“Is anyone interested in Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil?” links

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I am not into this image of Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil. [Dlisted]
David Beckham mocked Victoria Beckham for her boat-gown. [Just Jared]
Lainey analyzes Prince Andrew’s messy statement. [LaineyGossip]
I love everything about Jennifer Lopez’s look here. [Go Fug Yourself]
People still want to watch Gerard Butler punch things. [Pajiba]
Now Donald Trump says he doesn’t want to nuke hurricanes. Flip-flopper![Towleroad]
Did Bobby Brown get hit by a car? [Starcasm]
Here’s a brief look at The Rise of Skywalker. [Seriously OMG]
The Lady and the Tramp trailer is here and it’s… well…(see below). [Jezebel]

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    If they were just going to make her look like Helena Bonham Carter, why not just hire Helena Bonham Carter?

    • StarGreek says:

      True 😂😂


    • Eliza says:

      I see Eva Green cos-play. Also think Helena and Eva would both be more interesting.

      • Agenbiter says:

        Yes!! Eva and Helena together – as Holmes and Watson?

      • Woppies says:

        I saw Eva Green too. Cruella deVil (cartoon) was delightfully campy, over the top up to 9000 and unrepentantly serpentine. Cannot see Emma as that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      HBC is 25 years older than Emma Stone. This is an origins story, so it makes sense why they’d cast a younger person.

      I see way more Dr. Frank-N-Furter than HBC, which makes sense because this is supposed to be 70s London. I’m interested to see more.

      • lucy2 says:

        That makes sense for the age. I like Emma, but am surprised she was cast in this. Eva would have been excellent, but maybe Emma will surprise us.

      • Eliza says:

        But Cruella is an older woman in the animated movies. Even Glenn was too young to play her in the 90s. One doesnt become the face of a company overnight, she’d have years working at other brands first. Hell Karl Lagerfeld didn’t get his name on his own label until the 80s, 20 years after he started at Fendi; he was in his 50s then. Why couldn’t an origin story begin in her 40s or 50s? Life changes happen at all ages.

        Plus do we really need a story line about how misunderstood someone who chooses to become a fur manufacturer is?? When the animated movie was made fur was popular, and people had in multiple animal forms (hello, Jackie O effect on actual leopards!). Most didn’t think fur was bad, just puppy killers. Today, though? Well it’s 70s steam punk, so kill all the minks!

    • PippiLongdivision says:

      I see the criminally underrated Anna Chancellor (who would have been a fabulous choice) . . .

      • Lightpurple says:

        Criminally underrated is the perfect description of her and yes, Duckface would be perfection in the role.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Yeah, my first reaction was, “HELENA BONHAM CARTER’S HEIR HAS ARISEN!!”

      Emma looks amazing. I don’t care at all about seeing Disney’s latest ploy to hang on to its copyrights forever, but I’m sure she’ll be great in this.

  2. DS9 says:

    I wasn’t until I saw this combined with the director and my utter excitement at seeing me “oh but I am a spy” back on the screen in what’s sure to be an equally campy role.

    Mr. Spy not a Spy was the best part of I, Tonya (fight me) and 70′s punk De Vil is just glorious.

  3. Athyrmose says:

    I’m not feeling it at all, either.

  4. Case says:

    I’m interested in her take on Cruella because I think she’d do well in the role, but…is this supposed to be an origin story or something? I don’t want to see a Cruella origin story. She’s a monster who wanted to kill puppies. She’s not an anti-hero or a grey villain. Why is this a thing?

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, I’m confused by the ‘attack’ Dalmatians, considering her thing is making coats out of Dalmation puppies. As for live-action Lady and the Tramp, I was all set not to like it–cartoons have their own special kind of magic–but this one sucked me in.

    • Megan says:

      Why so many remakes? Can’t they hand the producer and director chairs to women so we can get some new stories on screen.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        This isn’t a remake. This is about Cruella before 101 Dalmatians story takes place.

      • ME says:

        @ Tiffany

        Ok now I understand why they went with a younger actress. I thought this was an actual remake not a “prequel” per se.

    • Cindy says:

      True. Cruella was so cartoonishly evil (her f-cking name is CRUELLA for God’s sake), there’s no point in trying to humanize her. I can’t imagine what kind of story they could come up with to make me think that she’s not a despicable person for wanting to kill a hundred puppies.

  5. ME says:

    J.Lo nope (which saddens me because I love her)!

    Emma…hmmm. not really in to this. Isn’t Cruella a lot older or am I wrong?

  6. StarGreek says:

    I am just tired of remakes.

    There must be a slaughter of screenwriters somewhere, there is no other explanation for this lack of originality.

    • Erinn says:

      Oh, but there IS a completely separate explanation.

      They’re filling out their catalog so there’s plenty to stream on their new streaming service.

      Add the easy profit into it – they know people will bring their kids and there will be those who watch for nostalgia – and you’ve got one of the easiest most guaranteed profit plan there is.

    • Mox says:

      My hubby is a screenwriter. There are a ton of them, largely unemployed or scampering from project to project, trying to hold down jobs. They would love to tell their own original stories but studios and networks refuse to take the risk for fear of monetary loss. They’d rather stick to remaking previously successful IPs because it guarantees butts in seats and dollars in their pockets. Want to prove them wrong? Stop going to remakes and sequel franchises (wait till they’re on Netflix or streaming.) Only that will make them rethink their strategy. Right now we prove them right by giving them millions for remake after remake while original mid-budget movies struggle to profit. Obviously you can spend your money how you want, but they’ll keep producing remakes until they’re no longer profitable.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Truth, Mox!

        Studios do projects related to already known stories because AUDIENCES are more likely to see something they are familiar with. It’s been shown that a person if a person has seen/heard something 7 times, they are far more likely to spend time to keep listening/watching. So if the general public hears:
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo
        John Doe-SeeDo

        General public is more likely to then say after the 7th time…
        “Who IS John Doe-SeeDo and what is he in? Maybe I should watch that trailer.”

        With a totally unknown project, it takes a TON of money to get that new project in front of people 7 times to get them to dig more and pay attention.

        If we want to get more original stories, it is going to take audience members working against their own natural instincts to seek out and support totally original works.

      • Anne Call says:

        I’m much more excited to watch good tv these days. Hopefully with all the cable and streaming opportunities, there are lots of screenwriters being employed for original stories on TV.

    • Amaryis says:

      I’m so tired of the remakes too.
      And always hiring actors who can’t sing to try to pull off the original songs (Emma Watson, Emma Stone, etc)

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Zimmerman is one of my favorite designers and J.Lo is wearing them head to toe. She looks AMAZING.

  8. olive says:

    no. i’m not interested in a 29 year old cruella, she’s a better villian as an older woman.

  9. Mox says:

    Best J. Lo look in awhile!

  10. manda says:

    I am not into this at all. I am, however, very much here for lady and the tramp

  11. Giddy says:

    I confess to loving that trailer from Lady and the Tramp. I’m excited about seeing it. I read that the Tramp doggie was a rescue from a shelter in New Mexico, so I’m on board! He has an incredibly expressive face and i will be taking grandchildren right away.

  12. Token5151 says:

    I like it!

  13. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Glenn Close was a terrific Cruella. I don’t need to see anyone else in the role.

  14. Lils says:

    Excited for Eternals! Chloe Zao is a genius! Watch her stuff, please. So happy she’s getting that Marvel money!

    I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t care whether Spider-Man returns to the MCU or not LOL I never liked what Marvel did with Iron Man Jr. aka MCU Spider-Man.

  15. Daisy says:

    I love this and really want to watch Cruella’s movie. Also after this trailer, Lady and The Tramp is the Disney live action I’m most excited to watch since they’re actually using real dogs. It reminds of my childhood and all the dog movies I loved so much.

  16. Wee free says:

    Can’t wait to see this

  17. SJR says:

    Zero interest in any remakes any more.
    Amazon Prime, Netflix, Fire TV stick, got a 50″ tv, new couch.
    Only a new Keanu Reeves pic gets my ass to an actual movie theater.

    Streaming is fine with me, Hollywood needs a new idea.
    A decent, smart and funny comedy for adults would be a big hit, IMO. Have not seen a good comedy in years.

    Btw, watched La La Land … IMO, not that good.

  18. Kate says:

    I’m totally into this! I love Emma Stone! I think she’s hilarious and will make an awesome cruella!

  19. smee says:

    they essentially stole Magenta’s look from Rocky Horror and changed the colors….pathetic

  20. Ninette says: