Could Kevin Federline get Jamie Spears kicked off Britney’s conservatorship?

Kevin Federline is seen for the first time after filing a police report against Jamie Spears

I’ve become sort of a late-in-life Kevin Federline fan. Is he perfect? Of course not. Has he gotten a lot of money from Britney Spears over the past 12-13 years? Yes, he has. But I believe – genuinely, truly believe – that he still cares about Britney and wants her to be well. It always felt like K-Fed was keeping up with her mental, physical and legal situation over the years, partly because he wanted to ensure that their sons were safe in her care, and partly because he genuinely gives a sh-t about Britney. Well, given this week’s events, it really feels like Kevin might try to use this situation to help Britney even more. This week, Britney removed Sean Preston and Jayden from the home where Jamie Spears broke down a door and violently shook Sean Preston. Kevin and his lawyer have gotten a restraining order against Jamie, and the custody arrangement between K-Fed and Britney is in flux at the moment. But what if… Kevin could somehow get Jamie removed as Britney’s conservator?

Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship with Jamie Spears at the helm for 11 years, but sources connected with the singer believe Kevin Federline could make a move to get Jamie removed … in the wake of the incident between Jamie and Britney’s 13-year-old son. As we reported, Jamie is now under criminal investigation for allegedly breaking a door down and putting his hands on Sean. A temporary restraining order is now in place prohibiting Jamie from having contact with Jayden and Sean.

Certain members of Britney’s team believe Kevin might go to the judge overseeing the conservatorship and ask to remove Jamie because he’s ultimately responsible for the welfare of the children — since he oversees their mom — children with whom he’s temporarily prohibited from having any contact.

Our Britney sources believe Jamie is secure in his role for one reason … there’s really no one else who can handle it. The judges associated with the conservatorship over the years have acknowledged Jamie righted the ship when Britney was at her worst — in danger of losing custody, bleeding money and extremely unstable. Britney is now flush with cash, has joint custody and by all rights is considered a good parent. As one Britney source put it … “Jamie certainly has his flaws, but everyone knows he’s done a good job and there’s no one else who can do it.”

The wild card — will Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, make a move to wrestle the conservatorship away from Jamie? As we reported, Lynne expressed an interest to become involved in the conservatorship earlier this year, after a social media campaign went after Jamie. She spent time with Britney in L.A., reconnecting after years of estrangement, but she’s been in the background ever since.

[From TMZ]

“Jamie certainly has his flaws, but everyone knows he’s done a good job and there’s no one else who can do it.” I wonder if Jamie Spears laughed when he spoke about himself in the third-person, a la Kellan Lutz, to TMZ. I mean, I’m not pumped for the idea of Lynn Spears as conservator, but the crux of the story makes sense to me. Jamie Spears assaulted his grandchild. There’s a police investigation into it. Child abuse is a crime. Jamie has no place to pull the “well, who would look after Britney if I wasn’t here?” card.

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  1. ByTheSea says:

    Poor Britney. How do you get a lifetime of vultures like this? Sorry, both parents are vultures, as is KFed.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is kind of what I always think when I read these stories about her. It makes me sad for her.

    • Arizona says:

      I agree. the only thing I keep coming back to of that I don’t think she has anyone who is looking out just for her interests. IMO, Jamie should be replaced by a neutral third party, not anyone with personal ties to Britney. I don’t know if that’s possible?

    • Starkiller says:

      The number of defenders this guy has absolutely does my head in. Imagine, just imagine, the comments that would be received by a woman who had six children to three different fathers, who didn’t work, had never worked, had no intention of ever working in the future, and lived off of child support for the past 15+ years. Such a woman would be beneath contempt and o can absolutely assure you would have ZERO defenders.

      • Senator Fan says:

        THIS! This guy is just looking out for his bank account, not Britney. I’m sure he loves his kids, all of them. But come on! This guy has a lot to lose and is keeping his eyes appealed on the prize.

      • Adrianna says:

        So will the money actually stop once Britney’s boys turn 18? K-Fed seems to be trying to come up with ways to suck substantially more money out of her. I don’t think he cares that much about Britney. What he cares about is getting more of her money before his lucrative gravy train grinds to a halt when the boys age out.

  2. Still_Sarah says:

    About K-Fed : I agree he is no saint and I always got the sense that his interest in Britney was financial. He dumped a poor girlfriend (Shar Jackson?) to go after a rich GF (Britney). But to take a line from the TV show “Lost In Austen” (a Jane Austen spoof), he “may be a bastard but (he) is the right bastard at the right time”.

    • Peg says:

      Your wires are crossed, Britney knew Kevin was in a relationship, had one child and another on the way.
      The sign in stores with delicate merchandise say, “ if you break it you bought it.”

    • smcollins says:

      Not sure about the poor part but wasn’t Shar pregnant with their second child at the time? Sure, Kevin’s stepped up over the years and seems to be a good dad, but I trust him (when it comes to Britney’s money) about as far as I can throw him.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I’m not so sure that he has her best interests at heart, exactly, just that he’s less of a selfish jerk than her dad or mom (which isn’t saying much). I do think he wants what’s best for his kids, and as the mother of two of his children, he wants her to be a healthy mom.

      That being said, I still feel really sad for Britney. It doesn’t really seem like anybody actually cares for her as a person. I wish she could just retire and focus on her mental health, but I do know people for whom working is important. I just feel like her career (and money) attracts vultures.

    • Sarah says:

      K-Fed is trash for what he did to his pregnant ex. But Britney knowingly had an affair with a man already in a relationship, who was expecting a child and was her employee. She’s no saint either.

      • leachglasses says:

        Considering the obvious abuse she’s suffered for most of her life, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to dump this at her door.

    • Dromedary says:

      An aside: I love Lost in Austen

  3. Mignionette says:

    The whole situation is a mess.

    Her parents preyed on her for her whole life and in turn Britney has been hardwired from a young age to believe that is what love looks like.

    The rest is history as they say. Stay strong Britney, once those children reach majority her problems will lessen.

    • MC2 says:

      This comment!
      How does one live with so many vultures? They are raised by ones so it seems normal & comfortable.
      I do not believe that Jamie was a stellar, non-controlling father before her fame & public breakdown. All the signs point to him being a very controlling person to all the women in his family (and very controlling people veer into being abusive easily). She has a difficult mental condition to navigate plus was raised thinking that control & people looking at what you can produce for them is love.

  4. Enn says:

    To be honest, there should be a plan in place for a successor to Jamie due to the fact that Britney will likely outlive him (even before his recent serious health issues).

    I do think that even though Kevin is kind of a bum, he cares about Britney and wants his children to be happy. He is their stable parent and their constant.

    • Carol says:

      Am I right in thinking that when Britney went on tour, Kevin came along with the kids so that she wouldn’t lose any time seeing them? And didn’t he make sure her parents continued to spend time with them when Britney was hospitalized, and he was generous with visitation when he had sole custody? I like the previous “right bastard at the right time” comment. He has made a lot of bad decisions, but definitely seems to be trying to make better ones since them.

      • Kebbie says:

        That’s why I give him the benefit of doubt. She locked herself in a bathroom with her son and refused to hand him over when she was legally required to, she was involuntarily committed, Kevin could have easily won full custody without visitation AND massive amounts of child support. He didn’t have to go out of his way to facilitate a relationship between Britney and her sons. She basically handed him full custody on a silver platter (which would mean more child support for him) and he chose to share custody with her instead.

        Even now his lawyers are defending her saying she did the right thing to get their sons away from Jamie after the incident. So many bitter parents would jump at the chance to wrestle custody away from their ex just out of spite, but he’s never done that.

  5. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    While KFed may be a bit of a bum I do think he genuinely cares about his children. Hopefully a neutral third party can come in and take over the conservatorship. Having one of her grubby-fingered parents doing it in the first place was a bad idea. I think everyone knew how that would end.

  6. Millenial says:

    I’m sorry but can the court not appoint a couple lawyers to be her conservators? Why does it *need* to be a family member? Surely there are neutral third parties available in these kinds of situations.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, if there was ever a situation that warranted a neutral third party conservator, it’s this one.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      There’s always someone else. Not a lawyer here, but could see it would be hard for a court to deny the application of a parent/close family member. They have first claim, so to speak. So if Britney’s father is found to be unsuitable due to his behavior, health, etc., then her mother will be next in line. After that, her sister if willing. And so on. Given the wealth involved it seems best if a 3rd party were chosen, but won’t family have priority even if they are suspect of having great self-interest?

    • manda says:

      This whole situation has always struck me as very weird. If this woman is so incapacitated that she cannot parent her children or make any decisions for herself, then I don’t think she should be a performer. It makes me feel like she is being exploited in some way. I’m guessing that her career is fulfilling, so she should be able to do it, but the whole set up is just really sketchy to me

      edited to add: in response to @Who ARE These People?, I used to do guardianship cases in Maryland. It’s a state law, so every state has their own rules, and so I can’t speak for her conservatorship, but I do assume they have similarities. Anyway, in MD, if you have a conservator, that person is appointed by the court to watch over you and you are ultimately the COURT’S responsibility. That person is like an agent of the court. There is a position in our state courthouses that monitors all the guardianship cases, and reports need to be turned into the court. So, it behooves the court to appoint someone who is knowledgable and responsible, and that isn’t necessarily the family. They will appoint family to make personal decisions, but financial decision making is more often than not given to attorneys. Now, I never worked a case where there were millions of dollars at stake…..

    • India Rose says:

      I’ve worked with vulnerable adults (elders with dementia) who had court-appointed, professional conservators. With this much money involved and both of Britney’s parents being incompetent and/or abusive a**holes, she deserves the support of a neutral third party – especially if that conservator is closely monitored.

      My heart goes out to her and her boys. This is all kinds of difficult.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Thanks. If it goes to court I hope 3rd party is appointed at least for financial decisions given the nature of that family.

  7. k says:

    I think it is sad that every person in this situation is living off Britney’s work. Everyone around her is on her payroll. They all think they know what is best for her. No one here can possible have pure intentions, because they all rely on her for their livelihoods. Its just sad.
    I don’t think K-Fed is the devil, but the statement from his lawyer was passive aggressive as hell. The story about the Jamie assault thing broke with K-Fed’s lawyer saying, “Britney did the right thing.” It just seemed backhanded and patronizing.

    • manda says:

      yes! agree with you about all of her people

    • ME says:

      The minute Britney’s youngest turns 18 and child support stops, K-Fed will release a tell all book about Britney…just watch. He’s all about the money just like the rest of the people around him.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah thats something I’ve wondered. He’s tried more than once to shake her down to pay for his other children to go to the same school as her own sons – her father refused and thats why he went to court to get an increase. At the time of the fighting over child support, it was reported Kfed had money problems and thats why he was going public to force Jamie into increasing the money. Kfed is not good with money, he blew through his divorce settlement of $2million very quickly with nothing to show for it. He pretty much partied and gambled it away (various bad business decisions).

        Maybe he’s setting things up to get in on the conservatorship. Theres a lot of money at stake.

        Jamie should never have stayed in control indefinitely, they should have had someone independent take over.

  8. Jb says:

    Team Kevin. He’s no worse than most Hollywood exwives getting what they justly deserve from their wealthy ex But has been a better father to all of his kids than Jamie and Lynn have been to their own. He has ALWAYS been there for Britney and can you imagine what he’s dealt with while being married to her then once she had both kids…y’all Britney was not well and he was there to get things together for the boys. I’m sure we’ll get plenty of comments calling him a gold digger and why should Britney support his entire family and blah blah blah. Once again he has put his life on hold whenever Britney breaks and I can’t imagine holding down a full time job would allow that for an ex wife. Agreed though that it’s so sad there is no one in Britneys family that isn’t interested in what she can do for them and not her general well being!

  9. Murphy says:

    I don’t really get the KFed hate these days, sure he was kind of a boob like 10 years ago, but he’s been relatively quiet for a long time, taking good care of the boys, and Britney goes to soccer games with KFed’s wife and everyone gets along great.
    If Jamie had upped his child support as he requested (and as the children were entitled to) there never would have been that legal hubbub last year.

    Maybe Jamie is the only one who can keep the Britney boat afloat, but KFed is captain of the SP and JJ boats and always will be. Jamie needs to keep Britney happy to keep her stable and she won’t be happy without those boys. Ever.

  10. Louise says:

    She has a lot of sun damage for someone her age.

    • Sunnydale says:

      As someone with bipolar disorder, I can tell you the stress of having this disease is very aging. I’m 43 and look a solid decade older – I used to look young for my age before my illness progressed. She’s def got sun damage but not being able to keep up with a consistent skincare routine and stress is prob a contributing factor. She often has trouble with her grooming so I doubt she’s taking as good of care of her skin as most celebs.

      • Mira says:

        @Sunnydale, my thoughts exactly.

        I’m 44 and most people assume I’m way over 50 for the very same reason. I don’t know what has aged me more, the insane manic years before getting diagnosed – very little food and sleep, a lot of booze and drugs – or the very stressful years after getting diagnosed that were spent on trying to find the right combination of medication for me. I’m not sure if anyone who hasn’t personally experienced all this realizes how massively stressful it is both to your mind and to your body.

        I must admit, sometimes looking in the mirror makes me angry and bitter but then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter what my face looks like. The truth is, I’m very lucky to even be alive. It really is a small miracle after all the crazy sh*t mania has made me do.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I remember back when she first came out, she had a tanning bed in her tour bus. I was so jealous at the time (laying out in my backyard was no fun), but I think it saved me from getting excessive sun damage. Tanning beds are really dangerous and skin cancer is no joke.

  11. Liz says:

    I hope he does this, and more. Maybe he’s the Britney whisperer. The whole mess needs some new, creative thinking with Britney and boys first in line of priority.
    On a lighter note, when Britney stops with the bottom eyeliner, I’ll know she finally has normal people around her.

  12. Jax says:

    Anyone else hate how you have to leave the site to see Instagram photos now? Ugh.

    Also I never really liked Britney’s song “Lucky” and I’m sure it’s been dissected to hell and back but I get so sad these days for her whenever I hear it.

    • PleaseAndThankYou says:


      Actually, you don’t have to leave the site to view them. You can just click on the arrows on the sides of the photos to look through them.

  13. stepup says:

    All things considered, Kevin Federline’s worst offense was subjecting the world to PopoZao.

    From what I remember, he and Shar Jackson were already separated when he started up with Brittney Spears. Other than that? He’s just the dude who cares for his kids and wisely keeps a relatively low profile, occasionally earning an extra shekel on the reality-show stroll.

    I ain’t mad at Kevin Federline.

    • Stef says:

      Totally laughed at the reminder of PapaZao. The world still needs an apology for that.

      I don’t hate on KFed like I used to. I believe he genuinely cares for Britney and he’s proven to be a solid father for the boys.

      I’d like to see a 3rd party step in and take over for Jamie. With his health problems, they’d need a plan in place to take over for him eventually anyway, seems now is the time.

    • ByTheSea says:

      He was still with Shar, as she was fond of reminding everyone.

    • dubblk says:

      OMG – thank you so much for laugh! If someone had said to me “I will kill you if you can’t tell me if Kevin Federline ever released a song” I would be dead right now because (thankfully) I totally forgot about PopoZao!! So much so that I had to google it to remember what it was. I just knew it was something we used to make fun of. Then the song came on and I remembered it in all its glory!

  14. Meg says:

    ‘ Jamie Spears assaulted his grandchild. There’s a police investigation into it. Child abuse is a crime. Jamie has no place to pull the “well, who would look after Britney if I wasn’t here?” card.’
    Abusers love to isolàte people, tell them they have no other options; it’s easier to control them.
    After ending an abusive relationship I was told by him I had no friends and had failed at life, then he insisted I was visiting him in the future. AKA ‘you have no other options so I’m all you’ve got’

  15. KEEKS says:

    I don’t think that Kevin would be doing this for Britney. I think that he and Jamie don’t get along, therefore, all this would benefit Kevin in the long run. Britney has the ability to seek help for all of this. She seems as if she is just complacent in this situation. Not many people have great parents who love them. If she is stuck at the age where she became famous, then a lot of therapy is necessary. Trusting people in this situation is not easy, but I wish her the best of luck. This poor young lady really has had the entire family riding on her pay cheques. Its a disgusting situation.

    • PleaseAndThankYou says:

      Complacent?? I don’t think you understand this situation at all.

      Britney has a serious mental illness, it’s taken a lot of work, medication, therapy, time, etc., to get her to any semblance of stability. She cannot just “seek help for all of this”, she’s under a court-mandated conservatorship, which means that she is unable to care for herself and stay safe on her own. It’s incredibly difficult to get such a conservatorship for a young, physically healthy adult. Courts will not allow it unless the possible consequences of not doing so are severe/dire. She has no control over her own situation, and I can assure you, she has and continues to receive a lot of therapy.

  16. Annie says:

    And in all of this I don’t think Britney is well at all. Her Instagram videos are so bizarre. The first time we saw her after she came back from treatment she looked so unwell still. I really feel for those kids. I actually don’t care how much money KFed asks for. He’s being the only responsible parent at this point and he has to secure their future too. Who knows what are Britney’s handlers doing to her money.

    Those kids shouldn’t be around Jaime and I don’t know if Britney can take care of them right now. I always gave Jaime the benefit of the doubt because Britney survived a very dark period in her life thanks to his involvement but now I think he enjoyed controlling her finances a bit too much. The money Britney has generated since her breakdown is too much for someone who I don’t even think should be working.

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    TMZ has broke that Jamie has asked the court to temporarily remove him from the conservatorship to he can deal with medical issues, asking them to appoint someone else. Lynne has got lawyered up and is challenging that – she making her move to take over things. She’s been desperate to get involved for years, if Lynne is involved things will not end well for Brit. Lynne has always enabled the worst of Britney’s behaviour.

    Its just a sad situation all round.

  18. Alexis says:

    I wish her sister could be her conservator. But I know that is a lot to put on her sister, when she has her own family, young children. But from what I’ve read and seen, her sister truly cares for her. I don’t trust Britney’s Father, Mother or Kevin. Not even her new guy. Poor thing.

    • Amelie says:

      There’s also her brother but both Britney’s sister and brother have their own families and kids. Taking on their sister who can barely function as an adult and dealing with visitation for Sean and Jayden would be way too much. That’s why Jamie has the job, his children are grown and he can devote all his attention to Britney. But seriously, Britney very much reminds me of my friend who has severe BPD, including the child-like mentality. Britney clearly never matured past the age she got famous at which was around 16 I think. She still talks and acts like a teen. I know she has supposedly been stable for the past decade but when I see pictures of her I don’t see the lights on at home.

      She is very much like my friend who has been unable to hold down a job since college and had to take multiple leaves of absence from college (it took her 6 years to graduate).