Miley Cyrus’ people want us to know that Liam is ‘moody’ & he likes to party

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I’m a little bit surprised that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split didn’t get the cover of this week’s People Magazine – the editors decided to put the Cambridge kids on the cover instead, which I kind of understand because those kids sell copies. But I think Miley and Liam’s split would sell too, especially considering how messy it is, and especially considering that Miley and her people are already running around to get her side of the story out. It was quite obvious that Miley went to TMZ to massage the situation – the fact that she left Liam for Kaitlynn Carter – and now it’s quite obvious that she’s gone to People to spill more details.

Miley Cyrus‘ public image may be that of a wild child, but sources say the singer fought with Liam Hemsworth privately about his own partying ways.

“Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude, but that’s actually [not accurate],” a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Liam parties with his friends, and Miley thinks he should’ve grown out of that by now.” Another Cyrus source, who agrees Hemsworth’s personality is much more complicated than the “super easygoing” public image that’s presented, says the actor can get “moody.”

“She’s been supportive of him when things get dark, but it’s tough,” says the Cyrus source. “That’s something that has weighed on Miley and their relationship. He can also lash out at her, and he hates the attention their ups and downs bring.”

Multiple sources also agree that Cyrus’ public displays of affection with pal Kaitlynn Carter are partly because the singer is hurting from her breakup.

“She’s genuinely trying to have fun and put on a good face,” says the source. “Yes, she’s trying to push Liam’s buttons whether she’ll admit it or not, but she’s hurt.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Cyrus says the couple struggled over the singer’s unconventional view of marriage. “He loves that she has her own career and focus, but he also wants a wife who cooks and would stay home with the kids,” says the friend.

[From People]

Yeah, I think all of it can be true, and then some. I believe that Liam has an idea of what marriage is and what a wife should be (a stay-at-home wife and mom, a woman who gives up her career for him) and Miley really tried to be that, on and off, for a while. But ultimately, she didn’t want that and they were always too immature to really talk about it and work through it. As for the idea that Liam is the partier and Miley wanted him to be more mature… girl, that’s a failing PR strategy. And “moody” is nothing when his wife can’t settle on a personality for three consecutive months. “Yes, she’s trying to push Liam’s buttons whether she’ll admit it or not, but she’s hurt.” Yep. She’s doing all of this sh-t with Kaitlynn to get his attention and to get attention in general. Ugh. But sure, HE’S MOODY.

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  1. Kath says:

    I can totally seem him been a moody, partying, spoiled frat boy.

    • mom2two says:

      I can see it too.

      I don’t doubt that these two love/d each other but I do think that they have grown in different directions. Miley was never going to be the kind of woman to give up her career and be a housewife for him.

      • Kath says:

        I more see it that she’s grown in a million directions and isn’t done and Liam has pretty much remained the same person. Neither is wrong and I believe there was a lot of love, it just doesn’t make for a lasting relationship.

    • lisa says:

      Spoiled frat boys like to show off on social media. When I go to Liam’s Instagram, he looks like a grownup. In contrast, Miley in her IG looks like an idiot. Go to her IG and scroll down to her wedding photos….in every one, she is making a face, sticking out her tongue or her butt, holding her bouquet like a penis, acting like a fool. In her own wedding photos! There is not one photo of her being serious and classy and standing with her husband like a GROWNUP. She’s a child.

      • L84Tea says:


      • Kebbie says:

        That she chose to share those pictures specifically just speaks to her maturity and constant need to act out. I said this the other day, but she acts like a 12 year old, or honestly more like an 8 year old (my wedding bouquet is a penis! Haha!)

      • eff eff says:

        I have met plenty of grown up spoiled frat boys.

      • Kath says:

        I don’t think that’s true of all frat boys. He’s smart, he knows his image. I’m also not saying he’s terrible, I’m just saying I can see him having that side. I definitely don’t think that was the only factor. Miley for sure has a maturity problem.

    • SKF says:

      He’s not a frat boy. Definitely not. The frat boy type is different in Australia and his background is all wrong for that. Believe me, I know a bunch of them, he’s not the right type. He and his brothers grew up living in country areas, their parents were lovely and loving but pretty broke a lot of the time. As a family they didn’t have much but they had a lot of fun and were very active and outdoorsy. I know a number of people who know them and they’re good blokes and down to earth. Family is really important to all of them and their own family is really tight. They are men men men if that makes sense but that has been tempered a fair bit by being in showbiz. I can see Liam thinking that he is okay with non-traditional but struggling with that because deep down he wants traditional; but I don’t know if I buy that he expected her to stay at home and cook for him. I think that’s bullsh*t spin. I do think he probably wanted kids and a more traditional family unit but that he was okay with her being the star and a star and having, you know, staff to do the domestic stuff.

  2. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I think people were more surprised by their marriage than their split. It’s clear they married in response to a truamatic situation (the wildfires and losing their home)… but they were a trainwreck waiting to happen. Both seem to have a lot more growing up to do.

    • Tonya says:

      She is 26 years old and a millionare. I wouldn’t want to settle down either.

      When I was 26 my 30 year old boyfriend wanted to settle down and be stay home husband and wife. I loved him and we had been together since I was 18 but being a wifey sounded like the death of fun to me. I had a wild streak itching to get out. Once single, I began participating in extreme sports, traveling the world, meeting new people, becoming an independent outdoors woman. I had to find myself as cliche as it sounds. I had so much more life to live so I left.

      I told him I loved him but I didn’t think we were meant to be together for this next stage in our lives. I’ve had my ups an downs since in the past 10 years and never found a nice guy like him again but I don’t regret walking my own path in life. We would have ended up divorced like these two.

      She is too young.

      • Wisca says:

        I like what you’ve said Tonya. Cheers!

      • Vauvert says:

        Just curious – none of what you described above (outdoor extreme sports, traveling, meeting new people) seem like something you could not do as a couple.
        Maybe I’m too old fashioned, but to me marriage has meant doing new things and discovering things together. What I think i hear is that you and your ex wanted completely different things. Honestly, being a wife doesn’t mean the end of fun or personal growth – at least in my experience…

      • Allie says:

        I don’t get it either. Unless you want opposite things in general marriage does not mean anything has to change. Literally nothing changed when I got married. No pregnancy, no staying-at-home for anyone, no falling into traditional roles. We still do the same amount of fun things & travelling and share work equally.

      • Kitten says:

        It sounds like Tonya was saying that her BF at the time DIDN’T want to share these activities with her. It sounds like he wanted a more domestic, settled life but Tonya still had an urge to exlpore, travel etc. It’s not unusual. It’s actually really possible to love someone but instinctively know that you’re not meant so spend thr rest of your life with them. I don’t know many people who haven’t had a smiliar experience, especially at such a young age when many of us are still getting to know ourselves.

      • Tonya says:

        Exactly, my ex was ready to settle down and live a traditional domestic life in Manhattan and I was itching for something different/more. I also didn’t want to do these things as a couple, I wanted my freedom and independence.

        There was just no way I could have pursued my own life on my own terms as a stay at home wife, as part of a partnership /marriage in Manhattan. It’s hard to explain but the lifestyles were just incompatible. I would have had to sacrifice too much of myself to do that. Again, I had to find myself and I could not do that while balancing the demands of being married and a wife living a traditional domestic life. I really needed my freedom to choose my own life from the mundane day to day to the epic things without having to consider the needs of a relationship and a partner. As much as I loved my ex, I knew the right thing was to let him go and let him find someone else who wanted to same things he did.

        I just wasnt ready to settle down and I really wonder if Miley has a bit of that going on.

      • nb says:

        @Tonya I hear ya… by the time I was 18 my high school boyfriend was already talking marriage, kids and settling down in the small town we grew up in but I was going to college and wanted none of that. We lasted another few years but I broke up with him because I knew I didn’t want the suburbs/kids lifestyle. When I was 23 I met the man I’m now married to who is 7 years older than me but we didn’t get married until right before I turned 30. At 27 I broke up with him, moved halfway across the country by myself to a place I’d never been, completely changed my life/job and made a bunch of new friends. He wound up following me shortly after but that was something I really needed to do for me and it was the best decision of my life. I proved to myself that I was strong, independent, not afraid to put myself out there in new situations, smart and competent enough to start a new career and succeed, and could do whatever I set my mind to. When we got married nothing really changed since we knew we wanted the same things and had been together for 7 years through a lot of ups and downs. We don’t have or want kinds so we still travel a lot, go out and have fun with our friends, go to concerts, camp, hike and ski… basically it’s great because we have similar personalities and like doing the same things. I would never have been happy if I had caved to the pressure of ‘settling down’ so early in my 20′s, and I think us being together for so long before marriage helped us both figure out who we were and what we wanted out of our relationship before we made it official. People change so much between the ages of 20-30!

  3. Lisa says:

    I guess she is aware of the backlash and how she has come across in the handling of their split. I am not sure people will buy what she is selling if she doesn’t stop with her antics and the leaks to make him look bad.

  4. phlyfiremama says:

    January Jones. Who was the problematic one in this relationship again???

    • Kathryn says:

      Yeah idk why so many people seem to be taking his side on him being the better person–he cheated on her with January! And some other people.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        Meh. I always thought they were long split by the time the January Jones thing came out, and just delaying announcing it. Even immediately after that, you didn’t hear about him with girl after girl. And I think people are taking his side because he isn’t saying anything, and she’s out there putting her messiness on full display.

      • TeddyPicker says:

        I didn’t know about this!! My god, is there any couple January won’t homewreck – she’s done it so many times at this point it’s pathological.

      • chunkyla says:

        Woah..this is the first time i’ve heard of the January Jones rumours. I think I need a minute to sit down and catch my breath!!

      • Yvette says:

        January Jones didn’t home-wreck this couple. They had a few ‘Time Out’ breaks during their relationship and if anything at all happened between Liam and January it was during one of the breaks. i distinctly recall Liam’s family calling him home to Australia after one of these breaks for a WTF? session (I think it was after Miley’s Awards show twerking number with Robin Thicke).

        People asking why some are taking his side should just look at what’s going on now. Liam is with his family and spending a lot of time alone surfing and just working through it all, with no girls in sight around him. Miley is publicly partying in Italy with her new girlfriend.

        When I first heard about the split I was on both of their sides, having been surprised all along by the fact that they’d gotten married in the first place. But Miley should stop trying to blame him for–and using him to justify–her current behavior, especially since he isn’t saying anything at all about their relationship or their breakup except to say that he wishes her health and happiness.

  5. Christin says:

    “Multiple sources” = Miley and her mama

  6. Ashley says:

    He’s winning the PR war by saying nothing and taking one sad photo at an ice cream shop. She’s losing. Badly. I’m starting to think he called it quits or formally terminated the relationship (she might has pushed him away as a bluff) because she is acting out far too much for someone who decided to end it.

    That being said while I think he is gorgeous, I did always see him as an opportunist. He doesn’t have the career Chris has. He won’t even get lucky by getting by on a super hero movie. When he got with her she was the bigger star and it helped get him more coverage. Then they broke up and he faltered. They got back together and he got his press back. Unfortunately I think it came to bite him in the ass. Maybe he decided fame isn’t as important as the life he wants (what his brother has). At least that’s how I see it. He won’t be a big star, he just doesn’t have it. He would do better trying to follow his brother’s example (Chris can’t carry a movie other than Thor but he excels at Thor. He’s happy being Thor and spending the rest of the time surfing in Australia).

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      Rush is one of my all time favorite movies though. Chris was excellent in it. But Daniel Bruhl was also excellent in it.

  7. LadyT says:

    Liam chose to be with this obnoxious (IMO) woman for 10 years. I think there’s lots the public doesn’t know about him. His polite conservative image doesn’t fit with dating her at all, much less for years then marriage.

    • Yvette says:

      It’s called ‘great sex.’ :) They were both kids when they started dating and Miley had already been in a relationship with a 21-year-old model (remember? her father had to go on dates with them because Miley was teen-aged jail bait in a relationship with an adult with her parents approval). I think she rocked Liam’s world, sexually, and he must have rocked hers as well for it to last as long as it did.

  8. Anna says:

    Eh, it takes two to tango, so to speak, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Liam’s more of a partier than he lets on. He and Miley were together (off and on) a long time, and he knew what she was like.

    I find it hard to imagine that he looked at her and thought, “yeah, she’ll stay at home and raise the kids”. Even at her calmest, Miley has never been that kind of person. Liam has to know she has a wild streak and been okay with that, at least for awhile.

    • Kitten says:

      Agreed and I said something similar on yesterday’s thread. If she uses it’s almost guaranteed that he uses as well. Maybe he just has a better handle on it than she does. People actually CAN do recreational drugs from time-to-time and not get addicted.

    • Arizona says:

      I’m sure he uses too – I would bet he’s a pothead. Although she did quit smoking pot for awhile right after they got back together, so maybe not. I don’t think the strategy of “he’s a partier and it was concerning to Miley” is a great one when only one of them has been constantly talking about weed, and often about hallucinogens, and it’s not him. He’s never given a public impression of being a partier.

      Also, I’m probably what most people would call a pothead (I smoke fairly heavily nightly) but I think anyone in my professional life would be genuinely surprised. So you can actually balance it.

      I think he wanted a slightly more traditional marriage and kids, she didn’t, and I think the difference in their career paths was also hard. The comments that she made about marriage and their relationship since they got married were beyond weird, plus immediately getting photographed making out with a woman, and then trying to slander him with sources – I’m not feeling very Team Miley right now, tbh.

      • Kebbie says:

        If she’s intent on ruining his reputation she should just say he cheated because no one is going to look at the two of them and believe he is the one with the drug problem. I’m not saying he’s clean, but outwardly, he seems to have his shit together or he at least keeps it locked down.

        IIRC, she threw him a weed themed birthday party one year, so I assume he was at least at one time an enthusiastic pothead.

  9. Ferdinand says:

    People have this ideas or patterns of what they think it’s the right thing. Liam wants a traditional marriage which in this day an age sounds kind of odd? Specially in the circle they move. I kind of think Liam might be a little old-fashioned in that sense?
    I mean, does Elsa Pataky is a stay home mom? Who cooks and gave up her career for her children? I believe Liam just romanticized the idea of marriage.

    And on Miley, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Specially not on TMZ.

    • DS9 says:

      Elsa Pataky =/= Miley

      Miss ma’am made a few movies, yes but she also got Adrien Brody to buy her that castle. She was looking to settle down probably from about the time she realized she wasn’t going to get a big break.

      • LadyT says:

        Elsa was out to catch herself a big fish. That seemed to be her number one priority. Not the same feeling from Miley at all.

    • josephine says:

      and you believe that that is what he wanted because her people put it out there?

      idk, i have a hard time buying anything from her side b/c it’s obvious she is in damage-control mode. may be true, maybe not, but it doesn’t seem like he’s ever been one to throw crap out there, so i respect that at least.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Elsa was always out to nab a famous rich man to marry and have a that celeb lifestyle, even way back when she was an actress in Spain she was famous for the men she dated.

      Miley is famous with a successful career in her own right, she doesn’t need the Hemsworth name.

      Miley comes from a VERY dysfunctional family with grade A stage parents – Liam comes from a much more stable background. That in itself was always going to cause issues. Apparently she’s now saying (to People) that there is a possibility they might get back together as they are having a break from each other now as they need it.

      • Yvette says:

        But were Elsa and Chris both still struggling actors when they met at a language class to work on their American accents? They were already married before he landed the role of Thor.

  10. DS9 says:

    I honestly do not understand or buy the argument that he wanted or expected Miley to give up a career and/or settle down and make pot roasts and babies.

    They’ve been on and off for ten years, her ambitions have always been strong, and I doubt anyone in the Cyrus household can put together the simplest of family dinners.

    That just doesn’t track regardless of what his brother is out there doing.

    And I’m sure he’s moody and I’m sure things get dark but I would imagine that’s a joint issue. If what others are saying is true, being the significant other of someone who uses regularly or even just falls hard sporadically is hella difficult. No one can navigate that perfectly.

    And if her friends enable her usage, then of course they would interpret his concern as being stifling or whatever.

    • FHMom says:

      Yeah. I’m not buying this narrative at all. Not from a couple that has known each other for 10 years. Whatever Liam is doing, he is doing it privately which I respect. There is no way to spin this that makes her the victim and him the bad guy.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        The stupidest part is that no one had to be the bad guy. It’s a mark of her immaturity that she didn’t just say they got together too young and now want different things. She started justifying herself when no one should have to justify deciding that a relationship is not working, and now she can’t find a way out of that discussion of who was “at fault. “

    • Lightpurple says:

      Not buying that one either. Never did. He has never said anything like that, he knew who she was when he met her, and, although he came from a tight knit family, his mother worked. She worked with the father, they were teachers and social workers, but she did work. She’s pushing this to make herself look better.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Am not buying that either – if thats what he really wanted he would have married someone else. This is Miley projecting and trying to be the victim as pretty much everyone is rolling their eyes at this.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. I don’t believe for a second that he expected her to cook (wtf??) and have babies because they got married.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    The lady doth project too much! While I think he’s just as immature and likes to party just as much as she does, blaming everything on him and playing the victim is not going to work out well for her. She is well known for her attention seeking antics and this is no different.

    In a nutshell, both seem immature and had different ideas of marriage that meant it was never going to last.

  12. Mab's A'Mabbin says:

    Ah, totally understand now. Poor Miley…so reserved and even-tempered. I bet she absolutely hates parties.

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol this is such a dumb strategy, I’m trying to make sense of it.

    • Molly says:

      Right?? She’s DESPERATE for attention right now. She’s on a boat in a sea in the middle of Europe. No one would hear a word about her new life if she didn’t want them to.

  13. jennifer says:

    I only side-eye him for dating her and staying with her as long as he did.

  14. Anon says:

    Hard pass.

    She’s the one traipsing around with the wife of another man. Whatever the problem is/was she’s going about it the wrong way.


  15. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

    I’m hesitant to call anyone out bc you never really know what goes on inside a marriage and some people are better at putting on their game face in public. BIG BUT…..Liam is the one spending his grief time in Australia with his family while Miley is on a party tour of Italy. So I don’t think whatever their problems were that him partying too much when she wanted to stay home was part of them. Girlfriend should tell her PR team to drop that narrative quick.

  16. Marine says:

    Pot meet kettle !!!
    I think the same things could be apply to Miley a partier and moody…
    They maybe mirrored each other too much.

  17. Fallon says:

    I feel like her sister Noah’s new song “July” may be loosely based on the demise of Miley and Liam’s relationship.

  18. DS9 says:

    I also doubt either of them has an issue with parties more than the other. No way they were together this long and didn’t both enjoy partying.

    My guess is that this all centers around three type of partying.

  19. Isa says:

    They should’ve never married having two different expectations of marriage.
    I know just about every article talks about Liam wanting a conventional marriage like his brothers, I assumed he wanted whatever he had with Miley. I mean, after 10 years you know what you’re getting into.
    I believe he is moody and a partier, but Miley has been playing the PR game for years now. She should’ve played her cards accordingly
    so she didn’t have to have her friends try to throw Liam under the bus.

  20. Ali says:

    I think the high from surviving the fire trauma together has worn off and the same issues they’ve always had (whatever those may be) that make them on/off are still there and they aren’t any better equipped to handle them than they were before they got married. I think her drug use has escalated lately to a drug problem based on how she looks in these recent photos.
    I don’t think it has anything at all to do with him expecting her to become a housewife now and start popping out babies.

  21. Anya says:

    Um. “unconventional view of marriage”? “He loves that she has her own career and focus, but he also wants a wife who cooks and would stay home with the kids.”? Screw that. My husband and I are both engineers. I take care of the kids in the morning and he in the evening. I cook breakfast and he cooks dinner. Expecting a wife to give up a successful career and stay home with the kids (when she doesn’t want to) is not “conventional”, it’s old-fashioned as f*ck. Get over your self and learn now to cook and help with the house! (Sorry, that quote triggered me apparently)

  22. Purplehazeforever says:

    Just because Miley left Liam & posted pictures of her kissing Kailynn doesn’t mean she’s lying about who Liam is. Not everything is a PR war. Every person grieves differently.

  23. Jb says:

    Me thinks they’re both messes but Miley is dumb enough to post about it every single day. Let’s see who else they can mix into the drama…fame money drugs and the need for attention is a quite the mix in your 20s. This drama will drag on for several years before someone grows up and or ends up in trouble

  24. sassafras says:

    Hah. No. Not buying it one bit. And so what if your husband is moody? So’s mine, so am I! We don’t separate every time one of us gets in a funk. I mean. C’mon Miley.

    And he likes to party?

    But he also wants Miley to settle down and raise a family? Because that totally sounds like something a moody addict/alcoholic would put his foot down over.

    There are three conflicting accusations in this story and Miley’s camp is just hoping one will stick, IMO. Personally, I’m over her immature ridiculousness. I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt for years, but it’s clear that she’ll permanently be the maturity of the age at which she became famous, which is, for her, adolescence.

  25. Patty says:

    They both just need to find someone who wants the same thing they want as individuals. There’s nothing wrong with a guy wanting an old fashioned traditional marriage with traditional gender roles; you just need to find a spouse who also wants those things. If, on the flip side you want to explore other relationships while married, have an open relationship, or change your persona when it suits you – you can do that but you need to find someone who is okay with it and wants those same things. People really do over complicate relationships, especially romantic ones.

  26. Yes Doubtful says:

    Meh, she’s trying to spin this to make him look bad, but she still looks the worst with her behavior since the split (and before). I think Miley tried to change for him and it backfired. He never seemed all that sure about her to be honest… remember when she immediately started wearing her engagement ring again, but he wouldn’t comment on it? The wedding was probably a last ditch effort. Hopefully it wasn’t legal and he can move on.

  27. Thaisajs says:

    They’ve been together for a while and it’s clear that it’s not going to work out. Seems to me like he needs to move on and get with someone who’s a little more mature and willing to be a committed partner. Not someone who starts spouting half-baked garbage about stalagmites or something while on vacation with her next girl/boyfriend.

  28. Emily says:

    Came here to say two things:

    1. Is “moody” code for depression? My sister dated a “moody” guy who frequently blamed his issues on her rather than getting help. But, even if that’s the case with Liam, Miley should keep that private. Or is “moody” code for angry? If so, that’s another story.

    2. I thought the lead pic was Liam with Courtney Love. Miley’s face looks gaunt lately.

  29. Tina says:

    Dear lord, she is the spitting image of her mother. Which is not a good thing.
    He seems like the classy one. She is a “wild child” – whatever *rolls eyes*. I wouldn’t want to be her child carer either.

  30. Oy vey says:

    I don’t think she cares about anything other than attention and being wild. A husband?! Nope. They NEVER EVER looked like a couple to me. P.S. advice to Miley – sit still for 5 mins. and Orthodontia

  31. MsIam says:

    I don’t follow either of these two but…. the whole marriage thing seemed weird right from the start. There were all those pictures posted of “maybe they had a wedding and did they get married?”. Come on, what grown up does that? Maybe it’s time for both of them to move on to something else.

  32. Fern says:

    Miley is pretty wild. I always suspected that Liam was a little into some it too or how would they have lasted this long? Maybe he likes watching her with other women. I am sure he likes to party a little although he was opposed to her cannabis use at one point. She might take it all farther than he’s comfortable with but part of him must enjoy that a little.

  33. Ladiabla says:

    I’d be moody too if I had to deal with her exhausting, insufferable ass. 🙄