Nicki Minaj announces retirement: ‘I’ve decided to retire & have my family’

Nicki Minaj Hosts Church on Sundays Grammy weekend party at Argyle in Hollywood

Nicki Minaj has been with Kenneth Petty for…less than a year. They first got together in late 2018, and they made their social media couple debut last December. I remember reading some stuff about Petty’s background and thinking that he did not really seem like a catch. Nicki seems to have a bad picker, but also: two of her exes have claimed that she was physically abusive to them, so there’s that too. Basically, I think Nicki is extremely toxic in relationships (and in life) and she’s attracted to toxic men as well. So maybe Nicki and Kenneth Petty are perfect together.

Their relationship seemed to go from zero to 60 in about a month. There were rumors of an elopement, but then back in June, they got a marriage license. At some point, Nicki changed her social media handles to “Mrs. Petty” and told people last month that she would definitely marry Petty before the 90-day license was up. Well… we still haven’t gotten a hard confirmation on the marriage, but Nicki did drop this announcement to her Barbz:

The Barbz were freaking out and there were a lot of jokes about how this was finally Cardi B’s moment to shine (hehehe), but mostly the Barbz were just sad and emotional that Nicki would just quit her career so suddenly. Having stoked all that energy and attention, Nicki posted this:

So is she really retiring or is this just some kind of bulls–t scheme for attention, and maybe promotion of some kind? I don’t know. I could absolutely see her taking some time off and… then coming back in a year or two. Her last album “under-performed” and sometimes artists have to really go away to get people interested, you know?

2018 MTV Europe Music Awards

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24 Responses to “Nicki Minaj announces retirement: ‘I’ve decided to retire & have my family’”

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  1. Miley_Serious says:


  2. Lala11_7 says:

    I just will NEVA get over a human being who WILLINGLY surrounds herself around and supports pedophiles and rapists… she does

    • StarGreek says:

      Me neither.

      Glad she is retiring to spend more time with one of them. She is awful.

    • Deehunny says:

      Yes let’s not forget her brother who would use Nikki manaj’s name and status to lure 11 and 12 year old girls into his rape truck. This is in addition to the rape he’s imprisoned for… The family has a child care business that the victims have asked to be shut down.

  3. Chimney says:

    I don’t like who she’s ended up with but it’s a good time to leave. She’s got a successful song out right now and it’s always better to leave on a high note.

  4. Sophie says:

    Starting a family with a registered sex offender and convicted killer. Good lord.

  5. Jennifer says:

    In her situation, I think this is more a decision based off fear, jealousy, and ego. I don’t think she wants to risk her career going any lower while other women’s stars are rising. But, I never think it’s a bad thing for a celeb to retire. That’s what I’d do if I had any talent to be famous–make my money and retire someplace beautiful to live out the rest of my life in privacy and comfort.

  6. Wow says:

    She’s extremely bitter and angry that Cardi is doing well while her career has gone down the drain(which has a lot to do with her toxic behavior in addition to the bad music). It’s all a ploy for attention. And that guy she picked to have a family with?? No ma’am.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      All of this. It’s fine to take a break or go away for a while, but it’s too bad her retirement plan also involves bringing kids into such a mess. I don’t know if it’s worse off in the long run if any kid they decide to have turns out to be a boy, or a girl.

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    *insert massive eye roll* whatever girl. This is such a sad grab for attention. Is she an Olympic athlete?? Why would you have to retire from rapping to start a family?? Cardi did it WHILE pregnant. Now I’m not saying that is what works for everybody but she could have just quietly taken time off to have a family and come back when she was ready. No need for cryptic and abrupt announcements that you take back 24 hours later.

    • BlueSky says:

      She accomplished her goal which was getting attention.

      I grew up in the late 70s early 80s so I’m a fan of old school hip hop. I was never a fan of hers. I found her gimmicky and nothing more than a stunt queen when she first came out and grew tired of her schtick. She enjoyed a decade of success with virtually no competition from other female rappers.
      I don’t think her last album did as well as she had hoped and now she’s trying to bite off Megan Thee Stallion in order to stay relevant. I’m sure she did this because she wasn’t getting enough attention for herself. She wanted to see if anyone would care.

  8. Tuntmore says:

    Who wants to bet that the “retirement” to “focus on having a family” was actually the brainchild of Nicki’s jealous, violent fiancé? The man is obviously disturbed, and getting engaged only a few months into a relationship is a huge red flag of obsessive, narcissistic toxicity.

    I feel less sympathy for Nicki than I would for someone else just because of the people she chooses to surround herself with and defend. But still, it’s sad to see a strong, successful woman abandon her identity and career for a man.

    What kills me is that no one seems to be talking about the implications of an influential woman basically saying that women can’t both work and have a family. Tell that to Cardi B, Angelina Jolie, Kelly Clarkson, Iman, Nancy Pelosi, and millions of other women.

    • sassafras says:

      I totally get what you’re saying but….is anyone who’s motivated and dedicated to their career *really* looking to Nicki Minaj as their role model?

  9. HK9 says:

    This is just for attention because supporting that fiancee of hers is going to get oh so expensive right about now so trust and believe she’ll have to get back to work.

  10. MariaS says:

    She’s a 36 yr-old woman who behaves like a 13 yr-old girl that is obsessed with what people think and say about her. She’s too talented and has had too much success to still be so preoccupied with the noise that surrounds her. Queen Radio is a mess – she plays her music and talks about the people who have crossed her. She’s petty, toxic, and has chosen a partner who served prison time for rape and manslaughter. All of this is to say that we could all use a break from her and she could benefit from a break to gain some perspective and get some therapy, but she won’t be gone for long because she thrives on fan adulation and drama.

  11. Lily says:

    Remy Ma retired her career with “Shether” back in 2017 and Nicki knows this.

  12. Fluffy Princess says:

    She coulda been greater — except she’s a hater…so Bye Girl!

  13. Yes Doubtful says:

    I used to be a fan, but I’m so over her and her ego. She really needs to take a break from the spotlight and reflect. I think she is talented and I like a lot of her music, but she has become unbearable in the last few years. She is so insecure and goes after any hip hop female who does not bow down to her and kiss her feet. She is so hung up on being considered one of the “greats” of the genre, but if you have to constantly tell everyone how great you are, then maybe you aren’t that great. Lauryn HIll, Missy and the other greats don’t need to do that. Minaj never had an iconic must-have album or smash hit signature single, hell she never even gave a proper response to Remy Ma who SMOKED her. She hit her peak a couple years ago and she can’t handle that the newcomers are more popular and more LIKABLE. The fact that she is marrying a rapist and murderer shows a lot about who she really is.

  14. bobafelty says:

    He is totally husband and dad material you haterz: flashed a gun on an online live stream; has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life; convicted of trying to sexually assault a woman at knife-point; and convicted for being involved in murder.

  15. incognito08 says:

    I really am hopeful that she follows through with her plans to retire. I find her incredibly nauseating and her voice is akin to nails on a chalkboard. Another thing, I am tired of her stale schtick. Like, how many times can she “rap” about her cooch? I came of age in the 90s and yearn for the days of authentic rap artists like M.C. Lyte, Da Bratt, Queen Pen, and Queen Latifah. They had lyrical prowess and could hold their own against male rap artists. There is a part of me that believes that Nicki was simply trolling and expressed her plans to retire just to see if anyone really cared.