“Angelina Jolie dropped Maddox off at college in South Korea” links

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Angelina Jolie dropped Maddox off at college in South Korea. [JustJared]
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Heidi Montag, Christian music songstress. [Dlisted]
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Would you wear these Gucci necklaces? I would not. [Tom & Lorenzo]
The Log Cabin Republicans are delusional. [Towleroad]
Kirsten Dunst does big eyeliner and bangs. [GFY]

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  1. Nicegirl says:

    My ❤️ goes out to her, it’s such a beautiful scary time taking your eldest to university, being so proud and happy and also terrified. Congratulations to Maddox! 🖖🏽

    • minx says:

      She has a beautiful family, they seem like great kids. Can’t believe Maddox is that old.

    • Angie says:

      I just left my oldest son at college. I have three other children and a great life. I am just devastated. I feel like i won’t survive. Everything remind me of him- his empty room, the missing table setting. I am really glad at least he is still in the same country as me!

      • Suzz54 says:

        I feel you @Angie. I just left my oldest at college. The house is so quiet without his instrument honking. The lack of sibling shenanigans. He is just a half hour away and it feels like an entire continent. Good luck!

      • Carmen says:

        When I dropped my son off at college in Maine, I bawled all the way back to New York. Two weeks later I was reveling in the peace and quiet. Not to mention his room not looking like a bomb hit it.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Just left one yesterday and now one today. Then home to an empty house this afternoon. I’m going to need a bottle of wine and my husband’s shoulder later.

  2. Jadedone says:

    Is Maddox embarrassed of his mom like most teens or do you he is like “my mom is Angelina freaking Jolie”

    • CL says:

      probably both!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      hahahaha…I wonder that too. prob a bit of both.

      RE: the log cabin republicans…how can that dude actually think LGBTQ people are better off under 45 when he is proposing to allow employers to fire people for being gay? or the rules about gay couples adopting? delusional is an understatement.

  3. TheOriginalMia says:

    So proud of him. Feel old as hell too.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    That video. ❤️ I almost got emotional with her! I remember when Maddox was a BABY. And now he’s in college. I wish him all the best!

    • Sierra says:

      And she has to do this another 5 times😐

      So glad the children are proving the haters wrong by going to university, being interested in humanitarian causes, animals etc.

      So many haters wished and even prayed these children will be a mess just because of their parents.

  5. Teri says:

    She’s done an amazing job raising a fine young man.

  6. BlueSky says:

    I can imagine when it was time to leave Angelina tried to stall “you need me to put some clothes away?” “You need any money for lunch?” 😂 but seriously good for him for going off to college.

  7. Bella Bella says:

    That moment when Maddox steps back to let people photograph his mother… just made me sad. You just know he’s done it a million times before. Even on a day that should be *his* day, the first day of college, it becomes about her. The life of the child of a famous person.

    • Sierra says:

      I feel that Maddox doesn’t like the spotlight and is happy to step back. He has always seemed shy to me.

    • lucy2 says:

      I hope the novelty of him having a famous mom wears off for the other students, and he finds some great true friends and enjoys college.

    • Ok says:

      Why in the world would you feel sad?? He’s smiling! Smh hidden agenda much? Don’t use this kid as an excuse to criticize her… he seems so excited.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @bellabella, WRONG, you should pay attention more. The only reason we have this footage was from the kids phones, they were exciting to see them. Mad and Angie are super close. She made it about him/them. Mad is beaming. Also, watch the vids, he always steps back, not just this one, he always refers to her b/c he knows/loves her. He does that for his siblings too. He is respectful. He is a shy kid. She says that to the young students, he’s shy meaning he’s nervous to approach. He’s prob happy she took the lead.

      Plus, if anyone took his shine away, it’s that lame ex of Angie’s who could have kept his mouth shut instead of running to the tabloids as usual and trying to make it about him instead of letting Maddox have his time.

    • Jaded says:

      Oh please…she’s an amazing mom and human being raising exceptional kids. Quit trying to make it seem like she’s hogging the spotlight on their special day and be happy for them.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Watching the blog from that student Richard Choi, looks like he was happy to meet both. He talked to Angie and spoke briefly to Maddox but said he seemed shy. But looks like he was excited about getting to know him since they were in the same dorm. It was cute how happy he was to meet Maddox!

    • Cee says:

      His mother brings him right back and he is right next to his mother smiling. Not sure what your agenda is but no doubt Maddox loves and respects his Mother. And Angie loves her son.

  8. tmbg says:

    I wonder what made him choose a South Korean college. The boy must be really smart because he’s studying engineering! Good for him. Angie did a great job raising him.

    • Ira says:

      Yonsei is one of the top three university in South Korea. Honestly I have never been a fan of Angelina Jolie. But the news Maddox got accepted in Yonsei made me respect Angelina Jolie more than any celebs. She’s an Oscar winning actress and global philanthropist, but this moment that put Angelina in a new light for me. I guess I’m really an Asian trough and trough…

  9. Nicegirl says:

    Feeling for Mads’ siblings as well, it’s such a great example when the big sibs go to college but man my lil guy sure misses his big bro and treasures every second they spend together post uni move out. 😢💕

  10. Green Desert says:

    Maddox is the same age, almost to the day, as my stepson who is also starting college. Time flies. I have an 11-month-old too so I’m currently trying to become a Time Lord. :)

  11. smcollins says:

    Time really does fly, I feel so old. Best of luck to him!

  12. tw says:

    Is that her wax figure?

  13. Lady D says:

    I’d wear either of those Gucci necklaces in a heartbeat. Yes please.

  14. Jane wilson says:

    What is going on with her arms??

    • Ok says:

      Shes thin and her veins show. Has been that way since she was starting out in her 20s…

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I think Jane means the weird patterns just above her elbow and on her shoulder.

        they look like funky shadows from all the lighting in the room she was in (at ComicCon).

  15. Truth hurts says:

    Mad is a shy boy and stepped back because he respects his mom. I hope people don’t forget she is a mom first. Angelina is a rare bird. Because of the intense way she loves and supports her kids this wasn’t surprising to see her right there in the mix. She was even telling that one boy that she wanted him to befriend him and was going to give him his room number because they were the only Americans. Telling crowd of students before she called him over that he was s but shy was typical mom. Any other A list famous actress wouldn’t have done any of that because of their hubris, not her.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Any other A list famous actress wouldn’t have done any of that because of their hubris, not her.”

      look, I like and admire the woman, but I find that statement to be very presumptuous. you have NO idea what other A-list actresses would do in her position. can’t we just admire her and appreciate what she does for her kids without slurring other women? doesn’t Jolie herself always talk about lifting up other women instead of putting them down?

      • Truth hurts says:

        Presumption is fact in that case. Where is daddy? He would have made it some tactical parade. I have or seen one actress do this if so show pics please. That’s why I made that statement. Just like they make slick statements about her.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        no, it’s presumption. “fact” means you have presentable proof of your statement. the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim. YOU.

        I have no idea where “daddy” is (MIA, obv), and he wasn’t the subject of your presumption. other A-list actresses were.

        Jolie does a LOT of good. that’s demonstrably true. she loves her kids. also demonstrably true. that she did something no other A-list actress did or would do is not demonstrably true. don’t put down other women to push Jolie up. you don’t need to. she pushes herself up all on her own.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree whatWHAT. There are a lot of other A list actresses who are also good parents and would behave the same way in a similar situation. No need to trash others to praise her.

      • Truth hurts says:

        Since we are being presumably honest there is no other actress and in her shoes. Not one of them is or ever have been subjected to criticism for even breathing. Or their children attacked because of a man so I say again no other actress on her level would do this. Fact is fact and you understand what I was explaining.
        Who am I pushing? From the looks of it she does not have to push at all, don’t hate.
        Lastly saying other actresses aren’t arrogant is wrong most are. Are you one? If so a hit dog will holler. Too bad

  16. Sidewithkids says:

    Angie was a typical mom. Embarrassing, proud, nervous, happy and a bit sad to send her boy off to college. It has been her and Maddox for so long, he’s the one that changed her life for the better. I remember my mom told me awhile ago when she sent me off, she came back home, sat on my bed and just stared into space for a good hour. She said she was so sad she didn’t no what else to do. So she just sat there thinking about us. It had been us for so long. I’m sure Angie will feel the same. Lol. The difference tho is Angie has five kids more right now that will take up her time and energy.

  17. Joanna says:

    I love my mom, but…..why couldn’t I have been born Angelina’s kid? What a wonderful life. I would love to travel from country to country. I know, I can do that now, but I mean as a kid, to be so well traveled, would be amazing!

  18. Shannon says:

    For some reason I subjected myself to the Heidi Montag song. Please skip it. This summed it up well “It’s the kind of song California valley girls might sing along to at Hillsong church.”