Gigi Hadid isn’t here for people criticizing her for discussing her Mykonos robbery

Gigi Hadid got robbed in Mykonos this month. She was there on a working vacation – she had model stuff to do, but she was also partying with friends and posting photos to her two (!) Instagram pages. It was on one of those IGs that she posted this post-robbery message: “PS(A). Don’t let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn’t recommend. Spend your money elsewhere.” Which… I completely understand. I’ve never been robbed, but I can fully imagine how unsettling it is and how I would vow to never go back to that place (if it happened while I was on vacation). But Gigi’s post was “controversial.” This is just a taste of the kinds of messages which were left for a young woman who had just been robbed on vacation:

“This is very rude to Greece and Greek people! One of the main sources of income of Greece is its tourism and you’re literally defaming the country. Millions of people visit Mykonos yearly. Just because it happened to you, it doesn’t mean it happens to everyone. Have you ever seen the crimes and killings that happen in your country? Let alone the mass shootings? Please! What does that mean, that no one should visit the US?”

Let me take this one: I fully understand why foreigners would not want to visit the USA given our mass shootings, gun violence and just our generally violent culture. I’m not personally offended if a French person or a Greek person is like “I’ll never visit America again, I got robbed at gunpoint there/I witnessed a hate crime there!” I would understand that point of view completely. But the argument that Gigi can’t or shouldn’t SAY that she was robbed and that she shouldn’t say that she will never go back there? Please, that’s bulls–t. Gigi knows it’s bulls–t too. Which is why she issued another statement about the circumstances around the robbery and why she felt the need to warn people:

Let me make this clear for everyone below who thinks I don’t deserve to have an opinion on my experience and warn people of this – I was robbed along with more than 30 houses that night, some to gunpoint. It was not possible to contact any form of law enforcement except through my local security who happened to have a contact. That is a privilege that most people traveling there wouldn’t have. If something happens while the police station is closed, there is nothing that can be done to protect yourself, and when the station does open, it doesn’t seem as though their training and resources are in line with keeping people safe or keeping up with the amount of crime that is happening on a nightly basis there (I am speaking of the island specifically only because it’s where I experienced this).

This is not information that is shared with people before they go. If I’d known it happened so much and there was not enough infrastructure to protect myself I wouldn’t have gone. So this is my opinion based on actual events and you not liking that isn’t my problem. Lastly, I work my ass off and never do a trip like this for myself and friends, so if I want to post pictures of the trip after being robbed, I will do so.

[From Gigi’s Instagram]

“So this is my opinion based on actual events and you not liking that isn’t my problem.” Yep. I’m sure some will say that Gigi is RUDE and she still could have explained herself better or blah blah blah, nit pick nit pick. But the reaction has been so stupid: Gigi was the victim of a crime, she spoke about it and recommended to her followers to never travel there. That’s it. And she’s right to explain the circumstances around the robbery too and how f–king shady it was.

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  1. Mtec says:

    I’m with Gigi on this. Specially because she made a great point about others not having the connections she had to keep herself protected or to report the crime. If it is a major problem there, and by the sounds of it mass robbery at gun-point is, then it’s totally fair for her to warn people not to go there.

    • TrixC says:

      I have travelled frequently to Greece, including Mykonos and many of the other islands. It is a remarkably crime free place, certainly compared to my own country (New Zealand) or the UK where I currently live. Mykonos is an island that’s known for attracting rich folk but I simply don’t believe armed robbery is rife there. Not saying Gigi wasn’t robbed but I think she’s exaggerating the incident. Tourism is the major industry on these islands and the Greeks know better than to bite the hand that feeds them.

      • Mtec says:

        I agree that probably the majority of Greeks know that, but there’s always people who eff it up for others. I believe her story, just like i would believe the people from the other 30 places that were also robbed. If what she said is true, it is not exaggerated. Perhaps when you went you didn’t see anything happen, and that’s great, but you can’t use your experience to diminish someone else’s.

        I was in Greece for a week last year and we went to two islands, and we also were not robbed. But you best believe if i had been, and had known it happened to many others, i would be warning everyone I knew.

    • Sara says:

      Me to! She has every right to say she got robbed. If Greece is worried about their tourism they should probably spend some more money on hotel security!

  2. Léna says:

    Maybe she should have explained the whole story, like she did in her statement, for us to understand better why she felt that way. I can understand why people felt angry about her comment. Just sounded like a rich tone deaf woman

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      She doesn’t own you or anyone else the whole story if she didn’t feel like speaking on it at the time. Period. This is such a silky thing for people to get offended by. “how dare you share your feelings about your being robbed.” Utterly ridiculous.

    • Nahema says:

      Greece has had a lot of problems over the years but it’s economy is highly dependant upon tourism. I think Gigi makes a valid point but maybe didn’t do so in the best way. People travel to considerably less safe countries frequently but I guess they’re made more aware of the risks and how to stay safe.

      I think actually it’s wrong to be so extremely negative about a country. I’m British but my dads family are all US citizens. If ever I talk about visiting them, my grandma was always asking why I would do such a thing because I might get shot.

      Do people get shot in the states? Yes they do but am I statistically likely to get shot? Probably not and I refuse to live my life in fear and miss out on experiences because of what might but probably won’t happen. I’m sure that there are many Americans who believe that if you come to England, you’ll be stabbed. I have faced more racial discrimination in the States than anywhere else that I’ve visited but it hasn’t put me off and I’d never use it to put off anyone else. If anything I think it opens my eyes to the fact that I’m lucky not to face that every day where I live and helps me understand better, other peoples views.

      I can rationalise this risk but for many people their anxiety takes over. Add to this some negative stories and others feeding into this fear and before too long people are afraid to travel anywhere. There is no such this as a completely safe country.

      • Meghan says:

        I work in Sales at a hotel and had a Japanese based tour group inform me that they’d had several cancellations due to the “indiscriminate murders” experienced a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been working with this group since January and it makes me so sad that these people who had been planning a trip here for so long are now cancelling their plans because of the gun violence in America.

  3. tw says:

    Fantastic response. Americans who don’t travel might not understand the cultural differences, like how a police station could be closed. She paints the picture of why she would not go back – rampant crime with little protection.

    • MCV says:

      I’m from Europe and I’ve never heard about Greece being a dangerous country to visit, just like in anyother places specially in rich areas things like this can happen, not here for an american trying to make other places look like underdeveloped countries.

      • tw says:

        I have traveled extensively, worldwide for work for over 10 years. My family is European. I understand cultural differences. Did I say “dangerous”? No. I said that Americans are not accustomed to police stations being closed. Gigi states that if not for her personal security, she would have had no recourse. I’m not here for you mischaracterizing my comment.

      • Nahema says:

        Yes I think it’s just a different way of doing things. I live in a sleepy little area of Norfolk (near our much talked about Cambridges) and the police station here was closed in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday recently. It’s not like I usually go in there but I was annoyed. They’re always at the end of the phone but response times can be rubbish. In fact I’ve heard others saying they have refused to investigate small robberies.

        Anywhere that there is a lot of tourists, there will be criminals preying on them. As a child, growing up in London I was always warned about pick pockets. They’d look for tourists wearing easily accessible backpacks or open pockets. Tourists, particularly on the underground would be confused, looking at maps and generally not paying attention. In a crowded place they were easy targets.

      • Christina says:

        MCV, your comment reminds me of how women aren’t believed when they report sexual assaults. Just because you think that it is improbable doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen on the regular. Just because you’ve never heard of it happening doesn’t mean that local authorities aren’t aware and make sure not to advertise that there are many night burglaries in wealthy area, because $$$. Hell, there are many day burglaries in the United States because that is when lots of suburban neighborhoods are empty and burglars know it.

    • Kitten says:

      Exactly, tw.
      What an absurd thing for people to get offended over.

  4. Michael says:

    With her sisters? Unlikely. Especially since she is worth $20 million with a rich mother and super rich father.

  5. OuiOkay says:

    I got “robbed” in Greece too (but it was on the train by gypsies.) Oddly that’s the only time I was robbed in all my travels in Asia and Europe. Is that a new thing, post Greece’s economic fall, about the police not being available ?

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      The term “gypsy” is incredibly offensive.

      • horseandhound says:

        what would be the correct term?

      • MellyMel says:

        Travellers or Romany if I remember correctly.

      • Christina says:

        VV, true that it is offensive, but a Romany family we were close to called themselves Gypsies in LA. I went to Romany weddings as a young person and grew up with kids raised Romany. One girl wanted to live the Romany life, and another wanted to stay in one place and go to college. She met another Eomany young man, and they wanted an average American life, but some family members resented that they were losing children who could help make money the way the Romany is accustomed to with a fair amount of grifting, and my mom and her best friend discussed he friend’s life and the tensions of straddling two worlds all of the time.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @horseandhound Romany.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Christina what Romany choose to call themselves is their right. That doesn’t make it okay for others outside of their community to do so. The term “gypsy” was used to discriminate and persecute the Romany people and out of respect it should not be used.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        The term gypsy is one many people still don’t know is wrong,at least that’s how it is amongst many people I know.It’s sad but talking about it is good because I truly believe many are just uneducated about it.

    • OuiOkay says:

      That’s no problem for me, I can easily remember to use the term Romany but I wonder if most people would understand that? Sorry to offend you guys

  6. Lena says:

    All I can say is when I was visiting Greece I felt way safer than in Texas even given warnings about there may be pickpockets and such. The overall culture just feels more civilized and I really didn’t want to come back. I feel really depressed admitting that.

    • Grant says:

      I live in Texas and have traveled in Greece and I definitely feel safer in Texas. For one, our police stations don’t close like they do in Greece.

      • Lena says:

        The thing is we could never ever have stations close in this country with our crime rate. Although all countries need emergency night personnel on hand.

      • Peg says:

        I can’t remember which International Agency put out a warning, that it’s dangerous to visit the USA, gun violence, racism among a few of the things they mentioned.

  7. Nicegirl says:

    These statements she’s issued on her instas are very well worded and I appreciate her opinion on her personal experiences. I had no idea police stations closed in some other countries, I am not well travelled. That point alone is shocking to me.

    I think I would still love to visit Greece someday.

  8. OuiOkay says:

    China is somewhere I don’t want to go back to because of other westerners being framed or accused of spying and then being thrown in jail. Bad things can happen in any country but there’s something extra scary about the injustice and irrationally of it

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Kind of like kids being thrown in cages here in the US. Would I go to China? Probably not. Mainly because as a black Muslim it IS actually a dangerous place for me. But injustice and irrationality is alive and well here in the US.

  9. Eva says:

    Sorry but have to disagree.
    Gigi specifically told people to ”spend your money elsewhere” instead of just saying SHE’s not going back or telling about having a bad experience (which she totally has a right to do). She has a massive following on IG and using that influence to tell people not to travel to a place for something that could’ve happened anywhere.. don’t know, just feels kind of tone-deaf. The entire population of Greece basically lives from tourism but of course a millionaire supermodel born to privilege could never understand that.

    • Amandine says:

      Totally agree with you Eva

      • N says:

        I agree. If you have a platform, use it well and don’t post when you’re pissed? As a concierge, I realize now more so how much we should all educate ourselves about where we are going, staying, etc. Ask questions. You’re renting a house? Have knowledge of the securities and amenities present.

    • TrixC says:

      Completely agree. She’s implying that if you visit Mykonos you’re highly likely to be robbed. I’ve been there and my good friend loves it and goes every year, neither of us have had any issues.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      You’re right I forgot about her saying to spend your money elsewhere ,very different when you have millions of insta followers.We plan to visit Greece soon and nothing about what Gigi has said will change that fact.

  10. Amandine says:

    I got robbed in so many different places and countries but will never ask people not to travel there because I was unlucky. I think with her platform it is not smart telling her followers not to travel to Mykonos due to one bad experience.
    I’m French and compared to her own country / the US, European countries are a lot safer.
    Thiefs are everywhere!

  11. Meg says:

    Her first post doesn’t just say she wouldn’t go back she says she wouldn’t recommend it to others. I think that’s where she overstepped IMO

  12. lucy2 says:

    Her initial post seemed a little flippant, but I think her explanation is decent.

    I don’t think the answer is “no one ever go to Greece” but just be informed about where you’re going and aware of your surroundings. Which is good for everywhere you go. Criminals target tourist heavy areas all around the globe.

    Side note, I was once in a quaint little town in my home state where the police department , right in the middle of town, was closed. On a Saturday. We had a minor incident to report, so no 911 call or anything needed, and had to fill out a form and drop in in a box. It was weird.

    • Tiffany says:

      And that is how Mykonos was until it because a celeb and instamodel hangout. It was not really known for being a tourist town until recently.

      • Barb says:

        For whom? It’s pretty popular tourist island.

      • Seraphina says:

        Mykonos has always been a popular tourist island. The problem is that it’s now a playground for the super rich and famous. Let’s not confuse the two. And unfortunately, when you mix lots of people who are super rich and famous with lots of partying (which the island has become famous for) this may happen. There are people out there who look for weak spots and take advantage of it.

  13. Aenflex says:

    It’s not her opinion that matters, it’s that she uses it influence millions of people, regardless of her intent. Things she, (and other influencers), say can have a large ripple of consequences.

    It’s a factor that needs to be addressed. Essentially they are broadcasters.

    Personally I think her opinion is fine. I’m sorry she was robbed, that’s so scary. I just get upset about how influential and yet irresponsible some of these stars can be.

    • Seraphina says:

      Nicely said. It’s like I always say: it’s not what you say, it’s how you present it or how you say it. Delivery is everything.

  14. brooksie says:

    I was robbed in Barcelona and my instant reaction, post-robbery, was to say “I’m never coming back here.” Perhaps she should have given more thought to her wording, however I was frazzled and scared for a few days after my incident so I imagine she was as well. Now that some time has passed, I would go back to Barcelona as I don’t want to let the particular incident ruin that beautiful place.

  15. Amelie says:

    Petty theft/burglary is very common in Europe. I got robbed in Spain because I wasn’t paying attention. It was my own fault honestly and it didn’t put me off Spain. I learned my lesson though and learned never to put my handbag down on the floor in cafes.

    All of my relatives’ homes in France have been burglarized over the years or there was attempted burglary. Mostly electronic stuff was stolen like TVs and computers. It happens a lot in the summer when people are away. Our rental car was burglarized one summer while we were visiting (so the car wasn’t stolen just stuff inside which I think was food). Most of my relatives don’t have alarms, it’s too expensive and they can’t afford it. The last time it happened was only a few years ago in the middle of the night while my uncle was home alone. He is wealthy enough to have an alarm/security cameras. The alarm went off in the middle of the night but my uncle figured it was nothing. Next morning he found a damaged door. The thief was scared away by the alarm so my uncle got lucky. And yes burglaries happen in the US (stolen packages etc.) but I don’t know many people who were burglarized inside their house.

    I just came back from Greece for 10 days and had a great time. I was on a non touristy island though (Spetses) and I can’t tell you how enjoyable that was. Greeks basically told us never to go to Santorini or Mykonos not because of theft but because there are way too many tourists. Any place with lots of tourists is going to a target for theft. It sucks what happened to Gigi, I know the feeling after I was robbed. But Greece is the same as anywhere in Europe where you have the chance of being robbed.

  16. BANANIE says:

    If people choose to listen to Gigi, that’s on them. They should think for themselves.

  17. Thea says:

    My sister iPhone was stolen in Paris last year. My dad had his wallet stolen in Rome. I love both places and would go back in a heartbeat.

  18. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Her response was on point. How are you going to tell someone they cant speak about their own experience. And based on what she stated she was right to warn people about the fact that if something happens to you outside of police “office hours” you’re on your own. It’s probably WHY thieves are targeting people at those times in the first place.

  19. Abby says:

    She writes really well, which surprises me for some reason. I completely agree that she should share her experiences freely.

  20. Amber says:

    When I studied abroad a group of friends from my program went to Greece and all their passports got stolen. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to go back. But I’ve encountered people trying to pickpocket me or scam me in almost every European country I’ve been to: France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Austria. France was actually the worst. Cab drivers trying to charge bogus “surcharges” just because I was American and things like that.

  21. Amber says:

    When I studied abroad a group of friends from my program went to Greece and all their passports got stolen. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to go back. But I’ve encountered people trying to pickpocket me or scam me in almost every European country I’ve been to: France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Austria. France was actually the worst. Cab drivers trying to charge bogus “surcharges” just because I was American and things like that. But I would still go back to Europe, in fact I just spent a month in the Scandinavian countries. There’s no surefire way to prevent theft or pickpocketing but as long as you’re aware of your surroundings you’ll be able to detect untrustworthy people. And if you carry a newspaper in the local language when you’re out and about, people won’t bother you because they think you’re a local. Don’t wear anything with logos on it (Americans often wear sweatshirts with college insignias and sports teams, it’s so easy to pick them out in a crowd. When I lived in London my friends and I made a game of it.) it is hard to prevent theft in hotels, though.

  22. Mew says:

    She got robbed. She has right to her opinion. That’s that. She’s got no responsibility to upkeep Greek economy. She’s fully allowed to her opinion. It might chance eventually. It’s pretty discerning if ALL of Greece’s tourists are ONLY Gigi fans and her personal opinion is enough to crash a whole country’s economy forever. Please.

  23. Powermoonchrystal says:

    “Work my ass off”. Blah. She is marginally better than Jenner, but it seems she is of the same type of nepotism who thinks she has it hard.

  24. Hello Kitty says:

    I just spent a month in greece, which i do every summer. I love it. If i got robbed, I wouldnt want to go back either. I’d tell people about getting robbed so that they don’t get robbed. the end.

  25. Alyse says:

    I’ve travelled to 46 countries…. Greece is as safe as any other.
    Is there some crime? Yeah. Like all countries.

    Just have to go in with your eyes open & know that sometimes bad things happen.
    Always get travel insurance!!

  26. ans says:

    I mean, she isn’t wrong. It’s good for people to be aware of. Greek people are so kind and wonderful, it is easy to let down your guard as a tourist. My family was in Crete and we were robbed IN OUR SLEEP, my dad woke up to someone hunched over my mom’s purse in their hotel room. Horrifying and it was a really “safe,” secured resort. She probably could have given a little more specific information in her original post, but i mean … being robbed is traumatizing.

  27. Kate says:

    I don’t like her, but she is 100% right here.

  28. Eloise says:

    I recently went to Greece. The locals are the rudest I’ve experienced out of every country I’ve travelled to… and people say people from Paris are rude. I didn’t find that in the slightest. I found Greek people to be incredibly passive aggressive and rude but with a smile on their face. Most people would be too oblivious to notice.

    Mykonos was the rudest. I wouldn’t ever travel there again. I felt unsafe. Drivers on the road speed up if they see you crossing the road. As if they want to run you down.

    They rip you off at every chance they get and the men are only nice unless they find out you won’t sleep with them. Was nearly sexually assaulted on multiple occasions and the police laughed in our faces when we reported it. I’m with Gigi with this. *uck being polite. They are rude and don’t deserve the tourism they get.

    Treat your tourists better maybe?