Duchess Meghan ‘is moving on & riding above the storm, she’s focused on bigger things’

Royals Xmas Day church

The Duchess of Sussex has been victimized and bullied for more than a year now. The racism towards her is profoundly upsetting to me, so I can’t even imagine how upsetting it is to her. She shouldn’t have to “rise above” all of this sh-t. But what else can she do? Leave Harry and simply say “I refuse to be abused like this anymore”? People would attack her even more if that happened. So “rise above” it is. Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl has a new story about how Meghan is feeling these days and what she’s focusing on: her Smart Works capsule collection.

They have faced a media backlash over their use of private jets, but today Meghan Markle rose above the controversy to visit a charity that she is passionate about. In a new story posted on Instagram today, Meghan was filmed at a promotional shoot for her new capsule clothing collection for Smart Works, a charity that helps women get back on the career ladder.

Having recently returned from a three-day break vacation with Prince Harry and their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, sources say Meghan is rested and “raring to go” as she prepares to return to royal duties next month. The Sussexes are touring Southern Africa in September, which will mark Meghan’s return to full time royal duties. However, she has been working hard behind the scenes throughout her maternity leave. She edited the September issue of Vogue and has collaborated on the capsule collection for Smart Works. As her appearance Wednesday proved, she has been hands on.

“She’s moving on and riding above the storm,” said one insider. “She’s not wasting time or energy on the row over the private jets, instead she’s getting very excited about the new launch.”

Meanwhile, a handful of Meghan’s close friends, including stylist Jessica Mulroney, have come to her defense, claiming that she continues to be the subject of bullying and unfair treatment in the media. Sources close to Meghan, who says she does not read the tabloid press, said that she is aware of the controversy over the private jet travel. But one source said she is unfazed by all the fuss: “As far as she is concerned it’s a storm that will blow over. She is focused on bigger things right now.”

[From Vanity Fair]

“As far as she is concerned it’s a storm that will blow over.” I mean, it will blow over… until it’s replaced with the latest racist smear. That’s the cycle. Meghan says words, or goes somewhere, or breathes and every tabloid in Britain jumps down her throat. For the past two weeks, it’s been about private planes. Next week it will probably be about how “Diva Meg” has no business being a fashion designer, she’s “too American,” too “celebrity.” Whatever. Or it will be a whole new manufactured controversy, who knows. I want to believe that Meghan remains unbothered, but this sh-t wears me down, so I can only imagine how she feels. As for the Smart Works stuff – GMA is running a nice preview here.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, visits Smart Works charity in West London

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Tonya says:

    William and Kate were just photographed flying on a budget airline. yikes!

    I think Meghan is really pretty but there is something about her thats always felt Goopy to me. Her vogue article, that “behind the scenes” fitting/photoshoot of her clothing line, the private jets..its all a little too Hollywood for people perhaps? Makes her seem a little too celebrity-like to me with the focus on fashion and luxury. It seems shallow to me.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      Please stop. William and Kate staged at photo-op. They use private helicopters on the regular and flew private to Mustique. This was to dig at Meghan and Harry.

      The “too Hollywood” shit is constantly thrown at Meghan as part of the RRs bullshit smear campaigns. Nevermind the fact that every royal from the Queen down including William and Kate, has enjoyed hanging with Hollywood.

      And “she’s really pretty, but” comment is gross and obvious.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Tonya sure you’re allowed your opinion. Doesn’t make said opinion any less transparent and gross.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Tonya oh yes honey. As a black woman sick of watching the BS thrown at this woman on a daily basis I am DEFINITELY with her.
        And PS – stating that a woman is “Pretty, but…” is gross. Period.
        And since when is a clothing line for CHARITY Hollywood and luxury?? Your slip is showing hun.

      • Eyfalia says:

        @Tonya If you would really look close at her, she is quite the opposite of being shallow.
        Very sensitive, thoughtful, very calm. At the same time she can be like a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine, bubbly with loving life and full of ideas. Very inspiring. She is a yogi. You should read what this means.

        On showing Archie Meghan said, that he is such a sweet and calm baby and Harry answered: “Well, we know who he got this from!” and Meghan burst into a giggle. I could virtually see them being very nervous, while the baby was overdue, and Meghan sitting there with her big belly being totally unworried and calm.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Tonya BYE

      • kelleybelle says:

        Only a blatantly shallow person would even mention Meghan’s looks in a discussion about her. When was this about looks or how pretty she is? Team Banjo.

      • jenner says:

        valiently- for someone so concerned about trolling, you are the biggest one here.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @jenner girl, bye. Nothing I said was trolling but congrats on your weak attempt to deflect from what literally everyone on this comment chain is saying. And it’s VALIANTLY.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Tonya I thought you were done and wished me a nice day but sure I’ll play. I find it interesting that my comments are the one you’re clearly so pressed about. There are literally THREE other people calling you out on this chain. But somehow my comments are the ones that upset you? I wonder why that is?

        And also please spare me the concern trolling. It’s condescending and disingenuous.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Valiantly Varnished, I’ve noticed a couple of new names on here going after established posters (you and me both). They’ve tried this before, they apparently will keep trying it. They have no logical defense for their statements, so they attack other posters out of desperation.

      • GirlMonday says:

        Hold the phone. Valiantly isn’t trolling. She didn’t like what Tonya wrote, and she said so. If you post a comment on this site, someone may not like it, and they may post a comment saying so. That is how this works. Your not liking her point of view doesn’t make her a troll or angry. And to be clear @Tonya, Valiantly’s two comments are not revelatory of an obsession, and you were not “literally attack[ed] . . . with such anger.” Emotions fall on a broad spectrum. Frustration, annoyance, irritation, and exasperation are different than anger. It’s lazy and poor form to label her as angry because her comments express frustration with your point of view. And @Jenner, commenting only to call someone a troll is kinda what trolling is.

      • Stacy says:

        I think There is a huge difference between disagreeing with Tonya and then crossing the line and calling her “gross” and a “troll.”

      • Nahema says:

        While I find it hard to believe that someone might not be aware of the racist campaign against Meghan, I do feel I should point out that the comments @Tonya made are the kind of comments made on Celebitchy every single day. We all come on here and talk about looks, clothes and such like. If this comment was about any other woman, nobody would be calling her out. Especially not for saying she looks pretty. Yes the racism has got out of hand but the policing of every single little criticism and even the compliments has too. If people can’t come on here and be honest, they might as well just not bother. There is so much hatred aimed at people, just because they have a different point of view and it’s almost entirely in the comments sections about the Sussex’s.

      • otaku fairy.... says:

        +1 MrsBanjo, and GirlMonday, yes to everything you said.👏👏👏

    • BayTampaBay says:

      According to a poster at the DataLounge, Bill & Cathy went up the stairs to board the budget flight and immediately deplaned out the back rear door to ascend another set of stairs to a nearby waiting private jet! LOL! LOL!

      • Betsy says:

        I *want* to believe that Judd’s because I don’t like them, but I’d like a picture, you know?

      • Pineapple says:

        Oh BayTampaBay that is kind of awesome. I am not sure that happened but I wouldn’t put it past them. Meghan came to work and charm … and she has, I think it threatens Will and Kate like crazy.

      • Himmiefan says:

        I don’t know, one person saw Carol sitting a few rows in front of him.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Fellow posters, my blurb came from the DataLounge so it was probably made up but you never know over there. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

    • one of the Marys says:

      she brings a different skill set and appreciates the tools of photography, video, instagram that was lacking amongst other senior royals. People who don’t like her interpret that to mean she is pushing herself front and centre, it’s all about her. I think it’s the medium she’s using that throws them off.
      I don’t find her too Hollywood but she’s brought back “glamour” to the royal family

      • Rene Besette says:

        Hi there,

        You are probably too young to remember Grace Kelly who became the Queen of Monaco, but there was a lot of fuss going around when she was first there. She won the people over and they loved her. When Kate was first in the family, her skirts were too short and she was constantly belittled in the press for doing this and that wrong. I don’t think all the comments about Hollywood are that bad, but the racist comments are cruel and unnecessary. That Daily Mail crap goes above and beyond with their dialogue, there seems to be no limit to how low they go. I think like you, Megan brings some old style beauty to the Royal Family. I don’t think some Englanders realize that the publicity Megan brings, brings attention and money to Britain. Glad you are a fan, as am I

      • Megan says:

        Meghan’s job may have been as an actress, but she is a savvy businesswoman who developed the skills to effectively market herself and the issues she cares about. Should she stop using those skills because she married into a family of dinosaurs? She does not need to slow down, the rest of them need to catch up.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      You’re allowed to have your opinion just as I’m allowed to call you on what a terrible take it is. “Pretty, but…” is a bullshit statement. And if you’re not aware of any “too Hollywood” comments by the media constantly at Meghan you’re not paying attention.

      • MrsBanjo says:

        YOU DIDN’T CALL HER PRETTY. YOU SAID “PRETTY, BUT…” There’s a massive effing difference there that you’re either choosing not to see or don’t want to admit. You put a condition on the “compliment.” Enough.

      • GirlMonday says:

        Tonya, you are being attacked, your comments are being criticized. Please learn to appreciate the difference.

    • Betsy says:

      She’s making sure that women in need get clothing for work. I’m not sure that’s too fashiony or too Hollywood. And the Vogue guest editing was highlighting important women.

    • Britt says:

      This is not an attack on you but people are so used to the royals being so sterile, dull and boring and now that some flavor has been injected into that bland house of Windsor, it’s suddenly too showy or Hollywood. Meghan has made the family more relevant in 21st century than William,Kate and even Harry combined. If anything those hanger ons, clout chasers, and reporters should be happy she arrived.

    • notasugarhere says:

      So much obvious, so little time.

      • Nic919 says:

        So promoting a patronage is too Hollywood? I guess next time she should simply have Sara Latham write a letter of support in her name. That will be sure to raise tons of money. Maybe Ed Sheeran can model the clothing too?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why not? We know he’s been doing Kate’s job for her charities. LOL

    • Enormous Coat says:

      Being a royal is the definition of luxury. And royals court celebrity all the time. Meghan has done nothing wrong. She faces the level of scrutiny she does because white people are outraged by her mere presence in the royal family and as such, they want her to “know her place.” To make this about anything else is to legitimize the disgusting and hateful racism that drives these narratives.

      • livealot says:


        If Meghan was white and not mixed raced, i seriously doubt her flying private would be brought into question AT ALL.

    • Agenbiter says:

      @Tonya – You wrote “William and Kate were just photographed flying on a budget airline. yikes!”

      What did you mean by “yikes!”?

    • Taneesha says:

      @Tonya, I see you successfully derailed a positive thread into another hate bashfest, good for you. And I’m sure you already know @Valiantly Varnished is a POC thus yr racist tropes “angry person of color” “attacking” some poster. Now everyone is focused on countering yr negativity instead of commenting on duchess Meghan charity contribution and work ethic. Congratulations.👏👏👏

    • Claire says:


    • Jaded says:

      @Tonya: Meghan’s focus is on giving women, particularly women of colour, a chance to succeed in the business world despite not being able to afford an appropriate wardrobe. What’s “luxury” and “focus on fashion” to do with it? It’s a wonderful way to help women look professional and polished on a dime and give them a leg up to a good job. Why do you see only negative aspects about what amounts to a great, charitable idea, similar to her cookbook. Both of these projects have been great successes.

      Valiantly Varnished is a woman of colour and her comments on racism are invariably spot on. Her experience of the world is a drastically different one from what white women experience.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Fellow posters. in the words of that famous philosopher Rodney King: “Cannot we all just get along,”. We need to learn and grow from differences of opinion and not waste energy & time attacking each other personally when there is so much work to do.

      Who is going to clean up these messes known as the BRF and the US Senate if not us at Celebitchy?

    • PleaseAndThankYou says:


      Seriously, give it up. You do this constantly. Take out your aggression somewhere else.

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      @Tonya, Meghan shallow? Check the dictionary definition of shallow. Infact Meghan gets a lot of flack because she is too issue focused and too much of an activist, she does not just turn up to her patronages, she gets hands-on, refused to be covergirl for Vogue, so she can be involved in the content. Cookbook, Capsule Collection? Your, ‘ she is pretty, but…..’ portrays you rather as shallow.

  2. Loretta says:

    I love Meghan more and more.

  3. Toot says:

    Meghan keep focusing on what’s important. This great initiative that will help women in need, highlighting great organizations, like Luminary bakery and you’re other patronages.

  4. Rae says:

    I genuinely don’t envy her. I have utter respect for her ability to keep going in the face of all this and I would not trade places with her for all the money in the world.

    I’m wondering how the RRs are going to frame the tour to SA next month.

    • one of the Marys says:

      this is how I feel too

    • notasugarhere says:

      They insist she’s irrelevant, but they’ll all be begging to be allowed to stay in S.A. and cover her every move instead of traveling with Harry.

    • Nic919 says:

      The South Africa tour is going to get a ton of media attention and certain people will be very pressed about it. Especially with Archie there.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Nic919, 75% of the world interested in these things will be very pleased with the African tour.

  5. Britt says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the attacks and narratives changing and honestly Meghan shouldn’t even worry. Even if she kissed the Media’s behind and had a sit down with them, it wouldn’t change anything. Those reporters and media already had a storyline and narrative picked out the minute she was engaged to Harry. The one positive thing I get from it is that the Reporters and critics get backlash now and they’ve been dragged into 2019. No one is simply going to believe that crap and will question and speak out. She and Harry need to just live their lives and keep ignoring the media. Everyone know the British Media is trash including the brits themselves. Those newspapers are struggling and that’s why they’re lashing out because they want Meghan and Harry’s starpower to save their dwindling sales. They revealed themselves during that vogue issue nonsense.

  6. Aurora says:

    William and Kate have most clumsy PR. There’s no subtlety with them. After secretly jetting off to vacations on private jets all year, they call out the paps for their budget plane trip In the midst of the Sussex “”scandal”

    There is absolutely no doubt to me that the Meghan smear campaign comes from the Cambridges.

    • Britt says:

      Or it’s to distract from Andrew, to make it appear like it’s a family feud going on. But yeah, that was clumsy and so fake. William and Kate are in bed with the press and that’s going to backfire horribly on them.

  7. Cee says:

    I never felt so protective of a person I do not know, will never know, and who is so far removed form my existence. I have this need to throw a protective shield around her and her family. Everyone is so vicious, or at least they’re so loud they seem to be so many.

    • Eyfalia says:

      I feel like this as well. But, I achieved a little victory today, a hate troll on Twitter is suspended. At least one more gone.

    • JanetDR says:

      I’m with you Cee!

    • Lise says:

      @Cee I absolutely agree with you. From everything I’ve read (from actual accomplished individuals, not royal “reporters”) she is a hardworking, intelligent, and compassionate woman. I don’t know why people hate her success so much. Is it because it (finally) shines a light on how incompetent KM is at her job? Do people feel shaken that a self-identified bi-racial woman has risen so high and achieved so much in only 38 years? I really just don’t understand. I feel so horribly for her and defend her vociferously in my own way (on Twitter) .

  8. Carol says:

    Just like the Obamas, when they go low she goes high! Bravo. She is a true Duchess!

    • Gail says:

      Exactly what I came here to say! It’s obvious to everyone that all this nonsense is a lame attempt to deflect from Pedo Andy and grifter Sarah, and it isn’t working.

    • Kay says:

      YES! She is dignity personified and I hope she continues to “rise above it” and focus on her marriage, motherhood and charity work with her characteristic enthusiasm and passion. I always tell my kids if they are being bullied at school not to give them oxygen, maintain a calm exterior and get on with their day. Meghan is clearly of the same mindset 😉 😀

  9. Valiantly Varnished says:

    In the face of racism that’s the only thing you can do. It’s the only thing that won’t drive you bonkers. But I know sis is raging inside. I’m raging inside for her. But rage can be channeled into something positive and that’s what she’s doing. And the more she does that the better she will feel. She’s a good person. That is clear. And she is doing her best to make her position mean something and NOT just be about sitting around looking royal. Or doing staged photo ops boarding budget planes.

    • StarGreek says:

      Valiantly Varnished, just stopped to say that I like your comments so much, in particular on Meghan’s threads :-)

    • Cee says:

      I am raging inside, too. I’ve always hated injustice and unfairness and this has now gone too far. From the moment she appeared by Harry’s side people have decided they have a right to demean, insult and harass her. She must really love him because I can’t see how the perks of being a Royal would even begin to justify living like this.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      It’s exhausting being a black woman. We are constantly on guard. We have to put up with so many microaggressions and blatant racism while just trying to live our lives. I’m angry every single time I read or see some rant against Meghan. Every. Single. Time. This woman has done nothing to warrant this crap except marry a man, who was blessed to be born into a royal family. It’s heartbreaking she can’t enjoy her new life and child because a bunch of racists and xenophobes deem her unworthy of happiness.

    • Nahema says:

      I remember being a kid and my grandma telling me about that racial abuse she suffered and the horrendous stories about the suffering of my great grandfather. She told me that I was really lucky because by the time I was an adult, the world would be a very different place. I feel very lucky because I think back to those stories. I feel lucky because I read comments and listen to the experiences of other WOC. I can’t say that I’ve dealt with a huge amount of racism personally and maybe I’m good at putting things to one side and telling myself that some people just don’t know better but I’ve seen it happen and I hear what everyone is saying. If I’m completely honest, I think I tell myself it isn’t happening but it clearly is and I don’t think the world is really all that different to how it was 20 or 30 years ago.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think some of it has been channeled into hiring amazing, accomplished WOC for their team and/or Foundation. Natalie Campbell, Heather Wong, Karen Blackett.

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    Meghan is used to this…

    Not on THIS level of course…

    But she is used to THIS type of treatment…and she flourished under it all of her life…

    She will be alright…

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Exactly sis. Black women deal with this s*it all the time. Not at this level. But literally her entire life has conditioned her for this.

      • sunny says:

        Sadly this. Again, not on this scale but being black/bi-racial means you deal with bs all the time.

        I honestly worry about how Harry is coping becuase although he knew about the downside of royal life there is absolutely no way he really could have understood the way racism permeates daily life.

        I am so glad that Meghan is staying focused and trying to do good work despite all the people undermining her. I am also really glad she has such a strong social circle including woman like Serena, no stranger to racist bs herself.

    • Desdemona says:

      Well, she shouldn’t be used to it. I think people are beyond mean against each other and no one should “be used to” being treated so unfairly just because if their skin colour. I don’t like or dislike her, have no opinion, but all of this seems totally
      uncalled for… Humanity will never learn from history and past mistakes…

      • Pineapple says:

        “Humanity will never learn from history and past mistakes…” Desdemona this is what I am trying to come to terms with. I have almost lived for half a century and watching humans in the world … this statement says it all. All.
        Meghan could have been used as a magical, Royal weapon by the British Royal Family. She should have been thanked for bringing much needed fresh air. Instead, jealousy .. racism. Blech.

  11. JJ says:

    I hope Meghan can continue to block out all the negativity. Meghan is too good for the Windsors

  12. Nobody says:

    The more they tried to slander her
    The more she will be popular
    There is no such thing as bad publicity
    Her good causes will get free publicity
    I try to be positive here
    Good luck MH

  13. Deanne says:

    I don’t like the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan included, as I think int’s obscene that the British public fund their lavish lifestyles while they pretend to “work”. At least Meghan is trying to do things that will actually make a difference, rather the just being a figurehead that shows up for photo ops. The line of clothing is a really great idea and she’s obviously passionate about it. I don’t usually read the Daily Mail crap, but the article about how Will and Kate and their children flew cheapo and obviously there is no reason Meghan and Harry can’t and the comments about it were really disturbing. Poor Meghan. People say she knew what she was marrying into, but I don’t think you ever really know and to be faced with constant criticism and racist BS must be really depressing. She keeps trying, but it’ s clear that nothing will ever be good enough. I feel terrible for her.

  14. EBB says:

    Sure Meghan and Harry should maybe fly commercial and sure she comes off as a little GOOP but PRINCE ANDREW WAS BEST FRIENDS WITH JEFFREY EPSTEIN. Like, who cares about Meghan’s plane!?!

    Seriously. It drives me crazy how the Andrew scandal continues to be tossed aside by the British press. The Daily Mail has a whole section on “Private Jet Row” right now but nothing on Andrew.

    • Bettyrose says:

      It’s also very early days with M & H, and they’ve accomplished a lot so far. In 20 years, if they’re best known for lavish vacations, then criticism may be warranted, but I think we can all agree their legacy is likely to be much more honorable than that.

      But yeah it feels like a lot of deflecting from the RF’s real scandal.

  15. Yup, Me says:

    I have a feeling that, behind the scenes, Meghan has a lot of folks- white people, but, more importantly, non-white people who have been in the public eye and dealing with those “uppercrust” white folks’ bullshit for a lot of years who have been reaching out to her and checking in. She met with Michelle Obama, I’m sure they were able to commiserate about white folks’ bullshit when you are a very famous black woman. Beyonce and Serena, too. And also, very likely Oprah and others.

    Also, Meghan has been a black woman/girl in largely white spaces for a lot of her life. She isn’t new to white folks’ bullshit, either. She went to catholic school. Trust. She isn’t new to this talking out of both sides of their mouths behavior.

    She’s also a Leo and Leos are very much proponents of that Beyonce lyric “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

    It might get her down at times but I have a feeling she’s got people checking in with her and her previous experiences have somewhat prepared her for this (though, I’m sure nothing could prepare someone for this scale).

  16. Sof says:

    She looked so happy and excited on those videos, I hope the line is a success.

  17. Well-Wisher says:

    The Royal Family has been quietly posting items based on the Commonwealth Trust earlier this week as the row over private jets raged. So the Queen will not have a word – euphemism for “put her in her place”.
    Meanwhile the Cambridges decided to stir the pot by flying basic commercial even when they fly by helicopter inside of England itself.
    “This too shall pass” is a good way to deal with the storm in a plastic teacup.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Meghan is the embodiment of “keep calm and carry on”. All these forces inside and outside the BRF trying to beat her down and force her out, and all she does is carry on with her projects. She makes her detractors look foolish and mean every single day.

  19. Sunnee says:

    Duchess of Sussex will outshine Waity no matter what. She’s ideasdriven and dedicated to working for others. Her capsule collection will be a runaway success. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on one or two pieces.
    On the other hand BP, Prince Baldy and Waity are the problem. It’s so obvious. I’m hoping Harry and Meg skip Balmoral, but if they do go maybe they should drive. If they took a cheapo flight people will say that They are following the lead of the two jerks
    This level of backstabbing is right up there with how the royals of old used to send their rivals to the Tower.
    BTW, Wills looks like he stinks.

  20. kerwood says:

    Like several Black women have said, I too feel very protective of the Duchess of Sussex.

    I’ve been Black all my life and I know what she’s going through. My experience has been on a MUCH smaller scale but I’ve also been attacked just for being an ‘uppity’ Black girl. Not only did I not know my place, I had the nerve to decide what my place was.

    I remember how lonely I felt realizing that the only way I could stop the abuse was to stop being ME. Because that’s what they wanted, they wanted me to stop existing.

    I’m glad the Duchess has the support of her friends and family. I hope she also takes courage in the knowledge that brave men and women suffered and died so she could be who she is. So dealing with a little bullshit is a small price to pay.

  21. Lisa says:

    Meghan focusing on showing her work is the best answer to the nonsense.

  22. MsIam says:

    Tabloids (and racists) suck eggs, both here in the US and the UK. If Meghan is truly not bothered by it then I say “Keep going, girl!”. Because these folks will not change ever.

  23. ex-Mel says:

    The cries about “victimisation” and “bullying” are making them appear as snowflakes.
    Once upon a time, Camilla was *spat* on by random strangers on the streets, not to mention other forms of constant abuse. I don’t recall any outcry then.

    • MsIam says:

      So that makes it right to continue badgering H&M? Shame on TQ for not standing up for Camilla then but that is no excuse to bully Meghan. And I hate that term snowflake, it’s so dismissive and callous.

      • otaku fairy.... says:

        Exactly. It’s all about equating tolerance for mistreatment with strength and character. Camilla experiencing an example of disrespect and abuse physically in the past doesn’t make it wrong or precious to discuss how Meghan is being treated now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A person throwing bread rolls at Camilla in the street vs. people sending suspicious white powder to Meghan, a woman flying across an ocean to try to attack Meghan physically and rip off her “pillow/fake baby”, two men arrested for plotting to kill Harry as a race traitor, etc. etc. etc.

      Please. Do not even try to equate anything another royal woman has gone through to the racist abuse Meghan has faced for three years.

    • Hope says:

      Meghan didn’t gaslight a 19 year old so she could have an affair with her husband.

      The abuse of Camilla shouldn’t have extended to spitting on her but you do realize that Meghan hasn’t actually done anything wrong?

      • Wisca says:

        Thank you for saying this Hope because blackness-in-existence seems to mean GUILTY to many. Bringing up Camilla in this discussion is very telling.

  24. Amelie says:

    If I feel sorry for anyone, it’s Doria. Meghan chose this life and while I do not envy all the racist attacks and ridiculous stories aimed at her every day and Harry, it is part of marrying into the royal family. But poor Doria! To see her daughter be vilified every day in the media like this and that’s her only child. And she of course gets dragged into it and that’s not fair, she’s just a regular woman living her life. She’s probably not surprised at the racism aimed at Meghan but it’s got to hurt still.

    And if Meghan does stick it out with Harry, at some point the media will have to take on a new angle and pick on someone else. The stories about Meghan’s paternal family eventually died down when Thomas Markle basically showed the world how terrible he was by publishing Meghan’s letter to him. Interest faded… and same with Meghan’s sister. I think she realized the media moved on when all she had to say was the same thing over and over. She’s still ranting on Twitter but nobody cares.

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      Some sister she turned out to be. Most people who had a relative experiencing what Meghan has experienced over the past couple of years would be at least a little bit more sensitive and supportive. But a lot of families probably have at least one person who would be a Samantha/Thomas if someone else in the family got famous.

    • Wisca says:

      Amelie, I think Meghan, like Obama, honestly felt that they could be biracial bridges between two worlds because of their lived experiences. Of course both of them faced racism, but they both benefited from their proximity to whiteness as exemplified by marrying into the RF & leading the United States. These are exalted global positions. But as trailblazers they have both faced virulent racism because they have positioned themselves beyond what racists feel comfortable with. Sure Meghan could become rich, successful, and marry an economically comfortable white man, but a British prince? Sure Obama could become a rare black Senator, but president? In other words, I think pretty, smart, and hard-working Meghan, like attractive, brilliant, & hard-working Obama, have to be at least somewhat shocked that they are being treated like poor, dark-skinned African Americans from Mississippi in 1943 despite the power and prestige of their positions. Academics used to call this being “ambiguously non-hegemonic,” where a person’s subject position is both privileged and oppressed.

  25. Jules says:

    If someone who supposedly works for a cleaner and safer environment, takes 4 private plane trips in one week – it’s not about the money – and it certainly is not racism. It’s about being a hypocrite.

    • Lanne says:

      If you don’t see the double standard at play it’s because you don’t want to. Which reveals a heck of a lot more about you than it does about Meghan.

  26. VS says:

    Please don’t let the door hit you on your way out……….having an opinion is fine but having a disingenuous and expecting everyone to just let you have it means you don’t understand the first amendment……….just like you are free to have an opinion, people are free to push back against nonsense