says:

    I don’t know – we just watched Emilia Clark in Me Before You, and I’m not sure if it was her or Sam Claflin or their total lack of chemistry or the screenplay, but it just…wasn’t great. I like her, but she didn’t really pull off the character’s general mien. Some of it was that the screenplay skipped the major driver of her issues (from the book). But some of it seemed like she maybe didn’t get what she was supposed to be going for. But, as I said, I like her – so I hope she’s great in this movie!

  18. Cindy says:

    I think Emilia’s a fine Hollywood star. No, she’s not a great actress, but I do find her super charismatic. I know she’s had a lot of crappy movies, but I think she’s chosen good roles for herself too. I think she’s aware her acting chops are more suited for cheesy stuff and she’s kept it that way. She’s not trying to have Kate Winslet’s career.

    I think if her movies start doing better, I could definitely see her becoming the Jennifer Aniston of GoT.

    Also, she looks a lot like Imogen Poots with that hair.

  19. IMUCU says:

    I’ll watch it bc I too worked in a year round Xmas store here in FL at one time (Mr. IMUCU still manages it). Never had to wear an elf costume, but I totally would have if asked, lol.

    • Pineapple says:

      Um …. you are living a rom-com. XO You both need elf slippers to wear year round. If you say you sang It’s Cold Outside in a bathroom I am going to die.

  20. Cay says:

    He’s not real or something, right? Like he’s dead or a ghost or her imagination? Something is off. Is she going to die and then be with him in “heaven” or soulmate ghosts?

    • Renee says:

      Yeah I got the same vibe. She keeps accidentally bumping into him…..???? But it does look cute and I’m desperate for a rom-com, so to speak.

    • Mia4s says:

      Yep. From the looks of it “last Christmas” he did indeed give her his heart.

      Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Pass!

      Oh if that is it that is sooooo bad.

    • msd says:

      I assume he “gave his heart to her” to save her life and is actually dead? Someone has taken the George Michael song literally! We’ve seen versions of this idea in rom coms before (my fave is probably Truly, Madly, Deeply) so I hope it’s not just that, but it sure looks like it …

      For me, this feels like a cheesy but enjoyable Netflix movie I’ll catch up on eventually. I can see it making money at Christmas, though.

      • sa says:

        That didn’t even occur to me. I hope that’s not it. Now I guess I’ll have to wait a bit before I see it to hear if that’s what’s going on. I like my romcoms to have straight-forward, happy endings. I’m not looking for bittersweet.

  21. CatMom says:

    I’ll definitely watch this. I haven’t seen crazy rich Asians so this trailer is my first time seeing Henry Golding. He is adorable. Emilia is adorable too.

  22. Dbee says:

    I’d definitely watch this…love Emilia

  23. Thaisajs says:

    I dunno, I worry this is gonna be like one of those Anne Hathaway movies and she ends up dying in the end. If I can be guaranteed a happy (non-death) ending I’m totally here for this one.

  24. Kath says:

    Emilia has amazing eyes, doesn’t she? Don’t know why I felt the need to say this but they always catch my attention lol

  25. Jess says:

    Omg – George Michael music plus Henry Golding plus Emma Thompson plus Rom Com plus Xmas = I’m so excited! I love a good holiday rom com and I’ve been watching When Harry Met Sally and Love, Actually for years on Xmas Eve while I wrap presents but last year Love, Actually was a bit difficult to watch (parts of it, and a certain actor, don’t feel so good these days) so I would love for this to be a new tradition for me!

  26. gingersnaps says:

    I haven’t been to the cinema in ages but I will watch this!

  27. Nibbi says:

    um except i feel like i’ve seen the whole movie just from the trailer so i guess i don’t have to go.