Oprah and Gayle don’t know what ‘wig snatched’ or ‘JOMO’ mean, do you?

I had no idea that Oprah and Gayle had a video series over at oprahmag.com, The OG Chronicles. The write up says they’ll respond to user questions, give advice, and “reveal fun tidbits about themselves.” In the most recent installment, the two best friends are given several slang terms to discuss. They know some of them and their answers are hilarious. You can see the video above and here’s some of what they say.

Lit: they know it
Oprah: We know what that is.
Gayle: Lit means it’s really great it’s really fun.

Shade: they know it
Oprah: It’s the same thing as dissing somebody.

Snack: they don’t know it
Gayle: My favorite snack is barbecued potato chips
Oprah: And mine is popcorn with truffles
[Snack defined: someone who looks good at the moment.]
Gayle: You’re saying someone really looked like you want to eat it up because it’s attractive.
Oprah: I just had lunch with somebody who was a real snack. I’m not going to say who it is either.

Wig snatched: they don’t know it
Oprah: Some kind of offensive thing.
Gayle: It doesn’t sound like a compliment.
Oprah: That wig was so good that it was snatched.
[Wig snatched defined: Used to call something wonderful, beautiful or to express surprise. A phrase that became popular thanks to the Black and LGBTQ communities.]
Gayle: I haven’t heard any of my gay friends use this phrase.

Thirst trap: they know it
Gayle: Thirst is not a good thing. It’s like they’re seeking attention all the time. They will do anything they can.
Oprah: You’re good Gayle.

Thicc: they know it
Gayle: That’s a compliment. Voluptuous, curvacious. We’re both big.
Oprah: I am thicc and very proud of it.

JOMO: they don’t know it
Gayle: I can honestly say I’ve never heard that phrase JOMO. I know Fear of Missing Out, FOMO.
Oprah: You have that a lot.
Gayle: JOMO means I want to miss out?
[JOMO defined: The joy of missing out.]
Oprah: Oh that should be mine. I have JOMO all the time. My new favorite term, thank you.

[From YouTube via People]

I initially had no idea what either “wig snatched” or “JOMO” meant, either (along with a few others in the video), but figured out “JOMO” when Gayle offered her definition. It’s fun to watch the two of them together! I remember when Gayle would visit Oprah’s show. You can tell that they have been best friends forever, based on their banter and the fact that they start to finish each other’s sentences. Those kinds of deep, long-lasting connections with people who know, love and respect you are amazing gifts. I’m going to have to remember to be on the lookout for future episodes of The OG Chronicles.

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14 Responses to “Oprah and Gayle don’t know what ‘wig snatched’ or ‘JOMO’ mean, do you?”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Man, now I wanna know who Oprah has lunch with.

  2. Nicegirl says:

    I did not know either of those!! But as my youngest is now a 7th grader I’m perfecting my embarrassing mom stuff and will absolutely add these to my super dorky ‘your mom dot com’ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ repertoire. Thank you! My son has gorgeous shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and I’m gonna use that wig snatched on him TOday. We’re on a mini vacay, gotta switch it up! Love this site ❤️💕🖖🏽

    • Celebitchy says:

      I feel you on not being cool enough for a teen and I’m online looking at this stuff all day! I’ve heard celebrities say their teens think they’re lame except when they introduce them to musicians or young celebrities they like.

  3. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Im going to hazard a guess and say that the gay friends Gayle has are older and therefore wouldn’t be using the term “wig snatched”. Lol.
    I’m happy to say I knew all of these except for JOMO. But that’s a relatively new one. And I have JOMO all the time.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      JOMO stumped me. I wonder if it’s a thing to simultaneously have FOMO and JOMO because I feel like I do. I don’t want to miss out on stuff but I love being a hermit.

  4. Abby says:

    This is so funny. I want to subscribe to anything they sit around and talk about.

    I know some of these, did not know about wig snatched or thirst trap. I forgot about JOMO.

  5. Busybody says:

    I also have a teen (and a tween) and spend a lot of time saying embarrassing things around them. Sorry not sorry, lol. I did score some major points with the 30-50 feral hogs meme, which I learned about here since I’m not on the Twitter. @Nicegirl: I’ll be borrowing “mom dot com” haha, they’ll love it!

  6. Eden75 says:

    I’m too old to keep up with the last teen in my house. He gets a lot of “Duddeeeee” and “that’s so fetch” just to embarrass and annoy him. Oh yes, and classic valley girl speak if he has friends around. Because, yes, I am that mom.

  7. JRenee says:

    I didn’t know JOMO and I thought wig snatched meant the hair do was hot, cool beautiful lol

  8. amayson1977 says:

    I have a tween and my husband I ironically “yeet” at him all the time, because it’s funny. We also refer to the kids as “youths” (rhymes with “soothes.”) I’m so lame, none of the things the youths say make any sense to me. But I embrace my lame-ness, lol!

    I knew all of these except for JOMO, which I love and which describes me perfectly most of the time, and wig-snatched, which I thought might be a bad thing, like if someone snatched the wig off your head (like a nasty, embarrassing surprise.) I’m glad it’s a positive term because the idea of someone having their wig snatched off makes me sad.

    Yep, old, lame mom. That’s me. 😉

  9. Blueskies says:

    I’m happy to finally find out what “wig snatched” means (and either forgot or wasn’t bothered to look it up). I’m constantly seeing fans posting it to Johnny Marr of all people on Instagram, haha.

    I love watching Gayle and Oprah together, they’re so funny and unhurried when they do these segments, it’s the best. I’ve always loved Oprah’s laugh, too.

    Count me in as a JOMO!

  10. Soup2nuts says:

    That’s not a way I’ve ever seen wig snatched defined or used. I mean, I guess it could be? But as far as I know wig snatched is more: I’m in this picture and I don’t like it (ie got my wig snatched) or revealing a truth about someone that isn’t public knowledge (wig, snatched. The comma is implied). Surprised, sure. Wonderful surprise? Eeeeh.